ge round fourteen

pap introduces 3 new candidates.. very impressive young people with very strong credentials..31 year old zaqy appeared to be someone the malay community can look forward to for something big.. he comes out as a very confident young professional.. the new breed of malay professionals that the country is producing. wee kiat also came out very well and so did denise, just a little ah so. let's hope the opposition parties could introduce similar calibre candidates.. going by the trend it is unlikely as the cream will be creamed off by the pap.. or those who consider themselves good enough would rather join the winning bandwagon. professional qualifications and a squeaky clean image are what pap candidates will have.. first impression is always very good. and they repeated what sai siong did not want to hear.. that they want to contribute to society.. now sai siong is being unfair to want to hear something different when the mould is the same.. you will only see the flair of wildness or maverick in the opposition parties.. like yaw shin leong having a heated argument with his party chief low thia khiang.. you cannot possibly have such a thing happening in the pap right? the pecking order is so clear cut.. the best are at the top.. and authority has to be respected.

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