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when prs are locals or de facto citizens

with prs being regarded or treated like singaporeans, and even treasured more, would the govt consider allowing singaporeans to opt to become prs? as the difference in the two categories is mainly an issue of how much obligations and liabilities one has towards the country, there will be singaporeans who would readily opt to become prs than citizens. why be a citizen when all the privileges are given to the prs and still be burdened and be subjected to all the laws and restrictions of a citizen? sigh....


Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly. The govt should allow Singaporeans who have or are able to obtain another country's citizenship to downgrade their current Singapore citizenship to PR.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

did not hear from you for a while. you are welcome at the forum as well.

i thought once you become a citizen of another country you are allowed to be a pr in singapore. there are many abc prs here.

Anonymous said...

Have we crossed paths in cyberspace before ? That comment was my first visit to your blog. What forum would that be ?

redbean said...

when you used anonymous, unable to ascertain if we have met. have you been using different nicks before?

i have just set up to make things easier for all forumers to post and search for old threads.

please feel free to join us there.