Singaporeans being shortchanged by....

To be a Singaporean is very tough and very expensive. From birth to death, it is a very expensive business all the way. Just ask how much it costs to prepare a child from conception to delivery in our world class hospitals, the prenatal visits to the specialists and consultants all costs a bomb. By the time a baby is born, it would cost the parents tens of thousands, in S$.

The next phase is the expensive milk power with special formula to make the baby grow up smart, to become not only an Einstein but also a star sportsman or sportswoman or an artiste. Of course the truth is that many would end up as security guards and food deliverers. And to make this happen, some already started teaching while the baby is still a foetus in the mother's womb. This would be followed by the most expensive childcare and pre school child development programme. The six years before school would not be cheap for sure.

The six years of primary school of intense pressure to get not only As but A stars to be good enough to be in the top secondary schools and Pre Universities. The tuition and ECA costs would be something the parents would be willing to bear to their best abilities. Never mind if the grown up child could not get a proper job but becomes temp.

And many would get into our really good polytechnics and universities, world class with world class fees. By the end of this journey, a few hundred thousands could be spent on the child from the rich families and not much lesser from the not so rich families.

Then there is this national responsibility to do 2 years of NS and reservist duties for another 20 years. Then there is this very expensive pigeon to pay for if one thinks of getting married, and the usual cost of living in this super expensive city.

The battle has just started. This super expensive young Singaporean is pushed into the deep end to compete with cheap and hungry foreigners that went through an education system, if there was one, or some fake education system with fake degrees for jobs. The cheap foreigners would be happy with anything, what more do they want when most of them don't even have a proper education or degree to start with. And they do not have to spend years in NS and to pay for the super expensive pigeon holes to live in and the high cost of living.

And they said the foreigners are more talented, willing to work for less, better than the super expensive Singaporeans coming from a super expensive education system and expecting to survive in a super expensive city with cheap third world pay or to compete with cheap third world half past six products.

Are Singaporeans being shortchanged? Is it fair for Singaporeans to compete with wildlife from god knows where with god knows what education that cost a fraction of what a Singaporean would have to pay for to start life as an adult? Is it fair to say everything is fair and square, Singaporeans have to be more competitive vis a vis the wildlife? How to, you tell me.

It is totally irresponsible to put our Singaporeans to compete with the wildlife in our home country without any protection or advantage but full of disadvantages. How could Singaporeans not gone jobless, unemployed, underemployed and eventually extinct, unable to compete in their own country with rules and systems that treat foreigners as equals to Singaporeans?

But it is ok. Daft and unthinking Singaporeans think the system is fair and meritocratic and the best man or woman, Singaporean or wildlife, deserves the job and pay he could get. There is nothing unfair to Singaporeans and those Singaporeans that cannot make it deserve to be losers, in their homeland.  Do not blame others, blame yourself for being not good enough, for spending hundreds of thousands to grow up, to get a good education and made to compete with those that did not spend a fortune on growing up and armed with fake degrees from dubious backgrounds and need only spend a fraction of what a Singaporean spent. And better still, no need to pay for super expensive cost of living that needs a comparable income to keep up with.

Thank you daft Singaporeans for being so understanding and dismissive of your own plight and taking responsibility for it. You deserve to be in this pathetic state of affair in your very own country.


Hong Kong - A festering wound turning cancerous

More violence on the streets of Hong Kong.  More burning, arson, fighting and more deaths are on the card. Anti rioting citizens beaten or burnt by the rioters. Rioter shot by the police. The recipe for violence against the police and govt of Hong Kong continues unabated and getting more and more destructive, and deadly.

What is the main difference between this violent protest and the historical protests against the colonial govt, against foreign invaders? In this Hong Kong case, the rioters are not protesting to drive out foreign invaders and colonialists, they are rioting to break free from China, to become a new state, a separatist movement.

The reality and practicality of such a movement is ludicrous. Hong Kong cannot survive on its on as a separate entity economically. The next reality is that Hong Kong is an integral part of China, just like Taiwan and Macau. A strong and unified China has no reason to let Hong Kong break away and is able to resist any foreign intervention to wrestle Hong Kong away from China.

China has many cards to play and foreign conspirators and agitators at most could only give lip service and no direct military, financial or any kind of support without facing the wrath of China. The ridiculous violent nature of the protest, the threats to life and property, could be put to an equally violent end should China choose to do so but not willing to do so to avoid more death of its own people. Is this a bigger evil than to let the unthinking youths and their unthinking supporters to continue to run amok in Hong Kong?

