Founders' Memorial - Take a leaf from North Korea

Singapore is setting aside 5 hectares of prime land in the heart of the new downtown city at Gardens by the Bay dedicated to our founding fathers. They deserved to be sited in the choicest part of the island. Somehow I got this uncomfortable feeling that 5 hectares may be too small to honour them. We need something more grandeur. Cost is not an issue. On that, with our good relations with North Korea and Kim Jong Un, I would recommend that Singapore send a team to North Korea to study how they honoured their great dear leaders. The North Koreans are perhaps the best in this area and their expertise is well recognised in Africa with many African states commissioning them to build gigantic statues of their founding fathers as well. This is one of their main exports and major source of foreign income.

Our westernised and heavily American influenced thinking may be satisfied with a library or a warship named after a President. We could do that and also copy from the North Koreans, taking the best from the East and West. The North Koreans are the best.

Here are some comments in the CNA on this historical project.

'The memorial site will include a garden, within which an indoor gallery will be built, the Founders’ Memorial committee said in a press release on Friday (Oct 19)....

The memorial will focus on stories and events in Singapore’s growth as a nation, the committee said, adding that it aims to take visitors on a journey that is “moving and inspiring, educational and reflective”.
"It intends to also capture the context for key milestones in Singapore’s nation-building history, the experiences and dilemmas of our leaders which shaped their values and principles, and how these affected their actions, policy deliberations and decisions," the committee said.'

Now you see why I said cost is not an important factor. It can be turned into a tourist attraction as well and the revenue would be enough to cover for its cost and general upkeep and maintenance, just like the two indoor gardens in the same area. And why bigger space, cause you need to prepare for the crowd, locals and tourists, to bring in tourist dollars. The visitors to North Korea never failed to take photographs of their dear leaders when in North Korea.

Singapore is always very particular about cost and returns and would not simply blow away money unnecessarily. If there were such incidents, they were anomalies and very few in between. Every project must be revenue generating, profit generating, like GIC and Temasek and our world best DBS and POS Banks. See how successful are our tourist sites like Sentosa and Haw Par Villa, capturing the tourists with their creative ideas.

I can imagine the long queues at least for the first few months of its opening to take a look at this new tourist attraction and to honour our founding fathers at the same time.

PS. If I let my imagination go wild I would like to see twelve 50m statues of founding fathers over looking the Padang and floating platform. In that way they could see the NDP every year, the fruit of their labour and sacrifice. A twelve statue monument would rival the statues in Easter Island and could earn the title of the 12th Wonders of the World. This would be money well spent as it would be income generating from tourists all over the world flocking here to see this new wonders. Definitely more fascinating than the Jewel in Changi.


Not easy to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

'20 days after Perera posed his question on bonuses to PM Lee, sparking public uproar over the lack of transparency, top Mediacorp news presenter Bharati Jagdish interviewed Ho Kwon Ping – the executive chairman of Singapore-based leisure business group, Banyan Tree Holdings – on her noted ‘On The Record’ programme.
During the interview, published on CNA on 30 Sept, Ho Kwon Ping remarked that his salary is lower than that of ministers. The CNA report went on to state that Ho’s salary, inclusive of bonus and benefits, comes up over S$2.5 million.
The wording on the article seemed to imply that if Ho’s claims that he is paid less than what ministers earn, ministers actually earn a lot more than the S$1.1 million for entry-level ministers and the S$2.2 million for the Prime Minister, when bonuses are included....' theindependent

See how Bharati Jagdish and Ho Kwon Ping were caught in a mess that Chee Hian had to comment on it and both had to explain and explain to make sure the water is crystal clear, to see that truth, that Ho Kwon Ping's  income or salary of $2.5m is not less but more than the ministers, more than the PM. The issues involved telling the basic salary or with all the bonuses and perks. Not telling correctly can lead to misinformation and confusion.

The Independent reported that Bharati had been dismissed or forced to resign.

During the interview with Ho Kwon Ping, she did not double check Ho Kwon Ping's salary and thus gave the impression that someone was lying for saying the PM earns only $2.2m, the ministers lesser than $2.2m, then how could Ho Kwon Ping's $2.5m be lesser? See, when the numbers are not clear,  it could become half truth or fake news or misinformation, misleading. Anyone making such half truths must be made to clarify so that the public would not be misled. And the main media cannot afford to make such mistakes. Now with the committee on fake media being formed to deal with such matters, for a media staff to report unclear numbers became a very serious business.

