ge: number of voters

earlier i posted a set of figures stating that the number of voters increase from 2001 to 2005 was 45,000, or an annual increase of only 9,000. these are official figures. and today we are seeing another set of official figures showing an increase of 121,000 over the same period. this gives an annual increase of about 24,000. hey, what is happening? what are all the numbers jumping around and all different? the first set of figures was frightening in the sense that it shows a big disappearing act. many singaporeans are disappearing from our voting list. today the figure is more comforting, though still registering an annual shortfall of about 6,000 from an average growth rate of 30,000, assuming that new citizens just about enough to offset death rate. there is still a net loss, and mainly of better trained and qualified people who are good enough to depart for greener pasture. it is not easy to nail a number that is unchanging. but this official set today must be the final figure and no changes should be expected from them.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I've "disappeared". and it seems that I'm not alone.

Speedwing said...

So the truth is revealed. Singapore has not lost the 21 - 25 year old voters after all. Good to know that they are all still around and are not quitters.

redbean said...

for those who have grown up here, especially during their formative years and some years as an adult, there will always be this intangible and undescribable attachment, either anger or affection.

the feeling will remain in one corner of the heart. just like the someone you have loved before. it will not go away.

this is something that logic cannot define and can turn logic upside down.