Anglo Saxon worldview is not forever

Wong Hoong Hooi wrote in the Today paper, "There is little point pleading for what is fair in a world order that is all about preserving the hegemony of the Anglo Saxon bloc....The 'free world' is free only for the Anglo Saxon bloc to decide what other people may or may not do. If we are to change this world order, we must refuse acceptance of its premanence to which the Westernised are all too happy to subscribe." For the moment the world has got used to the Anglo Saxon dominance that, short of an alternative, it is better to live with a known devil. And the Muslim world is not going to be a pleasant alternative given the extremism in the way life is being ordered under a strict religious and medieval order. Communism has failed to deliver and a dead option. But does it mean that there is no better option and the world would have to live forever under this arrangement? If that's all there is, I too will accept the present order. On the other hand there must be a new and better balance of power that is not dominated by the Anglo Saxon race and values. And it need not be a complete change from the existing order but a gradual shift in the power equation to weaken the Anglo Saxon hegemony. And given the gross inequalities and discrimination against other racial or religious groups, the present order will only destroy itself to give way to a fairer order. The Anglo Saxon dominance of the world will not last forever.


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