Banning Huawei will lead to ban from China's 1.4b market


In banning Huawei and ZTE, Sweden calls China a national security threat

Stuart Lau

Sweden’s ban on Tuesday of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp from its 5G networks – which has already drawn a strong rebuke from Beijing – did not surprise observers. It is the blunt reference to China as a threat to national security that did.

For its part, Beijing seems ready to take retaliatory measures, casting doubt on future business in China for the Sweden-based telecommunications giant Ericsson, Huawei’s nearest rival in 5G technology....

Italy has put up costly bureaucratic hurdles for operators using high-risk vendors, making it uneconomical to choose Huawei or ZTE.

Tim Rühlig, an expert on EU-China relations at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, said that Swedish authorities banned Huawei in the most explicit way possible.

“Sweden could have done something similar [to Italy] and ban Huawei in silence. Today’s decision shows that Sweden is up to taking a clear stance,” Rühlig said.... 

Jan Weidenfeld, of the Mercator Institute of China Studies, a Berlin-based think tank, said that “currently, Europe is playing chicken, seeing what other countries are doing on 5G”.


The above is what America and its allies are doing to ban and kill Huawei. China is retaliating by banning Swedish telecom companies from its market. But this is not enough. China should ban major companies from countries that banned Huawei from the China market. And this should not be limited to telecom companies. China must not just be reacting and let the rogue countries set the agenda, take the lead to decide what to hit China. China should initiate what it wants to ban and which company it wants to ban to make it painful for these countries for attacking China. Take out a few countries and a few big companies for a start to let others know that they would not get away if their country is rogue.

This is the only way to deal with gangsters and bullies. Do not let them get away with their bullying and hostility. It must be a tit for tat or else more and more little countries would think it is ok to follow the evil Empire to attack China. Many big companies especially in the US and among its allies need the China market more than China needs them.

China, just whack. Or else the little monkeys would get embolden and more little monkeys would join the bandwagon. Any weakness in China's response would be an invitation for more problems for China's companies to operate in American controlled countries.

PS.   China awarded a big contract to Ericsson to build 5G network. With Sweden accusing Huawei as a security risk, China should do likewise to Ericsson, declares that it is a security risk and cancels its contract and bans its operation in China. China cannot afford not to ban Ericsson once Sweden banned Huawei. What are you doing China? It is plain silly not to do so.


USA - An Empire in decline, all things falling apart

When an empire is in decline, whatever will go wrong will go wrong. The decline of the American Empire is so obvious that no one can miss it. The Americans knew it and are seeing it for themselves how they are falling behind from its glorious days after WW2. All the signs are there, from doing all the wrong things, like fighting wars, making enemies instead of building a strong economy and improving the well being of the American people, like having a string of mediocre leaders and getting worse with every new president till this pathetic state when the most important job of the American Empire, POTUS, is being contested by a conman aka a liar aka a psychopath versus another that has nothing up inside his head, a dunce, as conman Trump called him. And no American is standing up to dispute this claim. They have to live with either of the clowns as their leader.

And then comes Covid19, a tiny invisible virus that should prove elementary to the sophisticated and well trained medical and scientific professionals in America, but proven too daunting a task to overcome. It is not that the Americans were incapable to rise up to the challenge. But at a time when it is in decline, the whole American government machinery is hijacked by a clown who refused to deal with the problem and forbid others, the medical and scientific experts, from doing the right thing. And the number of infections and death toll in America are not funny, the highest in the world, in the millions and climbing.

Covid19 is turning the American Empire into a circus with its POTUS the dominant clown surrounded by many smaller clowns. This is not all. The most advanced country in science and technology, in medicine, with hundreds of biological labs studying viruses, could not come up with a vaccine to treat this Covid19. And its arch rival China, a country that actually joined the international community as a full fledged member, a very backward country 40 years ago, is now taking the lead in developing the vaccines for this pandemic. Out of the handful of contenders in the forefront of this race to produce an effective vaccine, 4 are from China. 

