China must not take it lying down

The Americans are putting their fingers into China’s internal affairs at every opportunity they could find. China is building its own air port in its own territorial island and the Americans also thought it their right to tell China to stop construction. China should do the same and meddle with the American’s internal affairs as a tit for tat. The racism of white policemen against the blacks is a good point to start. The recent series of white policemen killing black negoes must be condemned. The killing in Ferguson is not a single incident. The whole thing is blowing up. China should support the black and coloured Americans and demand that Washington not to discriminate against them. The white policemen must be arrested and charged in court, to face justice for murder, racism and abuse of police authority.

In the case of the Philippines, China should increase coastal patrols in the South China Seas and arrest Filipino fishermen in the area, including uniformed pirates. If China does not do it, the Pinoys will think it is ok to arrest Chinese fishermen and even shooting and killing them.

The Chinese Navy must stand up and take actions against the Pinoys to show that the seas around the islands belong to China. Not doing so is a sign of weakness and the Pinoys love that and will go crazy arresting and shooting Chinese fishermen. China is asking for more trouble of appearing weak and inaction. Dealing with thugs must use the hammer. There is no other way. Thugs are only afraid of being hammered.

How can a super power allow its citizens to be arrested by another country on fabricated charges and worst, in the same waters that China claimed to be its own. This is China compromising its own position on its claim to the islands and territorial seas.

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S&CC fees, pay only to the party you voted for

Below are the conversation between two bloggers on why they should or should not pay S&CC fees.

I am an Aljunied resident living with my parents. Lately, due to some disagreements I had with the TC, I have been asking my parents not to pay the S&C fees. My reasoning is simple. Why should we pay to an administration body that we did NOT vote for??? Let those people who voted for them pay for them.
I can only imagine the sheer number of people who feels the same way. I hope these people continue to withhold payment and hopefully we can shame the Workers Party out of parliament.
Why can’t Aljunied have a “normal” and competent town council like other constituencies??  Lim 11 November 2014 at 8am

Hey, @Lim, I just love the pure logic of yr reasoning. I think it’s worth its weight in implementation on a nation-wide basis.  Why don’t you bring this up to PM Lee himself to propose such a bill in his PAP-dominated parliament? Truly, someone yr calibre, so thinking-out-of-the-box type, is wasted just writing comments here. Don’t waste it, dude. Serve the country as a PAP candidate.  Let me know when you do. I’ll be following yr speeches and writings most closely. Thx.
2econdsight 11 November 2014 at 2pm

I also agree with 2econdsight. The comments by Lim are worth its weight in gold. Everyone should think about it seriously and decide whether to pay your S&CC fees. Sinkies are getting smarter by the days. If more Sinkies are as smart as this Lim, there will be a better tomorrow for every Sinkie.

Just a word of caution, before you stop paying your S&CC fees, make sure you got a mountain behind you. People who so ‘kar si’ and refused to pay S&CC fees must surely got a mountain behind them, or they would not be so garang and ‘kong cum’ to think this is their grandfather’s country.

This is looking like the Americans telling the Pinoys to fight with China with them carrying the big stick in the shadow. What kind of world is this turning to be? Gangsterism or mafiadom?

Our kiasi, kiasu and kia chenghu daft now acting like the mouse sitting on top of the lion's head.

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A future without the people’s consent

The govt has charted a new future for the Sinkies and wanted the Sinkies to unite and move forward together in the name of this future according to what Chan Chun Sing said at the ITE College East. Now what is this common future? Anyone knows?

I can’t remember any minister telling us what this common future is except what they are doing. Perhaps the people can make a guess as to what this common future is. For sure it must be a future led by the PAP Govt. This must be a given. The next thing that is a given is the 6.9m population and maybe more with the original Sinkies become an absolute minority core.

What else is given? More foreigners, more local PMEs driving taxis or being retrained by WDA to do manual jobs while foreigners take over their jobs? What else? A couple of days back, over the news Hsien Loong was talking about a smart city with the computerization of the city to make city living so easy. If I am not wrong, in a smart city the computers will do all the thinking and make all the decisions for the peopel. The people only need to take the instructions from the computers, guided by the computers to do what the computers think best and most appropriate. No thinkings required.

And the oldies that are not so clever with the computers will not be left out. I guess they will plant a computer chip in each of them and turn them into living C3POs. The little chips planted into them would be a miniaturised R2D2.

The common future looks interesting but where is the meat to beef it up so that all the Sinkies would know what is in it for them. For starters they can expect a big bang kind of celebration next year for SG50 with a lot of goodies for everyone, including babies and their parents. More good news in the pipelines?

Why is this common future so skimpy that I could not figure out what it is all about?

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Return Our CPF Rally – 29 Nov Sat at Hong Lim (4pm)

The Return Our CPF Rally is coming back to Hong Lim even with the banning of Roy and Hui Hui from booking the place. I cannot use the term ‘prohibited by law to apply and speak in Hong Lim’ as the Constitution specifically provided the use of Hong Lim for this purpose and the right of the people for free speech. How could there be such a prohibition on Roy and Hui Hui is puzzling and very disturbing. Rule by law? What kind of law or whose law?

