Little white Sheriff punching above his weight

It was reported that the little country Australia sailed its 3 teeny weeny warships into the South China Sea to demonstrate freedom of navigation. The 3 ships were challenged by Chinese navy ships for encroaching into Chinese territorial waters. The western news as usual made a hue and cry on this encounter. And the little white Sheriff declared that they would continue to do so in the future.

This little country of 22m inhabitants, many descendants of convicts from England, is strutting around like they are the policeman in this part of the world, living in a piece of land they robbed from the natives and thinking that the natives and the hundreds of millions of Asians could not do a thing to them. They would not envisage that one day the hundreds of millions of Asian marauding hordes would swarm across their stolen land and drive them into the sea, hopefully they would be able to swim back to England or Europe.

China should put a stop to this little upstart and stop trading with this little country. The little country needs the 1.35b consumers from China while China can ignore the 22 m inhabitants of this little country. And better still, if China could garner the support of Asean countries to keep this little white brat in its place, close their doors to Australian goods, then we will see what would happen.

The little white brats still cannot see much further than their nose and behaving very badly. Their godmother was wiser, and sailed HMS Sutherland quietly to South Korea without making a hooha, knowing how sensitive the presence of the name Sutherland is to China. Well, the IQs of descendants of convicts are definitely more inferior to those normal natives of England, no comparison. The Brits were also goaded by the evil Empire to demonstrate in the South China Sea. But their acute sense of judgement saw the better of them, that it was unwise to do so now that they were only an ex Empire in history. The little white Sheriff could not appreciate the changes in the balance of power and still lived in the past. Maybe the daft Asians got a part to play in this, giving it too much credit as a big country. It is not.

Asian territories and countries would be better managed by Asians, the rightful owners of their land. The Asians would take charge of their own destinies. White natives from Europe must be prepared to run back to Europe when the time comes, sooner or later.

Little white Sheriff still dreaming of punching above its weight?


North Korea - Unconditional denuclearisation

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaUS Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori OnoderaAfter decades of hard work and sacrifices, risking being nuked by the Americans and the Japanese, the North Koreans have developed the necessary nuclear weapons and delivery system to provide a second strike capability against anyone that nuked them first. This is the most important and safest guarantee from a fate similar to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi after they agreed to give up their nuclear weapons plan. With the nuclear weapons and ICBMs, the North Koreans are in control of their own destiny, the guarantee of preventing a nuclear attack in their own hands. They need not trust anyone else or become dependent on anyone to guarantee from being nuked, without any fear of being betrayed or cheated.

From the news in the air, Kim Jong Un is giving up all his nuclear weapons unconditionally except for a guarantee from the US that they would not nuke him and his country. This guarantee by the American President, an individual that could serve a maximum of two terms or 8 years did not cover the guarantee that other countries would also do so. Japan could nuke NK as it is not bound by this guarantee. Neither would any future presidents of the USA. They could simply turn around and say that was Trump's stupid guarantee, go ask Trump, they would not abide by it.

So, the clever or stupid Kim Jong Un is going to dismantle his nuclear facilities, the Americans are going to send  their experts to check that all is done, fully verified, nothing left, and then Trump would give them his word. And Kim Jong Un would be very happy with the guarantee. And Trump and Abe would be even happier. Imagine what would happen when Trump meets Kim. Kim would say, here, take all my nuclear weapons and check all my cupboards, all empty now. And Trump would say, Good boy, and pat him on his back. I promise, as long as I am the President of the USA, NK will not be attacked, cross my heart.

And the next morning, North Korea is nuked, invaded, and Kim Jong Un murdered or hanged like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. End of sad story.

Is this a realistic narrative of what is going to happen to North Korea and Kim Jong Un and his family?

Prince Charles to be Head of Commonwealth

The mother of Prince Charles of UK, the Queen, hoped that her son would become the head of the Commonwealth, a British colonial legacy. Her wish is quite normal for any mother to want her son to be elevated to a high office. It has nothing to do with Prince Charles ability as a leader. In such appointments, a political office, often the appointment has nothing to do with the merit of the person. In this case, he is the prince of an ex colonial power. This credential will be good enough for him, no one in the Commonwealth of nations, all ex colonies of the British Empire will object or dare to object.

It was reported alluringly in the media that ‘The Queen received long applause from the leaders of 53 Commonwealth countries as they demonstrated their gratitude to her for service to the network she has headed since 1952. They should give her a standing ovation for colonizing their countries, robbed and looted their wealth to make Britain great, and please forget about the millions that were massacred or killed by the British colonial masters.

