A trade deal that is NOT a trade deal

The collapse of the US China trade negotiation is expected. After several months of negotiation, after all the hypes about how good the deal was, how close they were to a deal, it finally broke down. The Americans thought they had the Chinese fooled, that the Chinese were idiots and did not know they were being dragged into a shit hole of Unequal Treaty of the 21st Century by the Americans.

The truth is that the Chinese knew exactly what the Americans were doing and were playing along giving the impression that all was well. And finally when they saw it right to scuttle the nonsensical negotiation, they did the necessary.

The trade negotiation was not about trade, not about buying how much soya beans or American products. It was about American supremacy and how the Americans wanted to treat China as a colony or as a state of the USA. The top agenda was about changing the Chinese economic system. The Americans demanded that China must dismantle all the state owned enterprises, let the enterprises run like American enterprises, free from the state.

According to Bannon, state owned enterprises with state control, state capitalism are bad and China must changed these to the American way of running their economy. The change is good for China and China would benefit and win the economic war. But China is winning the economic war with state owned enterprises and this Chinese economic model is good for China. And this is exactly the opposite in the US when their so called free model is losing. Now why would China want to change its winning formula? Why would China allow the Americans to dictate how it should run its economy and economy system?

Further, the Americans want the Chinese to amend its laws to protect American companies in China, stop state subsidies to state owned enterprises, pay the Chinese workers like American workers, calling Chinese workers as slave workers. They did not know that a Chinese worker can have a meal with two small pieces of meat and rice as against an American worker that needs a pound of meat for each meal. They cannot see the difference in the lifestyle of a Chinese workers and his needs and those of American workers and their needs. By the way, state subsidies is not subsidies per se. It is still added cost to the products, the money must come from somewhere, it is not free money. China cannot continue to subsidise its state owned enterprises without breaking its own piggy banks. It is productivity that matters.

They wanted American companies to operate in China and free from Chinese control and do what they want. They want to enter Chinese market and make their monies and no technology transfer. They accused China of forcing the companies to give up their technologies. The companies can always go elsewhere, no need to go to China, no need to share or be forced to share their technology.

Worse, they told the Chinese to stop Made in China 2025, ie China cannot pursue technological advancement to be better than the Americans. Can you believe it?

Basically the trade negotiation was never about trade but about changing the Chinese economic and political system, that China must be a democracy like the Americans, and also to suppress China from becoming an advanced technology country.

Why would China want to let the Americans to dictate what and how it should manage its economy and enterprises? The Americans were interfering in the domestic affairs and laws of China. And they expect the Chinese to say yes and agree with an Unequal Treaty where the Americans make all the demands and the Chinese must comply?
The few trade related matters include China buying American produces at American prices, eg soya beans, meat and poultry and at huge volumes in excess of what China needs, thus killing Chinese farmers and meat producers. 

The Americans also demanded China to buy in monetary terms, US$200b of American products, products that the Americans want to sell but the Chinese do not need, but not high tech products that the Chinese want but the Americans did not want to sell.

The trade negotiation was in all ways a political memorandum which the Chinese should surrender their national sovereignty to the Americans, an Unequal Treaty imposed on the Chinese in the 21st Century.  In no ways would China agree and accept such a roguish and one sided agreement against their national interest. The trade negotiation is certain to fail until and unless the Americans are willing to negotiate a trade deal on equal basis. Until then, all the time and resources over the last few months are as good as wasted, a non starter.

The Chinese want a trade deal, the Americans want a political agreement to be the master of China.  In the words of Bannon, it is an armistice, a surrender document to acknowledge the US as the Empire and China as a colony.  Fail it should be.

CIA top analyst Ray McGovern revealed

Top CIA analyst: Israel partisans push US to war

A revelation of what was going on in Washington and how they planned to
destabilise the Arab states to keep them hapless, poor and dysfunctional.
Do the Arabs and Muslims want to know the truth about the evil Americans
planning their destruction as a civilisation, as nation states, as people,
as human beans?

Sarin gas in Syria was a big lie, John Kerry lied. It was a false flag used
to justify attack on Syria.

This short clip revealed how the Jews manipulated and controlled the American govt to do their bidding, to keep the Arabs in a perpetual state of warfare, unending war so that Israel can live in peace and not disturb by the Arabs while the Arabs destroy and kill each other.


