More reserves, more taxes

The issue of our grotesquely huge reserves came into the spotlight again when Hsien Loong hinted of raising taxes to meet increasing expenditure of the govt. Heng Swee Kiat also chipped in to defend the govt’s decision not to touch the reserves, not a cent, despite appeals for the govt to use some of the reserves, just a bit more from the gains from investing the reserves. No one is asking to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs or a drumstick, just a few more eggs.

The discussion has gone to the social media, not a whimper is heard in the main media. Phillip Ang was so disgusted that he posted this on his blog and a copy in the TRE.

‘Perhaps Heng might also be hinting to Singaporeans there have been significant investment losses when he said “I will be very cautious about making statements about how big our reserves are…”.

So, could Heng enlighten us on what’s left in our reserves?

After 3 decades of planning, Heng wants us to believe that the PAP did not save for the anticipated rainy day? And reserves cannot be used because they have to increase perpetually to benefit our children?

I don’t think Heng expected his hogwash to be taken seriously.’

I do not know how much reserves we have, and I think not many people know, maybe a handful. This is may be public money but it is top secret! The public need not know. But from the main media and from the comments and nuances of the top politicians and the fun managers, oops, I mean fund managers, our reserves are growing and growing, though may not be in the scale of the past. The point I am making is that our reserves held in the deepest and darkest vaults are growing every year. There is nothing to worry. They are there for the future, for the rainy day. And the govt will keep growing the reserves, and there is no limit to how big this should be. It can be 10 trillion, 100 trillion, never mind, it is good to keep growing the reserves and knowing that it is there when it is needed.

I can only think of those govts that put their gold in Fort Knox for safe keeping by the Americans. They are not allowed to inspect their gold and cannot withdraw, but happily kept it there, knowing that the gold is there and safe in the vaults in Fort Knox. There is no need to look at them like looking at our CPF statements to bring smiles on the face. The thought of the huge reserves, like the bountiful of gold ingots in Fort Knox is comforting enough.

Phillip Ang should have faith that the reserves are there and growing. They would not be stolen. We have the most honest and honourable men and women taking care of them. The last thing that they would do is to lower their integrity to lie about the reserves. Just trust them. And there are two keys to keep the reserves safe. Never mind if the President did not know much is there. I am just presuming. She may know, unlike Teng Cheong. Have pleasant dreams that we are sleeping on a bed of money, plentiful of money.

Just pay your taxes when raised. The govt needs more money for bigger expenditure. The reserves are like the holy grail, untouchable by the untouchables. You need to be gods to touch them.


The myth of North Korea’s nuclear threat

This myth has been spread by the Americans and some silly leaders also believe in it. If possession of nuclear weapons is a nuclear threat, the biggest nuclear threat comes from the USA, the evil Empire, the warmonger, the most belligerent country, the country that is threatening to use nuclear weapons at every little opportunity.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons are not even a threat to the South Koreans. They would not use nuclear weapons against their own people even if civil war breaks out again. This is the same as the Americans choosing to drop the Atomic bombs on Japan instead of Germany. The Americans would not drop on the white Europeans, but on yellow skin Asians, it was a very easy decision. The North Koreans are arming their nuclear warheads on long range ICBMs, to reach the American continent, not on short range missiles to hit South Korea. The nuclear fallout would affect them if a nuclear bomb goes off in South Korea.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not even a threat to China or Russia as they know that China and Russia would not invade them or threaten a regime change. And they also know that using such weapons on China or Russia would invite instant total destruction. No country would seek such an option.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not a threat to anyone as no one owning a few nuclear weapons would dare to use it. And the North Koreans do not have the wild ambition of the Japanese to want to rule the world and thinking they could invade the rest of Asia. And those silly countries in SE Asia must wake up from their stupidity to think that the North Koreans are going to fire their nuclear weapons at them, believing in the American wild allegation without thinking.

The only use for the North Korean nuclear weapons is as a defensive weapon, a deterrent against the evil Empire that is threatening to invade them, practicing for an invasion of North Korea almost every other day. This is what the nuclear weapons are for, with a very specific purpose and a specific country to aim at.

All the silly leaders echoing the American lie should stop doing it to avoid looking silly and to retain some credibility for themselves. They should not allow themselves to look like fools, like unthinking American cronies, doing the biddings of the evil Empire
The intention of the evil Empire invading North Korea is clear and present danger to the North Koreans. Tillerson has revealed in a Reuter report that they have been in discussion with China on how to secure the North Korean nuclear weapons in the event of the collapse of the regime. He assured China that American troops crossing into North Korea would not stay in North Korea and would return to South Korea.

