Covid19 - Why lockdowns failed

China was the first country that imposed a lockdown on big cities like Wuhan with a population of about 15m and the whole province of Hubei with another 50m population. And the effort bore great results with the Covid19 virus contained and as good as obliterated in 3 months. No more local transmission, Hubei unlocked and Wuhan about to be unlocked with life starting to return to normalcy.

Many countries have also followed China's example of locking down cities and region but are failing. Some countries like Singapore, South Korea and Japan did not really lock down their country or cities but seem to be doing fairy well.  Why are the western countries failing, especially Italy and Spain, and why locking down American cities would also failed?

There are three fundamentals that would ensure some kind of success in a lockdown. A lockdown is a stringent measure that aims to contain the virus in a particular spot, city or region. When announced, no one leaves or enters the area. And it is pointless to announce a lockdown in advance to allow people to leave quickly. Those who left would bring along the virus in them to spread wherever they go. This was exactly what happened to Italy. You don't announce a lockdown in advance to allow infected people to leave before it comes into effect. After a lockdown, in China's case, all the few  cases outside Wuhan and Hubei were quickly tackled and isolated to prevent further spread.

Now Trump is going to do a lockdown on New York. Would it work? No, it is too late, the virus is all over the USA. This brings me to the second fundamental, to nip the problem in the bud. When the problem is small and contained, it could be killed on the spot. This means cornering the virus by contact tracing, quarantine them and testing all those that have come into contact with the infected person. In this way, the spread could be arrested and any one that missed contacted, when infected and reported, the whole process would swing into action again to bring all those in contact with the infected person into quarantine. This is where Singapore did well, swift enforcement when the problem is small and not allowed to grow and spread. This was also the case in other parts of China after Wuhan was locked down.

The third fundamental is testing. In a lockdown, the virus is contained in an area. Infected person isolated, suspects quarantined and tested. And because infected and suspected are identified and confined, there is no need to test the rest of the population. They would  only be tested when infected or suspected to be infected. In places where there is no lockdowns, the problem is not contained, and worse, if there is no testing, those already infected would be spreading the virus everywhere they go. This is the problem in countries that introduced half hearted measures in lockdowns and testing only those infected. The virus was having a great time, unrestrained and spreading freely. Oh, the test must be free or minimal cost to get people to come for the test.

Today, many countries have the virus all over. Any forms of lockdowns must be nation wide, like the whole of Italy or the whole of the USA, the whole of UK, to be meaningful and effective. And after the lockdowns, isolation of infected, quarantined of those they have contacted and testing everyone of them must follow to restrain the virus from spreading further. No testing, no contact tracing, no quarantine, no lockdown, no success. To contain and stop the virus from spreading means serious effort to contain, no half hearted measures as the virus would spread freely given the chance.

PS.  Lockdown is completely useless when the virus has bolted. Trump would not be able to comprehend this simple logic.


US Biological Lab Created Virus Threaten The Whole World : PART TWO

     Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the Americans and the British together with the Jewish Zionist had broad plans to bring the whole world under total Western rule and hegemony headed by the United States.

As I had pointed out before in two articles published in this same blog on 9th October, 2016 and on 4th February, 2020, revealing the horrendous plan of the Western countries headed by the United States to reduce drastically the populations of Asia and Africa through multiple means via toxic insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, chemical and biological weapons with  biological laboratories  genetically designed deadly germs and virus to infect populations, sanctions, trade embargoes, tariffs, monetary and currency manipulations to impoverish Asian and African countries and through outright  physical wars carry out either directly by the United States or through CIA instigations to foment wars among local countries in Asia and Africa to fight and kill themselves. These are hideous and monstrous plans of the US and the West which claim that the world is overpopulated with seven and a half billion people and most of which live in Asia and Africa which must necessarily bear the reduction. Thus in this matter of life and death white supremacists in the United States think they can  play god to decide the fate of Asians and Africans.

The United States has over one hundred chemical and biological laboratories in both US and and US occupied overseas territories and military bases geared to specifically producing only chemical, germ and virus for chemical and biological wars against other countries.

The present coronarovirus is produced in a military biological lab in Fort  Detrick, Maryland, USA, nearby a local military base. Over three hundred and fifty American military personnels who were carriers of the virus were sent to Wuhan, China in October 18th to 27th 2019 to take part in a friendly World  Military Games. Surprisingly none of the US participants won any medal. But they were energitically spreading the virus to the Chinese when they went on a wild spree visiting big splendid shopping malls and  big farms in the countrysides. About two weeks after the Americans left Wuhan in US military planes there was instant coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan as the two weeks were the hibernation period of the viruses before they broke out in full force. Soon the coronavirus spread out very fast and infected a lot of the population in Wuhan and eventually spread to Hupeh and the whole world.