American Hubris & Baloney On Democracy & Human Rights

         The Evil Empire likes to teach and impress Third World or non-caucasian countries with hypocritical talk on its version of Human Rights and Democracy. On these two topics they like to put  themselves on the pedestal as angelic guardians and portray themselves as great defender and supporter . However all their evil and wicked deeds and diabolical actions worldwide which cause terrible death, suffering, destructions and losses to others do not reconcile with the fact of what they preach about the ideals of  their version of democracy and human rights. When America brings democracy to your country it is sure bringing violence, destruction and death to your country. Look at what they did to Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, Somalia and Yemen. They intend to do the same to Syria, Venezuela and Iran but because of the red line drawn by Russia and China they had stopped doing so in the meanwhile.  They have always made use of democracy and human rights as political and ideological tools to subvert third world or weak countries to submit to the United States control and influence. Usually this will involve with regime change of governments following choas and destabilities  carried out by CIA in cahoot with internal selfish self-aggrandizing traitors and very often with the murder or assassination of incumbent leaders who are democratically elected but nevertheless who are adversed to American dictates and propaganda. In fact every dastardly evil act of the United States in interfering in  other countries internal affairs reflects the criminality  of the evil empire for it contradicts and contravenes the United  Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Every one of the American administration office holders should be brought before the United Nations International Court of Justice and charged for crimes against humanity. 

The evil empire has always been working towards world domination and hegemony and that doesn't fit the ideals of democracy and human rights. The White Americans want to establish an empire which is greater and mightier than the previous Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Zarist Empire. It must henceforth stop thinking of world hegemony for Russia, China and the world  will not allow that to happen. US wants to rule the world at any price . But Russia and China like all others want to be a player only but not at any price. Russia, China and the rest of the world are sensible but the Evil Empire's stake is suicidal. Therefore the Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group must bear on the international community and the United Nations Organisation to prevent those of the US responsible for illicit wars, death and destruction from escaping justice. US must be brought before international justice for various crimes against humanity including regime change, illicit sanctions resulting in economic destruction of many countries, ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass bombings, murders, killings and tortures which are perpetrated on a massive scale. The United Nations must hold those responsible for the violence  to account. They include the president of the United States, senators, congress representatives, CIA agents and senior staffs in the Pentagon, all of which must be investigated and prosecuted for all the crimes against humanity.  Those presidents and officers of previous US administrations who are already dead must also be judged posthumously for their crimes against humanity and compensation must be paid to former victimised countries and individuals by the present US government.

America is ruled by a dual dictatorship of the Republican and the Democrats and both operate  under the watchful eyes of the Deep State shadow government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal which holds the ultimate power and decisions of the American state. The Deep State. the Republicans and the Democrats, all subscribe to the aggressive bellicose doctrine of permanent and perrenial warfare. Permanent and perrenial warfare will help to maintain and sustain the cabal's Pentagon Military Industrial complex through sales of weapons to all warring nations in wars instigated and fomented by America. Thus the Deep State cabal which is euphemism for Wall Street traders, bankers,rogues and scoundrels in Washington's white house will reap illicit income by the thousands of billions of dollars every year. The evil empire obsessive morbid worship of money and power is the root cause of all wars and troubles in this world.

The evil empire will always find excuses to attack other countries. It will always make up a case that either its interests or its allies interests are in danger of being attacked or it's security is being threatened. US sees every nook and corner of the earth, even the remotest part of any desert, jungle or polar regions as vital to its security. It prefers to ignore that it's insane harping too much of its security is  at the expense of the immense insecurity of other nations.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats and the Deep State being of the elite class arrogantly believe that being elites in the country it is natural they will always support the minority rich class against the majority of the poor people in the country. Therefore the big bankers and the Wall Street rogues and scoundrels business are not allowed to fail but will always be propped up with billions of dollars of tax payers money. In the same way they assume  the majority of the the  third world countries being weak and poor and are by nature to be exploited to serve the lofty interest of America and the rich western countries. In short they  believe America's policy is right and justified in creating inequality, injustice and least happiness for the majority of the poor people in America and in the majority of the poor countries on earth. This smacks of unconscionable utter arrogance and pathological psychopathic sadistic behaviour Thus American democracy is no different from malignant cancer and those intellectuals and political leaders in third world countries and in Asean countries who still think that American democracy is benign must have their heads examined in the mental hospital. American version of democracy and human rights is packed with diabolical forebodings for the rest of the world especially for the non-white countries.Therefore it is the duty and responsibility of every country and individual to raise awareness to the evil intent of the United States to hold the world in bondage and hegemony and at the same time to contribute in all ways and means to bring down the satanic Evil Empire.