China can wait for as long as Hong Kong is allowed to burn itself down. The rioters, terrorists and arsonists could go on to destroy Hong Kong as a viable economy, turn it into a war zone. As long as the problem is contained in Hong Kong, Hong Kong can be dragged into a bottomless pit by the rioters for as long as they so chose. There is no sympathy for the thoughtless and mindless Hongkongers who think they could break Hong Kong away from China. Such naivety of the Hong Kong people is laughable.

In the meantime China would just wait it out and let Hong Kong burn itself out. Hong Kong would become a cancerous open wound that would be allowed to waste away.  At the rate it is going, it would not take long before the Hong Kong house collapses on its own. Hong Kong would have to be destroyed, by the Hongkongers, before it is rebuilt to be an inalienable part of China.

Let there be more violence and more killings. Let the rioters and terrorists attacked and killed more policemen and Hongkoners that don't agree with them. Only then could China come in to wipe the killers and murderers out of Hong Kong. Violence would be met with violence. China is letting the world witness how destructive and deadly are the Hong Kong terrorists before moving in to shoot them on sight.

Let it burn, let Hong Kong burn to the ground, by the stupid an unthinking Hongkongers.


White House Invitation - No free lunch

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two White House officials described tensions and frustrations among some of the nation's top diplomats as President Donald Trump, backed by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, pressured Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

In closed-door transcripts released by House impeachment investigators on Friday, Fiona Hill, a former White House Russia adviser, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, an Army officer assigned to the National Security Council, detailed an extraordinary series of meetings and interactions before and after a July phone call in which Trump asked new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate political rival Joe Biden and Ukraine's role in the 2016 U.S. election. At the same time, the U.S. was withholding military aid to the country.

Like previous witnesses, the two describe their concerns about the call and a gradual understanding that the aid and the investigations were linked. That connection is at the center of the Democrats' impeachment probe....

Both Hill and Vindman describe a July meeting in the White House, before the call, in which Trump's E.U. ambassador, Gordon Sondland, told Ukrainian officials that Trump would hold a meeting with Zelenskiy if they launch the investigations.  Yahoo News

The impeachment of Donald Trump is gathering steam and more evidence are pointing to the road of full impeachment, not just an investigation. The evidence and witnesses are standing up for all to see. No amount of con talks by Trump will be able get him out of this shithole. Trump is going to be dunked and drown in his own shit.

Another thing that came out from this investigation is the right to free lunch in the White House. No one will be invited to the White House for free lunch. There is an expensive price to pay. In the Ukraine case, it is to do the dirty work of Trump if he is to be invited.

Duterte was invited but turned down, knowing that there was a heavy price to be paid. So don't think it is so easy to be invited. A lunch in the White House is not a casual and innocent business with nothing going on under the table. How much is the price for a lunch at the White House?Trump or any American President does not have time for wasteful chit chat and lunch in the White House. The time of the POTUS is very important and expensive. Pay dearly, if you want to have lunch with him.


Hsien Loong - Hot button issues

In his party address to 2,500 PAP activists Hsien Loong raised two hot button issues, one, raising of GST, and two, amendment of Constitution to ensure the president is from the minority group, from time to time.

In the first issue, despite claiming that we have so many hundreds of billions, maybe trillions, in our reserves, the govt is showing signs of desperation for money, to collect money, and raising GST is what it is going to do. Why so urgent, so desperate I don't know. Only reason is money not enough. If money enough, there is no need to keep on taxing the people. Right? Or because money got so much, more reason to want to tax more, to collect more money? I leave it to you guys to guess what is wrong or right with this desperation.

I think it is ok to amend the Constitution to provide for a minority president every now and then. I also think that this is unnecessary as long as the ruling party knows what it is doing, to every now and then put up a minority president as it should be. Having to amend the Constitution is a very serious thing and in our case a very complicated thing that would only aggravate the already sensitive and emotional situation, now made more complex with the irresponsible increase in population with more new minorities becoming significant in numbers.

In the past we have the CMIO formula that was quite readily accepted. Now with minorities that may become majority, with new minorities growing in numbers, a change in the Constitution is unlikely to please anyone and may even become a problem for the future. The number of Indians is increasing rapidly and could become a majority or near majority. The number of Pinoys, Myanmese and whatever tribes are also growing. How to cater to these new minorities?

