A dose of reality.

Two articles in the Today paper today on the Israel bombarbment of Lebanon, and both vindicates the right of might. Military power is the rule of the game. The first report spoke about Lebanon pleading for mercy and the world leaders refused to step in to stop the carnage, and 'the New York Times revealed yesterday that this inaction was part of a deliberate strategy that the US and Israel have adopted. The two have concluded that the Lebanese authorities and army are powerless to control Hezbollah...' It was actually a collusion between the US and Israel against Lebanon and the Arab world, and the world cannot do anything about it. Power talks. The other article by an Arabic scholar, Ahmad Samih Khalidi, further revealed how pathetic the Arabs were, attempting to reason with the world and hoping that the world will see the views of the Arabs. It smacks of the infamous Ah Q mentality. It tried to explain that Israel felt the pain when it lost a couple of soldiers or a tank and fear that the Hezbollah and the Hamas are catching up. Which of course is bull. The Israeli and American strategy is simply to destroy whatever the Arab resistance are building every few years, to cripple them whenever they are starting to organise and take form. They will not allow any of these resistance group to be able to pose a threat. And this attack will be repeated every now and then, in Lebanon, Syria or other Arab states. Unless the selfish and helpless Arabs can get their acts together, form a united front backup by real military might, they can go on appealing and crying for help. And the rest of the muslim countries the world over can go to the streets of their home cities and throw stones at the embassies. So what, it will do no good to the plight of the Arabs in the Middle east. No one can help the Arabs unless they are prepared to stand up and help themselves. Too much of Allah is a waste of time. The gun is more powerful than Allah. The gun is real. Get real Arabs.


Anonymous said...

Allah may not be real to you but to billions of people on the planet, Allah IS REAL. May you burn in hellfire for eternity for that blasphemous statement.

redbean said...


i am viewing from the political perspective and the mention of allah is to kick the butts of the arabs to get their acts together. it is a provocative post, sure. but no need to curse me like that lah.

i always find it very pathetic that in a sea of a few hundred million arabs, they could not do anything and be kicked around by the 4 million jews.

this is exactly like the old china in the 19th and early 20th century, when it was splintered and divided, and got bullied by the west and completely hopeless and defenceless. a classic example of divide and rule.

the chinese used the political doctrine of communism to reunite its people to rebuild their nation. the arabs could also do so using the religious doctrine of islam. but so far they are not able to do so. sad isn't it?

Anonymous said...

no matter how you justify it, you've just proved yourself to be a fucking bigot.

Anonymous said...

is this from Boeotia

redbean said...

i never proclaim my views to be neutral. my views are provocative and deviant at times.

but i must warn you against blesphemy. do not like some people, use god's name in vain, to curse people, to kill innocent women and children.

god is a loving god and will not go to war or curse anyone. you must show some respect to god. by cursing people under god's name is first degree blesphemy. you are dragging god into the gutter with you. and that is worst than bigots.

amen, inshallah.

Anonymous said...

You're the one who's blasphemous, you son of a bitch. Do not speak on matters you do not know about.

redbean said...

you reflect very badly on whatever or whoever you represent.

i do not believe in any god or any allah. but i would not swear by them. and my upbringing is such that i will not curse people or swear at people at the slightest provocation.

you see, we are different, qualitatively. if you keep on cursing at people you are doing injustice to yourself and to your people. you only create a very bad image for them. people will think that all of them are like you.

Anonymous said...

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