Ho Kwon Ping had clarified that his basic was less than the minister/PM. His $2.5m was gross, including bonuses and benefits. It is very important to compare apple with apple, not with orange or durian. Anyone still blur and cannot tell the difference between apple and orange or durian?If you want to compare Ho Kwon Ping's gross salary, then you have to compare minister's gross salary also. Gross is gross.


Americans do not meddle in the domestic affairs of countries

Trump and his lying gangsters have continued their barrage on China meddling in American domestic politics and trying to influence American opinions in the November election. He added that the Chinese meddling were worse than what the Russians were doing. He did not say whether the Chinese and Russian meddling in American domestic affairs were worse or less than the Americans meddling in other countries, especially Chinese and Russian affairs. The answer is no as far as the lying Americans are concerned. The Americans did not meddle in other countries’ domestic affairs or tried to influence them.

The breakup of the Soviet Union was not due to the Americans meddling in the USSR’s affair. Agents meddling in the domestic affairs of countries to try to influence nation states to be more friendly with them are very easy to be dealt with. Just send them packing home.

In the case of the Soviet Union’s breakup it was regime change, not just simple meddling or trying to influence a country’s policies. These are kid’s stuff. The Americans are more serious than that and many countries have had their bad experiences with the Americans. Just look at what is happening in Iraq, in Libya and in Syria, in Korea, in the South China Sea, in Myanmar, would tell you that the Americans did not meddle with their domestic affairs but conducted regime change, threatening invasion and wars.

The tools of the Americans are not diplomats or academics but the CIA and Special Forces and military bases. The CIA would invite themselves into countries they chose to conduct covert operations. The Special Forces could be invited or invited themselves in likes the CIA with or without the consent of the local govts. And you cannot expel them or send them home. They would not leave and may turnaround to fight, with the insurgents they recruited, trained, financed and armed as their front.

And the military bases, once in, no way would they leave. They are there to control the colonized or semi colonized countries like they are part of the USA, or part of the American Empire. Ask the Japanese and the South Koreans how they tried to rid their countries of the Americans and how difficult it was to do so.

See, the Americans did not meddle with the domestic affairs of countries nor tried to influence their policies. They are much more vicious than that.


Singaporeans are contract or part time staff, foreigners permanent staff

I have heard many comments that Singaporeans are increasingly being employed in MNCs, banks and even local companies as part time staff or on contract. If they work in a bank, they are not bank employees but engaged by employment agencies and subcontract to the banks. On the other hand the full time employees of the banks are foreigners. Is this true? Anyone got any statistics? MOM has any statistics on this or did not know?

At this moment there are smokes but not sure how big is the fire. If this is true and in significant numbers, then it is injustice to our citizens, it is a crime against our own people to allow this to happen in our own country with the victims being our own citizens. This is atrocious, irresponsible if true.

It may be difficult to get the statistics as no one would want to know. Everyone would be looking the other way and the poor daft Singaporeans, the victims, are hapless and afraid to raise their voice. For the foreigners, there are better reasons to keep quiet and happily go about exploiting the daft Singaporeans. They would not protest, dunno how to protest, afraid to protest. Some may be silly enough to think that this is normal, the new normal, where foreigners first, Singaporeans last.

Since it is difficult to get enough statistics to verify this sad development, maybe it is time for those Singaporeans working part time, as contract workers, to stand up and be counted. Gilbert Goh and his blog can do a survey or data collection and build up a case on this, to prove if it is true or false, how serious is this problem. Our journalists and reporters may want to do an investigative journalism on this issue to see how serious is the problem. This is doing national service to help fellow Singaporeans.

Someone must be concerned about the welfare of Singaporeans, about whether Singaporeans are being mistreated, taken advantage of, victimized in SINGAPORE, the home country of Singaporeans where 
Singaporeans are the rightful owners, sacrificed to do National Service to fight, defend and die for this country. Why are there so many Singaporeans that are unemployed and under employed when so many foreigners are in full employment here?

If this is a big problem, it is injustice to Singaporeans and must be put right immediately.

