education: listen, ask, think and speak

the formal school education can be broken down into 4 phases. the first is when the children are absorbing knowledge which requires them to listen a lot. with a little knowledge, with their curiosity stirred, they will start to ask questions. both phases are complementary in acquiring and building up knowledge and information. the next phase is processing, the thinking phase. children at high school level are expected to start to think for themselves, think about what they have been taught and form their ideas and find their own truths. the final phase is when they are expected to stand up and take their positions about things, issues etc. this is the maturing phase when they must confidently say this is what i think, what i think is right, what i want things to be. transfer these four phases into parliament, and we at best are only seeing the second phase in play. parliament is still in an infant, only asking questions with very little input, very little thinking and very few taking a stand to say their piece. only rarely would an mp stand up and say this is not right, not good for the people. this is what should be done, what the people want, what is good for the people. the history of parliament is 40 years. and we are not seeing any sign of a breaking away from this asking mode. mps think that they have executed their duties if they ask questions. and they are very happy with that. when will mps take a stand for their views on things? or is this the weakness of having mps from only the ruling party who are not expected to take different stand, and thus unable to speak up for the people? and unfortunately, opposition parties too think that their role is just to ask question. they have learnt the wrong thing i suppose. shouldn't they be speaking up and say this is what we think the people want or is good for the people?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Well you've presented an excellent case for the end of the "usefullness" of parliament. You say it is like "evolution" - from one phase to the next. I think - end of useful life. Kill it mercifully.

The Westminister parliamentary system has served humanity reasonably well, now it is time to euthanase it, creamate it and urinate on the ashes. :-)

Parliament should be dissolved, all buildings sold to privateers, and the money stashed into treasury. Also the employment 80% of the govt, MPs and staff terminated, the money saved returned to treasury.

redbean said...

maybe you are right. mps are voting with their feet.