crooked bridge and kampung boys

temperature is rising over the crooked bridge.. and this kampung mp from sabah even said he is warning george yeo for interfering in malaysia's domestic affair.. how idiotic could he be? does he know that singapore does not see the need for a bridge? can he understand that? and if the malaysian wants singapore to cough out $500 mil to build a bridge, then it becomes a business transaction.. and if singapore is going to pay that kind of money, then it must get something in return.. negotiating to buy sand for malaysia or using malaysian airspace is interfering with malaysian affairs? he better stick to running his plantation or his kampung.. kampung boys must not try to act smart and talk about international relations and commerce when they have not a clue what they were talking about. if negotiating for the construction of a full bridge is interfering in malaysia's internal affair, then singapore better stop talking to the malaysians and let them build the crooked bridge.. but before they cut the causeway and the water pipes, let's talk or go to the international court.

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