ge round fifteen: lets be gay

after giving up his pmship, choktong is now more relax, and putting on weight as well.. and he is starting to make jokes even in a general election campaign.. that's good for him. his latest is to tell the voters in hougang and potong pasir that eric and sitoh can act as opposition members in parliament if they got voted.. that would give the voters who has nothing to look for in an mp but just want an opposing voice another way of voting for the pap. this reminds me of a gay marriage where one gay will act the part of a woman.. so there is a male and a female.. but would there be a child in the outcome, will there be any fruit? it is a sterile exercise. but what is very telling during the weekend discourse is that no pap candidate, no upgrading.. potong pasir no upgrading after 38 years and will not have any if chiam is reelected.. or maybe tan ku ku.. and hougang can only be beautiful when eric is elected. another comment by charles chong that there would not be many occasions in which pap mps personal convictions differ from the party and if there are then they should resign, is not very good for mps who claimed to have different views of things.. and neither will it make much difference for pap mps to act as opposition mps when the core values are the same.


Elfred said...


I seem to get a counter problem today. Cannot load. Where's your counter by the way?

redbean said...


where have you been all these while?

my counter is ok. still counting.

when are your going to post in my forum?

Elfred said...

On secret mission helping yo select new candidates. :D

Forum... Blog can lah... Forum maybe have to till I have new computer first.

I am here 'watching' you. :D

redbean said...

that's very kind of you.. i have been discussing with a few of them to make this forum a little different.. at least not so wild and lesser of those personal squabbles..

hopefully we can slowly evolve and attract forumers who share the same interests and aspiration to gather here.

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