The Horrendous Plans of the Anglo European American Jewish Zionism Against Asians and Africans

                              The Horrendous Plans of the Anglo European
American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the

Previously I had written on how the West  (  The Europeans' )  foreign
policy and blue print for conquests and world domination was based on their
Doctrine of Christian Discovery and subsequently over the years expanded by
White Americans into a more evil Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and
the monstrous  American Exceptionalism. I will not delve into these
doctrines in detail . These evil doctrines can be accessed in Google when
you type in the titles of the three doctrines. Briefly white men inclusive
of White Americans claim their God has given them the divine right to take
and conquer non-Christian lands and to kill all the natives of these lands
if they refused to be converted to their faith. American Manifest Destiny
deprive all native Americans of their rights and title to their lands and
properties and claims Americans have the right to expand its  frontiers
both on land and sea without limits. American Exceptionalism empowers White
Americans  -  USA  to assassinate foreign leaders who don't toe the
American line and to carry out regime change. To know who were the leaders
assassinated  and which  countries were regime  changed by CIA , just type
in Google ,  "Foreign leaders assassinated by CIA "  or  " Countries
subjected to regime change by CIA  and you will get the details.

But now an even more horrendous Anglo European American Jewish Zionism
policy is in the offing.  This satanic group is headed by the
Rothschilds,the Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and well known American
bankers in the Citi Bank , J.P Morgan , Well Fargo Bank ,Bank of America
and the Free Masons. They are working in collusion with the rogues and
scoundrels in the US government, the CIA, The Pentagon, Congress, The
Senate and the House of Representatives.

Why is this group so frightening and scary?  They say the world is  now
overpopulated  with Seven Billion people and there will not be enough
resources to serve everyone. They asserted that the world population should
be reduced come what may  to just about one and a half billion people.
They argued that majority of the world's population is found in Asia and
Africa and it is time to find ways and means to reduce the number of Asians
and Africans. They have decided that it is only  through a combination of
methods but largely through wars that  the Asian  and African population
can be reduced drastically. For the wars to accomplish its results they
must be fought in Asia and Africa and they always have plans for perennial
wars in Asia and Africa.

Their strategic new plans call for  (1) impoverishment of Asian and African
countries (2) Clinically and genetically manipulated changes of DNA of rice
seeds so that the  growing of rice will result in infertility of  rice
eaters. (3) Control of  pharmaceutical products for Asia and Africa
designed to a slow but long process of poisoning Asians and Africans
resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and
other related diseases. ( 4  )  Chemical fertilizers that poisoned food
crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period,  ( 5 )  Insecticides
that poisoned the food crops and the soil like DDT.  ( 6) Wars of

The impoverishment of Asians and Africans are carried out  through two
distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the
financial and economic structure and well being  of the countries of the
two continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the
Asian and African countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the
countries in the two continents.

In the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the
manipulation of the American Petrol Dollar as a standard of international
exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must
use the Petrol Dollar to trade. There is a clear disadvantage to Asian and
African countries because US is always manipulating the currency to its
advantage at whatever circumstances  it determines. US rogue bankers and
stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians and
Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds . Be wary
of European and American private bankers who will use the billions of
dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the  Asians and
Africans but instead they will always misuse it  to deal with endless
trading in derivatives which  is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases
win or lose the bankers will always first award themselves by the millions
or billions as service charges. Derivative trading is nothing but a super
casino which together with the Petrol Dollar and the financial toxic
products are a form of American financial terrorism  on unsuspecting Asians
and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and
weakening of  the Asian and African economy and ultimately a fatal blow to
human survival.

Creating wars , instability and destability is the bench mark of American
foreign policy which devolve from their doctrine the American Manifest
Destiny  and American Exceptionalism. The Americans will always sow
suspicion , descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian
and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of
misinformation and disinformation with a lot of  lies, half truths and
insinuations to a crescendo before it starts the wars among the
unsuspecting Asian and African countries. The Americans are the masters of
sheding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arabs in
the Middle East going after each others throats. The Americans will just
reap the harvest and enrich themselves by selling obsolete weapons to the
warring factions and at the same time test their new weapons in attacking
the factions which do not toe the American line. America is trying to
create the same scenario in Asia. It is trying to create civil and
international  wars among the Asian countries like divided Koreas, divided
Chinas  - Mainland China and Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China,
between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and
the Viets and Pinoys. In this way the Anglo European and American Jewish
Zionism  led by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Illuminatis, Freemasons and
other big American bankers as well as the rogues in the American government
inclusive of the President, Senate, Congress , CIA and the Pentagon will
have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the billions in a great
nuclear war among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian
populations by the billions and fit in the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo
European And American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the
Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and the rogue and scoundrels of the American

The American pivot towards Asia especially in the East China Sea and the
South China Sea is just a cover for American covert and overt plans for
wars and destruction among Asians .  In the aftermath of these wars America
hope to seize the opportunity to dominate and control both the East China
Sea and the South China Sea and together the rich oil and other mineral
resources under the sea bed  and to dominate the whole of Asia under
American hegemony. It will be a hopeless dream for America for under such
scenario there is no guarantee that Russia and China will not carry out
full scale nuclear attack on America and thus resulting in not only mutual
destruction but ultimate total destruction of the entire humanity on earth.

A desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the world under
whatever guise and pretext.


Friday, 29th April, 2016The h

By election to vote for a new MP for Bukit Batok?

Does anyone know what they are voting for in the by election? Sure, we are voting for a MP. What is a MP? A MP is a member of Parliament. Is it? I thought they are voting for an estate manager.

Ya hor, they all talk about improving the estate. Some want to do this, some want to do that. Do they know that they are supposed to be member of the Parliament? Or should they change the election to By Election for an EM? What is an EM? You did not  misspelt it for EP right? What EM? Estate Manager lah.

Ya ya, they better vote for estate manager. No need to attend Parliament sitting, got more important things to do than to attend Parliament. What for attend Parliament, talk, talk, talk and ask question only? Voting decided by the Whip, so no need to think, to agree or not to agree, understand or not understand the bills never mind, just vote when told to vote lah. No need to know what the bill is all about also. Absent from Parliament how to know? But when people ask, cannot say like that. Must you know what you are voting and you agree with the bills not because told to vote against your will, values, principles, or lagi best, dunno what the bill is all about.

What is more important in an election for an EM, oops I mean MP? To be representative of the people, to speak for the people, to make sure changes in govt policies, in laws, should benefit the people. But how to make sure when you can only vote what the party tells you to vote?  Or when you don’t even have time to attend Parliament? KNN getting $16,000 plus plus to be MP but got no time to attend Parliament. How can like that one?  Everything part time, attending Parliament also part time.

Ya hor, no wonder no need to attend Parliament. Like that all election should be called election for an estate manager. No need to waste time to attend Parliament. No need to call them MPs or Members of Parliament. No need to pay them MP allowance of $16,000, got bonuses some more, for not attending Parliament. Just pay them market rate for an estate manager enough leow.

What do you think? You know what is an MP or not? Yes, yes, an MP is an estate manager. Tiok, pass.


Vivian wants Japan to sustain its role in SE Asia

Vivian is in Japan and encouraging the Japanese ‘to sustain its role in SE Asia’, to be more involved as a part of South East Asia or Asia as ‘Japan is also integral to the stability and prosperity of Asia’. History students and the senior citizens of Singapore and Asia would have a very different view of what Japan meant to the stability and prosperity of Asia. Vivian better don’t ask them for a view on what he said in Japan.

Japan was very active and destructive during the Second World War, to include South East Asia as part of their grand plan for a East Asia Co prosperity Sphere, ie the Japanese Imperialist Empire. And in their implementation of this plan for co prosperity of East Asia, it was not about stability but conquest. The plan was the invasion of Asia and South East Asia that led to great pains and sufferings and millions of death to Asians and South East Asians. The countries in the region were invaded and colonized and looted, their people raped and killed en mass.

When talking about stability and prosperity in Asia with the Japanese, one must not talk blindly, in a vacuum, unthinking and without reflecting on the meanings of such terms in the minds of the Japanese and to those who had suffered under Japanese brutality.  For children born after the war, and if they did not read history or their parents did not tell them what happened then, they may think that Japanese are all wearing suits and ties and very nice people. They have different plans for the Asians and South East Asians, and stability and prosperity in Asia meant different things to them. And inviting the Japanese to sustain their roles in SE Asia, without qualifications, without understanding history, is a dangerous and uncalled for remarks.

Japan should be invited to play an active role in the prosperity of Asia from the economic point of view ONLY, and not security and definitely not a military one. People who don’t learn from history are likely to ignore history and repeat history and suffer the same consequences of their forbears.

Japan was not an angel like they want to present themselves today. Japan’s role in South East Asia in the past was that of an invader, an occupier, colonialist, imperialist, and barbaric, killing and looting Asia and SE Asia. No one in his right mind would want to invite Japan to play the same barbaric role as invaders and conquerors of Asian and SE Asian countries all over again.

The militarization of Japan and the tearing away of the Pacifist Constitutions should be taken heed, that Japan is reverting to its military past and wanting to go to war again. The Japanese ambition as a military power at the expense of Asia and South East Asia must not be simply forgotten and taken lightly. Invite the Japanese to grow and prosper with Asia and South East Asia, but the Japanese must be reminded that their military ways would not be welcomed unless these countries would not mind being invaded once again. Do SE Asians want to suffer the same fate as their forefathers under Japanese rule?