We used to lump the significantly lesser minorities as Others conveniently. But if their numbers grow, would it be necessary to include in the Constitution for a Pinoy PM, a Malay PM, an Indian PM, maybe a Myanmese PM etc in the future? Would the now bigger Others be able to be grouped under Others when their numbers become significant to demand their rightful place in the island that once did not belong to them?

What would happen if Indians and Chinese are equal in numbers in the future, or nearly equal in numbers when the difference is undefined? Is there a need to define how many is necessary to be considered majority or minority? Hypthetically, what if the distribution becomes 40% Chinese, 35% Indians, 15% Malay and 10% Others? When the Chinese are no longer the absolute majority, and the minorities are not significantly lesser than the Chinese, how would the majority minority formula be defined or redefined? Would the current presumptive formula in the about to be amended Constitution still be valid and relevant?

Amending the Constitution on racial grounds is opening a can of worms that would be difficult to put back in. This is truly playing with fire as no formula is going to be right or acceptable to all. I would suggest stick to the present formula and do not try to fix something that is not broken. There is no one formula that would please everyone and it is better to stay with what we have now.


CECA - what is real and what is fake news

'Among these was the claim that CECA has allowed Indian nationals to take PMET (professional, managerial, executive and technician) jobs away from Singaporeans.

Mr Chan clarified that all FTAs, including CECA, place no obligations on Singapore with regard to immigration.

"Indian professionals, like any other professionals from other countries, have to meet MOM's (Ministry of Manpower's) existing qualifying criteria to work in Singapore. This applies to Employment Pass, S Pass, and work permit.

"Second, CECA does not give Indian nationals privileged immigration access. Anyone applying for Singapore citizenship must qualify according to our existing criteria," said Mr Chan....

While Mr Chan acknowledged that economic uncertainties have created anxieties over job security, he asserted that perpetuating fear, is not the right response.

"We understand, and we share Singaporeans' concerns with competition and job prospects in the current uncertain economic environment. But the way to help Singaporeans is not to mislead them and create fear and anger," said Mr Chan....

Mr Chan said that MOM is aware of companies that have breached fair hiring practices and will weed them out to protect Singaporean workers and businesses.  
Source: CNA/hs
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/chan-chun-sing-clarifies-ceca-ramesh-erramalli-12078768

In the above report Chan Chun Sing explained that while Singapore allows Indian nationals to work in Singapore under CECA terms, Singapore's Immigration rules still  override the terms in the CECA to protect the interests of Singaporeans. What about the special clauses that allow 127 Indian professions to come in with no need to check their qualifications, in a way recognising every and any shit institutions in India?

In 2017, the Indian govt threatened to sue the Singapore govt for tightening the immigration rules to regulate the free flow of Indian nationals under the CECA terms. 

India had signed its first ever CECA with Singapore in August, 2005, under which both sides have a preferential tariff arrangement for over 80 product lines. Besides, India and Singapore enjoy greater access in services and investment under CECA.

The CECA's second review was launched in May, 2010, but since then the review had been held up mainly on two important issues. One is allowing Indian banks to Singapore and second the free movement of Indian professionals. I think this has been enhanced since to make it easier for the Indian professionals to come in, unchecked.

The Singapore government, in its effort to reduce reliance on foreign workers, passed the ‘Employment Pass Framework’ in 2010 under which the foreign share of the total workforce has to be brought down to around one-third by the companies located there, while encouraging employers to invest in productivity in return for incentives in the form of tax breaks.  Is this being practised in Singapore's 'Chennai' Business Park in Changi? There have been so many eyewitnesses claiming that on entering these offices they are shocked to see at least 80% of the workers are Indians.

However, India has argued that while Singapore has done this to address its own domestic concerns, it had committed a separate provision under CECA, exempting India from such a rule. The matter has taken a political colour now….’

Since then there was no more threats of India suing Singapore. Maybe some agreements had been reached that satisfied India's demand for more free flow of Indian nationals or some relaxation on the part of Singapore's immigration rules. Whatever, if the Indian govt is not complaining, it means they are very happy with the arrangement. On the Singapore side, everything very quiet except that the unemployment of PMETs and young Singaporean graduates get worse by the days.

