North Korea - The white lies would not show you these pictures

Real pix of DPRK:


Above two pics were from english.hani and aljazeera. There are more pics of North Korea in the mirror.co.uk link. These are the pictures that the west have refused to show to the world but old pictures of poor and underdeveloped North Korea of the past and lying to the world that North Korea is suffering from abject poverty, famine, food shortages etc etc. The reality is quite stark.

Stop listening to white lies and become slaves of their disinformation. Find your own truth. The above city infrastructure could not be built overnight and did not reassemble any third world poverty stricken cities like in South Asia and South east Asia.

Some impressive statistics on the performance of Bush Jr, Obama and Trump as Presidents of the USA

America's Military Drops A Bomb Every 12 Minutes, And No One Is Talking About It

Authored by Lee Camp via TruthDig.com,
We live in a state of perpetual war, and we never feel it. While you get your gelato at the hip place where they put those cute little mint leaves on the side, someone is being bombed in your name. While you argue with the 17-year-old at the movie theater who gave you a small popcorn when you paid for a large, someone is being obliterated in your name. While we sleep and eat and make love and shield our eyes on a sunny day, someone’s home, family, life and body are being blown into a thousand pieces in our names....

Once every 12 minutes.
The United States military drops an explosive with a strength you can hardly comprehend once every 12 minutes. And that’s odd, because we’re technically at war with—let me think—zero countries. So that should mean zero bombs are being dropped, right?...

But those 70,000 bombs dropped by Bush—it was child’s play. DeGraw again:
“[Obama] dropped 100,000 bombs in seven countries. He out-bombed Bush by 30,000 bombs and 2 countries.”
However, we now know that Donald Trump’s administration puts all previous presidents to shame. The Pentagon’s numbers show that during George W. Bush’s eight years he averaged 24 bombs dropped per day, which is 8,750 per year. Over the course of Obama’s time in office, his military dropped 34 bombs per day, 12,500 per year. And in Trump’s first year in office, he averaged 121 bombs dropped per day, for an annual total of 44,096.

Trump’s military dropped 44,000 bombs in his first year in office.

PS. And America is not at war with any country! All the fighting and bombing were committed in undeclared wars, illegal wars.  Imagine how much money the military industrial complex is making from wars and killings of other people. The Americans are the most peace loving people, the protector of human rights?


The Historic DPRK Business Mission

From 18-22 September 2018, I am mobilising a historic 5-day Business Mission to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (commonly referred to as “North Korea”). 

Following the successful Trump-Kim Bilateral Summit in Singapore on 12 Jun 2018, this initiative will empower and facilitate companies, businesses, investors, CEOs and entrepreneurs to explore and grow market opportunities and possibilities in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

This historic First Business Mission to DPRK presents an exclusive opportunity for discovery and inspiration to uncover and leverage on the diversity that DPRK can add to the global marketplace of international trade and development.

The primary goal of this FIRST Business Mission to DPRK is to provide a dedicated platform for industry leaders and purveyors to meet in open dialogue with key sellers, buyers and decision makers from various industry sectors in DPRK to develop co-operation through projects, trade and investments between market players.

The Focus Industries in this Mission would include the following:
·         Food Retail and Wholesale
·         Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
·         Healthcare Products and Supplements
·         Human Resource Development
·         Hospitality and Tourism
·         Property Development
·         Life Sciences
·         Engineering and Machinery
·         Infrastructure Development

Interested in this adventure?  Come to DPRK with me as a First Mover!

Email Dr Michael Heng PBM@ miko.heng@gmail.com for further information.

Checkout the following News on this
Historic First DPRK Business Mission:

Did our Sovereign Debt Fund lose money?

"Anonymous said... According to a Straits Times' report in July last year:

"Volatile stock markets took their toll on Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings' portfolio value which shrank for the first time since the global financial crisis.

Its net portfolio value fell to S$242 billion for the financial year ended March 31, down from S$266 billion a year ago....

As last year's losses amounted to 9.02% of total of $266 billiion (prior to 2010 it was more than $300 billion), that means Temasek Holdings has lost $25 billion of taxpayers' money and CPF members' savings in 2017.

What about from April 2017 to March 2018? There is still no official report published. Speculation put the losses to be the worst in the history of Sovereign Wealth Funds Investments."

How much did our Sovereign Debt Fund, SDF, lost? This is the big question that everyone is asking and speculating.  My answer is very simple.  The SDF did not lose a single cent. You may think that because they refused to disclose any numbers so they can write their own books and can thus say they did not lose a cent. And on record they have been announcing billions of dollars of profits and paying themselves crazy with big bonuses. I could still remember the year they announced a 15% profit and all stuffed their pockets full with special bonuses.

But they did not lose or could not lose. If they lose, they would top up the losses with more taxes. Look at the humongous taxes they are raising since last year. And for them to put on a brave front and a blank face to take the people's life savings in the CPF, coffin money, you know how desperate they are. CPF is for retirement not for all kinds of compulsory schemes to buy insurance without the people's consent.

The SDF did not lose any money. Only the people lose money. The people have to top up by paying more taxes. It is heads I win tail you lose. When they made some profits, they rewarded themselves handsomely with big bonuses and went around boasting how clever they were. When they lost money, they still rewarded themselves with million dollar salaries but kept quiet. Then the losses would still have to be topped up, not by returning the big bonuses or big pay, but by the people paying more taxes, when money not enough.

Just ask one simple question. Why so many silly taxes over the last few months? To encourage people to walk to be healthy, they may want to introduce bicycle tax and taxes for taking buses and trains so that people would have to walk more. They don't even mind looking silly and talking silly and be laughed at for their silliness. Die die must tax the people to bring in more money, because somewhere, something is very wrong, when money is not enough.

