ge: round thirteen..competition is good

this is the new slogan of the opposition parties.. chiam has sang this song and low thia khiang is also singing the same song.. the opposition wards are no longer neglected like in the past.. there could be a rethink on the tactic of not giving the opposition wards preferential services like upgradings.. to give opposition wards the cold shoulder.. this could be a thing of the past.. a misjudgement that led to the entrenchment in the thoughts of opposition ward residents that they were being punished.. this probably did not go down well and the stick has been withdrawn and carrots offered.. the opposition mps are now saying it is beneficial to be in the opposition wards, being served by two mps, a de jure mp and a de facto mp.. and better still, both trying to outdo each other.. if one provides sharksfin soup, the other will counter with abalone porrridge.. you cannot have anything better.. we can now tell the world that singapore mps feted their voters with gourmet food. and during the election, the opposition voters will not only be wooed by two candidates, but by senior ministers, prime ministers and very very senior ministers.. the children of the kept mistress has turned into children of a favoured concubine. :wink: if the opposition keeps on singing this song, will the pap retreat back to their previous step mother tactics?

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