ge round seventeen: a nightmare?

tan sai siong's article in today's paper asks this question - 'whose worst nightmare will it be if the pap makes a clean sweep at the next general election and,...?' in her view it will be the nightmare of chiam and low thia khiang as it will prove that the voters do not appreciate what they have done all these years. in my view it will be the worst nightmare for singaporeans.. the reasons do not need much imagination and i would leave everyone to ponder over the consequences. the gist of sai siong's article is that the singapore system of a one party dominating the political system with a clean sweep is an excellent model that we shall be proud off and can sell to the world that it is an alternative to the western bi polar or multi polar systems. she could not see any flaw in such a virtuous system.. how could anyone see the flaws? i mean how could anyone taking a king's feast everyday see any wrong with having a king's feast everyday? and she added, despite dispelling the need for opposition members, that our system ensures 3 dud ncmps and several appointed nmps as effective voices for opposing views.. they are voices no doubt.. and voices but nothing more. anyway, everyone is entitled to his own opinion of what is the best system for singapore.. matilah would want anarchism.. so sai siong would love to have a 100% one party system.. it is a personal choice.. i am feeling the nightmare creeping up my spine.


Anonymous said...

I thought I have seen the worst in Singapore but it looks like the worst has yet to come.

For the past 4-5 years, the cost of living in Singapore keeps going North while our salary either remain still or going South.

Let give the APs a strong mandate in the coming GE. May God bless all Singaporeans.

redbean said...

i agree with matilah's position that man is basically selfish and self interest always prevail at the expense of others.

no matter how good a party has been, after some times it will change. and when new people take over, there will always be the possibility that things will not be the same as before.

and allowing a party to entrench itself with absolute power like a clean sweep can be a very perilous development.. not that i am doubting the sincerity and goodness of people but when power gets into the head, the head gets giddy.. and with absolute power, it can be very good and also can be very bad.

it is always better to have an option for the unthinkable.. and to crave or to praise absolute power or a clean sweep in the election as a good thing is nothing short of insanity.

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