TED Talks - Eric X Li - A tale of two political systems


Above is a talk by Eric X Li on the competition of two alternative political systems, Democracy and Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Erix presented a view that is contrary to the daily barrage of western narrative, bragging about how good and successful democracy is.

It is a short 17 minute video that compares the realities of two contrarian systems and how they performed, not rhetoric. The West have been pushing the democratic model as the model for all mankind and the model to solve human problems and the quality of life. The truth of practising democratic countries is far from it. Democratic system is not producing the results it claimed to be and in fact on a steep decline with failures everywhere, including the USA and European countries.

Listen with an open mind and judge for yourself based on realities and not beliefs and should be, could be, must be, or cannot be.


US brutal killings of Middle East muslims contrast to China's re-education and vocational institutions in Xinjiang

     The United States has for decades been staging orange revolutions to take down governments which do not toe US dictates. It first attempted a coloured revolution in China in the Tiananmen riots in Beijing in June 1989. In its earlier opening up to the world China was naive to let thousands of US NGOs ( Non-Government Officers ) flooding all the educational institutions to teach from secondary schools to the universities. These NGOs are actually US spies and espionage agents paid by US government to subvert China. These NGOs had succeeded to brain wash and indoctrinate the students to go against the Chinese government. With US initiation, support and funding the students managed to stage protests and riots against the government. After seven or more weeks of rioting the government took firm action to quell the riots. Thus the US supported coloured revolution was nibbed in the bud. However, all the student ring leaders were whisked away by CIA agents to Taiwan and America. So in this Tiananmen Incident the United States failed in its attempt to carry out  a successful coloured revolution against China.

Then from 2005 till 2015  the United States had been trying to create and support an Uyghur Islamic revolution in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Many US trained,funded and supported extreme militant Uyghur terrorist and  separatist leaders carried out grave terrorist acts from 2005 to 2012 in various parts of China though largely in Xinjiang killing many hundreds of innocent victims which included largely the Han and some Uyghur ethnic race.

The situation was grave and China had to find a solution to de-radicalised the extreme muslim militants who were trained, funded and supported by US via CIA. Thus from around 2015 China built educational and vocational centres to de-radicalise the militants and train them in some skills in vocational jobs to equip them for useful work in society. However, the despicable trouble making Americans and the Europeans try to stoke ill-feelings and animosities among the muslims in islamic societies against China by fabricating the story of China ill treating the militant Uyghur separatists in labour camps. In the meantime more than forty countries including many from muslim countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan and  Kyrgystan went on a study survey in Xinjiang and they put paid to American lies.
Contrast the wanton cruelty of the  White Americans and the Europeans brutal killings and genocide of the Middle East militant Arab muslims to that of China's re-education and vocational institutes in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The Chinese government is just taking remedial action to quell an American organized separatist and terrorist orange revolution in China's own country. But the white Americans and the Europeans have no business to be in Arab lands in the Middle East except just for the greed and single motive of occupying Arab muslim lands for hegemony and  for the total control of  the rich Arab oil resources.
What the world must know is that the white Americans just like their European cousins always have had a grim negative outlook and hatred for muslims. For many centuries from the 9th Century AD to the 19th Century AD they had constantly conducted endless Christian crusades to crush the Arab and Turkish Ottoman muslims and to take away their lands. Then after the First World War and the Second World War many of the Middle East countries were turned into British or American protectorates meaning British and American control or virtually their colonies. Eventually most of the Middle East countries gained full independence after mush struggle. However they still had to fight off the American, British and French greed for control of their oil industries. Eventually they gained full control of the oil industries but at the same time they were trapped by the sly sleazy American government to trade their oil in US control Petro-Dollars. The result of which let the Americans,  England and France take the cream of the petrol business while all the Arab muslim countries earned only the crumbs or left overs. Realising they were at the losing end in conducting oil trade in US control Petro-Dollars Iraq and later Libya under the presidency of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi respectively chose to also trade oil in Euros and Libyan gold  dollars. For this they had to pay for their life when their countries were attacked in an undeclare illegal and illicit war by the United States and its European accomplices ' Both Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were tracked down and brutally murdered by the Americans and their lackeys.

