braless students: discipline or outrage of modesty?

STUDENTS of a secondary school in Singapore, who were recently found to be wearing coloured bras to school, were forced to go braless, reported China Press. According to the daily, the school only allowed students to wear white, beige and light grey bras. The daily said most of the affected students were caught wearing coloured bras during a Physical Education class They were forced to remove the bras in the bathroom, which were then confiscated. Describing the action as “too much”, the daily quoted the students as saying they were mortified, more so as male teachers were present. the teachers, the honoured profession of people trusted with the education and care of our young, are highly regarded and are expected to exercise good judgement and wisdom in the handling of children. maintaining school discipline is expected and welcomed by parents. but when doing so, and crossing the ob markers, stripping adolescents of their bras, making them parading around braless, is unbecoming. it shows a total lack of propriety, poor judgement, callous and behaviour that is disgusting. a braless lass walking around, showing whatever beneath the blouse, is like a cat 3 movie in life. can these teachers, obviously a whole bunch of them, be disciplined, for outraging the modesty of their school girls? it is unthinkable that educators can resort to such stupid acts of discipline.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Damn. I wish I were in high school today.

I'll be walking around with a rock hard cock all day, looking at those lovely teenage schoolgirls with their erect nipples and pert tits, and probably masturbating several times a day...and that's just in school. :-0

Principles of discipline, education, teacher training, pedagogy etc.... ah fuck all that.

I'm 15 going on 16, I don't care about anything but sex. I'm horny 24/7/365. My hormones are raging. Show me lots of schoolgirls' TITS!

abao said...

lolz :D

redbean said...

i think you should volunteer to be the discipline master. then it will be easier to nail you as kinky and taking advantage of your position to satisfy your lust.

now i am still trying to figure out what those men teachers were thinking.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Now now redbean, you are being sick - I'm starting to worry about you :/

A teacher, or any adult for that matter, should never sexualise a child. Even teenagers are off limits. My fantasy was to return to school as a teenage kid, to once again experience the glory of constant raging hormones every waking moment.

I tell you, mid to late teen years as a boy/young man is indeed a very interesting period in one's life. :-)

Now that I'm grown up, I prefer women in their 30's. G-stringed and Brazilian-waxed. Curves only. Skinny chicks need not apply. (actually, to tell the truth, as a teenage boy, I fancied these women too :-) )

redbean said...

i respect that. at least you are alive and live like a man.