2 room flats - when reality sets in

"This is part and parcel of what we've been doing, to expand the range of options for Singaporeans from all walks of life to enjoy the privileges and pleasures of living in a HDB environment, to own their homes and have a stake in Singapore." Mah Bow Tan Singaporeans from all walks of life, from the very rich to the very poor, will now have the opportunity to enjoy the privileges and pleasures of living in a HDB environment. So I would presume that there is no family income to exclude those with higher incomes to buy 2 room flats. Otherwise how could the rich Singaporeans qualify to buy 2 room HDB flats? And I didn't know that it is so pleasurable to living in a HDB environment. And it is also a privilege! Singaporeans are so lucky. They better quickly sell off their private and landed properties to enjoy such pleasures which they have missed. And these 2 room flats are made affordable for Singaporean, meaning that many cannot afford them if there is no subsidies. What is the reality of all these? Are the bottoms falling off and Singaporeans no longer able to afford 3 rooms or bigger HDB flats? OK let me qualify this statement before it becomes brown soup. When talking about HDB flats, I am referring to the heartlanders/hardlanders. Not the successful and super rich in their private and landed properties. So are the heartlanders now becoming hardlanders? Are their lives improving, are they better off today than yesterday? Is downgrading into 2 room flats a lifestyle choice, a privilege for people to enjoy the pleasures of HDB living. What is real? When the stake of a Singaporean is a 2 room flat, is there really anything worth defending or fighting for?


BackWater said...

Lee Sr titled his memoirs "From Third to First World'. Lee Jr will title his memoirs "And Back to Third again". The signs are very ominous.

redbean said...

hi backwater,

welcome to the blog.

what goes up must come down. but our future is in good hands. don't worry unnecessarily. we are progressing in leaps and bounds.

there will be more good years and a brighter future moving ahead together.

have faith.

Rowen said...

Well Ministers and Most members of parliment do not stay in HDB flats hence, i guess they do not find it to be a privilage since they have many privilages already.

however for the poorer singapore citizens, the 2 room flats would be a relief. I do hope the HDB would give more leverages and subsidies for these peopl.

abao said...

When people can't afford even to buy 3-room flats and the government has to subsidise 2-room flats before people can afford it, it really proved that the income inequality is getting wider even though on the whole Singapore is getting richer.


redbean said...

hi rowen,

welcome to the blog.

funny thing is that sometimes the rich will crave for sweet potato porridge. and they will tell you how great it is. but when sweet potato porridge is the staple diet for the poor, eating it every day and night, it is no longer a pleasure but can be very depressing.

living in a cramp 2 room flat is equally depressing. but walking in to take a peep at the show room is a different feeling.

anyone got tired of living in his bungalow and want the pleasure HDB flat is most welcome to switch with me: )


Anonymous said...

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