Leong Sze Hian and his friends have picked up the torch to keep the flame burning. In the past, raising an issue, no matter how serious, would soon be forgotten when met with a stony silence. The MSM would simply ignore the issue. Or someone would sweep it under the carpet, it’s over, let’s move on. Many issues raised died a natural death.

The climate has changed today. With social media, with more serious issues, and with the people becoming more tenacious in wanting to right the wrong, wanting justice and fair play, no issues would be put away so easily. As long as the issues are not resolved, as long as the people are not happy with the way they are being handled or mishandled, they will be repeated over and over again. Don’t ever think that the people can be shut out.

Roy and Hui Hui may be down, but there will be others to pick up the fight, to keep fighting for a fair solution or conclusion. This Sat the crowd will be back at Hong Lim to demand for the Return of the people’s CPF money.

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Leong Sze Hian working doubly hard 替天行道

It is so easy to flash some data to condemn someone of a sin. See, the data said so. Many people would just accept the data at face value, nod or shake their heads and walk away. The one waving the data won. He set the agenda, claimed to be saying the truth with a set of data.

But we all know how data can tell all kinds of stories, and even lies. Taking a data without knowing how the data was concocted, the premises, the before and the after, the selective processes, could tell a story that the data waver wanted to tell. The listener is none the wiser.

I used to claim that I got data to prove that 100% of the respondents said so without telling the listeners that 100% consisted of me and my dog named Boo. And similarly, I have conducted a few polls that were quite innocent until some ‘gongmando’ thought he was very smart by stuffing the ballot box. Of course I cooked up another poll that did not give him a chance to stuff his votes. Finally he got to stuff the votes into his own mouth.

Over the last few days there were so many data and finger pointings at AHPETC for poor management. And some data were used to prove the case. And it took Leong Sze Hian and his team to bury themselves into the history books to fish out the old records just to prove that the data waved were carefully selected to tell a desired story by the data wavers. And the full story was totally different from the one sided story told earlier.

Without the hard work and meticulous detail digging, the people told of a story would believe the story. Now people have doubts as to the original story. Many thanks must go to the selfless and the voluntarism of people like Leong Sze Hian who put in so much effort for no monetary returns to show another truth. Who said everyone is motivated only be money?

My God, what if there were no Leong Sze Hian and his team of workers? What would the truth be? Who would be carried on the shoulders as brilliant super talents telling the ‘truth’?

I am sure telling half truth is not a crime and there is nothing unethical about it too. It is just being clever and needs to be praised and even rewarded for being so clever.

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SMRT applying for fare review

This must be good news. With the restructuring and changing of accounting methods, with the high capital assets being transferred out to the govt, with the huge profits made in the last quarter and more coming, with increasing load from more commuters, with the govt pumping many billions to buy assets for the SMRT, and with the oil prices falling like a rock, every commuters must be keeping their fingers crossed that this time the SMRT will be asking the PTC for a fare reduction. When times were difficult they had asked the commuters to be understanding when they hiked fares. Now when everything is so favourable, I am sure they will reciprocate the generosity of the public by going for a fare cut. It cannot be the other way!

Listening to Lui Tuck Yew in his blog, I quote the Today paper, ‘ the authorities must continue to make public transport affordable for all Singaporeans. “I hope that the PTC will study if we can insulate vulnerable groups such as senior citizens from a fare increase or at least mitigate the impact on them.”’ You can see the goodness and the heart. Let’s hope there will be a fare deduction this time when the review is concluded.

What do you think? I don’t think they got the gumption and audacity to ask for a fare hike this time. Let’s wait and see what they will be asking.

PS. The commuters are still experience regular breakdowns, which means the service is still far from satisfactory.

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Being stupid in a smart city

This morning was a horrible mess. There was a power failure and my computer did not get recharged. It did not wake me up in the morning as programmed. By the time I realized what was happening, I was half an hour late and in a big rush. I had so much trouble finding my way to the toilet as my GPS was not working too.

By the time I got into the toilet I was stuck and lost. My computer would normally instruct me to either wash my face or brush my teeth first depending on which one it thought would be of priority. I stood in front of the basin trying to decide what to do for the first time on my own. Then I have to decide whether to take a bath or skip it. My computer decided that for me too, by sensing the level of my body odour. If acceptable, it would tell me to skip the bath and not to waste water.

When I got out of the house, another problem cropped up. Which route should I take to get to the MRT station? This was the job of my computer. It would always choose the best path with the least people and most pleasant to walk. Now again I had to decide what I should do when I had long forgotten how to do it. At the traffic light again I was stalled. The computer would decide when I should cross the road safely and it was now up to me take the risk to cross the road unaided by the computer. So risky.

At the MRT station I was looking for the traffic lights to tell me if the station was too crowded. But it did not as it was also affected by the power failure. And I was not sure whether to go in the station or take an alternative transport to my office. I did not know doing simple things like getting to the office could be so difficult without the computer. And I have programmed everything, spending on a small fortune on the computer and all the softwares. Now the computer ad made me stupid and over dependent on it.

What about the other computer illiterate senior citizens? Can they afford to buy a computer to lug along wherever they go? And could they be as smart as me in using the computer? Maybe I should get someone to develop a chip that can be inserted into computer illiterate idiots to make them smart so that they can benefit from living in a smart city.

I am still stuck at Raffles Place not knowing which is the best route to take to reach MBFC. I need to get my computer charged first to be able to get my life back to normal.

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