boost to the insurance industry

The latest call to provide insurance coverage to board of directors will give a big boost to the insurance industry and insurance agents. Directors in charitable organisations can be covered up to $1m against suits brought against them in the capacity as directors of the organisations. As explained and reasoned, "They jiak kopi only,..." No pay but work only. Not sure about work, but why jiak kopi only? I think anyone whose job is jiak kopi only should also be protected by insurance. But wait a moment, does jiak kopi means doing nothing? Just attend meetings, jiak kopi and then go home and tell people I am director of this and that big organisation? Would not appointments to positions of responsibility, even jiak kopi and do nothing, come with some responsibility? And would such insurance covers negligence and wrongful acts or criminal acts? Shall all the CEOs, or MPs etc, especially MPs and politicians who are sacrificing for the nation be also covered by insurance to protect them from lawsuits too? After all they do not want to be politicians but were called to do national service? Whatever, it will be good for the insurance industry to have more insurance sold, for the right or wrong reason.