Now it is exploding and everyone is talking about it. The opposition parties are also raising this as a major issue in the coming GE. What is real or fake can only be judged by the numbers of Indian PMETs here versus the sad and miserable stories of Singaporean graduates losing their jobs or unable to get a decent job, not half baked part time jobs or as Grab drivers or Grab delivery boys and girls.

In the past there was this policy of allowing foreign graduates to work in Singapore if they came from recognised and reputtable universities. Today this is forgotten and with CECA, any rubbish universities, real or fake also can, and their dubious and funny graduates are now in top positions in Singapore's economy, bossing around and ridiculing our local graduates from the world's best universities overseas and our NUS and NTU.

It is time to reintroduce the practice of only recognising the degrees of good and reputable universities, not karang guni universities and back lane degree mills.How would this affect the unbelieveable loose conditions in the CECA if it is implemented?

PS. Thanks Frog Outside Glass for the below extracts from CECA.

CECA Article 9.3 Para 3 states:

"Neither Party shall require labour market testing, economic needs testing or other procedures of similar effects as a condition for temporary entry in respect of natural persons upon whom the benefits of this Chapter are conferred.”

Article 9.5: Long-Term Temporary Entry:

"Intra-Corporate Transferees:

1. Unless there has been a breach of any of the conditions governing temporary entry, or an application for an extension of an immigration visa has been refused on such grounds of national security or public order by the granting Party as it deems fit, each Party shall grant temporary entry to an intra-corporate transferee of the other Party, who otherwise meets its criteria for the grant of an immigration visa, for an initial period of up to two years or the period of the contract, whichever is less. The period of stay may be extended for period of up to three years at a time for a total term not exceeding eight years.


2. Each Party shall grant temporary entry and stay for up to one year or the duration of contract, whichever is less, to a natural person seeking to engage in a business activity as a professional, or to perform training functions related to a particular profession, including conducting seminars, if the professional otherwise complies with immigration measures applicable to temporary entry, on presentation by the natural person concerned of:

(a) Proof of nationality of the other Party;

(b) Documentation demonstrating that he or she will be so engaged and describing the purpose of entry, including the letter of contract from the party engaging the services of the natural person in the host Party; and

(c) Documentation demonstrating the attainment of the relevant minimum educational requirements or alternative credentials.”

3. Each Party shall process expeditiously applications for temporary entry from natural persons of the other Party, including requests for further extensions. Each Party shall notify applicants for temporary entry, either directly or through their prospective employers, of the outcome of their applications, including the period of stay and other conditions.”

Unless there are valid reasons concerning National Security, Public Order or Public Health, all applications for the 127 listed industries and fields should be approved without delay. That means approval is just a formality.

CECA also provides spouses and dependents of Indian PMETs granted employment pass in Singapore to be employable in Singapore. This is stated in Article 9.6:

"For natural persons of a Party who have been granted the right to long term temporary entry and have been allowed to bring in their spouses or dependants, a Party shall, upon application, grant the accompanying spouses or dependants of the other Party the right to work as managers, executives or specialists (as defined in paragraphs 2(f)(i) to (iii) of Article 9.2), subject to its relevant licensing, administrative and registration requirements. Such spouses or dependants can apply independently in their own capacity (and not necessarily as accompanying spouses or dependants) and shall not be barred by the Party granting them the right to work from taking up employment in a category other than that of managers, executives, or specialists solely on the ground that they as the accompanying spouses or dependants are already employed in its territory as managers, executives or specialists.”


Reading the relevant critical details, one can’t help but conclude that CECA has basically given Indian Nationals (including their dependents) unlimited access to Singapore's jobs markets on a No-delay fast-track approval channel and, therefore, many Singaporeans' rice bowls have literally been handed over by the PAP elites to India Nationals.


Brad Bowyer - A plea to reclaim Singapore for Singaporeans

'To make matters worse, behind all that is an air of entitlement and unaccountability from a group who pursues policies that appear ever more clearly to be meant for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the many. Policies and economic models that are moreover being put forward by a team who inherited most of what they have, who are insular and far less competent than their forebears, and are designing and implementing ways to make the nation unlivable for all but their chosen few.