The end result, the people will be made money not enough, money in their CPF also not enough.


It is proper that the evil Americans withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council

Just like the USA refused to signed as a member of the United Nations Council of the Laws of the Sea, UNCLOS, but went around battering every country for violating the Laws of the Sea, the Americans, the biggest violator of human rights all over the world, has finally withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council.
The Americans are unfit to be a member of this Council and should be sacked long ago. Their hypocritical stance on the protection of human rights, accusing other countries of violating human rights while they violated the human rights of many people in the worse ways possible, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of coloured people in the Middle East and other corners of the world, is beyond reproach. No country dares to breathe a word of contempt on the animals in the USA killing and wounding innocent people, butchering the blacks, the womenfolk, the children and the olds in their war of conquest and regime changed, in their arbitrary arrests of Arabs and Muslims and torturing them in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib concentration camps.

Their recent ill treatments of illegal immigrants, separating little children from their mothers, like the wicked white Australians did to the children of aborigines in Australia, are simply disgusting. UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein was quoted to have called Washington to halt its “unconscionable” policy against the illegal immigrants at the Mexican border. The beasts in Washington could not see anything wrong with the harm and abuses they dealt with the illegal immigrants, especially the vulnerable children. It is second nature to them.

The Indian representative of the US in the UN, Haley, said, “Look at the council membership, and you see an appalling disrespect for the most basic rights.” She got the cheek to say this with eyes wide open and a blank face when the Americans are the ones that are bullying and violating the human rights of other human beans.

Is this not disgusting? It is irreprehensible! They just lashed out at others, accusing others with their white lies, in this case black lies, and hoping that the rest of the world would be stupid enough not to see what is happening before their very eyes, the Americans violating human rights in front of the camera for all to see.

How many silly Asians and bananas would choose to look the other way and believe that the Americans are the protectors of human rights? The Americans should be banned from rejoining the UN Human Rights Council forever.


White men speaking in fork tongue

Trump signed an agreement with Kim and publicly announced that there would be no more war games in the Korean Peninsular. Immediately the US Army said that the US Forces in South Korea do not come under the Summit agreement between Trump and Kim. What does this mean, the US Forces can continue to do what they want, ignoring what the President of the USA has said in public?

The Americans continued to say that only major war games will stop, like Max Thunder, Foal Eagle and Freedom Guardian involving tens of thousands of troops. Smaller military exercises would continue. The Americans are trying to split hairs, saying one thing and doing another. The intent of the Americans is to continue with their military exercises and provocations against the North Koreans.

The South Koreans even told the North Koreans to withdraw the latter’s artillery pieces further from the DMZ. On the other hand there is nothing about the deployment of the American Thaad or other artillery pieces in the South. And nothing about the American forces withdrawing from South Korean.
It seems that the Summit is like a one way concession by the North Koreans, to denuclearize, to withdraw their forces from the DMZ while the Americans and the South Koreans continue as normal, northing changes.

Would the North Koreans meekly accept all the one sided conditions dictated by the Americans and the South Koreans?

Americans are speaking fork tongue with the Chinese, breaking all the agreements negotiated to prevent a trade war to more tariffs and intensifying the trade war. This is a bastard nation that cannot live a day without wars. While military conflicts in the Middle East are losing its steam with the Americans and their devilish ISIS in retreat, they released another evil power, the Jews, to go on a killing spree. The Jews were happy to kill the Arabs like they had done throughout their existence and knowing that the Americans are backing them up.

While the Jews are fighting with their war machine, Made in USA, the Americans are content with a new trade war with China and Europe and the rest of the world.

How to trust these evil men and women leading the USA? I will write about this hypocritical nation pretending to champion human rights and withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council later.


Is Singapore promoting drinking more shit water?

In thestatestimesreview, it posted this:

“In an interview with state media Straits Times published yesterday (Jun 19), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said he will be imposing a new sugar tax to promote water drinking in Singapore:
“On the cards is a possible sugar tax on packaged drinks, restricting advertising of such drinks, and prominent labelling of sugar or nutritional content.”

The “promote drinking water” reasoning coincides with another comment made by a PAP MP last year. In 2017, PAP MP Lee Bee Wah commented that raising the water prices by 30% would “promote awareness” of saving water.”

The shortage of fund or the need to find more money for the govt has led to a spate of relentless increases in taxes on everything. This excuse to raise sugar tax to promote drinking more water is so silly that it is so unbelieveable. Are Singaporeans third world uneducated bums that would believe such a silly ruse? Only in Singapore where the sheeples are hapless would a govt dare to keep raising taxes on the people resulting in higher cost of living in the world’s most expensive city. A tax on sugar consumption is simply bizarre.
And the govt is confident that the sheeples could not do anything about it and would continue to vote them to power to rule over them with more taxes.

I think the result of the next GE will see an unanimous support for the ruling govt as the effect of drinking more shit water would mean that the brain of the people would be filled with shit, and become even more shitty and unthinking.

The net result is that the govt would have to bring in more shitty foreign talents to replace the shitty brain Singaporeans that could no longer think, no longer talent as their brains are filled instead with shit.
Yeah, drink more shit water. It is good for the brain.

To those who don’t understand what is this shit water thing, let it be known that shit water in the island is being filtered and reintroduced into the reservoirs and returned to the homes as piped water for domestic consumption. How often this is done and should be done when rainfall here is normally more than adequate to fill the reservoirs except during a prolong period of dry season is questionable. Do they need to keep filling the reservoirs with shit water when there is plenty of water during the wet seasons? 

Another thing to ponder about? How many people are silly enough to buy Newater for consumption when there is plenty of other normal drinking water available? How many countries are importing our Newater for consumption?