The leaders of these Commonwealth countries are grateful, the ungrateful would not be bothered to attend to idolize and glorify their former colonial masters. There is not only a financial debt that Britain owed to the Commonwealth countries, their ex colonies, Britain also owed a blood debt to many of them, especially their biggest colony, India and many bloodied African countries.
Many of these ex colonies would remember their days under the colonial masters dearly and affectionately. Heard of the Singapore Syndrome?

Being ex slaves of the Empire they would not question why can’t the head of the Commonwealth comes from one of them and not their former colonial master. They knew their proper place, that is, they are the servants and Britain is still their master and to be head of the Commonwealth, or Master, is the right of Britain. The slaves would always be the slave, they called this slave mentality.

PS. The Brits snubbed Modi in the photo shoot with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Hsien Loong and the Sultan of Brunei, heads of two of the smallest states in the Commonwealth, were honoured with front row seats. Poor Modi was sitting in the row behind them. This is bad protocol as India was the biggest British colony, colonised for more than 500 years, suffered/cfontributed the most from the Brit's rule, so rightly should be sitting beside the Queen or beside the British PM. The Brits as usual don’t show much respect for India, just like the racist Winston Churchill.

Modi should challenge Charles as the Head of the Commonwealth and then hold the next Summit in New Delhi with Modi sitting right in the centre front row seat as Head and host of the 2020 Head of Commonwealth Summit…and put Charles standing in the back row.

The Brits are really good. After losing their Empire they continue to rule these willing slaves as head of the Commonwealth without the slaves knowing it.


Part 3 The Human Bean Kingdom - Cracks and Fissures

Human beans civilisation has progressed tremendously since the Neolithic Revolution around 10,000 BC where there was wide spread change from hunting to agricultural lifestyle.

Despite such polar change, one constant remains: adaptation. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and circumstances.

But to do that, human beans need to know what lies ahead, then formulate what steps to take in respond to the anticipated change and galvanise those around them to recognise the common interests and the same boat they are in.

Now, fast forward 12,000 years. From the vast continents on earth 120 centuries ago to global cities at this very moment of time. In this age of artificial intelligence, technological disruption, globalisation, megalomania, even disguised dictatorship and despotism under the cloak of democracy, what should the average human bean expect and how should they respond? The need to survive and live decently well is as true now as in the Neolithic era, the unchanging constant in a contantly changing human bean kingdom.

In the physical world, there are traumatic changes from time to time. Earthquakes, tsunamis ... ect etc. Under such ginormous stress, at times even the immovable mountains collapse. During each earthquake, huge cracks and fissures open up and some unwitting human beans fall inside and often perish.

In the modern economy, cracks and fissures can open up as well from time to time and some unfortunate human beans inadvertently and unwittingly get caught in such economic change. Globalisation and technological disruption often bring with it structural unemployment, widening social inequality, wild economic fluctuations and cycles.

The modern human beans need to be smart enough to protect themselves before "economic earthquakes or tsunamis" hit them from time to time. They need to understand what are happening and look ahead.

Unfortunately under current system, many human beans may have received an education that could have been adapted from dogs training centres?

Many youngsters may not even have read the news for the past days, weeks, months, years?

For example, to avoid being the unwitting and unfortunate one falling into the "cracks and fissures" under ginormous economic change, one should leverage on the FOC available data (for example leading macroeconomic indicators) provided by many goverments especially agencies such as central banks.

The problem with current system is that even many graduates do not read or know how to read or understand such data? Pathetic, isn't it? There could be some truth that some (education) systems are adpated from dogs training centres (and thus ill-suited for human beans)?

To mitigate the problems of more and more unwitting human beans falling in the cracks and fissures when ginormous economic change occurs, for a start an education system should be formulated more for human beans?

This is an opinionated view and obviously some may not agree.

However, how to solve the problems then?

Enact more punitive and draconian laws to further punish those poor unwitting human beans who had fallen into the cracks and fissures?

So as to achieve globally the highest per capita in terms of the number of draconian laws put in place to make sure citizens toe the line not unlike new recruits in a highly regimented military training camp?

The decision taken to solve current problems may likely be a determinant to
what and how a society turns out to be down the road and what the human beans in such a society would become?


The rare Singaporean talents

The SMRT went round the world to find a Singaporean to be the next CEO of the troubled train system. I don’t know how much they have to pay to the head hunting companies to search around the world without knowing that the best man was the guy next door, a Singaporean working in Singapore. Lieutenant General Neo Kian Hong, they used to sign off as LG Neo, is the man they were looking for all over the world. He has meticulous credentials and work experience. This is rare in this city state of no talent. And after hunting around the world, comparing him with 19 of the best in the world, it is confirmed that he is the best. He is everything the SMRT is looking for. The SMRT is safe. For if the best in the world cannot save it, no one else can.