And to make things worse, all the high hopes of America, like their big white hopes, are falling by the waysides one by one. AstraZeneca working with renowned Oxford University was the first to hit a snag. Then came Johnson and Johnson and quickly followed by Eli Lilly, all facing problems with their final stage trials. At the same time, the trials of Chinese vaccines continue smoothly and are at the last days of successful completion and ready for mass production. Keep the fingers crossed that evil men and women will not fake a few problems to throw in the spanner into these trials. A reminder to the evil men and women that the whole world is waiting for this vaccine and any attempt to mess them up by unscrupulous means is cruel, unethical and evil to the core. It is a matter of life and death, it is about economic recovery of the whole world.

Yes, when an empire is in decline, everything will go wrong. The Americans are going to face a lot of unforeseen problems in the development of the vaccine which under normal circumstances would be chicken feat to the world's most advanced nation. The mandate of heaven has departed from America.  God has traveled to the East. The new hope is in the East. The sun is setting in the West.

Adios Pax Americana.

After 3 Nov, the fall of the American Empire will gather more speed as either of the contenders for the position of POTUS is just too inept for the job. Their intellect or lack of intellect is public knowledge. Not a state secret. And the American people know it but could not do anything about it.  It is between the devil and the deep blue sea. What a choice, between a donkey and an ass...to be POTUS!

What hope is there for the American Empire? How to make America Great Again? A hand when the best card is a Trump card.


World's number one terrorist branded 4 countries as terrorist countries


WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said on Monday (Oct 19) he was ready to remove Sudan from a US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, a landmark boost for the civilian-backed government as it turns the page on the nation's decades as an international pariah.

Trump said that Sudan, which has sought the delisting for years, had agreed to a US$335 million compensation package for victims and relatives of past attacks.

"At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!" Trump wrote on Twitter, vowing to delist Sudan as soon as the compensation is "deposited."

Sudan is one of four nations branded by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism, along with Iran, North Korea and Syria - severely impeding economic development, with few major foreign investors willing to run afoul of US laws.  AFP

Can you believe it, the USA, the world's number one terrorist country, is delisting Sudan as a terrorist country and branding another three countries ie Iran North Korea and Syria as terrorist countries. Ask a simple question, are these countries fighting wars outside their country, killing other people with bombings and modern weapons of mass destruction? None of these 4 countries are engaged in wars with another nation. 

Only the USA is engaged in wars, invasion of other countries and still killing innocent people of other nations daily and with their soldiers of wars in many countries.  These Americans soldiers are the real terrorists!

The world's number terrorist country has the monopoly of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, with the most bioweapon labs all over the world, with the biggest number gangsters in arms in their aircraft carriers plying the high seas waiting to attack and destroy whoever they branded as enemies. The world's number one terrorist country is now in the South China Sea terrorising China. It is also in Thailand terrorising the Thai govt.

And this terrorist country is blaming Russia and China for interference in their Presidential Election. Can you believe it? For several decades it has been this terrorist country that was interferring in other countries' domestic politics and in extreme cases conducting regime change or military invasion. Now it is crying out loud that Russia and China are interfering in domestic American politics without a shred of evidence but fake news and lies. 

For details of American interference in other countries domestic affairs, read SouthernGlory's post on 20 Oct 20,

'The White Peril or Pale Face Peril & its perverting menace : Regime change, Military coups, Sanctions, Blockades, Killings, Assassinations and genocide of Non-white people continue to this day. PART Two'

When is the UN going to stand to the world's number one terrorist country and call it a terrorist country?

The White Peril or Pale Face Peril & its perverting menace : Regime change, Military coups, Sanctions, Blockades, Killings, Assassinations and genocide of Non-white people continue to this day. PART Two

        In Part One the discussion was on how the Catholic Pope, Romanus Pontifex  in 1445 claimed himself to be the representative of God and under God's empowerment he had dominion over the entire world. His proclamations that he was the representative of God and whatever  evil or wicked deeds he did was carried out on behalf of God. Thus in the name of God he ordered, anointed and sanctified European rulers and their representatives to go out and steal non-christian lands and to dispossess, enslave and murder the heathens or non-christians if they could not be converted into the Christian faith.

