British experts urge arbitral tribunal to review position to avoid being joke in legal history

LONDON - Two British experts said lately that the arbitral tribunal in The Hague should not have agreed to hear the South China Sea case unilaterally initiated by the Philippines against China.

The government of former Philippine President Benigno Aquino III filed the arbitration against China in 2013, ignoring the agreement his country had reached with China on resolving their South China Sea disputes through bilateral negotiations. The tribunal issued its final award on Tuesday, sweepingly siding with Manila's cunningly packaged claims.

"There is a current anticipated crisis in the South China Sea prompted by a Court of Arbitration decision to hear a one-party claim to a part of the South China Sea," said Stephen Perry, chairman of the 48 Group Club, in a recent interview with Xinhua. "Arbitration is defined in the dictionary as a dispute where the parties have agreed to settle it by arbitration. Clearly China does not accept arbitration to settle the dispute, so the Court should not have agreed to hear this dispute presented by only one party," he said. Noting that the two nations should pursue other means they agreed to settle their dispute, Perry explained that "the dispute cannot be settled ... by a process which only includes one party. It is not an arbitration." "I have been involved in many hundreds of arbitration and always both parties agree on arbitration, or there is no arbitration," added the businessman.

Shahid Qureshi, London Post's editor and political analyst, said the fact that "the tribunal has allowed the case to go ahead in spite of its lack of justifiable jurisdiction" poses a big question mark to the tribunal's "intention" and "interest." "I am of the view that the tribunal must review its position and jurisdiction for the sake of institution it stands for; otherwise it will become a joke in the legal history as they did not follow the due process of law," Qureshi noted. He pointed out that the Philippines, filing the case without consulting with China, failed to fulfill its obligation stipulated in the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), a document signed by China and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations including the Philippines in 2002."I think under the terms and conditions stipulated in DOC, the Philippines seems to have jumped higher than necessary and must review its position," he said. Stressing that "local solutions" are always the best, Qureshi argued that "the Philippines could talk with China about the matters arising about the situation in the South China Sea."

The analyst also said the real reason behind the so-called "militarization" in the South China Sea is the military involvement and "war profiteering" of the United States, which in recent years has sent military jets and warships on close-in reconnaissance in the nearby waters and air space of China's islands and reefs. "The US has a policy of creating wars or disputes within the countries and also in the neighboring countries of the targets (based on its long term objectives), starting from Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq," he explained. "One can ask a simple question to US officials: 'What are you doing in my neighborhood in the first place'?" Qureshi said.

Gangsters Govt – 黑社会政府

Many years ago, gangsterism in Taiwan was so rife that there appeared to have a parallel govt run by the gangsters in the island. I am not too sure what is the situation today but it is quite often to see senior govt officials paying respect at the funerals of gangster chiefs. In the Chinese vocabulary, the secret societies are called 黑社会, or Black Society. This has become a friendly joke even here when wearing black becomes a fashion among the young and they were affectionately called 黑社会.

The pervasive presence of the Black Society in all walks of life emboldened them, particularly in the movie industry that they started to make movies to glorify their lifestyles, playing up on values like brotherhood, loyalty and honour and how good they were. I could still remember a movie starring Tony Leung as a secret society chief.  And they were having their clandestine ‘cabinet’ meeting in the spa pool. Several secret society chiefs were present.

Tony Leung proposed that they should go into politics, run for election and hold their meetings in Parliament in the next round. His idea was shockingly realistic. He told them that being members of the 黑社会, their main business was related to finance. They controlled the gambling dens, prostitution, drugs, smuggling people, and yes, money lending and money laundering in a big way. And there were similar legitimate organizations in the main stream society, casinos, stock exchange, social escort agencies, night clubs, pharmaceuticals, employment agencies, banking and finance and money laundering in a big way by the banks.

If only they were in Parliament, they could appoint their own finance minister, CEOs of banks, of casinos, of stock exchange, and all the related money making agencies legally. In other words, if the黑社会 was the govt in charge, they could take over the whole island. They could own the island by appointing their own secret society members and clans men themselves. Oh, the fighters, the hit men, can take over the police and the army as police commissioners and generals. If I am not mistaken, the黑社会  also has their justice system too.

The secret society chiefs gave him a standing ovation. They said, let’s do it and the stupid govt would not have a clue what was happening when they had taken over everything. And Tony Leung would be the natural President of the island. This was some thirty years ago. Obviously they did not succeed or the Black Society, 黑社会, would be running the island today.

It was a great practical thought then and they could succeed if the govt was weak and careless and did not know what was going on. The 黑社会 was well organized, and could conspire to achieve what they set out to do. They were not only as well organized as the political parties, except without legitimacy, they could be very ruthless working under cloak and dagger to get their ways and put their members in position of power.