                                                               End     Of     Part     One


Saturday, 18th May, 2019

NB :     Part Two will entail description of how the evil empire abused and distorted democracy and human rights in interfering and intervening in the internal affairs of many small and weak countries mainly in the third world to carry out regime change and political assassinations of democratically elected incumbent leaders who refuse to follow US dictates.


The most dangerous fake news

Some Americans are warning of this fake news, an attack on an American aircraft carrier, sinking it with its 7,000 men and aircraft into the Persian Gulf. And who do you think would do it? Iran? No, the Israelis. Israel has all the reasons to want to sink an American carrier and all its crews, thousands of American sailors, a situation more serious and alarming than 911.

What would happen should it happen? The crazy Americans would jump to their feet. Iran, Iran, Iran sank our aircraft carrier and killed our boys and girls. No thinking required what would be their next move, immediate air strikes and the invasion of Iran. Iran would be bombed to the Stone Age.

The Americans would be made to go to war with Iran, by the Israelis just like the 911 incident and were baited to invade Iraq.

This is the next very serious false flag incident that is going to happen in the Middle East. The Americans love to go to war with Iran but worried that that it would not be a cake walk. But when pushed into it, all fears and reservations would be brushed aside. The emotions, the anger, the pride and the need to attack the enemies to show who is stronger, revenge, the need to win a war, would be all the reasons to jump into this war, the ease in walloping Iran....

The world must be prepared for this. Iran, just like North Korea, would be devastated in an all out war with the Evil Empire. All the hoaxes and cry wolf by the Americans that Iran, North Korea, or any country threatening them is pure bullshit. No one would want a war with the Evil Empire and invite self destruction. The only evil country that wants a war is the Evil American Empire. They have overwhelming military fire power to destroy any country on earth. No one is foolish enough to want to start a war that they would be roasted.

When an American aircraft carrier is sunk in the Persian Gulf, you can expect the worse for Iran. The Americans would not want to know that the perpetrators of this false flag incident are likely the Israelis. They did not want to know, they would refuse to know. Iran is all they are interested to hit. And Iran would get hit.

It is coming. It is going to happen. The Israelis would make it happen and the Americans would react as expected. They have been planning for this and all they need is a reason, any reason. They have told the Americans, top secret, that the Iranians are putting missiles into their naval ships. Every country does that, including Singapore. But Iran doing it is escalation of tension, provocative, the Americans amassing their warships around Iran is peaceful, not provocative, not escalating tension.

What happens after that? Would Russia stand idly by? Would China stand idly by? See how dangerous this false flag incident can turn into? World War 3.

PS. The recent attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf could turn into an open conflict, a war. Who wants a war is the one behind these attacks. The Iranians do not want a war with the Americans as they would be invaded and lose the war. So, who do you think is agitating for war and a reason to invade Iran?
The official western media and so called intelligence reports are pointing the fingers at Iran as usual, as if the Iranians are so silly to want to invite an invasion and total destruction.


China, the white knight in Africa

After 500 years of colonization, exploitation and oppression, the Europeans left the African continent broken, barren, bankrupt, poor and underdeveloped. The European patted their backsides and simply walked away from Africa leaving every African country in ruins and in poverty. The African countries needed help, needed financial aid, technology, education and infrastructures to grow and progress. The western controlled banks and agencies, like IMF and World Bank’s response is that these countries are too poor to service their loans, they have no money to pay back. No money means no loan. Period. They would not give bad loans to poor African countries, made poor by them.

So, what is the choice for Africa when their former colonial masters wrote them off as poor and bad credit risk and do not deserve to be given loans? Without loans and financing the African countries can’t rebuild themselves. Their former colonial masters did not care, your poverty is not their problem. Show me you can pay back your loans or else no loans. The African countries were thus stuck in between the devil and the deep blue sea. They want economic growth, they need infrastructures, investments, factories, jobs, but without money, they could do nothing other than remain barren and poor and undeveloped countries.

While the Europeans, the ex colonial masters that robbed them sneered at the poor African countries, ignored their pleas for help, financial, social, economic and technology, China stepped in. China offered these countries all they needed with no strings attached, no political blackmail, no interference in their domestic affairs, no regime change, just pure business transactions. China offered the African countries cheap loans, sometimes interest free, to rebuild the African countries, investments and infrastructure developments, for a small fee. China is not a rich country, not the former colonial masters that robbed these countries and thus has no obligation to be Santa Claus. China came to trade, to help, to do business and needs to be paid. Fair? When the former colonial masters that robbed these countries refused to lift a finger, China was there in times of need.