Singapore would not want to be ‘Syonan to’ once again. Singaporeans would not want to sing the Japanese national anthem once again. Singaporeans would not want to be butchered and beheaded and shot at point blank by Japanese soldiers and buried in Tanah Merah or Blakang Mati Beaches. The Singaporeans killed were literary digging their own graves, forced by the Japanese soldiers.

Singapore must really teach history all over again to make the young Singaporeans smarter and wiser, especially to those born after the war. Many did not know what they are talking about.

SDP unprepared for By Election

Tharman has taken the first shot at the SDP that they were unprepared for the by election. That must be the truest of all the statements made so far. How could SDP know that there will be a by election coming so soon after the GE and be prepared for it? I don’t think anyone in the SDP could foresee that something like this would happen and be prepared for a by election. Only those who knew what is coming could be prepared for it.

Is the PAP prepared for this by election, knew that it is coming? Who knows better, but PAP is surely more prepared than the SDP or Tharman would not be using this as a strong point to use against the SDP.  SDP is unprepared, heheh, we are.  PAP is prepared and ready for the by election with its new programme launched by Murali. Is the new programme similar to the programme David Ong promised the residents of Bukit Batok? Some numbers were quoted, that David Ong’s programme was very comprehensive and amounting to $24m while Murali was talking about $1.9m. Please enlighten me on this.  Oh, before I forget, let me use the often uttered phrase by the rich people. What is $1.9m? This is even less than one year’s salary of a minister.  Maybe Murali was talking about a small portion of the programme or the $24m was the whole programme that includes other constituencies. SDP must be forgiven for being in the dark about this whole affair as they were not a party to it. Sure, they don’t know.

A word of advice to all the opposition parties, please be prepared for more by elections and not be caught with their pants down and got to make last minute plans and programme changes. The PAP is always prepared for all contingencies like surprise by elections. This is something that the opposition parties can learn from.

Ok, SDP, please admit that you did not see it coming and therefore not prepared for it, unless they knew what was happening in Bukit Batok’s grassroot affairs.


Stupidity has no cure

Good news for remisiers and investors. The SGX has signed an agreement to bring in more red chips to improve the vibrancy of the stock market with more new and promising stocks from China. With the experience we had with CLOB shares and the first generation of red chips, SGX must have learnt a lot of good practices to introduce into the system before bringing in more red chips into the market. I am very sure they knew the risks involved and have done their homework to make sure history does not repeat itself and Singaporean investors would not be robbed once again. I am very sure many safeguards have been put in place by now. No? Doing the same thing all over again?

Let me try to recall what happened. My memories are fading fast, maybe getting dementia soon, how many red chips were IPOed here and how many left, yes left got two meanings, left the market, delisted or simply disappeared, or left in the market that you need to scratch with a changkol to find them? And how many are left with prices that are more than 10c, how many are left with prices that are 1c or less than 1c like 0.1c or 0.2c?

Don’t get me wrong for bringing up such memories. I know some are making good money by trading in these micro value stocks that can double in value by moving just one bit like from 0.1c to 0.2c. From a $1m investment it can become $2m if the stock moves by 0.1c. This is very, very attractive, better than buying Merrill Lynch, City Bank, Goldman Sach or SBC.  If more stocks in SGX are 0.1c, there will be more opportunities to double your money.

Another point, when new IPO red chips are brought in, there is likely to be a new round of euphoria and with more suckers coming in to chase up the prices. My advice, oops, cannot advise, just my wild guess, if new IPO red chips are in play, it may lead to a secondary play in the tired and retired micro chip stocks of 0.1c. When the attention is turned to these micro chip stocks, there will be good opportunities for some to double their money for sure.  This is the silver lining in brining in more red chips into the market.

And for sure, the stock market will be more vibrant with more new investors rushing in with their money to invest in the red chips, for the long, long term. Just be warned, investment in stocks is for the long term and one must be prepared to hold out for 20 or 30 years and 0.1c stocks could turn into diamonds and worth like diamonds.  Oh, let me balance my views, micro chips of 0.1c can run up to several cents, those new red chips of several cents or dollars can also run down to 0.1c. Historically this has proven to be possible. Must be the work of gravity I think.

Trade with care and make a lot of money if you can. Get your savings ready to invest in the red chips that are coming this way. Just be prepared for the long haul.

I have a suggestion, not sure if this is good or not. All the new red chips should have a prefit CE in front of their names, eg Spring Chicken should be listed as CE Spring Chicken.  CE is not meant to be abbreviation for China Equity or Cum Entitlements. It is meant to be Caveat Emptor, ie buyers beware.