 Part Two  will reveal how from Romanus Pontifex in 1445 and down the ages of the last over five hundred years subsequent Popes similar evil and wicked proclamations against non-Christian countries and people resulted in the merciless killings and murders of hundreds of millions of non-white people and the dispossession of their lands, wealth and resources. The evil popes proclamations are so entrenched that white supremacists now still feel they are entitled, empowered and anointed to rob other non-christian lands and their resources and to continue their killings and genocide as the sins of their killings and murders will be forgiven by their Christian God. These popes wild and savage policies have been faithfully followed and adhered to closely by all subsequent white Christian countries for centuries that such inhuman policies have been the worst calamities and sorrows to ever suffer by non-Christian countries and their citizens. It has been the  white men's Christian curse on non-white countries and people for the last 500 years. This curse needs to be destroyed so that non-christian countries and people can live in peace and security.

White men went to America and invaded the native lands by force of modern arms, the guns and cannons. They claimed they discovered America. How could they claim to discover a place where there were already millions of natives living in the lands for thousands of years. Adding insult to injury they called the natives sub-human and savages. The American natives have strict rules regarding social orders and human relationship as well as rules regarding wars and internecine strives among the various native tribes or nations. But white men just went there to butcher and genocide them to rob them of their lands, wealth and resources. Now, who are the sub-humans and savages , the native victims or the predators, the killers, murderers and genociders of the white European Christian  invaders. Over a hundred million native Americans in North American were genocided by the Anglo-Saxons of the British Empire and their French counterparts. Even with a few couple of thousands native survivors the white invaders and supremacists leave them no peace. The natives are put in Indian Reservations, euphemism for concentration camps which totally lack of decent human amenities for survival. The natives are subjected to all kinds of abuses. Their children are separated from their parents purportedly to be taken care of by the US government but eventually most of them were ill treated and died of disease and starvation. The adults in the concentration camps were subjected to the most degrading human abuse. They were either jobless or given the most menial jobs with very little or no pay at all. Both the men and women native folks are subjected to injections to keep them infertile and stop them from procreation.

 And the same disgusting abuse and torture is carried out by the Anglo-British Saxons in their invasion of Australia and where the native population has been  decimated to almost extinction since the British pirate and buccaneer Captain Cook landed in Sydney in 1788. In the British invasion of New Zealand the natives were similarly ill treated and slaughtered.

 It must be pointed out that the Chinese Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty in his voyages of friendship, trade and commerce had sailed to Australia in around late 1420s. Some of his smaller ships could have sailed upstream of the Murray River as the remains of a Chinese ship which might have wrecked in the river was found in the river bed with some Chinese porcelain plates, bowls and dishes which were the famous objects of trade and in great demand by foreigners in those days. Admiral Zheng He and his men did not intimidate the natives with his armada but befriended them instead. But  Captain Cook the British pirate, ruffian and robber was different. It was because of his  aggressive and violent behaviour he was almost killed in one instance. However,  he did meet his destined violent death in Hawaii in the later years in his third voyage to the Hawaii Islands as his wanton and brutal behaviour was too much for  the natives to tolerate everywhere he went.

Central America and South America were first invaded by white men from Spain and Portugal. The Spanish and Portuguese Catholic Christians were no less cruel and brutal than their cousins the British Anglo-Saxons, the French and Dutch protestant Christians. Under the same insidious militant religious Doctrine of Christian Discover they attacked, dispossessed and genocided more than a hundred million or two of the natives. After the conquests of Spain and Portugal, other European Christian countries followed to invade and colonize Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecaudor. In each of these countries more than half of the population now are white savage people from Europe, mainly from Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Poland. The natives are sidelined and marginalized in their own lands and often ill treated and killed. 

Since the early 1800s the United States had instituted as its foreign policies to ensure US have a sole monopoly of influence and control in Central and South America especially in trade and commerce and in the internal politics and affairs of all countries in the region to the exclusion of other powers.

 In 1823 President James Monroe established the "Monroe Doctrine" foreign policy that stated clearly the United States would prevent European intervention in Latin America. And in later years President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed that the US had the right to military intervention in Latin America with the motive of using US presence and power to cement itself within the region to the exclusion of all outside powers.