The African leaders are not stupid. They saw a white knight that was willing to work with them, to invest in their countries, provide aids and technology, why not? And the loans were cheaper than those provided by the IMF or World Bank, banks that would not even want to talk to them. There was a willing buyer and a willing seller, both came together with their eyes open, negotiated the best deals they could, signed on the dotted line without a gun on their heads, to develop the African countries. Most of the African countries are now progressing very well and moving up the economic ladder. There were jobs for their people, investments, more wealth and development, better infrastructures and connectivity by rail and road, life is certainly better every day.

What went wrong, or anything went wrong? Sure, some of the deals did not turn out as expected. A few deals went bad due to miscalculation and some due to poor leadership and corruption. But the majority of the deals were big successes. If not, China would be kicked out of Africa, would not be welcomed even for a day longer. The African countries would be waiting at the doors of their former colonial masters begging for mercy if China did not lend a helping hand.

What went wrong? The West, out of envy and mischief, started to bad mouth China and its investments in Africa. The standard smears include non transparency, bad debt, China is there for the minerals, in other words China is in Africa to cheat the Africans and the African leaders are so stupid that they did not know they were being cheated and keep going to China to ask for more. How valid are these smears and white lies?

No transparency? The whites are saying that the African leaders signed all the deals without knowing what they were signing, all blind or ignorant fools? This is not the days of colonialism or white supremacy when the Africans had their hands tied or chained and forced to sign away their countries and resources. The African countries are independent countries and their leaders are educated elites of their respective countries. There would be some bad hats for sure. But generally these are responsible good men and women running their countries and would want the best for their people and countries. They would not be so foolish to sign away their countries when there is no transparency. Period.

Oh, China did not do it out of good will. China was there for the natural resources. What is wrong with that? The African countries have no money, anything worthy had been stolen or looted from them by their colonial masters. And the former colonial masters knew the African countries have nothing left to be taken, or else they would not have left Africa. And this is also the reason why they refused to lend the African countries money to rebuild themselves. When offered funds and aids and technology for the minerals. The ex colonial masters, the people that are criticizing China, came and took the minerals for free!

China is helping the African countries to develop their economies and infrastructure and it is only rightful and fair that the Africans find ways to pay for them. And China even had to move in with their equipment to extract the minerals so that they could be paid. Anything wrong? It is fair trade, barter trade of sort. The white lies said this is bad. China is exploiting the African resources. Really? Why don’t the West do the same if they are so kind and sincere? No, they would want to take the minerals without paying like they did in the past or in exchange for weapons of war.

What about bad debts, debt traps? How many hundreds or thousands of projects were there in Africa and how many turned bad? Sri Lanka’s Hantambota port now under China control for 99 years? Did the accusers know the deal, how the port was eventually leased to China, what were the favourable terms offered to the Sri Lankan govt that they found it a fair deal? All the hyping of bad debt by the whites is simply white lies to create mischief and mistrust between the African countries and China.

If China is really the predator and exploiter of African countries, it does not need to take one year before the whole of Africa turned against China. But they are the best of pals, with many new projects and loans being signed everyday. What do these said about non transparency, exploitation and debt trap? Bull.

The good relations between China and the host of African countries and the numerous projects in progress and more coming on stream speak for themselves. China is doing the right thing, the things that the African countries wanted and the African countries appreciate and are grateful to China for lending a helping hand when their evil colonial masters turned them away to rot and die by not helping and not willing to lend them the funds they needed.

White lies are white lies and only the stupid would believe in them.

China has been in Africa and in Central Asia for decades and there is peace in these countries. Look at the countries where the Americans are there, peace or at war or at various stages of war? Who is the real trouble maker?

Sri Lanka, a Buddhist majority country, Christians and Muslims are minorities and living in peace. Why out of the blue the Muslims attacked the Christians? Who would benefit from a destabilized Sri Lanka? Who would want to see Sri Lanka turned into a war zone? China is a big investor in Sri Lanka and would stand to lose if the country is at war. Same as in Venezuela.

If China did not become the white knight in Africa, remove China from Africa, what would happen to Africa? Removing China from Africa means removing the hundreds of billions of dollars China poured into Africa building infrastructures and factories and homes.

The western countries are avoiding Africa like a leech, a disease.
Another mischievous white narrative is that China is attempting to colonise Africa. It is this kind of white lies they are spreading to create fears in the unthinking to smear China. But many sillies would happily parrot it when they open their mouths, especially the banana reporters in Asia.


In celebration of fake news and manipulation of history

This year Singaporeans, or some Singaporeans, are blindly celebrating the Bicentennial, to remember 200 years after this island was colonised and taken over by a foreign power, the British Empire. Do Singaporeans understand the significance of being colonised and becoming the subjects of an Empire? When you are colonised, your country went with it, including your rights as a person, no more human rights. You are subjects, not citizens of a country, with lesser rights, no voting rights. Everything in the country, including you belong to the Empire.

