thailand: tyranny killing democracy

no, it is not the tyranny of thaksin that is threatening democracy in thailand. it is the group of activists, probably the minority, that is trying to kill democracy in thailand. because they are able to run up a few thousand demonstrators, they think they could decide what is best for thailand. and they are afraid of the people's will. they do not want an election. they have assumed the role of decision maker. and they decide who the prime minister shall be. thaksin must go. this is what tyranny of the minority is all about. thaksin has done the right thing for democracy. let the people decide. actually the people had decided for him to be prime minister. but the minority group is challenging him. so it is best to let the people confirm who they want. would the thais allow democracy to be what it is? or would the tyranny of the minority rule thailand?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Toxin strutting his stuff. He has many good examples to copy: Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir, Marcos, Suharto, Soekarno...

Tyranny is alive and well in Asia!

redbean said...

he can't do the same thing in thailand. different kinds of players.

Matilah_Singapura said...

True, but Toxin certainly has strut his stuff. oNe of his "best" failures, I thought, was when he attempted to take away the citizens right to own weapons.

What a spectacular failure that was. Thailand is pro-actively democractic, so it'll be a tough job for a wannabe dicktater, like Toxin. Remember, he's a kicking businessman, so he'll have a "healthy" ego. :-)

But he's had populist sucesses too: His cleaning up of the drug activity by giving the cops the role of police, judge and executioner was spectacular. The people cheered him for that one. And he had the drug dealers shitting in their pants, as the cops "dispatched" many drug dealers and junkies with surgical efficiency.

OK so the people feel a little peeved over the Shit Corp deal with TakMasak Holdings. At the end of the day, under his care, Thailand is continuing to prosper.

His career is not in danger. It has hit a few bumps, that's all.

redbean said...

the battle in thailand and the phillippines are nice to watch. and the collateral damages that would come out from them.