Thank God they did not miss this rare gem in our midst and opted instead for another third world talent with funny degrees and credentials. The same story was repeated in the appointment of another Singaporean talent as the President of the Singapore Management University, in Professor Lily Kong. They also went around the world only to look back and found the gem right here in our backyard, not another angmoh or another third world talent from God knows where. They must not have believed their eyes, what, another Singaporean that is better than the best in the world? Thank God again, they found her and did not look in Africa or some God forsaken place.

But the most talented of all Singaporeans has just been discovered. If not of this discovery, he would be lost in the tropical concrete jungle and forgotten for good. Here he is….

“I admire his boldness and experience in labour issues. Mr Lim is a one-in-a-billion minister, having garnered much experience through his work in the Labour Movement all these years… We have always worked well and harmoniously together. I think the current working arrangement is still a great one.”

This is what Josephine Teo said of Lim Swee Say. Please note that he is not ‘one in 5.6m’ but in a billion, more than nearly twice the number of people in Asean. Taking it numerically, in the whole of Asean you could not find one such talent. Such rare talent should not be let go so unceremoniously. He should be elevated to become a Senior Minister or Mentor Minister to mentor the young ministers, or at least an Emeritus Minister or his experience and talent would be wasted. Many world leaders would likely take a queue number to seek his advice just like when the ancient was around.

In a short span of a few weeks, Singapore has found three gems among the no talent Singaporeans that are the best or better than the best in the world wide world.

I hope they will discover more of these rare gems among the Singaporeans.


The Most deadly fake news come from US/Western countries

As a follow up to Redbean's article "Most Deadly Fake News Come From the State" I would like to add further that the most deadly international fake news come from US and its western European allies . They dessiminate their fake news and deadly propaganda via the mass media like CNN, Fox News, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist and spill all over the world's other mass medias and newspapers.

Accusing China of being aggressive and expansionist is fake news.

US and its western European allies and Japan like to paddle falsehoods about China. They accused China falsely of being an expansionist power trying to claim the island territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The South China Sea islands, the Paracels, the Spratlys, the Scaraborough islands, the Mischief Reeves and other islands are inherently and historically Chinese territories. They were taken by the Japanese during the Second World War. After the Second World War the Paracels, the Spratly islands and the Diao Yu Tao in the East China Sea  were lawfully returned to China by the United Nations at the San Francisco Treaty solemnly signed by US. England, France Russia, China and Japan itself. China doesn't need to claim these island territories because they are her sovereign territories from the very beginning and since time immemorial. To accuse China of being an expansionist in her own lands is just gross mischiefs by US, the West and Japan to create misunderstanding, choas, dissension, destabilities and may be war among the countries bordering the South China Sea to suit their insidious agenda.

It is fake news to claim that Taiwan is an independent country

US and its allies like to falsely claim that Taiwan is an independent country.  Taiwan is not an independent country. It is a breakaway province from China. When  the KMT - Kuo Mintang party under Chiang Kai Shek lost the Chinese Civil War against Chairman Mao's Peoples' Republic of China he fled to Taiwan. US then interfered in the Chinese civil war by stationing its Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Straight to prevent the Chinese Liberation Army from crossing the Straight to take Taiwan. Technically America is still interfering in the yet unfinished Chinese civil war. USA has been the stumbling block to eventual Chinese unification by the Chinese in both mainland China and Taiwan. Though the whole world including USA itself have recognized Taiwan as an inherent part of China but USA is still stubborndly and illegally and illicitly supplying arms to Chinese traitors ruling Taiwan under USA protection. USA evil motive is to instigate the Taiwan Chinese to declare independence knowing it is a red line that China would not allow. US is trying to use Taiwan as its unsinkable aircraft carrier in its future conflict with China.

Claiming Diao Yudao is Japanese islands is fake news.

Japan under US support claims Diau Yudao or Senkaku islands as the Japanese called it. After the Second World War Diau Yudao was legally returned to China. But after Chiang Kai Shek's KMT defeat in the Chinese civil war USA mischievously placed the islands through the United Nations under USA trusteeship administration. USA refused to hand over the Diau Yudao to communist China but wickedly placed it under Japanese administration in 1976. USA intention is to make use of Diau Yudao as a bone of contention  between Japan and China to sow the seeds for their  future potential conflicts.