So this coming election won’t just be about restoring good governance and running the nation as a country for all the people again. It will be about the very survival of the ordinary citizen in the face of what I can only describe as a cold, calculating and, for want of a better word, vicious “elite” who have no compunction to sacrifice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power because they must know in their hearts exactly how undeserving they are and exactly what they are doing to Singapore as a whole.

This Machiavellian group must be ejected before the damage they are doing becomes irreparable. Already our society is fracturing and faltering and our country and culture is drowning in a sea of imports and the worst top down examples of extreme capitalism, callousness and indifference towards others. Poverty is growing, suicides are increasing and depression, stress, unhappiness and a sense of isolation are becoming widespread. We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

The above are quoted from Brad Bowyer's article posted in the TRE. I am putting them up for discussion here. In the first paragraph Brad talked about entitlement mentality, a phrase that is often used to belittle Singaporeans for wanting to be treated like citizens for their sacrifices and the contributions of our forbears in building this successful city. Yes, we Singaporeans and our forbears built this island to what it is, not the wildlife that came recently, claiming that they built this city and some silly dumbasses also echoed this myth, that we owed it to the wildlife that came after we have made this island a success. We are entitled to a better life in this island than the wildlife. We don't owe the wildlife anything. They are parasites here to fleece on what we have built.

But what about the entitlement mentality of the elite that Brad Bowyer said above? What are the entitlements that the elites are demanding and taking them for granted, taking the people for granted? In short, economic benefits and power to the few that ruled the island as if it belongs to them. For mediocre performance they are demanding to be paid out of this world salaries as elected politicians, non employees that designed their own jobs as if they are employees with career path and salaries that can go up and up.

The people have been going along with the govt for several decades without questioning as they too benefited from the growing affluence and success of the island and economy. But this success story that benefits everyone is starting to look different, with the majority of the working class starting to feel the pinch, working furiously and desperately to make ends meet while the elites enjoy their world class living and lifestyle and demanding for more and more. The social divide is widening everyday with many of the pioneer generations have to work as cleaners to survive their golden years.

The survival of the ordinary citizens is at stake as Brad Bowyer said, 'inn the face of what I can only describe as a cold, caluculating and, for want of a better word, vicious "elite" who have no compunction to sacrifiice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power...socienty is fracturing and faltering and our county and culture is drowning in a sea of imports...We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

I can't disagree with Brad Bowyer's perception of the new realities that are affecting the people in general except for the elites and the few fools here earning a few dollars and thinking that they are very successful and pretending to be very happy with what is going on.

What do you think? Do you think it is time to reclaim our country from the elites and the wildlife they brought in?


US Asean relations - A snub for a snub

'An offer by the United States to host a Pacific rim summit in America in 2020 after Chile abruptly cancelled this year's event was "not a good idea", Malaysia's foreign minister said Thursday.
The sharp retort comes days after most southeast Asian leaders snubbed a meeting with US officials in Thailand when President Donald Trump failed to show.

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit had been scheduled for November 16-17 in Chile, but President Sebastian Pinera pulled out of hosting it because of ongoing civil unrest in the country.

According to Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called him during a meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) leaders in Bangkok last week.

Pompeo told him that "because Chile is not able to host APEC this November... the US is thinking of hosting APEC somewhere in January in the US", and asked for Malaysia's position.
Saifuddin said he told US officials in Bangkok that "we don't think it is a good idea".'

The above Yahoo report said it all, the Emperor cannot always have his way, to snub the smaller countries as and when he likes and think the smaller countries would continue to bow to the Emperor's wishes. Trump did not think the APEC Summit was important enough for him to turn up. Instead he sent junior ministerial rank advisors to the Summit in US national security advisor Robert O'Brien and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. He thought the Asean heads of states would only be suitable to meet these two junior officials instead of himself, the Emperor.

Then in return he 'invited' or summoned the Asean leaders to his summit in the US. Come pay your respect to the Emperor in the White House. At the APEC Summit most of the Asean leaders snubbed the meeting with the US representatives except for 3 hard core cronies. The new directive from the Emperor is again snubbed by Asean leaders with Malaysia taking the lead. The days when the Emperor called the shot is over. The Empire is now a shadow of its past and no longer feared or held in awe by the smaller countries. The Empire and the Emperor can be ignored, just like that.

The Americans must not think too highly of themselves in Asean except for a few capitals that still see the white men as gods. The Asean countries may be smaller but they have pride and dignity. Do not summon or beckon them to do your bids at your becks and calls.