Is Singapore promoting drinking more shit water?

In thestatestimesreview, it posted this:

“In an interview with state media Straits Times published yesterday (Jun 19), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said he will be imposing a new sugar tax to promote water drinking in Singapore:
“On the cards is a possible sugar tax on packaged drinks, restricting advertising of such drinks, and prominent labelling of sugar or nutritional content.”

The “promote drinking water” reasoning coincides with another comment made by a PAP MP last year. In 2017, PAP MP Lee Bee Wah commented that raising the water prices by 30% would “promote awareness” of saving water.”

The shortage of fund or the need to find more money for the govt has led to a spate of relentless increases in taxes on everything. This excuse to raise sugar tax to promote drinking more water is so silly that it is so unbelieveable. Are Singaporeans third world uneducated bums that would believe such a silly ruse? Only in Singapore where the sheeples are hapless would a govt dare to keep raising taxes on the people resulting in higher cost of living in the world’s most expensive city. A tax on sugar consumption is simply bizarre.
And the govt is confident that the sheeples could not do anything about it and would continue to vote them to power to rule over them with more taxes.

I think the result of the next GE will see an unanimous support for the ruling govt as the effect of drinking more shit water would mean that the brain of the people would be filled with shit, and become even more shitty and unthinking.

The net result is that the govt would have to bring in more shitty foreign talents to replace the shitty brain Singaporeans that could no longer think, no longer talent as their brains are filled instead with shit.
Yeah, drink more shit water. It is good for the brain.

To those who don’t understand what is this shit water thing, let it be known that shit water in the island is being filtered and reintroduced into the reservoirs and returned to the homes as piped water for domestic consumption. How often this is done and should be done when rainfall here is normally more than adequate to fill the reservoirs except during a prolong period of dry season is questionable. Do they need to keep filling the reservoirs with shit water when there is plenty of water during the wet seasons? 

Another thing to ponder about? How many people are silly enough to buy Newater for consumption when there is plenty of other normal drinking water available? How many countries are importing our Newater for consumption?


When India and China shake hands, it would shake the world

It was reported that China and India settled a dispute over the flood-prone Brahmaputra river from Tibet to Bangladesh during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting on 9 Jun 18 in a sign of growing cooperation between them. A part from the border disputes caused by the British colonial power, there is really no major issues that would lead to a conflict between the two countries. Historically there had been no such rivalry or war between the two states. They are so different and divided by a natural physical border. Both exist in their own ways without being entangled in each other's affairs. The border dispute is best settled through negotiation as war would never resolve the dispute for eternity peace.
There will be rivalry and competition in the aspiration of the two countries wanting to be major powers and rich economies. These are not necessarily antagonistic as each could grow on its own pace without any reason to go to war. There can be two super powers in Asia with both coexisting peacefully. The days of military conquest of the western powers are over. Only the West still think that military might and conquest and world domination are the way forward. China has proven this wrong as China is a super power without firing a single bullet, without invading and seizing countries to become its colonies.

The Indians must change their mindset of make belief that China is out to conquer India. This shitty idea is unreal but has bugged the Indian psychic for the last few decades. India must rise from its medieval thoughts of greatness and empire building and using wars to settle issues. Once India removes this antiquated thought, it would see a brighter future by cooperating with China and the rest of Asia for economic growth and prosperity. There are so much complementarity between the two countries and both can grow at a much faster pace to achieve greatness together as peaceful nations instead of wasting time and resources on military hardware and war of words.

The SCO provides a new platform for peace loving nation to cooperate to achieve economic growth and well being through trade unlike the western models that keep harping on wars and on buying more weapons of wars. Nations can grow and prosper peacefully without going to wars. Asian was thrown into centuries of wars not because they were fighting each other by conquered by the colonial powers and made to fight each other. Asian countries should learn from this sad history and forge a new path forward where Asians would be united and cooperate to keep Asia free from conflicts incited by the western powers.

When the big countries of Asian shake hands, not just India and China, but Russia, Japan, the Koreas, central Asian and SE Asian countries, they will change the world and bring prosperity to Asia and the rest of the world.

