england out of the world cup

Many must be drowning their sorrows last night after their favourite team lost out to Porugal by penalty kicks. England has always been a favourite to this little island of former British subjects. Despite more than 40 years of independence, the link and bond between the two countries have been very strong. Singaporeans will talk about the Premier League as if they were there, watching every match. Singaporeans are more familiar with the Brtish football scene than anyone else except the brits themselves. Thanks to the daily coverage of the Premier league by the media. All the who's who of British football are well known here. Even what they eat, what car they drive, how many times they need to pee, are common knowledge and exchanged over a cup of teh tarik or in the pub. We are British in many ways. Our likings, our favourites, even a subconcious desire to speak like the British ala the recruiting of British native speakers to teach our children the British way of good English. Britain is still our model of a society to emulate. We are British at heart, or at least for those who are above 40s. The interest of the younger generation may vary and may be a bit more international, but as for football is concerned, it is still British. Now, how could England be out of the World cup? Every day Singaporeans are being fed with the exploits of the British football stars, how good and how legendary they were. Names like Beckham, Owen, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampart etc etc are household names. And when watching the Premier League, they were mesmerised by all the great moves of their favourite stars. Last night was lights out for the British stars. The next few days will be reports after reports of the missed opportunities and how England could have won. Yes, they will be whinning and brooding over not being able to see England in the final again. It is a sad Sunday morning to start the week.