74 and still desperate to work!

Why would a 74 year old grand dad got so desperate as to punch a member of parliament all for a taxi licence? Shouldn't he be happily retired, living in retirement resorts or marking time in HDB void decks? Didn't he have enough CPF savings to keep him going? The CPF minimum sum scheme should have been introduced earlier and Singaporeans need not be so desperate when they are old. A normal Singaporean should expect to work for about 30 years to earn enough to feed him for another 30 years. And in the mean time he has to pay for his flat and to bring up a family. Simply put, he has 4 things to work and budget for. Flat, family, his own upkeep for 30 + 30 years. Plus one more, inflation. Singaporeans are rich.


Anonymous said...

hey dickhead, has it ever occured to you that some people just enjoy owrking as opposed to whining losers like you who have nothing else to do.

redbean said...

you see, this forum is setup as a hobby for my leisure. whenever i have some free time to kill, i just drop in and pen some posts. it is just like keeping kois, owning pedigrees, planting orchids, listening to hifi etc.

whiners are losers? you think your income is more than mine?

Anonymous said...

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