ge round 19: flair and individuality

the latest three candidates gave a refreshing turn to the otherwise heard it before or seen it before scenario. first there is this landed property lawyer who wants to return something to society.. alright this tune is what sai siong did not want to hear.. but he was not one who benefitted from government scholarship and trying to repay society.. though he claimed that his father was not rich, well, a landed property in bukit timah cannot be poor either.. presumably he went overseas on his father's scholarship. the best statement from palmer: 'so, i can't see why they say there's no level playing field.' he will probably not be able to see many more things if he can't see the unlevel playing field now. then there is this good looking part time model who could not sleep after being humbled by shanmugam and knew what his calling is, to serve the people.. ain't this script more interesting?.. a young man so awed by a politician that he had to step forward to serve. the third candidate is every inch a pap.. the way she speaks, thinks and talks, gave the impression that she is a pap veteran, fought, grown and contributed to the success story of pap and singapore.. i like the way she put forward her position.. we are good, and if the opposition cannot catch up it's their problem.. there is no need to apologise for being good, or for the opposition to being not good enough.. she is what pap is, frank, honest and straight to the point, no beating around the bush.. we are good and the opposition needs to shape up or be left behind. the election rally is going to be interesting


Matilah_Singapura said...

I really mistrust capitalists who lament about playing fields not being "level". If you want a level playing field, play football lah.

The first Eurasian in parliament in 18 years? :shock: Shit. I've been available all this time, but no one called me! :-)

PS: What's the difference between a Eurasian funeral and a Eurasian wedding?

A: One less drunk.

redbean said...

i am somewhat disturbed by unlevel playing field.. but i am gravely disturbed by people who cannot see an uneven playing field.

either he is too smart or too honest.. let me guess which is which?

you are eurasian but not a monk.. disqualified.

ans to your question. one celebrates one dead eurasian. the other celebrates two living eurasians ; )

redbean said...

finally they found a eurasian monk : )

Anonymous said...

I have very poor eyesight (1000 degrees shortsighted on each eye) but I can see clearly the odds against the APs.

Should I have the chance to vote in the upcoming GE, I will definitely give PAP a miss.

Is he the best candidate PAP can offer to Singaporeans? I am not impressed!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Never trust a eurasian monk, who is a capitalist and complains about an uneven field.

It is ok for you to be concerned about an uneven field - you don't profess to be a capitalist, and you are suspicious of capitalism - a good thing, because capitalism needs to be "watched".

My favourite pick-up line:

(Picture PYT)

Me: Hi, I couldn't help noticing - do you have some "Eurasian" in you?

She: No...

Me: Oh! Would you like some?

redbean said...

all singaporeans are eurasians...in the mind.. we are asians brought up under european values and educational system.. in many ways we think like europeans and behave like europeans..

many singaporeans are now michael or elizabeth.. not ah goo or ah kow.

you are such a generous eurasian.. now how many women have enjoyed your generosity?

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

actually from what i see, this is the fairest erection in the whole world.. how can people complain about unlevel playing field : )