japan should recolonise the two koreas

My last few postings on the rise of Japanese militarism were intentionally very provocative. Just like what I am going to say about the two Koreas. Germany and Vietnam were divided but have long reunited. One fought all the way to unite their homeland, the other came together out of a true sense of nationalism and pride as one people. The silly Koreans are still being kept apart, posturing to kill each other. One a semi colony of the USA, being used as a pawn in the politics of big powers. South Korea is very useful to the Americans as a foothold into the Chinese Northeastern flank and be a constant pressure point to apply when needed. But what is more treacherous is the Japanese ambition to recolonise the two Koreas. It may not be in the form of the 19th century, but it will be another kind of domination. Look at how cocky the Japanese are these few days, threatening to do a preemptive strike to North Korea as if it is another cakewalk. The Japanese really despised and look down on the Koreans, once their subjects. And as long as they are kept divided, Japan will eat them up in bite sizes one at a time. They deserve to be colonised by the Japanese if they don't wake up to the danger they are in. Good luck to the Koreans. Long live the Japanese Empire!