Tsai Ing Wen or her predecessor Ma Ying Jeou don’t look like gangster chiefs from whatever angle you view them. Thank God it was only a movie. Can’t imagine what the island would become if the 黑社会, succeeded. They would be wearing black ties, black shirts and black suits in Parliament and making themselves very rich, controlling all the financial institutions and the casinos and the stock exchange in the island.


More transparency on the cheating under CHAS and PG card schemes

Would our MPs be asking more questions for more transparency and accountability in the cheat cases by medical and dental clinics? Or would it be that the question and answer session is over and everyone can go home and have a good sleep? Case aired in Parliament and case closed? How much have been claimed, how much have been cheated or falsely claimed by the clinics have yet to be established.

If people can be tarred and branded for life for a few dollars of indiscretion, what about the hundreds of thousands being pilfered from these two schemes? As Seah Kian Peng said, it is public money and a lot of public money at stake.

A few questions came to mind, what is the total amount of claims made by these
clinics since the scheme came into effect? How much were supposed to be subsidies? Can we have some numbers? Calling a few patients up to verify what kind of treatment they received in some suspicious cases would easily reveal the seriousness and pervasiveness of this scam.

How much public money have been wasted or cheated under the CHAS and PG
card schemes? Anyone think this is important enough to know?

All my rotten teeth can bear witness for nothing was done do them to improve their condition and well being. I am not accusing anyone of wrongdoings, but some verifications like audit checks on the patients, on what they were treated and the claims made on their behalf would remove all the doubts and expose any wrongdoing. Too difficult to do, not enough manpower? Don’t make aunty angry again.


Melania Trump’s speech

Melania was a Slovenian. Does that ring a bell? Third World?  She is beautiful and charming, an ex model and wife of Donald Trump, Republican’s nominee for the President of the USA and potentially the next first lady. She had to make a speech. In the US and in many countries, such speeches are written by professional speech writers, experts in crafting words that could work on the emotions of the audience.

Two experts were commissioned to write her speech. These are the equivalents of the straight As students here, the no bluff academic nerds that are really good in their stuff. It was reported that Melania turned to someone she trusted, a ‘Meredith McIver, a New York City-based former ballet dancer and
English major’ to rework the draft by the two professionals. Not sure if this Meredith is also from the third world, but she must have been impressive and trusted by Meredith. You need people with third world intellect or mentality to trust third world talents. This is our experience. If not there would not be so many third world ‘talents’ in high places hiring more third world ‘talents’ to replace our straight As daft.

Ok, back to the story. This brings me back to the sophomore years as students. Writing essays is a serious challenge to first or second year students. Many would copy profusely from what they read and patched them together as their essays. What plagiarism? What is that? Never heard of! And good stuff written and accepted by authors cannot be wrong.

How could the words of a first lady, so well praised be wrong? And I am going to be first lady and saying the same thing cannot be far wrong.  Good stuff. Anyway speeches are all written by speech writers, so what’s the dif?

Melania’s speech is going to be just a speech. When it is practiced country wide, to rely on third world ‘talents’ instead of daft straight As locals, that is a real serious problems. Being impressed by third world ‘talents’ reflects the intellect or or lack of intellect of the person being impressed. But that is a small consolation. The country or organizations and the people will be the victims of such stupidity.

This is a Kodak Moment at a mammoth scale. Melania’s Kodak Moment is just a flash in the pan, nothing to worry about. It is understandable for Melania to be impressed by someone she admired or trusted if you know that she was born in Slovenia. If she was born an American, brought up in the US and went through the educational system, she may have done differently, to trust the professional speech writers instead.

I will trust our daft straight As than the fakes of the third world with their glib tongues.

3 big banks, DBS, UBS and Stanchart, serious lapses in AML

I can expect the foreign banks to be involved in money laundering activities as many have been charged in the US and fined by the billions. It is looking like the main business of many big banks, to make big money to be paid big bucks. Were UBS and Stanchart also fined in the US for such ‘lapses’, not intentional money laundering? Anyone can confirm this?

DBS is as good as the national bank and to be found with anti money laundering lapses is a big surprise. It cannot be and definitely cannot be intentional. It must be due do some low level staff’s carelessness. DBS would never get stuck in this kind of shit. DBS would be the one setting the standard for everyone to follow, the flag bearer of Singapore, the cleanest and most incorruptible country in Asia.

I can swear DBS is clean and blameless. I have seen how it operates and have attended AML classes umpteen times, at least twice a year to remind us, little boys on the floor to be aware of money laundering activities. Anyone making payments of more than ten or twenty thousand dollars in cash would have to make a statement to declare where the money came from.

Here we are talking about millions, hundreds of millions. How can there be lapses for such big sums of money passing through the banks for so long and no one noticed, no one escalated this to higher management? The external parties transferring such monies must be very sophisticated to be undetected. They are professional money launderers, so cannot blame the bank staff. I am sure they have done their best and would have gone through intensive training on anti money laundering and would have known one if they saw one.