This revelation tells the intent of the Americans working on bringing down Kim Jong Un and invading North Korea. It did not say if China agrees to the invasion. China has made it clear that China would not stand idly by should the Americans initiated an invasion. The Americans are thinking that the Chinese and Russians are so stupid to allow them to invade North Korea, their ally, and do nothing, allowing North Korea to fall. This is how dangerous and evil the Americans are, waiting to start a war and planning for it.

This time the Chinese and the Russians would not allow the mad Americans to run wild in East Asia. They would lose all credibility if they allow the Americans to attack North Korea. They would have no more friends and every country would be cowed to submit to the evil Empire.

Now how many silly countries in the world still believe the evil Empire is a benign and friendly Empire, for peace and protecting the peace of the world and small countries? And with the brash act of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it made the world look so hapless and hopeless and the Arab/Muslim nations, stupidly believing that the Americans could be their saviours, a righteous Empire s looking so silly and pathetic. What is the point of making stupid comments of regrets and concerns when the Americans and the Jews have swallowed up Jerusalem?

Would the world still want to believe in the American lie, that the Americans are a fair and just country, believing in the rule of law, believing in international norms? The Americans are above international laws, they are the law, they make the laws, they interpret the laws to their convenience and ignore the laws when they deemed fit. They would bully the weak and eat them for dinner.


Driverless cars - The fools will never learn

Why did I say this kind of things? What do you think is the problem with SMRT collision? Ok, what was the basic principle underlying decision making by the first generation of leaders? Before they purchase a system, an equipment, a plane, a ship or a train system, they asked a very basic question. How long has the system or equipment been in operation? Has it been proven to work, free from faults and bugs? If it is new, untested, why should we buy and pay to be the guinea pig?

This driverless car thing is a new thing, a new technology. In the Jurong Test Centre we are just setting an area for testing and earn some money from it. This is a business. It would be a different story if we are volunteering to be the guinea pig to test run driverless cars on our road while knowing that it is an untested technology and many things can go wrong? This would happen if we volunteer to be the first country to experiment on driverless cars. This is a first that we should not be clamouring for. This is not something to ‘pray pray’ about. This technology can kill, innocent lives are involved. There are harmless things that we want to be first for bragging rights. This untested driverless technology is not really in operation and going to present a lot of problems, troubles and accidents waiting to happen?

Are we the owner of this technology, the software or the hardware developer? Do we own the copyright? Who is the owner of this concept/equipment and how are we going to benefit from it if it is tested successfully? If we are not of the above, do we want to put our people’s lives as the price for testing other people’s product?

If we are the developer and owner of the software it is all well and good but still must approach this cautiously. We even erected another barrier in MRT stations costing millions to prevent people from jumping on the tracks. Test running driverless cars are definitely more risky than people voluntarily jumping on the tracks. If we are just a user, we should not be putting our people and reputation at risk. If we are part owner of this concept and system, and we are going to gain and benefit from it financially, that could be a different proposition. If we are just a teeny weeny minority shareholder, or not at all, we need to weigh the benefits and returns versus the cost of such an experiment when it is going to be conducted on our roads. During the experimental stage many things can go wrong and lives could be lost. Is it worth it?

What is in it for us?

Just hope that we are not being made a sucker to test other people’s product and system and if things go awry, our people got killed or injured.

Get my point? Remember the investment in an untested American aircraft called F35 that turned out to be an American scam and making the investing countries into suckers, pouring money into a bottomless pit? Still believing that the Americans would share their cutting edge technologies with outsiders?


Willy Trump & The Illuminati, South China Sea and the Obsequious American Running Dogs

American fake news claim leaders across Asia are looking to Washington for guidance on a variety of pressing issues in Asia. If this is true these leaders have yet to realise that looking to US for guidance is looking for self-destruction, for endless strives and trouble, for choas and wars.

The fake news also claim these Asian leaders are worried that President Moon Jae-in is seeking a more conciliatory approach with DPRK contrary to US bellicose policy. They are also worrying that Trump will stop trying to counter China's growing influence in the South China Sea region. They long for America to create wars and distability in South East Asia in the same scenario as it creates disasters in the whole of Middle East and North Africa.

The news agency keeps on saying Asian leaders in anonymity . They should declare which Asian leaders and not hide behind the screen of anonymity. However one character, not an Asian leader but an Australian professor by the name of Carlyle A Thayer of the University of New South Wales openly lamented that the withdrawal of America from the region will turn "the South China Sea into a Chinese lake." He conveniently forgets that the white men from Europe had stolen the Australian continent from the natives of Australia and recently in 1980s Australia stole the East Timor Sea from the just independent East Timorese nation because it coveted the rich oil and gas deposits beneath the sea.

Now I understand when fake news talk about Asian leaders they induce me to to deduce the implication that they are white supremacists anti China leaders as seen in Carllele A Thayer. Or can they be pro-American 5th columns in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and internatioonal studies. Or possibly it can be some obsequious pro American and pro Japanese political leaders in two or three ASEAN countries.