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART ONE

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART ONE

In 1961 US assassinated the democratically elected president Patrice Lumumba of the Republic of Congo with the intention of replacing him with a pro Ameican Congolese government. In the intrervening years between 1961 and 2018, US had tried to topple many African governments for regime change. The most brutal regime change was carried out by fiendish Hillary Clinton , the State Secretary of Barrack Obama in 2011 in Libya when President Mummuar Gadddafi was hunted down and killed.

US has given notice that it intends to recolonize Africa . It is trying to recolonize Africa through diabolical economic and financial stratagems and in cahoot with corrupted political and military leaders in many African countries.

Recently Donald Trump the dishonourable US president sent his wife Melania Trump on a colonizing trip to Africa. She represented US Pentagon's Military Industrial Complex in a nuanced US intention of recolonizing Africa. Her wearing of of a colonizer's hat, a symbol of colonialism is a subtle warning sign that US intends to recolonize Africa.

However, Hillary Clinton a war hawk who predates Melania carried out a wanton destruction of Libya in 2011 and with the brutal killing of its president general Gaddafi pave the way for US wild encroachment on Africa.

Hillary had diabolical designs on Africa. She founded the Hillary Foundation to draw in billions of dollars of investors money to enable her to exploit Africa's rich resources and mining. Her foundation obtained one hundred million dollars donation from Lundin a white man's oil and mining company based in Canada. It also received a twenty million donation from Ethiopa's repressive leader Meles Zenawi. They intend to exploit Africa's resources , oil and mining for their own greed and benefit.

Hillary Clinton also have business ties with businessman Gilbert Chagoury shady land deals in Nigeria. As secretary of State she enriched herself by arming child soldiers in Southern Sudan . She made millions of dollars through illicit arm sales.

There are many more endless cases of how US through people like Hillary and Trump's wife and others are trying to recolonize Africa in both covet and uncovert ways through working hand in glove with corrupt African national leaders.

The Clinton Foundation in cahoot with the ugly US State Department appeared to have a hand in every dirty underhand resource exploitation in almost every country in Africa. In this Hillary Clinton had shown herself to be the most outstanding villain. Hillary had shown herself to be just as capable as her counter male parts in committing evils on the grandest stage and the capacity to take regressive and oppressive actions on third world countries and coloured peoples.


Thursday, 18th October,2018

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa : PART TWO

US Imperial and Colonial Pursuit in Africa: PART TWO

Donald Trump did not visit Africa because he despised the Africans and considered African countries as shitholes. He is an outright racist and has an inherent white supremacist German blood.He is a staunch supporter of the evil murderous Ku Klux Klan. 

Though Trump hates the black Africans still he will not give up his intent to re-colonize Africa . With vast American military might of hundreds of military bases and outposts in practically all the African countries the Africans will be cowed into submission to American dictates. Trump and his mafia pack of world hegemonists surely know that white men had in the past few centuries  caused extreme pain, suffering and destruction to Africans through brutal exploitation. But Trump and his gang like all previous white imperialists have no empathy, compassion, conscience or feeling for other non-white peoples so long as they can achieve their motive of obtaining absolute power, wealth and riches at the expense of others. In fact US is now involved with active colonial wars in twenty of these African countries, all fomented and instigated by US.

There are now twenty percent of US commandos deployed in Africa. The tragic and dramatic shift in the US war on Africa is geared to US colonizing activities . US has increased its military missions in Africa from around one hundred eighty in 2008 to more than three thousand five hundred in 2018.

This US military expansion across the whole of Africa in the last twenty years tells the tragic story of new American imperialism and colonialism in Africa. America intends to control as many African countries as possible through military force. It seems the United Nations and the American people are numb to this new danger of exponential American Imperialism and fascism.

The Hillary - Obama murder of Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was devastating not just for Libya but for all of Africa. Gaddafi was a threat to America because he was trying to unify Africa. After Gaddafi's killing the lawless American leaders intend to have a free hand to deal with the rest of Africa as they please.

US established bases and outposts for drones, surveillance, air bases, special forcesand porft facilities in Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ghana,n Senegal and others.

The rest of the world seems to be numb and ignorant of this aggressive American foreign policy in Africa.