Since the early 1900s America  has been interfering and bullying central America countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. In the 1970s Nicaragua had a socialists government known as the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas is an open minded socialist organisation consisting of a coalition of progressive capitalists, socialists, Marxists and Catholic Christians. It had ties with Soviet Union and Cuba which is anathema to US government. This is enough reason for President Reagan  to take down the Sandinistas government as opposed to earlier policy of containment by President Carter.

In fact since the start of the Cold War in the aftermath of the Second World War in 1945, US had a large faction of aggressive warlike conservative thinkers and politicians who strongly advocated a foreign policy rejecting containment of socialist or communist governments but instead insisting an aggressive policy to roll back or take down socialist or communist governments by force of arms wherever they may be found. Thus under this scenario America made use of  counterrevolutionaries known as the Contras to topple the legitimate socialist government of the Sandinistas.

In the early 1980s of President Reagan's administration, US funded the Contras, armed and trained the Contras in subversion and fomented riots and demonstrations as well as murders and killings to topple the Sandinistas socialist government. CIA the terrorist arm of the American government claimed that USA was just trying to " create conditions for democracy ." It was in fact creating conditions for white American tyranny and hegemony. The white Americans were vicious in mining and blockading Nicaraguan ports. But on 10th May, 1984 the International Court of Justice - The World Court ruled unanimously that US should immediately halt any more attempts to mine and blockade Nicaraguan ports. Fourteen of the fifteen judges of the World Court ruled that Nicaraguan's political independence should be fully respected and not be further jeopadized by any US military or paramilitary actions. The Court included judges from UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

However, the Reagan administration and Congress refused to accept the World Court decisions regarding Central America issues. Thus in Central America just as in elsewhere the white Americans of the Unlawful States of America have always been flouting international laws and rulings. It clearly shows  USA ruleless and unlawful behaviour in international conduct and reflects its vicious policy of 'might is right.' 

CIA routinely use NGOs to infiltrate socialist countries to subvert and sabotage their governments under a fake vicious policy of helping these countries to protect democracy and human rights. USA has destroyed many Latin American countries and killed millions under this insidious policy. In 1973 CIA engineered a brutal military coup against the democratically elected President Allende Salvador and installed a pro American callous military dictator, Pinochet. CIA directed Pinochet's crackdown on socialists and suspected communists or workers union members and in all more than a hundred thousands were hunted down and brutally murdered. In 2018 CIA carried out another military coup against the legitimate and democratically elected government of Morales of Bolivia. In both cases the evil white American capitalists corporations under the protection of American military were able grab Chile and Bolivia's natural resources almost for free. In Chile American corporations of Wall Street exploited and robbed off Chile's copper while in Bolivia they monopolized the lithium mining industry and shipped out all the lithium to US almost for free.

For many years the CIA and Pentagon have been trying to overthrow the Venezuela democratically elected  socialist governments of Maduro and his predecessor Chavez. CIA has been using subterfuge and all kinds of wicked stratagems such as funding and fomenting public riots and demonstrations , attempted military coups, use of toxic and illegal trade and financial sanctions and carrying out blockades and mining of Venezuela ports. USA  and Britain even try to hijack more than thirty tons of Venezuela gold deposited years ago in the banks of England and America. All these evil tactics are calculated to bring Venezuela down to its knees.

For the last 70 years since the end of the Second World War the savage white Anglo-Saxon Americans and its European allies have been turning the world upside down in topsy turvy with savage attacks and illicit wars on practically all the non-white countries of the world with killings , murders, assassinations and regime change.

In 1950 US instigated, provoked and fomented  the Korean Civil War. It attacked North Korea with the aim of bringing the whole Korean peninsula under American rule. Its ultimate objective was to make use of Korea as a spring board to attack and invade China while at the same time to use its Seventh Fleet and airpower to help the Chinese traitor Chiang Kai-shek to invade China from Taiwan. The American instigated Korean War caused the death of a few million Chinese and Koreans. The war was a stale-mate and an unstable truce was signed which last to this day. 