PS. Unfortunately the Indian ego is still ruling the Indian psychic and they have refused to be part of the BRI which means self imposed isolation from the New Silk Road linking Asia and Europe, without India. They would be locked out, left out of the new trade route and dynamics. Down the road India would be blaming China for excluding India from the BRI, not India's fault.


Because you voted for it

Why are there so many foreigners having good jobs and PMETs jobsless or driving taxis?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners rushing to come here and finding jobs so easy but you trying to get out because you can't find a job?
Because you voted for it.

Why are you being bullied by foreigners who are now your superior?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners getting full time employment and you are employed on short term contract or part time?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners buying private properties and you buy HDB flats?
Because you voted for it.

 Why are foreigners buying HDB flats to sell to your with profits to return to their home countries?
Because you voted for it.

Why are there so many foreigners given citizenships?
Because you voted for it.

Why is the CECA upgraded?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we being paid in the millions and you have to tighten your belts?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we robbing your CPF savings?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we so repressive?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we spending millions and billions to give scholarships to foreigners instead of your children?
Because you voted for it.

Why, why, why?
Because you voted for it.

Know what you are voting for. Vote for your own interest and your own good.
Don't vote away your good life and the future of your children and grandchildren.
Vote wisely.


Singapore turning into a rubbish dump

When a country is silly enough to bring in all the rubbish and rejects of third world countries and called them talents to replace the highly educated Singaporeans from world best universities, you know that something is very sick.

Once all the Singaporeans are replaced by the rubbish or have to work and report to the rubbish, you can bet that Singapore will turn into a rubbish dump.

The transition is rapid and before you know it, Singapore the rubbish dump would become a reality.

Singapore is becoming a country that does not believe in its people but in the rubbish third world rejects they brought in by the plane loads to replace its very own people whose parents built the Singapore of today. The rubbish from the third world will inherit the Singapore built by the early Singaporeans and turn it into another rubbish third world country, knowing what these third world rubbish's capabilities are, con, cheat, bluff, lie to get what they want.

The day to a Rubbish Singapore is around the corner.  You can see it everywhere, read it everywhere, there is no hiding. You can even smell it.

Kim Trump Summit in Singapore, Malaysia

Malaysia should be happy for the publicity given in the Kim Trump Summit without having to spend a cent. Thanks to the idiots in the US State Dept for not knowing where Singapore is and still thinking that Singapore is a city in Malaysia. Some of the hillbillies would still think that Singapore is still a part of China.

This means that all the billions spent in F1 races and what not did not do any good to present to the world that Singapore is an independent city state in SE Asia, at the furthest southern tip of the Asia continent, the furthest one can go on land to the south.  For one the Americans did not get it. Any jokers still want to waste public money on F1s to put Singapore in the world map?

How could Singapore avoid being thought of as a city in Malaysia or in China?

It's elementary Watson. Just import more Indians to Singapore, and appoint more Indian ministers to the cabinet. This last step has been taken and Trump would not be blame for thinking that Singapore is an Indian state.  He probably nudged Pompeo that the later made a mistake, Singapore was not in Malaysia but in India. When the Indians make up the majority of Singaporeans and Indian ministers become a majority in the cabinet, no one would then think that Singapore is in Malaysia or in China.

At worst they would write Singapore, India on the envelope. And one good thing, SIA can keep its initial as Singapore Indian Airline. DBS may have to change to DBI.  The next Kim Trump Summit the US State Dept would put the venue as Singapore, India...not Singapore, Malaysia or Singapore, China. President Halimah can officially called herself as the Indian President of Singapore to make it more effective.

No need to sweat the small stuff. And Mahathir better not to call himself Indian or the hillbillies would think that he is the Indian Prime Minister of Singapore.


Potong Najeep – Malaysia’s next national car

Mahathir was the man that conceived the first Malaysia car, the Proton Saga. After more than 30 years of being the same car, the saga of the Proton is coming to an end after being sold to China. The Proton Saga, without any new innovation, has outlived its existence unless Malaysia wants to be like the British, having no more new ideas, trying to market a 1960s technology in reinventing the Mini with some cosmetics. Malaysia maybe able to sell some more Protons to the romantics, like the Minis and Nokia, selling old products for keepsake, as momentos.