Trump in sending his wife Milania on a mission to Africa is using a deceptive soft diplomacy to portray that America cares for the poor and hungry Africans. She is actually an agent to sense out opportunities for American operations in Africa.

Trump is an expert in hypocrisy and double speak. He claimed US is not responsible for the destruction of many African countries economies and the destructive wars in which children were recruited as fighters in the last twenty years. On the other hand he blatantly said "Why should we have these people from Africa in America . They are shithole countries." Trump and his fellow white supremacists are always obsessed with the idea of how to get these blacks out of America. They do not want to be tainted by the blacks. They are always thinking of deporting the non-white Americans. However, there is no need to deport the native American Indians for they have almost all been genocided long time ago with the exception of only a few surviving remnants. This reminds us of the less than noble Abraham Lincoln who acquired Liberia in North West Africa almost for free for the vile purpose of deporting blacks to Africa. 

Trump and his white supremacist clique are trying to revive the evil and cruel traits and practices of the past where white men could rob, kill and pillage the non-whites whatever they pleased.

The present US colonialism has the underlying support of the vast majority of the  liberals, the Neo-Conservatives and the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist lluminati cabal. US war on Africa had intensified and increased by more than twenty times compared with the last decade and yet the American public is turning a blind eye to this brutal invasion of the dark continent . This is happening because US has descended  into fascism of the duopoly dictatorship of the Republicans and the Democrats with state controlled fake news intentionally organised to misled and misinform the public at large.


Friday,19th October,2018


A compelling case for the existence of God

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so said the Bible. To the atheists this sounds superfluous or nonsensical. Sometimes I too think, well, who needs God. There is no need for God when human beans behave like human beans and not like beasts. As human beans get more civilized and wise, there is a trend of thought that there is no need for a superior bean to carry a stick to whack the spoilt brat out to do mischief and evil.

The hope for human beans to behave and be kind to other beans is a hopeless case. In their pursuit for personal interest and well being, human beans could turn cruel and evil against other beans. See how they cut up Khashoggi. The wickedness of human beans had happened millions of years ago, but with the years of progress and development this wicked trait did not seem to go away. And it exhibits itself in the most unexpected places, in places where you thought the people are more civil or respectable or noble. One would think that when one has everything, does not need anything, one could be magnanimous, gracious, kind, compassionate or at least indifferent to the presence of others, to be oblivious of the existence of others, to enjoy one’s life in peace, luxury and tranquility. Why the need to dirty one’s hand with wickedness?

No, in the name of fame, glory and money, human beans would not be less evil and less wicked. The wickedness of human beans is inherent in the DNA. Wicked human beans, wickedness, have no fear, are fearless. And this is more apparent in those that wielded absolute power, believing in themselves as the untouchables, the Gods on earth, the ones that decide the fate of others with impunity. There is on greater God or gods to mess around with their evilness.

The greater the power, the more one is surrounded with power, the more invincible one thinks, and can become very ruthless and brutal to other human beans. It is in such times when human beans become the personification of evil, that would do evil with careless restraint, that evilness becomes a way of life, second nature, that the need for a superior bean to tame such wickedness is sorely needed. The desperate would be calling for heaven and hell to break lose to tame the evil and the wicked. When there is no hope for justice and fairness, human beans would hope for the impossible, the supernatural, to lend them a helping hand.

Their only hope is for the evil ones, the wicked ones, to have a fear of God. Only when there is such a fear of God would the evil ones and the wicked ones be less evil and less wicked. Unfortunately the evil ones and the wicked ones would have no such fear of God. They would sneer at the simplicity and futility of the losers hoping for a God to bring them comfort and do them justice.

There is or there is no God is immaterial. The losers just hope that there is a God. They wanted a God badly to be the final arbiter of good and evil, and to punish the evil and the wicked. Is there a God to bring justice and fairness to those that were done wrong?

The answer from history is NO. Evilness and wickedness triumphed. The evil and wicked lived better lives than the losers. The losers would always be the losers and be in despair, be at the mercy of the ruthless and the wicked and the powerful, because there is no God no matter how compelling is the reason for one.

If there is a God to stop the evil ones, then there would be lesser evil and wicked deeds. Just look around at what the evil and wicked ones are doing, daily, you will know that there is no God, they do not fear God.