America tried to help France to recolonize Indo-China from the late 1940s to 1960s. Inspite of US help France was defeated by the Vietcong. The US continued to attack the Vietcong and continued the Indo-China war until it itself was defeated by the Vietcong in 1975. US was hoping to control the whole of Indo-China and use it as a flank  to invade China from the south.

In 1953 US staged a military coup against the democratically elected prime minister Mossadegh of Iran and installed a US puppet Shah Pravi on the throne. Under US guidance the Shah carried out brutal killings and murders of tens of thousands of Iranian socialists or leftists. However, in 1977 the tyrannical Shah himself was overthrown by a muslim revolt which placed a Ayatolah as Iran's new ruler.

In the meantime US continued to organize many intrigues and plots to destabilize the whole of the Arab Middle East so as to provide an excuse for US to seize control of the region so that it can have full control of all the oil resources and minerals in the region. US  earmarked seven Arab countries for invasion and regime change. The targeted countries were Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 25th December, 1991, the Evil Empire of the United States thought that for the first time in history it is possible for the whole world to be brought under the control of one country that of the United States of America. America is now the most powerful country in the world. It is the only superpower and it can take any action and bully all other countries. And nothing is the matter because nobody would dare to question or defy America's insidious actions.

On 23rd March, 1999 US initiated the illegal Kosovo War on Yugoslavia. This constituted as part of US design to expand eastward to control all of Europe and to contain Russia so as to fulfil US objective of ruling the world as its sole hegemony. 

The Kosovo War was illegal and illegitimate as it was against the United Nations charter which does not allow military intervention in other countries. The evil Unlawful States of America attacked Yugoslavia despite the United Nations Security Council disapproval resolution. 

In the Kosovo War, the US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was calculated to intimidate China. President Jiang Zemin  of China said, " USA is using its economic and military superiority to aggressively expand its influence and interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries. "

Recently in 2018 the evil empire and its western allies UK, France, Germany and Australia took concerted coordinated actions to try to destroy China from within. America created and funded the Hong Kong riots and public demonstrations and contorted the fake Xinjiang Uyghur issues to demonize China hoping that these two events would cause a catalyst to ignite an orange revolution in China and thus to destroy China from within. At the same time the Unlawful States of America and its white European allies try to destroy China's immense scientific and technological advancement by taking illegal and illegitimate actions against Huawei, Tik Tok , ZTE and Ten Cent WE Chat which is against the rules and regulations of the United Nations World Trade Organisation.

Having failed to destabilise and destroy China in an attempted biological COVID - 19 attack on China and a failed colour revolution and trade war the evil empire is desperately trying to lure China out to open physical confrontation by creating insidious issues and dangerous actions in both the South China Sea and the East China Sea to provoke China. America is also trying to instigate and incite ASEAN countries to go against China with the diabolical motive to use these countries to fight its proxy wars against China and thus fulfil US objective of ultimate control and hegemony over the whole of Southeast Asia. Being a coward the US is even forming the QUAD with Australia, Japan and India as allies to take on China. Being the most powerful country America should have the guts to take on China alone and not pushing its weaker minions to take the frontline assault.

The desperate evil empire the Unlawful States of America is now funding the selfinterest pro America oppositions in Thailand by organizing, instigating, inciting and fomenting choas, riots and public demonstrations in Thailand to create an Orange Revolution to take down the democratically elected Thai government just because the Thais refused to toe the American line in the South China Sea to confront China. Also Thailand is a significant partner in the economic Belt and Road program together with Loas, Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia building the High Speed Railway connecting Southeast Asia to mainland China. America's main objective in creating the Orange Revolution in Thailand is to destroy the Belt and Road program. What they cannot compete fairly with China in uplifting the economy of third world countries the evil empire will have no qualms to use violent ways to destroy and bring down everybody. In short the riots and insidious illegal and unlawful CIA funded Orange Revolution attempt in Thailand is part of the Evil Empire's geopolitical design against China.

