hsien loong: minister's pay below benchmark

hsien loong said that the minister's pay is still below the year 2000 benchmark. i will be very happy if i were a minister. can expect another pay rise to keep up with the benchmark. even if there is no pay rise, can go around telling people that ministers are under paid. either way it is good news. ministers sacrificed for lower pay! this type of noble thing can talk loudly. steve chia asked for transparency, for disclosure of minister's pay. but this was rejected. this always reminds me of means testing when the poor bugger is expected to come clean and tell everything about his shoddy financial status. whatever, i am never comfortable whenever there is no disclosure or transparency. at least the president's pay is transparent.


Elfred said...

My pay also below benchmark: at S$0+(bills).

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

elfred, if you consider yourself underpaid you should pack-up and get out. why stay in singapore when the going is so tough??

seek greener pasture elsewhere.

redbean said...

elfred is so full of contradiction. he is expecting the govt to send him overseas with a job.

elfred, you are not an employee of the govt. why should they do that for you when they have so many employees and activists to take care off. you need to look after yourself. as a grad, you can't be worst off than the n level students who are able to find a way to be gainfully employed.

Elfred said...

Nothingg contradictory. The initiative of the govt in such a small and compact society had been as close to the grounds as possible, which was why MPS and grassroots had started to care for and address problems from the neighbors of govt: the community.

You don't have to be an employee of the govt, Reddie. Now that's a fallacy.

This is because back then, social and govt assistance was a way to ensure survival. But now, people are so dead in their perception of politics and govt that you have perceived that as what you have perceived.

No matter it is grivances or help or just some community issues, my issue as such would receive any attention of the President to each and every MP, grassroot and so on.

Guess this is the problem of bureaucracy getting in the way...

I'd like to pack up, if you'd like to fund me, Annoymous.

redbean said...


the only obligation there is, is from your mp in your constituency who needs your vote. or perhaps the mp whom you offer your time in the mps.

Elfred said...

This is... a party group mandate electory situation. So the entire incumbent must help. :D

redbean said...

theoretically yes. but you will be lost in the ocean. too many to help. and knowing what you have said about yourself, and how people tried to keep you out, you must have stepped on the toes that could help you. so you are on your own. nobody want to know you or help you.

only you can help yourself. stand up and fight and stop thinking of help. when you think that way, you don't need anyone. you don't even have to squeeze out a smile for anyone. you can become another matilah, an anarchist, a selfish individual: ) self before anyone else.

sadly, that is what everyone is doing.

Elfred said...

Not true, Reddie. This is whole point of it... you step on a hundred toes, and the toe that can have no effect will be the giant you are looking at.

I don't believe in the entire Singapore that there is no giant...

I don't believe that there'd be forever so even there isn't now, which is unbelieveable.

But I'd help myself while keep on toes stepping.

There is no excuse for ignoring people stuck in this tiny island.

Without giants in Singapore, this boat is confirm sinking... this is much of a regret. Fools and nasty old petty horrors influencing Singapore or any entity is always waiting for disaster to come.

Which is why I said PM's hold a rare set of card, that no matter how he sees and chooses for how long, it'd still be a donkey card he picks.

He'd prove this to Singaporeans in time to come. :D

I'd exit as soon as I could. Don't think I can hold out for the giant to come by.