Singaporean Winsemius trained to become dish washers and security guards

Does anyone bother to think how many Singaporeans out there that have enough training, education and experience to become the equivalent of Dr Winsemius to many third world developing countries? We have a very big pool of experts in many fields that would be most welcomed by developing countries to offer them advices in national development, infrastructure building, city planning, setting up govt agencies, setting up industrial parks and businesses. These experts were directly involved in the building of a world class city, not the so called experts from third world countries that ran rundown third world cities and infrastructures and continue to run them like slums and shabby towns and being called experts and invited to run first world cities.

At the next level, many of these senior managers, CEOs, engineers etc, could become resource people to developing countries, to UN agencies, where they could contribute productively to these countries and their people. What is happening is that many of these experts and their expertise are not recognized or treasured, and instead they are being herded like no brainer sheep to be retrained to be cashiers, sales workers, taxi drivers and of course security guards.

Many of our oldies are real treasures like the Chinese saying, 家有一老,家有一宝. It is so sad that these treasures are wasted by the fools who could not see any use in them. A friend said many of the pioneer generation seniors are already trained by the military and the police during their NS days and reservist obligations. In times like this, when more manpower is needed to keep a look out and prepare for terrorist threats, who would be better and more cost effective and dependable, safer to trust than the pioneer generations to take on these roles?

It would need some organization, some retraining, reskilling and mindset, to organize the pioneer generations to guard our country and homes, to protect our own people, our families instead of depending on queer foreigners whose backgrounds are unknown and pose greater risk than security to our country and people?  The naivety of Singaporeans to be so trusting of foreigners is a danger to the security of our country.  When redeploying the seniors, do not expect the seniors to work for free but they would not be demanding millions to serve the country, to protect the country.

It is time to put on the thinking hat and make use of the pioneer generations productively and in a meaning and useful way for the good of the country. Dad’s Army may be a comedy, but our pioneers, those that are still clear in thinking and physically able, could be a force to be reckoned with, given the financial and organizational support instead of being wasted away. Some can be Winsemius, some can be the guardians of our country, the country they built and will die for.

The amount of money wasted in the SkillsFuture Scheme can be more targeted and be made to be more useful and meaningful if more thoughts are put into it.


Water shortage, drought, Linggui water level lowest

There is a new awareness that there is a water shortage among the Singaporeans. Some are showing signs of panic and are demanding for more severe austerity drives from the govt. Make the people feel the pain!  A few forumers are parroting these same unthinking lines that the people must be made to feel the pain, make them pay more to know the value of water. Well this kind of stupidity is now in the DNA of daft Singaporeans. And they even quoted half baked foreigners to support their stupidity, wanting to pay more for the water they are consuming. Someone is quietly smiling in the corner, knowing that his million dollar paycheck would come in time with stupid people so happy to pay more taxes.

Didn’t these clowns know that Singapore is planning to double its population to 10m? If Singapore can afford to double its population to 10m, how can there be shortage of water? Do these people really think the govt are fools, not enough water still want to have 10m population? Cannot be right?

Now stop crying out loud for more restraining measures to control the use of water.  Understand how much is needed per person first. Don’t anyhow shout about the average and people must use less than the average. I bet the average for the foreigners are lesser, because they don’t bath like daft Sinkies do. They no need expensive shampoo and scented lotion to go with it. They don’t mind smelling like they are and daft Sinkies like that too. Once you get use to the smell you may ask for more, and not having them may have withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

This may be a good thing that the foreigners can teach the daft Sinkies, use less water by not bathing and get use to the smell. The pigs are very happy with the smell in the pig sty. They will ask, what smell, where got?

Oops, I digress. Come to think of it the daft Sinkies are really daft. There is a real need to increase the population to 10m. This will improve our water resources. Instead of 5m people peeing, we have 10m people peeing into our reservoir to provide more liquid for our Newater.  Such liquid is independent of rainfall. Got rain no rain, they would still pee.  Daft Sinkies are just too daft and cannot see further than their nose and the long term plans of the govt.

Last year new citizens increased by 20,815, PRs by another 29,955, netting  57,700 more head counts, plus our 30,000++  babies these will give a total plus side of nearing  90,000 in a year.  The govt is meticulously and conscientiously working towards the 10m population goal to increase our water supply. Not to worry, everything is planned for the good of the people. When the population is 10m, our water problem will be solved. No need to panic that we would not have enough water. No need to worry.  No need to increase water fee. Trust the govt.

Be smart, don’t be stupid. But if you are stupid enough and want to pay more for your water, go ahead. No one is stopping you.