For the US to claim ignorance of the severity of the Coronavirus and to claim that China delayed in informing  US earlier so that US was caught unprepared to fight the coronavirus epidemic is just all hubris and unbelievable. How can the US which fabricated the deadly virus claim ignorance and unprepared.

They have genetically fabricated the virus to attack only people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese and of course they do not care if the virus also attack the Koreans, Japanese Vietnamese and other yellow skin people for to the Americans they will just insouciantly dismiss it as collateral victims.

However, by nature's will of cause and effect or karma or retribution, the wicked Americans were all too confident  and believe that their  lab designed coronavirus will not infect people of white genes like themselves and all white people of the western world. They have never been more wrong and due to their miscalculation the coronavirus epidemic have rebounced on them as will of God or nature with vengeance and fury to punish them for all their hideous crimes against mankind. So it is not as though they were ignorant of the severity of the virus and were unprepared for it but the truth is that it is because they were too arrogant and overconfident that the virus would not attack their kind that they would never be bothered to prepare. Thus it is nature's or god's willing that they must reap what they sow. Well, as the Chinese dictum says, " Man proposes but God disposes."

In the meantime while China was fighting desperately against the coronavirus epidemic the United States elites and politicians like Trump, Mike Pence, Pompeo, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross and US mass media as well as some other western countries mass media were watching at China's desperation with glee and even cast aspersions against China. They hypocritically claimed that China's  lockdown in Wuhan and the whole country as excessive moves by an authoritarian government, claiming that the excessive moves   had infringed on the people's right of freedom of movement. Western media dubbed China's locked down as a "breach of human rights." The New York Times criticized the Wuhan and Hupeh lockdown saying it came "at the the great cost to people's livelihoods and personal liberties." Behind all these hypocritical criticisms is the secret wish of the United States and some of its western allies like UK, France and Australia that China should take no  action  so that millions of Chinese will be killed down the destructive path of the deadly coronavirus.  They know that China is doing the right thing in containing the coronavirus but they are not happy because that is not what they want. They desperately hope the Covid-19 epidemic would destroy  China.  They disparaged China's political system and governance with deep intention to drive a wedge between the Chinese citizens and the Chinese government. However, their evil design would surely fail for the Chinese people are solidly united as one with the Chinese government and have strong faith in what their government is doing. The United States politicians and government officials  constantly disparage China political system and governance and hypocritically blame China's initial slow and delay response to the virus as resulting in the spread of the epidemic to US and the West.Behind all these wild accusations is the shameful intention to cover their own irresponsibilities, inefficiency and incompetency in dealing with the epidemic. Eventually China's much criticized measures are quietly adopted as standard practice in combating the Covid-19 pandemic by all western countries like Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, England and even the US and by all other countries in the world. Now as  the United States and its western allies are quietly and closely using the Chinese methods of fighting the pandemic they have to swallow their insulting rhetorics and earlier sinister criticisms against China.

However, at this critical juncture of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is still playing hard politics against China. US has been contriving all ways and means to destabilise China to bring China down. It planned, instigated and fomented the Hong Kong riots from February to late September, in 2019, it tried to stir up the world muslims against China on the Uyghur Chinese issues in Xingjiang, it consistently try to create troubles in the South China Sea by sailing its warships and flying its bombers close to Chinese islands and Chinese coastlines and it never stops interfering in China's internal affairs especially on the Taiwan affairs. Of late even though the United States is suffering the most severe COVID-19 pandemic attack, it still tries to stir up instabilities in the Taiwan Straits by signing the "Taipeh Act." which defies China's objective of a peaceful unification with the breakaway island. All these American plots and hideous acts to undermine China are doomed to fail. On the contrary it may hasten the end of the imperial Evil Empire of USA.

The epidemic situation is getting extremely severe in US and the western countries and instead of cooperating with China and other countries to fight the epidemic the US is bent on shifting focus of public attention to demonize China and to blame China for all their irresponsibilities, inefficiencies and incompetency in taking proper actions to contain the pandemic.

Both dotard Trump and his Republican party and the Democrats are utterly immoral and irresponsible. They would rather sacrifice cooperation with China and intensify conflicts to win elections. They are gambling with countless lives and the destiny of the entire human race.

The United States should reevaluate its China policy and put aside geopolitics to work with China to contain the fatal COVID-19 pandemic. Failing which all the countries in the world should hold the United States responsible for their current plight and disaster and appeal to the United Nations International Court of Justice to demand US pay them trillions of dollars in compensation.


