soo khoon bangging the kangaroos

i am not sure if tan soo khoon is in the sia board, but so far he is the only mp to speak up against the aussies. we have been cut off because of protectionism. the mightly australian is shivering at the sight of sia. i hope the barrier was raised throught genuine fear that the qantas is incompetent and unable to fight against the giant of sia. what a grandiose thought from a little red dot. but the aussies have never been known to be competitive anyway, with the unions tying a knot around the management. but then this rejection of sia, could it be linked to what howard had warned after the hanging of the australian national hero, the drug trafficker, that they will do something as a result of their displeasure? let's hope the aussies will not stoop that low. again the protection of qantas is unacceptable when free trade and open sky policies are what western democracies have been harping about. shall we send our warships to open up australia? just joking. don't be serious on this. maybe an organised demo outside australian embassy will be a good show. we deserve something after helping to grease their way into asean.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Finally, someone with the BALLS to fight! I hope he has the stamina to take this entertainment-potential to a thundering finale - like in the international courts.

Ah. April coming soon. At least pay IRAS not so bad lah... Got people working for thir wages...

redbean said...

is the ball now with sia or the govt?

the aussies a bit ungrateful after all the thing we did for them in asean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Forget about "gratitude" from the Aussies lah. I live here now, and it is a truly capitalist society built on "value-for-value" trade. Or so it seems.

CEO Dixon, the earl of Qantas, is a smart cookie, and a hard-core company man. Bottom line. Profit. And therefore will use "legal means" to stymy any competition.

Dixon made a *great* case to the Fed Govt: he said SIA was a "protected" state corporation heavily influenced by the Lee family, and therefore it is not really "free market" anyway.

Can't really argue with that ;-)

redbean said...

i can see him telling a white lie. sia is definitely not protected by the lee family. this one you too will know.

and protected by the state also not true. sia is fighting in the world market, not domestic market. so nothing can the govt do to protect it. sia is not smrt. there are many competitors out there.

Matilah_Singapura said...

He didn't say protected. He said "influenced".

And that is true. Whenever SIA runs into shit, LKY will come out and kacau.

redbean said...

i must say that that is a lame excuse. i do not see govt subsidies for sia operation. i do not see anything similar to dumping. the only thing the govt interferes is industrial relations.

other than this, sia is very private and very commercial. they cannot hang a tag on sia and expect sia to wear it. just like the hanging of the drug trafficker's case.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing about ceo dixon - he's a bulldog. he nanaged to influence the whole govt on this issue. spectacular lah!

and he's betting that singapore won't do anything about it.

...and he may be RIGHT!

redbean said...

there is only one soo khoon who dare to speak out. the rest are waiting for a signal from dear leader to say yes.