In the meantime the Evil Empire USA had been training thousands of Islamic militant terrorists the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis to fight the Soviet Russians in Afghanistan. Then came the fateful date September 11th of 2001 when the twin towers of World Trade Centre in New York was claimed to be brought down by Al Qaeda suicidal Arab militant terrorist pilots who crashed their planes directly into the twin towers and the Pentagon Military Complex. This was later revealed by qualified sources to be a major evil macabre   conspiracy between American Jews who had infiltrated and wield great power in US Foreign Policy and Israel zionist Jews to stage a catastrophic event to provide a justifiable excuse for attacks and wars against seven Middle East Arab countries so as to save Israel from being vanquished by its Arab neighbours. It seemed the twin towers were brought down by control demolition with remote control mechanism. The whole episode had been secretly well planned in advance. The planes that crashed into the twin towers were actually remote control drones. The world had been deceived but the Arab muslims had to pay dearly for their lives and destruction of their countries and the lost of their oil resources to the evil Americans and the Europeans..

After 9/11 the United States illegally and unilaterally declared war against Iraq and later Libya and Syria against the opposition of the United Nations Organisation. The United States and its European allies and the Israel Jews carried out endless sorties of jet bombers, missiles, rockets and drones to drop millions of tons of bombs indiscriminately on Iraqi towns and cities which was later repeated on Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2015. The Americans claimed they were bombing the Arab muslim terrorists the ISIS which were originally organized and nurtured by the white Americans and that the hundreds of thousands or millions of Arab civilians death were simply brushed aside as collateral damage. The truth is that the White Americans and Europeans think Arab muslim lives are cheap and so killing them is not a problem especially when the killings are carried out without conscience or feelings by bombers and missiles . In fact the white Americans and Europeans feel great with no remorse as  the destructions of properties and the killings and genocide were all done by remote bombers and missiles where they personally do not see blood or witness the horrific pain and suffering of the thousands of survivors who were maimed for life.

In the meanwhile thousands of extreme militant muslims were tracked down and either shot forthwith or kept in concentration camps to face inhuman torture . 

These speak so much of White Americans and white Europeans extreme cruel treatment of militant muslims and their utter serious disrespect and contempt for muslims in general. Watch and observe how they illtreat the muslims in America .

However the white Americans and the Europeans are not happy when they see China is helping all Middle East and African muslim countries to rise up and develop economically and while at the same time these muslim countries are moving closer to China and Russia. Thus for this they have no qualms in fabricating lies and fake stories about China's poor governance in the treatment of Uyghurs so as to stir up misunderstandings, hatreds and animosities among the world muslims for China and the Chinese people. Hopefully the muslims world wide will be wise enough to see the evil plots of the white Americans and the Europeans who dislike and disapprove of China's selfless help for all the muslim and other third world disadvantaged countries whom the white people feel with disdain as not their equals.

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Saturday, 7th December, 2019

Do we trust our children are among the best in the world?

In an article today by Sandra Davie, entitled “It’s OK to be No. 2 in academics, but aim to top student well-being”, she raised a few chSingapore has done it again by securing 2nd place in Pisa. It means we are still operating at the top level (China was 1st, Macau was 3rd, HK 4th in some subjects) when it comes to excelling in Maths, Science and Reading. Also, at the last three occasions (beginning at 2009), we were top.
Mind you, Pisa is a gruelling assessment. The benchmark is against 600,000 students from 79 countries and economies. We had sent at random 6,676 teens, most of whom were in Secondary 4. It is a reliable gauge of how far we have come and what we have done right to hone our future generation’s critical thinking skills and personal resilience.
Mr Sng Chern Wei, MOE’s deputy director-general said: “We are pretty happy with the 2018 Pisa findings because they show that our students are equipped with the critical skills and the resilience to cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing world.”
ampagne toasts to our educators for the results. She noted that we are heading in the right direction when it comes to critical thinking. “Remembering formulas or chunks of content won’t do. Pisa’s questions require students to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems in unfamiliar contexts.”....