Sunday, 29th March,2020

Covid19 - Is Singapore heading for an exponential increase in new infection?

Singapore has been hailed as a model country in the handling of this Covid19 pandemic. About a month ago I wrote a piece saying that the situation here was looking like plateauing with 1-3 cases daily. When the cases hit above 10, it was still looking comfortable. Then we had a couple of days when new cases hit new highs of 47. Our consolation was that many were imported cases, of returned Singaporeans, PRs and residents.

Wednesday's 73 new cases started to ring a bell. Thursday there were 52 cases with 14 cases unlinked.  Friday there were 49 cases with 9 cases unlinked. Things are not looking good now. The unlinked cases, not imported, are worrisome as the virus could be free in the air. Though still a lot of the new cases were imported, about half were local cases with two new clusters in Fengshan Sparkletot,  a play school and a British International School. Friday we are witnessing another new cluster in Singpost Centre. The CNA chart below is looking frightening. It is looking like going exponential in our small ways.

As of today things seems to be going on as per normal as people going about their lives without much inhibitions. But the ministers are preparing the people for things to get worse, asking Singaporeans to expect more infected cases going forward. Singapore is still lucky as the infected cases are found in all places except the MRT trains. Cannot imagine what it would be like if a few infected people took the train during peak hours. All contact tracing will be futile with unknown commuters moving in and out of a moving train and getting infected.

The only solution as was brooded in the UK, to let everyone get infected and those who are weak would have to go. And to make this happen faster, lets bring in more foreigners, take the opportunity to increase the population to 6.9m or more and the net result is that we will still have population growth and GDP growth. I know this sounds silly and scary.  Would anyone really dare to think this way? The Brits backed out of this idiotic thought of letting the infected die by letting the virus infected everyone to get community immunity.

Pray we don't go exponential as the graph is pointing. We need a trigger, a special event or incident to make this a reality sooner than expected. The GE, if called now, could be just the event and if suay suay there is a big spike a few days after, all fingers would be pointing to you know who.

PS.  Saturday there were 70 new cases with 14 unlinked and 41 imported. Total infected is 802.


Covid19 - American homeland under attack

While the whole world is being locked down because of Covid19, the gravity of this war against a real enemy of humanity has forced countries fighting fake wars to kill innocent people labelled as threats to their countries to pull out their evil forces from the battle fields and bring them home. France, Britain, Czech and other cronies of the Evil American Empire have changed priorities.  Fighting Covid19 is real and immediate danger, not poor tribesmen in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria etc etc.  These poor tribesmen have no real means to pose any danger to these outrageous European powers or the Evil American Empire.  They are branded as threats by the evil Americans to be used as bogeymen to start wars, to raise tension, instability and to give the Evil Empire's soldiers a reason to exist and to be in those countries.

Anyone ever bother to think how could the Iraqis, branded as ISIS or the Talibans be a threat to the Evil Empire in the USA or even North Korea, a poor country suffering from economic sanctions imposed by the Evil Empire be a threat to them? Would the North Koreans be so crazy or idiotic to want to take on the evil Americans if not forced into a corner? No country in this world would dare to attack the USA. Only fools would believe in the American white lie that America is under military threat from outside forces.

Covid19, a God sent enemy, has rendered the mighty military forces of the Evil American Empire totally useless. No amount of nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, 1000s of military bases, biological weapons, CIA agents etc etc, evil men like Trump, Pompeo and gang could defeat this invisible enemy, but good enough to keep them very busy. With the evil men caught by this Covid19 pandemic, there will be less wars and less innocent people being killed by the wicked Evil Empire.

Instead, the Covid19 has started to attack the soldiers of the Evil Empire on the ground and in the aircraft carriers and warships. American soldiers are also on lockdown, cannot go on shore, no country would allow them to visit after their wicked wars against the weak and poor tribesmen. They are being attacked by the Covid19 and fighting for their own lives. The Iraqis would have some peace, the Talibans and Afghans would have some peace, even North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Colombia etc etc would have some peace as the evil hands would be kept busy, full of Covid19s to deal with.

The victims of the Evil Empire shall say a prayer of thanks to Covid19 to keep the evil Empire at bay. Covid19 is not all bad and comes at a time when the Evil Empire was trying to start more wars, to kill more innocent people that are living their own lives in their little corners of the earth and minding their own business. Keep the Evil Empire very busy for as long as possible and there will be peace on earth. The most outrageous part of this Covid19 is that it attacks the Americans in their homeland. Homeland America is under attack by the soldiers of God! The Evil Empire is invincible against any country but not to the One above. Some of the evil men in Washington still think they the luxury to start wars outside their homeland. Nay, the war in the hearts of America launched by the trillions and trillions of invisible Covid19 soldiers would wear them down. 100,000 infected is only the beginning.

