all quiet in cyber ghost town

after the brown incident, an eerie silence has fallen onto cyberspace. most of the forumers have disappeared together from all the forums. the postings were pathetically low. even my www.redbeanforum.com regulars have mostly disappeared. could you fellas help by contributing some posts over there. you only need to copy and paste your posts from here. i still can't figure out why you fellas find it more comfortable to post in a blog. i have to search high and low to retrieve your posts when it is further down and lost among the older threads. try posting at redbeanforum and find out how convenient it is. all the new posts are automatically thrown up at the beginning of page. cheers


Anonymous said...

the trouble with your forum is that you have made registration mandatory. If you allow anonymous postings like your blog does, maybe more people will come and post there.

redbean said...

i don't know how to overcome this. but all nicks used in forum are anonymous in their own ways. and certainly everyone if so desires, can create nicks in many indirect ways.

abao said...


The difference between a forum and a blog is that:

In a Forum, I am responding to everyone, but I find those long essays too hard to reply to.

In a Blog, I respond to YOU.

redbean said...

hi abao,

not necessary to write long essays. in fact seah chiang nee also advised me to write it short and sharp. many people are too busy and would not read long articles.

also, not necessary to reply to all responses. sometimes let it end there. no obligation to continue a discussion.

my main problem in a blog is to respond as a host. sometimes i have to flip and flip but still cannot find where the post is. not only tiring but frustrating when you make an effort to search high and low for it.

should treat a forum like a blog. be casual and easy.