tudungs not compulsory in malaysian schools

hishamuddin, the malaysian education minister, a potential pm, said muslim girls should not be forced to wear tudungs in schools. 'according to education ministry rules and regulations, it is very clear there is no compulsion for students to wear tudung.' in the same article reported in the straits times, marina mahathir even said that 'muslim women here are only going backwards...only in malaysia are muslim women regressing...it is all politics. there's a kind of race to see who is more islamic. it is unfortunate because the more conservative voice has become louder while the progressive ones find it harder to speak. it's scary.' it is scary indeed. a fatwah might be issued against her, just like against muslim madonna for stripping her veil to reveil her bikini. the threat against conservative muslim is very serious. what perhaps can be done is for the muslim leaders to form a body to outlaw extreme groups as non muslim or anti muslim. this will turn the table and allow them to point their fingers instead of being pointed at.


Elfred said...

Hi Redbean, I am working on a Online Political-talk All-Stars.

Please spread the words and send in your self-description and a photo to teckguan76@yahoo.com, indicating Incumbent, Neutral, Opposition, Sympatizers.


redbean said...

hi elfred,

i don't think you are going to get many people posting their pictures on the net. only those who seek public office.

i am posting as a faceless forumer. but my identity is known. not that i am afraid to show my face. i am not seeking the publicity. also, i rather people read my views that who am i.

redbean said...

you may want to do your own compilation. there are enough material in all the forum for you to paint a picture of each character.

then you can call it elfred's who's who in the blogosphere.

then let people agree or disagree and you do your amendments accordingly.

Elfred said...

No matter. Just get the words spread and see how. All Stars can't have people who simply depend on one Elfred to do up their place on the column for them.

It's up to their thinking. I suppose they should visit Mainland's blog.

They can't have political-talk-cockers framed up but we can. :D

You should starting thinking about it. It's not vying for public office that you need such profile, Reddie.