china stands up to the number 1 rogue nation

china has blasted the usa for their reports and irresponsible comments about china becoming a negative force.. it is high time china and other nations stand up to this rogue nation for thinking that it has the right to call other countries names and branding others as rogue nations.. this is the american strategy of name calling.. and after some time people forgot why and subconsciously think that it is true.. the west has used this tactic so successfully over the years that most asians and english educated asians believe everything they said.. one specific example is a blogger in soc.cul.com screaming that the chinese stole the land in malaysia from the malays when the fact is that the british stole everything by colonising malaysia, and put the blame on the chinese. but idiotic people like that forumer have forgotten who actually raped malaysia and made them and their sultans british subjects. the world needs a country to stand up to the bullying by the americans.. and china together with russia and other asian countries should do it.. they will have a lot of supporters for calling the number one rogue nation what it is.. so far the americans have got away with murders as no country or the western media would want to tell the truth.. the world must hear the truth.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I fully support the Chinese for taking a stand.

I fully support the US for challenging China.

Can you imagine how it would be if these 2 giants were the best of friend's??

Chia lat for the rest of us!

To stay in dynamic balance means 2 opposing forces must be pushing and pulling at each other.

I say this is a good situation. It's up to us to stir up the pot to keep the "energy" flowing. If they stop talking it is either WAR or COLLUSION with each other - in either case, we - the "little people" - LOSE.

redbean said...

i can't agree more with you on this.. the more these two are balanced, the more rooms will there be for the smaller nations to play around.. and the smaller nations can play around these two giants to their benefits.

at the moment it is the usa, with its dominance in power, that is twisting the arms of the smaller nations.. actually playing the smaller nations to its advantage..

thus a more evenly balance of power between the two is good.. both will need to be nicer to the smaller guys for their support.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aye. Keep the entertainment going!

redbean said...

today the straits times editorial made some comments and also questions the realities of the containment policy.. and evelyn goh, a lecturer at oxford! wow, she wrote a long article on the futility of the same policy..

only a genius like rice and bush will still think that the containment policy can work.

and there was a cartoon of a bird cage which could only house the tail of a giant dragon that is out of the cage. very meaningful..

there was also an article by tom page, the ucla professor who preached that asian countries have forgiven the japs and welcome the remilitarisation of japan.. now he is singing a different song, claiming that he was always in favour of the engagement of china than containment..but from the words he used, like questioning whether china was pretending to be nice, beijing's true intention, spurned etc, it is quite easy to see where his sentiments are.

and tom plate is now a member of the pacific council on international policy.. wow, think tank calibre.