The above is posted by a Michael Han in TRE.

I just want all of you to ponder, why would these world best students, for many years we were top, being treated as useless and untalented and consistently being replaced by CECA Indians that were unplaced in the PISA test? PISA is an international organisation and tested and deemed our students as world best. But our very own idiots in Singapore are treating our world best students as daft and systematically replacing them by third world fakes and conmen!

What is the scheme of things? Is there a master plan behind this cleansing of Singapore's DNA? Who is the mastermind behind this anti Singaporean scheme?

I feel very sorry for the younger Singaporeans, that with their PISA performance they would only end up as Grab drivers and security guards. All the top positions in Singapore are increasingly filled by CECA Indians and third world fakes. Their PISA scores are only good for gloating for a day or two and would soon be forgotten.  

Can you believe this, Singapore idiots replacing our world best own children with third world fakes and cheats they called them talents?


21st AMA Medal tally

A few more events of go before the end of the game. Now 15 Gold, 12 Silver and 14 Bronze. One last gold came from 10km Walk contributed by Uncle Kor, our 87 year old veteran and also a bronze from Yusoff from the same event.  Some pics to celebrate.

87 year old uncle Kor and his gold medal in10km walk
A pic with Indonesia's ex Olympian

One for the girls album, with Hong Kong and Indian girls
Athletes from other countries
The fabulous W40 4x400m ladies gold winner
Showing the Singapore flag

Captain Jason and his gold medal for hurdles

The gold relay teams for men M50 and women W40. Both teams won gold for 4x100m and 4x400m

This is our happy hour corner where we unwind every evening, like our private club. We took the whole floor of suites and this is our privilege to use this room with free food, wine, beer and drinks.
We had a sumptious dinner at this restaurant to end our visit to Kuching. This is only half of the team present. Some had gone back, some enjoying somewhere else.

PS. Would like to post the two exciting videos of the M50 and W40 4x400m relays but unable to do so as they exceeded the time limit of blogspot. Both beat their rivals by a big margin with every runner running at their best.


My 100m heats and finals for M70

My finals in pouring rain. Supposed to run at 2.35pm but because of a massive foul up, all the running events were delayed by more than 3 hours with so much confusion. Until now I still did not know my position and timing for the finals, either 4th or 5th. Taipeh first, 2nd and 3rd, Japanese. I was in lane 8.

Came in second in the heats.

My medal hope is fading away as our chances for 4x100m has gone up in smokes as one of our runners has to return home early. So no horse run tomorrow.

Asian Masters action in Kuching

Wee Teck receiving his gold medal for 100m hurdles M65
Wee Teck claiming his gold in near photo finish

Our team captain Jason Wong claiming his gold for M50 as well

M50 200m, a rare moment with Singaporeans leading the pack. Foong Wee took gold, Tony Tan took silver. Yew Yong was pipped at the finishing line to finish 5th.

Our medal tally to date is 9 gold, 11 silver and 8 bronze.


Thanksgiving Day: The True Story From Native Americans, PART THREE

     The United States Federal Government is turning a deaf ear to native Americans' appeal to stop white racists and supremacists from stealing more native lands. The Federal Government is in cahoot with the thieves and robbers to deprive the natives of their lands.

Trump and his gang of white buccaneers cast aspersions on the native Americans when they falsely alledged that many of the native Indians are no longer pure indigenous American natives. In alledging this Trump implies that he is entitled to dispossess those lands of the reservations for his industrial plans.