And no country can help the evil Americans. All their allies and cronies have their hands full trying to fight this invisible enemy. The only country that could help the Americans is China. But the Americans have made China its arch enemy, meaning fat hope, China would fold its arm and watch the demise of the Evil Empire. Trump and Pompeo can continue to shout 'Blame China, blame China'.  The One above is smiling at their stupidity.

God or Allah is answering the prayers of those praying for peace from the Evil Empire.


Covid19 - The Americans must come clean and stop lying to the world

The Americans are furiously trying to make China the scapegoat of this Covid19 pandemic. The attacking lines of the Americans, 1. The virus started in China  2. China was not transparent in providing information about the virus, so China must be responsible for this pandemic. By attacking China, calling the virus Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus, the Americans are trying to deflect the attention of the world on their irresponsible behaviour in letting this American Virus to spread all over the world. The more desperate the Americans are to put blame on China, the more suspicious it becomes of the conspiracy theory that this is America's biological warfare against China but backfired into their own faces.The presence of more than 300 American soldiers in Wuhan is no pure coincidence.

So far every country has been very busy trying to fight this war and has no time for politicking and questioning what the Americans are trying to mislead the world. No one cares, they have no time to care about what the Americans are lying and smearing China. It is saving the lives of their people first. Many Americans governors and mayors too are doing the same, to save the lives of American people, except for the few obnoxious and wicked people in Washington, spending all their time and effort to smear China, to stir trouble, wanting to start a war, instead of fighting this virus.

While the pandemic is exploding, many controversial news and incidents are being exposed that put a big question mark on the roles of the Americans in the spread of this virus. Many of these incidents are pointing at the Americans as the probable culprit in spreading this virus. When this pandemic is over, the world must demand the Americans to come clean and be transparent and provide information on the following:

1. The medical records of the American soldiers participating in the World Military Games in Wuhan, China weeks before the outbreak in Wuhan. The information should include details of these soldiers, their units, health and activities and movements while in Wuhan.

2. The Americans must provide a full account on the reasons for the closing down of Fort Detrick, an American biological weapons lab, what happened, what safety protocols were violated and what biological weapons or viruses were released or escaped from the lab? How many people were infected and fell sick, what were they infected and the agents that escaped from the lab. The Americans would not have closed down this weapons lab if the problems encountered were not serious enough. The world and the American people need to know the truth. Please be transparent and responsible and come clean.

3. How many Americans died of coronavirus and were misdiagnosed as common flu and when did these people died from the undisclosed virus infection.

4. The Americans must tell the world the various types of coronavirus in their possession that are part of their biological weapons to be used against other countries. There must be an investigation into this biological warfare to find the real evil men behind it.

5. The Americans must also be transparent about the biological pandemic exercise that was carried out just a few months before this pandemic involving the Bill Gates Foundation, the details of the biological threats and the objective and goals of the exercise.

6. Since the Americans are so determined to make China responsible for this pandemic, it is about time the world make the Americans responsible for H1N1, Ebola and Mers etc etc and to compensate the affected countries for them. And not to forget to investigate the American's role in this Covid19 pandemic and to pay for their criminal acts.

There are many questions that the world would like to know about the parts the Americans played with respect to their arsenal of coronavirus and their biological weapons and the many incidents of major deadly diseases affecting other countries especially countries that are enemies of the Americans and not happening to the USA or their allies and crony countries.

The Americans must not be allowed to divert the attention to others when they could be the real culprits behind all the biological diseases happening in China and other parts of the world. They are not innocent! The Americans are not angels!


Forget about Covid19 - GE is more important

Given the current situation, Mr Lee said Singapore has two choices – to hold elections after things stabilise or to call elections early.
“We have two choices. Either hope and pray that things will stabilise before the end of the term so that we can hold elections under more normal circumstances – but we have no certainty of that,” he wrote.
“Or else call elections early, knowing that we are going into a hurricane, to elect a new government with a fresh mandate and a full term ahead of it, which can work with Singaporeans on the critical tasks at hand.”  CNA

I think we should go for early election. Who cares about Covid19? Who cares about big gatherings of people, and need for social distancing? And better still, no need to attend election rally as there will be no crowds. Who is so stupid to want to risk being infected attending election rallies?  OK, OK, TV time will be allocated to the parties standing for election. The more candidates a party has, the more TV time will be given, very fair. Long time practice, cannot be wrong.