They claim Trump will lose credibility if he does not continue to challenge China in the South China Sea and America may lose long long time economic and security-military alliance in the region. They insist Trump must challenge China vigorously to prevent countries in the region from moving closer to China. They want Trump to assure them that America long standing bellicose foreign policy towards China remains rigid and unnegotiable. They encourage Trump to take a more aggressive stand towards China and fan fire beyond North Korea.

Here we can see the hands of the American warmongers , the Wall Street bangsters of the Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal which actually controls the government of both the Democrat and the Republican party as well as CIA and the huge war industrial complex of the Pentagon . Under the Illuminati Cabal US fought more than two hundred thirty wars of aggression and conquests since its independence in 1775 from UK against other countries. It is time Russia and China and other freedom loving countries join forces to bring the next war to American mainland and destroy the evil empire once for all.

The neo-conservatives in the Illuminati cabal said Trump should not make any concessions to China as far as the East China Sea and South China Sea is concerned . They object to Mr Moon's conciliatory approach towards DPRK and wants Trump to apply maximum pressure on North Korea. They persuade Trump to expedite sales of offensive weapons to Taiwan. They strongly object to China's development in her own territories in the South China Sea and wants Rex Tillerson to deny China's access to the region. These are dangerous warmongers who want US to adopt straight face anti-China policy with no room for negotiation or compromise. They want war and confrontation with China. They think US can win in a nuclear war against China. They must be dreaming and still living in the last century. They must know China is not alone for Russia is part of of the Chinese-Russian equation in an open confrontation or war against America. The Russians and Chinese have pledged and promised that the next war will not be fought anywhere else but in America's mainland.

Trump is a willy businessman and now turn into a willy politician. He tries to make use of Russia against China and vice-versa. That doesn't seem to work for the moment. Now he tries to make use of China against North Korea. When things are more settled in North East Asia he will continue to confront China in the South China Sea albeit at the behest of the controlling masters in the Illuminati Cabal.

However, the scenario in the South China Sea has as of now turn more settled and peaceful due to the matured wisdom of Duterte of the Philippines and Najib of Malaysia and to a lesser extent  Vietnam.

However China and the neighbouring countries must still be on guard for the Japanese and American warmongers will never give up creating wars and distabilities whenever an occasion arises and also South East Asia is awashed with traitors and pro-American running dogs and fifth columns especially those in the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore and the Philippines.


Wednesday,12th December,2017

SMRT CEO needs more supervision

Whether he needs more supervision or more help it doesn’t matter. When an organization hires a CEO and pays him millions, top dollars, the least expected is that he must be able to do the job, if not, to even bring it to a higher level. What Cynical Investor wrote in the below article has his points. The article is reposted in the TRE with the title, ‘Wah lan SMRT CEO so cock is it?’

‘Scholar and ex-SAF commander is so useless that Khaw, Temasek and SMRT thinks he needs more supervision, a lot more….
If he’s so in need of supervision, why not fire him? Or cut his salary by half? Meritocracy? What meritocracy?...
Here’s how MediaCorp reported the story. ST’s report is along similar lines so maybe there was a dictator dictating the narrative?
‘Temasek-backed Pavilion Energy’s CEO Seah Moon Ming will step down to focus on his role as chairman of train operator SMRT.’ CNA
That shows that Temasek thinks he needs more supervision.’

The rot has gone down so deep that no one can see anything wrong with the appointment of Seah Moon Ming as full time chairman of SMRT when so many new hires, all being paid in the millions or a few hundred thousands each and still no improvement. Why pay so much for so little or non performance, and keeps on paying, and bringing bigger guns to be millions more? Is this Seah better than super fixer Khaw Boon Wan?

This is how bad things are now. No accountability, no responsibility, just keep throwing money at the problem like throwing money into a bottomless pit as if it is normal. This is the new normal of collecting million dollar salaries and enjoying life without a care of how things work or did not work.

What if Seah Moon Ming cannot produce any result, hire a few more millionaires?

This is unbelieveable.

The other unbelieveable thing is that no one cares how Desmond Kuek feels. Hey, he was the Chief of Defence Forces, commanding the Air Force, Navy, Army and all the supporting arms. He is no little spring chicken. He is someone proven to be able and capable. The fact that Boon Wan has to tackle the problems of SMRT is a smack on Desmond Kuek’s ability to handle the problems. The fact that after being on the job for 5 years and now they threw in another aged chicken as the full time chairman to solve the perennial unstoppable problems is another way to say Desmond Kuek needs help. 

KNN, being paid in the millions, ex Chief of Defence Forces needs help from two without any experience in running a mass rapid transport system. What do all these things say about the handling of this saga? I can’t fault Desmond Kuek for it as he was not really in charge. There are bigger cooks in the kitchen.