America is an evil satanic country. It is not a democracy. USA is a dual tyrannical dictatorship of two evil white supremacist parties. The duopoly dictatorship is run by hoodlums, crooks and scoundrels who are in turn controlled by the Deep State Shadow Government of the  Anglo-Saxon-Jewish Zionist-Rothchilds-Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street. The diabolical Cabal through the military in the Pentagon and CIA exercise totalitarian control over the economy, industries, trade and commerce, monetary issues, banks and finance and over every aspect of political and social life. People who protested against racialism and inequalities are either brutally shot publicly or arrested and send to hard labour prison camps and later to be executed in secrecy.

The world must denounce these brutal inhuman policies of the demonic brutish American tyranny and its hypocritical use of fake democracy and human rights as a medium and vehicle to hold the world to ransom under its toxic control and vicious hegemony. Free countries of the world must unite solidly to take down the diabolical and draconian white American Imperialism and destroy it forever.


Tuesday, 20th October, 2020.

Tan Kin Lian - High level of corruption in democratic countries

Below is an article by Tan Kin Lian on the high level of corruption in many democratic countries. Tan Kin Lian also praised the socialist or even communist countries for uplifting the livelihood of the people, alleviate poverty and more equality.  In the past, such a statement would be sneered at at fake news, false. Democratic countries are the epitome of goodness, fairness, less corruption, more equality, less poverty. 

Now the statements are turning everything upside down. The problems are in democratic countries and the solution or goodness are in socialist and communist countries.

The whole has come full circle. The good has turned bad and the bad has become good.

Here is the article.

"There is a high level of corruption in many democratic countries.

I am not referring to low level corruption where a lowly paid government servant need to collect small brides to make a living. I refer to corruption at the highest level where people in power favor families and friends and put them in top positions to earn very high income.

The corruption is worse in countries where the leaders remain in power for many decades. These leaders even fix the electoral system and abuse state funds and facilities to remain in power.

They claim to believe in the free market and appoint regulators to ensure that big businesses do not abuse their market power to take advantage of consumers. Sadly, these regulators are also corrupt. They do not control the businesses adequately. In fact many hope to take top position in the same private sector (that they are supposed to regulate) after they leave government service. This is called "the revolving door".

Do not think that a democratic electoral system and the free market is good for the people. In most cases they lead to a corrupt government, high inequality and a hard life for the people.

The ordinary people in most countries are probably better off with a socialist or even a communist government which has the social goal of uplifting the likelihood of the people and alleviate poverty. It is better to live in a relatively poorer country with more equality than to live in the relatively prosperous country with high inequality.

Do not believe in the propaganda of democracy and free markets. They are deceiving. They serve mainly the rich and elite. They leave the ordinary people with a harsh life and an uncertain future.

Agree or not?"

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/tan-kin-lian-high-level-corruption-many-democratic-countries
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Covid19 a natural reset for China to be the new world leader


Why we need to know China - Martin Jacques. 41 minutes lecture on the misconception of China by the West and how to understand China better minus the smearing and demonising by the Americans and the West, the menace and real threats to peace and security.

The Covid19 pandemic, intentionally planted by evil and wicked people to kill the Chinese people in unimaginable numbers, waiting to be proven, has turned around to propel China to the forefront of international affairs as the de facto leader the world needs today. The Americans and the West have demonstrated dismally their failure to deal with the pandemic, their incompetence and their lack of leadership to handle the crisis.

China was the first country to be hit by this unknown virus. China grappled with it like a man finding its way through a dark tunnel. And the Americans and the West, instead of lending a helping hand, not showing some sympathy, lambasted China for not transparent, for hiding information, for not telling the truth, when China was equally in the unknown, and presenting every information they could to share with the world. 

And China was the first to identify this virus that could possibly be all over the world, with new information available, very likely quite widespread in the USA. The Chinese scientists deserved a Nobel Peace price for this. This effort, in such a short time, to share with the world its genomes and to warn the world of this deadly infection, gave the world plenty of time to take preventive measures to curb its spread. During this time the virus was a national crisis in China and the only thing China could do and must do was to curb its spread all over China and killing the Chinese population in a genocide. And China did what it could, after being infected with more than 80,000 cases while the rest of the world watched, the Americans and the West in glee at the plight of China, not a single case reported outside China, the virus was contained by the super efficient Chinese measures to lock down Wuhan city and Hubei province. The rest is history.