Are we supposed to celebrate this occasion with ommphs and revelry, with pride and joy, hallelujah, God Save the Queen? Our history books, written by the British and the western historians distorted this part of our history as something normal, something glorious. It was glorious to the Brits and the British Empire. It was not glorious for being subjugated and ruled by foreigners, for them to take over our country and everything in it.

Our historians should rewrite this part of our history, we read it as history but actually fake news, manipulated to white wash how they stole our land and our wealth and our rights and dignity as independent people of our own island. Our fore fathers were here for centuries, living a peaceful life until the Brits came. And they unashamingly proclaimed that they founded this island, Stamford Raffles founded this island for the King of England. The residents in the island did not count. Fake news? Manipulated news?

Our history should read, in 1819, a hoard of European pirates let by a man called Stamford Raffles, landed along the Singapore River. The residents welcomed them as guests and invited them to trade with us, even to stay. Within days, the intruders forced the local rulers to sign a document, written in English, which the rulers did not understand, to give away the islands to them, under the guise of some goodies, and the protection of the British Empire, like the gangsters collecting protection money to protect from their harassment. The rulers did not have any choice as the intruders were armed with guns and cannons.

The intruders then went on to become the rulers of this island, putting the local rulers aside as passive audience, puppets without any power, and without knowing that the intruders had robbed them of their land. And the intruders ruled the island until 1963 when Singapore was returned to be a part of Malaysia.

During the rule of the British intruders/pirates, the people lost all their rights to everything in the island. The Brits did whatever they wanted with the island, formed their army and police to rule over the people. They were the white lords.

This was how the British distorted our history, manipulated the narrative like it was an innocent and acceptable thing to colonise and rule the people, our forefathers, as their subjects and owning them and the island.

So, is it not true that the Bicentennial celebration is a celebration of fake news and manipulation of our history? Would POFMA be activated to denounce the fake history that we have been brought up with? Would our historians and politicians get it right this time, that colonialists and colonial masters were bad people? They did not deserve any honour! Only the beneficiaries of their crimes would honour them. They robbed, they killed, they bullied and they turned everyone into their slaves, their possessions, called subjects. Why are we glorifying them like white gods? Have we grown up and grown out of our colonial subject mentality?

What do you think? Stupidity has no cure?

We don't have to accept western history as our history. We are an independent country, no longer a colony of the British Empire.


Education – Why are we so cruel to our children?

The demands on our children are so out of this world. No children in the world are subject to what our children are exposed to, expected to, in our education system and social norms. They are not only expected to score straight As in schools, but to excel in sports, in ECAs, even in trying to make money, to think like business people and entrepreneurs, to be able to dance, to sing and to appreciate the arts, in sports. What else do we need our children to do to be a better person and to compete against the world?

And the poor parents are not spared either. They need not only to spend the time and money, yes, some are really poor to pay for all the extra costs needed to bring up our children as the most well educated people on earth. They need to spend time to monitor the progress of their children personally. Leaving them to third world maids would not do unless they want all their effort and sacrifices go the third world ways.

But these are not all that our children are faced with. After coming out from the ‘best’ education system with a string of ECAs, they would need to compete with children that do not need to know or appreciate arts, no need to be an all round super kid, just passed their village examinations, real or by cheating, in order to be hired by the foreigners now in our local companies doing the recruitment with unfair biases for their own kinds, or be assisted by foreign recruitment agents and placed for jobs in our local companies, including ministries and GLCs, neglecting our super kids from our very expensive education system. Some even have to spend money going overseas to experience what is being overseas thinking that it would be an advantage.

The foreign kids need not be super kids, need not be worldly wise, just street wise, to beat our expensively schooled kids and get the jobs, stole the jobs from our kids, deprived our kids from the good jobs that they paid a small fortune in our education system and hoping to land in one.

Why are we so unfair to our kids? Oh, wait a minute, our poor kids still need to ‘waste’ one and a half to two years running up hills and bashing through jungle terrain before they can start to look for a job that the foreign kids need not have to. Why are we doing this to our poor children, and smugly telling them that they have to compete with the rest of the fucking world?

You do not need the devils if you have such wicked morons ruling and ruining our lives and the lives and future of our children. Maybe some of these morons are thinking that our children should not be working as their parents are all millionaires, and their lives are meant to live and play, education is just for fun, to be a well rounded person, not to look for job