The native Indians led by their leaders  accused him of concocting fake logic to steal their lands. They said, "By doing this you are coming after our kids. You are coming after our future generations." Jessie Doe Baird, Vice Chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag told the Trump administration during her address at the Capitol on 14th November, 2018, as tribal leaders from the Quinault on the Pacific coast, the Pickani Blackfoot from the northern Rockies, the Ponce Tribe and Oglala Lakota from the Great Plains and the Shinnecock and Pequot from the Eastern shore spoke in solidarity beside her. "They came for our children and took them to Carlisle because we were 'too Indian."  ( NB: Carlisle is a concentration camp for native children. They separate the Indian children from their parents and kept them in special centres where the children are illtreated, given with little or no food and being left undernourished to die eventually. ) "Today they tell us we are not Indian enough," said Doe Baird, referring to the Zinke - led Department of Interior's (DOI) decision September 7th when it declined to assert its authority and reaffirm the status of the Mashpee Wampanoag's reservation. The Mashpee were among the many tribes seeking federal recognition when Trump disparaged, "So-called Indians that are trying to open up reservations." Unfortunately the Indians lost the Federal Government's support and lost much of the Indian reservation lands to Trump and his business associates. The federal government has abandoned its responsibility to protect native American Indians' rights.

The Mashpee is the last surviving signatory tribe to the grant of Indian title that established the 'Plymouth Colony.' in 1620. Tribal leaders warned that removal of the Mashpee's reservation would set the prcecedent for a new era of termination of Tribal lands.

In August 1st 1953, Congress supported Eisenhower Administration's policy of "termination" which sought to end the federal Indian trust responsibility by dissolving treaty obligations, reservations and federal recognition. Congress decided that Indian tribes and Individual members should be freed from federal supervision. This further eroded the sovereignty of tribal lands. The Federal Government is trying to get out of the trust and treaty relationship. It is the Trump's USA administration policy on termination.

Aaron Payment, chairman of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and vice-president of NCAI said before a huge crowd of natives on Capitol Hill that the Mashpee Wampanoag's case wasn't an isolated incident. Tribal lands in Alaska are also under attacks when 68,000 acres of land per year was placed in trust for tribes under Obama administration. But Trump has reduced it to 18 % a reduction of 82%. The tribal leaders accused the white rogue rulers of divide and conquer to serve their interests.

Now Trump is adopting a policy to eliminate the trust status of tribal lands by termination through privatization . The Trump policy objective in Indian reservations is the privatization of tribal lands for extractive industry ( oil/gas) development. It is estimated about 30% of fossil fuel reserves in US lay beneath Indian Reservations. 

Trump is carrying out Eisenhower's policy of termination in the 1950s to even higher and more advanced stages to the detriment of the native Indian tribes. All this is because of the greed for oil and gas found in Tribal reserve territories.

Indian chiefs and leaders have warned that unless they stand up with tribal solidarity they will all be uprooted and dispossessed of all their lands, culture and history. Congressman, Joe Kennedy, a supporter of tribal rights assured the Mashpee and those tribes assembled in the shadow of the Capitol, "We will never allow this injustice to stand." He said the native tribes who welcomed and helped the first European immigrants to the shores of America are worthy of support and recognition.

In the meantime Trump and the majority of the white supremacists continue their 'Thanksgiving' celebration on the old basis of the old concept of celebrating 'Thanksgiving' after each killing and dispossession of the native tribal American Indians.

Most people and most countries around the world are now aware  the evil white American supremacists  are extending their operations overseas to grab native lands of other countries for control of oil, gas and other natural mineral resources like gold. uranium, lithium, copper, chrome, rare earth  and iron. That's the reason why they are undermining all the countries in South America and Central America which are very rich in these resources. In these brutal operations they have the strong support of its western allies the European countries who share similar interests to exploit the weak non-white countries which happen to be rich in resources. 

All non-white countries especially the third world countries must wake up and unite to confront and stop the raping of their countries by the evil satanic white Americans and their European  allies.


Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019