mindless idolation of talents

i thought the nkf episode would have taught singaporeans an embarrassing lesson in behaving like little girls idolising their favourite celebrities. talents were blindly appreciated and praised and ended up with red faces. but at least there is now an attempt to correct the silliness of the whole episode, to right the wrongs and uphold values that are considered worthy. now the agu case is anything but stupidity. why would people entrusted with public money threw them at a rotten apple. everything is wrong. give him another chance, but not the way the events unfolded and the truth emerged. apparently agu returned only when he found out that he was not good enough in russia, uk and canada. during his absence, he was in these places for trial. otherwise he would be gone and with all our money, faith, trust and laughing at our idiocy. agu exemplified everything that is wrong, untrusthworthy, deceitful, greed, taking advantage of his naive benefactors, cheating, and what else. and he is going to don our national colours as one of us, and we pay him dearly. where is the sense of righteousness, uprightness, honesty, honour, trust...is a little thrash talent worth so much that we give up all the virtues that we live by and wanted our people to live by? the whole issue is not only a case of children playing their little pranks, but shame. we can forgive him, but not the way he is welcomed back to have a chance to repeat the whole damn thing once again. if he is not ask to go now, and if he does a repeat, all those who put the money and trust in him must go. this is a case of poor judgement, bad judgement, and a compromise of our simple decent values.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyoh. enjoy the show lah. Mindlessness and dumb choices in the mind lead to public entertainment.

If you trust the untrustworthy, that results in entertainment too.

Also, if you OBJECTIFY mere human beings and turn them into IDOLS and worship them with blind obedience...

....then you deserve what you get and we get a fucking good laugh at your expense too!

People who do not use their minds to think things through, and then complain when they get a negative result, and when you try to warn them they respond arrogantly to your well-intended actions - fuck them all, fuck them good. These people are going to give us a stellar performance! ;-)

I don't know about you, I earned my laughs, and so I'm going to enjoy them. :-)

redbean said...

ok lah, what can we do but to laugh.