USA and its western European allies England and France paddle a lot of fake news regarding president Assad and Syria.

They accused Assad of using chemical weapons in Douma on 7th April,2018. Yet they refused to let Inspectors from OPCW - Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to inspect and verify the accusation before they started to bomb the site of the attack.

Assad has no need to use gas or chemical weapons against US supported rebels and ISIS for he is already winning the war and the rebels in Douma have almost surrendered.

The alleged chemical assault if it took place at all was clearly the work of US supported  aysh-al-Islam , the jihadist group in control of Douma at the time of Assad alleged chemical attack. USA in using its proxy to stage the alleged chemical attack was part of its propaganda campaign to discredit the Assad government.

Accusing Assad of as a "Gas killing Animal " smacks of moral hypocrisy when Trump and USA just supported  and funded Saudi Arabia by equipping Saudi Arabia with heavy weaponery of bombs, missiles and bombers that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians and created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the last few decades. Also USA has never stopped the use of gas and chemical weapons to suit its killing agenda as seen in its illegal wars in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. If Trump and USA really care for the fate of the Syrian people he should take in the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and not ban their entry to US.

Also why should Assad be stupid to use gas or chemical attack at the time when Trump just openly announced he would withdraw US forces from Syria because ISIS has been defeated. It has not been proven that Assad or his military ordered the chemical attack that Trump seized the opportunity as a pretext for launching his attack. The bombing of Syria must be seen in the light of Trump trying to divert attention from his domestic political problems and James Comey open accusation that he was grossly incompetent and unethical in his mafia style of dictatorship.

Trump was possibly challenged and goaded by anti Russia Republican and Democrat hot heads and warhawks to take some sort of actions after he had openly threatened to bomb Syrian and Russian bases to show that he was not a weakling in facing against a powerful nuclear armed Russia. This was an attack on his fragile ego in which the peace, security and survival of mankind in the world must not be held hostage.

Sadly and ironically the silly people and politicians of many third world countries seem to be easily bought by American fake news, propaganda, missinformation, disinformation , outright lies and balonies .

The world can only be safer if the people can wake up to the evils of America and condemn in unison American atrocities and  illicit wars  everywhere.


Wednesday, 19th April, 2018

Public anger coming to a boil

Violence on the street used to be just the foreigners taking it out on our taxi drivers when they were drunk or pretending to be drunk or just simply bullying the locals. Today’s papers are talking about a new kind of violence against the elected representatives of the people, the MPs of the ruling party.

The most notorious cases in the past was the attack and burning of MP Seng Han Thong by two old men in their 70s. Today’s media reported that MP Dr Tan Wu Meng of Jurong GRC was attacked by a ‘young gentleman’ during the Meet the People Session. The young man had seen the MP before, a year ago. This time he was there just to beat up the MP who ended up being punched and pushed onto the ground. He was sent to NUH for a checkup before returning to resume writing appeal letters for his resident and for this ‘young gentleman’.

Lily Neo also reported of an incident when an attacker was waiting for her at the lift with a knife and a bag of urine. She was lucky that her helpers tipped her off and she took another route to her MPS. The man was arrested and confessed his vicious intent.
These incidents do not speak well of the social temperature in the island. How can the people turn violent against their MPs, the people they elected to represent them, to look after their welfare? And the MPs, together with the govt have been working their guts out to take care of them, helping them to buy very affordable public housing, helping them with their money in the CPF to buy life insurance and medical insurance, providing them and their children with good education, many are graduates, never mind if they get a job or not or become taxi drivers. That is their own fault if they can’t compete with the talented foreigners.

The govt has created such a fine city, the most expensive city with the most expensive cars and medical care, but all world class, like the education system, to match a world class city with Swiss standard of living and high pay some more.

The people are simply ungrateful. To be safe, for the safety of the MPs, more stringent laws must be introduced to protect them and their safety from the violent people. I don’t think there is any specific law that protects the MPs per se. The laws they are using against such attacks on public officers and MPs are inadequate. A fine of a $5,000 or a month’s jail is too little. This is a very serious offence and more fines and more jail terms are required. One sweet looking and so nice foreigner breaking the nose of another commuter is likely to face a 8 months jail. How can beating an MP be punished less? Cannot right?

The world has changed, circumstances have changed and new laws must be enacted to meet the changing landscape, of violence against the people’s elected representatives, something never heard before.
What do you think?

PS. MPs better take up more insurance just in case. The govt can provide an MP allowance for personal safety and protection in addition to their $16,000 monthly allowance. Becoming MP is a high risk job nowadays.