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the sun rises from the west

i saw in the news last night that singapore power is cutting its rate for 3 months.. never in my life would i believe this is possible. we need to have general elections every year.. then the people will have a better and easier time.


Anonymous said...

Well after election, the rates may go up if PAP win all seats. If more oppositions being voted in, rates may be reduced. More oppositions, more reductions. If status quo, rates stay. Ha ha ha, i may be illogical or logical, please don't take it seriously.

redbean said...

you are quite right.. if there is a clean sweep it will mean that they can do what they want and the people support them.. even the string of continuous increase in all kinds of fees will be seen as very welcome by the people.. so the voters will be voting for more increases.

and for sure, no more abalone or sharksfin.. maybe no more porridge also.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In that case, have elections every 40 or 50 years, since it never makes a difference anyway ;-)

redbean said...

have you read what happened at the nus debate? chiam is very popular among the young.

Anonymous said...

Oil price is going North but the electricity tariff is going South.

We are indeed lucky to have a caring government who only listens when GE is around the corner.