Mahathir would not have this sort of things. Though no one bothers to do anything on the Proton to make it a better and newer car after Mahathir left the PM’s office, his return is giving him a second chance to revive his Malaysia pet dream of an international Malaysia car. This time he is not talking about a car but a jeep. Being a national car, oops, a national jeep, he has appropriately called it a Najeep in short. And to break away from the antique Proton, he reinvented a new car company called Potong.

So here you have it, a new Malaysia car/jeep called Potong Najeep. OK this idea of a Najeep is not mine. I just borrowed it and gave it a little spin as V 1.02. The PM’s office has made a pre order for a stretch version of the jeep. Mahathir would like the jeep to be stretched for as long as he could, a stretch Potong Najeep for him to drive around.

Soon there would be many Potong Najeeps on the Malaysia roads to make the Malaysians happy.

Singapore would likely be invited to be part of this new car project to mend relations with Malaysia. Lim Eng Guan has said that Malaysia did not have the money, and there is plenty of money in Singapore. This is also a good opportunity for Singapore to be really making a car to make money instead of printing COEs. As for technology, China can also be invited to join. Japan may be a bit difficult as they would not sell their new technology unless Mahathir is happy with another old Lancer engine. 

Looks like this Potong Najeep is going to be a reality even with Malaysia not contributing anything, no money, no technology, just say 'I want to have a Malaysia car, oops, jeep.' Like it or not, Mahathir would want this Potong Najeep to be his next pet project.

PS. My post for Saturday.

Indian passenger accused SIA of being racist

“Facebook user Chandni Doulatramani shared the video on social media yesterday and shared the frustrations of the passengers on board the SIA plane. Apparently, the flight could not depart due to an issue with the air-conditioner and an SIA air stewardess allegedly admitted that “the aircraft hasn’t been in use for a long time and so the airconditioning was not working.”…

Chandni says that when passengers, who were in the dark about what was going on, tried to seek answers they were rudely shut down: “When we confronted the cabin crew, they had no answers, rudely shut us up, threatened to call the cops to arrest us, and said “we are in the same situation as you are, don’t ask us, we don’t know anything”.”…

Chandni – who strongly believes that the airline was racist against Indians and that this would not have happened if the flight was not headed to India – has indicated that she may be planning to sue SIA if they do not compensate the passengers for such an experience.

In the comments section of the post, she added that she hopes the staff lose their jobs:”

The above are extracts posted in theindependent site. SIA must be very careful of its image particularly when it is being accused of being a racist airline by the Indians. If they are not careful, all the Indian passengers would not take SIA and the CECA that favours Singapore companies to do business in India would be a wasted agreement. And SIA would not only have to close down but also be sued for racism.

Singapore as a country also has to tread this line very carefully. With a few hundred thousand Indians being invited to work in Singapore under the CECA, it would be very serious if the Indians turn around to accuse Singapore and Singaporeans of being racist. Singapore has a lot to learn from India on how not to be racist to Indians.

Singapore and Singaporeans may not think this is so because their tiada apa attitude towards race, young Singaporeans are coloured blind, would and could be perceived as racist by Indians who have not been subject to racism as racist. Young Singaporeans are quite casual and callous in their conversation and remarks and these may be seen as racism, just like the UOB D&D when some young Singaporeans painted their faces black for the party.

Maybe the govt should start a campaign by making all Singaporeans wear a T shirt with the words, ‘Singaporeans are not racist”. Of course the T shirt would come with a price tag, nothing is free is Singapore. It is better to be tolerant to the foreigners and not to be accused of as a racist people. And they are here to create jobs for Singaporeans. Without them Singaporeans, especially the PMETs would be jobless. These foreigners gave up their good jobs at home to come to help Singaporeans. They could stay in their home countries where jobs are aplenty and life was good. In a way they are making huge sacrifices like our politicians to earn millions here.

Looks like SIA has a lot of damage control to do with the above comments by this Chandni circulating in the social media.

This racist label is a tough one especially when the accusers are Indians. They would soon be a majority in Singapore. Be very careful not to be caught to be making racist remarks or acts by the Indians.

PS. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Malay and Muslim brothers and sisters.