Trust DBS would do all the right things to check on money laundering. Not to be alarmed.  Everything is fine. It happened everywhere, in every big banks, in UBS, in Stanchart and in many big banks in the US and Europe.  It is part of the business risk in the industry. We are so lucky this is the first time it happened. I am sure nothing of this would ever happen again. All the holes would be plucked.

My only reservation is that little people like us would have to attend many many more AML courses to make sure we know what is money laundering and check on our clients closely, to know our clients well. We will make very sure that our little clients would not be involved in money laundering at our low level, at ground zero.

The Empire robbing Najib of his billions

Read in front page news that the Americans are going after the assets of Najib in the US worth more than US$1b. The Americans have unilaterally judged that the assets were illegally acquired using stolen money from 1MDB by Najib’s step son Riza Aziz, Najib’s friend Jho Low and Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny. The best part, the Americans are forfeiting the money, all US$1b. Najib would now be US$1b poorer.

How can the Americans do that? Najib is not guilty of any charges in Malaysia and has accounted for all the money from 1MDB. The Americans must return the money to 1MDB, the rightful owner. How can the Americans keep the money?

This case is even better than the kangaroo court case on the South China Sea. At least the tribunal put up a show, like everything is legal and the arbitration was fairly done, by their own appointed judges and even convinced the nitwits around the world that it was UN backed. The Americans used the US Court of Justice to grab the money, not an international tribunal, not backed by the UN.

Najib must learn this lesson fast. Do not offend the Emperor. Unless Najib can say, ‘What is US$1b?’ And Najib’s govt is very close to the Americans, supporting the Americans in the South China Sea kangaroo court. Now getting a piece of the same American medicine for good taste. Perhaps if Najib had agreed to go along with another kangaroo court to sue China he may have been let off.  Alternatively he could have let Hishammudin send his naval flotilla to chase the Chinese Navy out of the South China Sea and everything would be fine with him and his assets.

How many more dumb Asians, Arabs and Africans are parking their money and assets in the US waiting to be seized and forfeited? This is not the first time it happened. It has happened many many times and dumb Asians, Arabs and Africans, 3A ratings, continue to repeat this silly mistake.

Oh, I forgot, stupidity has no cure. Singapore is also seriously and furiously investigating this 1MDB fraud and has also seized the properties related to … oh, it is Jho Low, not Najib.  Heng ah, or else Singapore would have another tight rope to walk.

Najib better be very careful. If they could do it to Erdogan, it can easily be his turn.


The sell out of pathetic Singaporeans continues unabated

Another sickening letter appeared in the Today paper today. Forum writer Chua Kim Choo wrote about the plight of her daughter’s search for employment. She got a masters degree to boot. Her child sent close to 1000 letters before lending herself an entry level position. After a year she moved on to a regional job in another company of 30 staff only to be replaced by the 24th foreigner the company employed.

Since last year she has been trying to get re employed but in vain. The point here is that this is a qualified Singaporean, young and not expensive, just like the 500,000 foreigners here who don’t have to write 1000 letters to get a job. Probably someone would give them the rope or a helping hand to get a better job than this Singaporean and happily enjoying working here, and some even have the luxury of venting their frustration when they did not get their way to fuck this country and people.

The forum writer said that employers are demanding that young PMETs have enough experience for the job. She did not know that this is a standard lame excuse to reject Singaporeans like her child from employment. If experience is what the employers are looking for, our senior PMETs would not be driving taxis or be retrained to be semi skilled workers.

The sell out of our children continues unabated with the influx of foreigners continuing to replace our children. With half a million of these foreigners here and with more to come, there is no place for our children. Don’t be stupid when you go to the ballot box the next time. Vote for a govt that put Singaporeans first instead of their stepchildren from other countries.

I have one suggestion for the forum writer. I worked in MBFC and everyday I see many young professionals looking just as raw as her child, happily employed by the banks and financial institutions here. Looking at them you know that the experience they had would be no more than 10 years. If these foreigners can be employed in herds in MBFC, there must be something very wrong and very sick in this country that our young cannot be employed in MBFC. 

If nothing is done to put a stop to hiring all these little boys and girls from other countries, these little boys and girls are going to get all the training and experience they need to become the CEOs of the banks and financial institutions in MBFC, not Singaporeans. These young foreign boys and girls are going to get the best training that this country can give to become the future top bankers of this country. They don’t need the training and retraining put up by NTUC and other local training organizations to become waiters and salesperson or semi skilled workers or taxi drivers and security guards.

What would Singapore be going forward? What would happen to our young PMETs going forward? Is this what we want for our children, unable to find decent jobs in our own country that provides half a million good and decent jobs, even top jobs to foreigners that have dubious backgrounds and even fake degrees?

Singaporeans must wake up and take back this country for their children’s sake. Don’t sell out the future of your children or allow anyone to sell out the future of your children. Thinks of what you can do to help your children and the young of our fellow citizens.  Remember, this is your country, not the country of foreigners. This country must be for Singaporeans not for foreigners.