Appointing a top brass, presuming the best guy for the job, paid him millions and not allowing him to do the job, unbelieveable.

PS. Before I am accused of over simplification, there are two assumptions in this episode. One, when a person is successful in his profession, he is assumed to be successful in any profession, even in things he has no training or experience in. The second assumption is that when one becomes a politician, better still a minister, one becomes a knows all, or even better, an expert in every field, with or without training or experience. These two assumptions form the basis of this fiction that is being played in real life.


Be wary of Anti-China Articles by tribal writers with roots to a South Asia country.

Last week an associate editor of a local mass media in his deliberation on an article about the Australian White Paper he couldn't hide his intense desire of reviving the previous
American, Australian and British sponsored mechanism SEATO to contain the peaceful rise of China. He strongly feels SEATO can be revived in the formation of QUAD or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprising US, Australia, Japan and India to contain China.

In his article he asserted  the term"Aggressive China " repeatedly nuanced to paint China in a bad light and with evil intent. And as a coward he also feared that QUAD as a medium to contain China may go the way as SEATO.

He wants US, Australia and Japan to lead the banner against China, even to have wars with China as he alluded that US should have stood its ground against China in the South China Sea episode and against Russia in Syria when he claimed Obama did not challenge Russia in the "red lines" on Syria laid down by him. As he is akin to the tribe of  South Asia I thought he should be brave and courageous enough to tell powerful India to take on China upfront and not depend on the sinews of others to take on a self-imagine or bogey enemy, China.

What is also most unacceptable are the many foreign well paid local mass media journalists, editors, writers and political analysts and commentators especially many of those with strong roots to a South Asia country who hide behind the protective state of mass media to echo the Americans and the West and the Japanese propaganda to demonise China and to constantly swipe at China and the Chinese people with slanted news, disparaging sinister remarks , innuendos, , insidious fake reports and fake news with calculative evil intent to hurt the interest of China and all Chinese people.

Hundreds of these well paid ghost writers or intellectuals are foreigners who work or teach in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies and their warped minds, thoughts , ideas and writings which are extremely biased and prejudiced against China and the Chinese people will have strong poisonous negative impact on the thousands of students and young minds under their influence. This does not bode well for Singapore which is a multiracial society. The government must take action to negate their evil influence on Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Monday,11th December,2017

The evil Empire screwed the Arab and Muslim countries again

The Americans have been shouting rule of law, justice, fair play, peace but have been violating everything they said every time. They have been inciting wars, starting wars and fighting wars, breaking all national and international laws, interfering with the internal affairs of countries all over the world and the worse cases ended with invasion and regime change, their leaders killed. But many silly leaders of so called democratic countries chose to ignore the violations of the evil Empire and chose to sleep with the devil. After being conned, duped by the evil Empire for so long, they found it embarrassing and shameful to admit the truth, that they were deceived by the devil all this while.

The latest painful truth is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in blatant violation of the resolutions in the United Nation agreed upon by countries of the world. The evil Empire has poked the middle finger into the nose of the nations of the world. Rightly many countries were incensed by this arrogant and dismissive act. Many are crying foul. But not all are demanding that the evil Empire obey the rule of law and international justice. The American cronies are hiding in shame by keeping quiet. It is heartening to know that some European powers are brave enough to stand up to this outrageous act of the evil Empire.

Have the Arab and Muslim countries woken up yet, that the devil they have been in bed with, praying to, and holding in high regards as the righteous nation to save them and protect them is indeed the devil that have been cheating them? No they have not. The Arab League countries might have condemned the Americans for this latest treachery. The sad thing is that they did not know that they had been betrayed all the years. This is what they said, ‘the US had withdrawn itself as a sponsor and broker of the Israeli Palestinian peace process with its controversial move’. This showed that they have all the years believing that the evil Americans were the good guys, there to help them when they Americans were selling them out at every occasion. And the daft Arabs and Muslims did not know.

When would the Arab and Muslim countries grow up and remove the blinkers to see the truth? The devil has stood up, naked and showing them the middle finger, that the interest of the Arab and Muslim countries is nothing compare to the interest of Israel and the evil Empire?

Do not be misled by the few screams of injustice. Tomorrow all the Arab and Muslim countries would be running back to the devil and begging to be whipped and prostrate in front of the devil pledging obedience. They would soon leave the Palestinians in the lurch. They fear the evil Empire and would choose to be the slaves of the evil Empire. And the Emperor will say, bow to me, you useless and mindless humanity of no pride and conscience. I shall rule you forever as before and thereafter. I am the Emperor of the evil Empire. Be good and you will be spare from my wrath. If not I will do a regime change in your country.

Jerusalem is as good as gone, now the capital of Israel. What can the Arab and Muslim countries and the rest of the world do now? Absolutely nothing. This is the law, the law that the evil Empire believes in. The evil Empire is above the rule of the law.