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constructive debate?

Now Vivian has spoken. Actually there are many points that he raised which are very interesting and deserve for more discussion. But I will just touch on this comment, '...If someone says something we disagree with, we will say so. If someone says something which is unhelpful, we have a right to say it is unhelpful.' And 'He added that what is important for Singaporeans, particularly on serious issues, is to have an honest and constructive debate with no extraneous agendas involved.' Taking both comments into context, there should be constructive debate and a right to reply. The only tricky part is the 'extraneous agendas.' What does it mean? Lets leave this aside first as we will be guessing what all the way. Now, the Brown episode. Mr Brown may have written in a humorous way, he has a good sense of humour which sadly many don't, on a serious issue affecting many Singaporeans. He was serious in what he said. But what was the official response? There was an official reply, alright. But was there a constructive debate? I think everyone will find this part missing. It was a talk down approach. No need further discussion. Mr Brown had touched on something unacceptable, crossed the OB line. Out you go. Where is the engagement and constructive debate to rebut what Mr Brown had said? Couldn't the official postion be one where a point by point rebuttal be more constructive and helped to explain the situation better, that what Mr Brown written were not necessary accurate. Won't it be better to say that 70% of the population are earning more and more and are not affected by the rising cost of living, rising fares and fees? Why wasn't the engagement mode be used to debate on an important issue but instead a disengagement mode be adopted? We are the boss. We do not have to talk to you. You are now history!


Anonymous said...

The pappies have obviouslt been emboldened by the strong mandate that they got two months ago. That mandate effectively gave them the authority and right to disengage themselves from the people for the next 5 years. The mr brown episode is but a sample of what's to come. Good luck to all Singaporeans.

abao said...

Haiz...i dont find the article written by Mr Brown as "partisan" or "political". That article is just a rant expressed by himself as he copes with life.

However, the Government apparently did not view this in good light and ordered a severe artillery barrage.

This only served to give fuel to the foreign media and freedom organisations to lambast the Government for its control of media.

It also show that now is not the time for an open and inclusive society. When will it come? Maybe by the next PM?

Anonymous said...

I only have issue with the rights of reply. PAP is double standard when it comes to rights of reply. They always wanted the last say and often deny opponents rights of reply.

Anonymous said...

"PAP is "double standard when it comes to rights of reply."

My friend, that's the difference between being a member of the powerful ruling elite and being a peasant. Besides practicing double standards is expected if one is to survive long in politics. No one lasts long in politics by being Mr Oh-so-affable-and-approachable. Get real !!

Anonymous said...

You are the one living in the shadows, brainwashed with propagandas.

PAP wants YOU to accept their policy of double standard and that's why they say it's OK to practice double standard.

Why NO riot police when 80 PRC peidu mama protest? Why is police probing when 20 brownie staged peaceful, silent protest?

redbean said...

let me be a bit more constructive in my comment. i see the brown episode as a missed opportunity to engage the people in a serious discussion on the health of our economy and the welfare of the people.

instead of discussing it, it was simply swept under the carpet. taboo. it is a very serious issue that concerns the people and deserves serious treatment, more air time for a better understanding of the problem and maybe some solutions may come out after some heated debate.

now discussing it is dead. brown has no right of reply in his column.

Anonymous said...

"You are the one living in the shadows, brainwashed with propagandas".

On the contrary, my friend, I am being a realist. You on the other hand are living in a dream. Singapore is not going to become a liberal democracy any time soon. Accept that fact and your life in Singapore will be a lot easier to go through. Deny that and entertain notions of clowns like CSJ going to be our saviour, you'll probably die one very bitter and disappointed man. Oh and by the way, there is no plural for propaganda, hor. :)

Anonymous said...

so, anyone who criticize pap or the government is necessarily a supporter of the opposition? anyone who criticize pap or the government is hoping for a csj to be the savior? so mr brown MUST be an opposition supporter and hope for cjs to be his savior? you certainly have an einstein brain.

Anonymous said...

ooh, looks like i touched a raw nerve. I suggest you examine your own head first before asking others to do the same. Where did I say anything about being an opposition supporter ? You've totally missed the point, my friend. I suggest you learn to read between the lines and then come back and discuss issues with a cool head. Otherwise, people will just make the conclusion that you're speaking through the wrong end of you alimentary canal :)

Anonymous said...

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