ge: round ten

the experienced and knowledgeable mp irene ng shot at sylvia lim for having no clear vision when entering the political arena.. or to be exact, her words are 'i'm not sure about her stand on issues.' she said sylvia lim's position was only to act as a check against the govt.. that did not count as a vision.. on the other hand she(irene) had a great vision.. she wanted more women to be in politics. irene lim's reply was that she stood for everything in the wp's manifesto.. maybe she should invite irene to read the wp manifesto to understand what sylvia stands for. actually i only read a few lines of the wp manifesto.. and without reading the whole manifesto, i also think sylvia lim did not have any vision.. sorry sylvia, it is my fault for not reading the wp manifesto and not knowing what you stood for.. i will make it a point to read your manifesto before saying that you have no vision.


Elfred said...

I don't see both having any vision for the new phase.

Both don't understand what are the basis for the vision. They don't even realise what to and what not to do for a vision.

Sadly to say, be it WP or PAP, a political regime with no vision (I don't include 8% growth every year as a vision...) will be a most... dry affair to come.

The vision of WP as according to its stated thingy on its website (let me provide an illustration) includes: having the right persons in governing a nation in place of the incumbent while promising a system remaining intact but directed more to the benefits of commoners, hence easing up on rich-poor gap and resulting in more capable talents for the benefit of Singapore... which is to give power to the power.

This look long, but it is actually a very tiny part of what WP could have as a vision. What is a vision? It's not just a dream with no ends and means.

I dare say no party here understands what they are doing...

Elfred said...

I meant '...give power to the people...'. Sorry for the typo.

Nowadays, people sense blood in PAP's regime, people want power, people don't understand and yet want power...

For what? Ain't anything good.

I foresee myself relocating into safety with PMO's help materialising this time.

We usually have a chaos when power is handled as such. Reality is cruel, with political thinkers in formation, power struggle as such usually has nothing good in store.