I think the govt will come up with many anti Covid19 regulations to make the election is safe like social distancing and sanitation. For one, very likely no political rallies, or maybe limited to 100 attendance and people attending rallies must be standing 2 metres apart, with face masks on.

The next most dangerous place would be the polling stations. The long queue of voters would have to be managed, like 2 metre distancing. So the election could be held over two days because this would slow down the process and the queue will be very very long. The pen or pencil in the polling booths would have to be sanitised after every voter used it. Perhaps all voters are encouraged to bring in their own pens to be safe. Or better still, free pen for every voter to take home. Nice, like free chicken rice. And don't forget to disinfect the voting booth after every voter walks in.

There are many things to do to keep the voting station clean and free of Covid19 virus. Temperature taking would be compulsory and people with a temperature cannot vote, go home immediately.

I am not sure how effective would these measures be. While every govt is asking people to stay home, to avoid crowds, an election is doing the opposite. Don't blame me if there is a big surge of infected cases after the election. Don't make me responsible for it. I did not make the decision to have a GE amid the Covid19 crisis. I merely said the politically correct thing. And there is a very good reason for an early GE. We need to have a govt in place to tackle this virus crisis which is going to last a long time. No one can argue against this reason. Clever.

What do you think? Is it a wise thing or stupid thing to have a GE now? SDP called it the height of stupidity. Some may call it the cleverest thing to do. Can wait for another 6 months?


Covid19 - God sent to trigger the reset button

The Evil American Empire has been living in fear of losing its power and control over the world. It has secretly and openly been indulging in warfare against the next super power that would replace them due to their incompetence and evil ways. Though China is not about to launch a military war with this evil Empire, doing so would practically destroy the whole world and bring everything down with it, the Evil American Empire has no qualms in preparing to start a war with China. They have done it covertly with biological agents and openly in the trade war. They are pressurising their allies to take sides against China economically, technologically, in trade and in everything, short of open warfare. This would come eventually to bring human civilisation to Stone Age.

The world is in a very precarious position and the future looks grim as a war between China and the USA seems inevitable. China is not for it and is avoiding it, taking blows under the belt daily with the evil Americans on the offensive. Daily, the Americans and the western media are attacking and demonising China, to con the world that China is the evil one and needs to be destroyed. With their control of the main media, supposing authoritative media like the WSJ has shown its evil and biased side by taking potshots at China in the most despicable ways.

China is not going to take these attacks anymore. To be meek is only to invite trouble and hostility from the Evil Empire. China is ramping up its defences and countering punch for punch with the evil Americans. If this goes on a little longer, the world would be pushed to the brink of a world war and mutual and total destruction.

While the evil Americans continue with their evil and warmongering ways, the One up there is watching. It would not allow a world war to destroy human civilisation. It would not allow the Americans to start a world war. But it would have to put a stop to the evil ways and intent of the Americans. The Americans must be stopped at all cost without destroying the rest of the world.

Who would imagine a tiny invisible virus in the name of Covid19 was all it takes to bring this Evil American Empire to its knees? Who would expect that all the nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, military bases and Space Force would be hapless against his tiny virus thrown at the evil Americans?

Look at the chart below and you will see why the western European domination of the world is coming to an end.

United States53,740706
South Korea9,037120
United Kingdom8,077422
As of 8:47am Mar 25, 2020 CNA

The end of the evil West is nigh.  Hear the voices of the One above. You cannot keep on doing evils and think you could get away with it. When evilness and wickedness are your way of life, your only means to dominate and control the world, to keep your Empire together, it must be destroyed. And while destroying the Evil American Empire, it must not lead to the destruction of the rest of the world. 

Pray evil Americans, your time to pay for your evil deeds has come. You will be history by the time this pandemic is over. Covid19 is your nemesis, God sent to punish you for your deceit and pretences about human rights and protecting the good lives of human beans. Down you evil ones, for He shalt have no mercy on the evils and the devils. What you sow you shalt reap. There is no Exceptionalism in the eyes of the One above. It is time to terminate the evil ones before they terminate others.

The Evil American Empire will crumble to dust by this little God sent invisible virus. The evil Americans cannot blame anyone though they are trying very hard to do so. When He said finish, the Evil Empire will be finished.The white scourge will be removed from the surface of mother earth.

A regime change is on the card, said Him, not the evil men in Washington. The latter does not count, means nothing. There is a failure of leadership and there is a need for a change of leadership to turn this world into a better world.

PS. When Trump lies, Americans die!