the crooked bridge can be a flash point

now najib and a johore mp shahrir samad were heard saying that they would do it their way and the causeway must go.. this is a very serious statement.. cutting the causeway as a unilateral move is a very hostile act as it would also affect the water supply. what could happen is that after a year or two of negotiation and when no agreement is reached, the malaysian may just send in their contractors and start hacking at the causeway.. now what? when is a trigger point reached when actions take precedence over negotiation and a drastic act such as the cutting of the causeway is no longer tolerable? what should the singapore govt do? by then singapore cannot keep trying to contact kl and asking for more talks while the contractors keep hacking at the causeway.. it would not take more than a day when the causeway is cut. it is very important that an understanding be reached at this point for both sides to agree that nothing shall be done to the causeway without the agreement of both parties.. and should it need be, go to an international court to settle the issue.. and that a unilateral act of cutting the causeway is a hostile act and never to be attempted. let's hope no one is push to this point to attempt such a rash act.

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