While China did the world a big favour by identifying the virus and gave notice that this is coming, the world, especially the Americans and the West, ignored these warnings and information. They thought and believed that this would not happen them, China would be the only victim, like if it was intended by some evil scheme of wicked men, not to worry, let it spread across China, only in China, to kill only the Chinese. They could not be so wrong. And...the rest is history. America now has more than 8m infections and more than 200,000 death and growing. Europe is plunging itself into darkness with a very serious second wave.

All these could be avoided if they took China's early warning seriously and took serious measures to keep the virus out of their country. China did its part to contain the spread of the virus in China. If China had failed, the whole of China would have gone down with the virus and the whole of Asia and the rest of the world would have gone down with China. Most Asian countries did very well in containing the virus, except the USA, Europe and one Asian country, India. Neighbouring countries of China are all in good shapes!

The Americans and Europeans were given the privilege to assume leadership role to fight this pandemic when it only hit China. They were free of the virus then and had the time and resources to do what they could to prevent this pandemic. But they did nothing, they did nothing except politicising the virus and laughing and sneering at China and bashing China.

The lack of world leadership from the Americans and the West is so appalling. They were the most advanced nations and the world looked up to them to take the lead, but they failed the world so miserably. They stood out eventually, as a bunch of misfits, incompetents, in the handling of the virus. Now they are the epicentres of this pandemic. They lacked leadership, management, focus and attention, and they even lack the equipment not only to fight the virus but to protect their health workers and their people. No masks, no protective clothings, no test kits.... And they got infected, and they died.

The irresponsibility of American and western leaders did not stop there. It was their people, all behaving irresponsibly, refusing to wear mask, wanting to party and have a good time, not abiding by all the basic and simple measures of distancing and contact, and now the problem has snowballed to a crisis they could not imagined and unable to deal with.

In the meantime China has sorted out its problems at home. Being the first to be infected, Chinese scientists were hard at work, non stop, unlike the bickering and politicking westerners and western leaders, to find a cure to this virus. China has at least 4 vaccines that could be ready for the world in a matter of weeks.  It was an opportunity thrown to the Chinese by this Covid19 virus. Either China swim and survive or die with it. China overcame the odds, and is in the best position to lead the world in this fight against the pandemic. 

The virus crisis in China is as good as over. China is free of the virus, just like the USA and Europe were in the beginning of the crisis, and has all the time in hand to do what is necessary. While the USA and Europe are deeply embroiled and bogged down in the pandemic and sinking, like in the Titanic, and fighting for their lives, and continue politiking, China is left to assume the leadership role to help the world in this fight. Xi Jinping and his colleagues are sipping tea in Zhongnanhai planning how to deal with the virus and how to save the world. China has promised to share its vaccines with the rest of the world, helping WHO to fight this battle. Many poorer countries would enjoy this benefit of cheaper vaccines Made In China. The Americans and the West, God willing, will not come up with an effective vaccine in time and would not be able to profit from it by charging the world a ransom and the bragging rights.

The Chinese economy is back on the roll. The Chinese people are free from the virus and living life as normal and could share their good fortune with the world. This is how history is being crafted, a brave new world is in the making with the evil Americans and West unable to do a thing. Their hands and legs are tied by the virus and struggling to break free. Not so easy. The One up there would not let you go free so easily to cause more wars and damages to the rest of the world.

Yes, God willing, the virus will reset the world by crippling the Americans and the West and pave the way for China's rise as the new world leader. There is nothing that the Americans and the West can do to stop this, the rise of China. He up there would not let the Americans and the West to stop His plan.


Here comes China - A website dedicated to news on China

The size of China’s displacement of the world balance is such that the world must find a new balance. It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world.  – Lee Kwan Yew.



The IMF says China will generate 51% of world growth in 2021, most other growth generators will be Asian economies–South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia–while the US will contribute nothing. By 2021, GDP in advanced economies will be 3.6 percent below their 2019 levels while, in the developing economies, it will be 2.7 percent above 2019–a major redistribution of world economic growth and economic power. Chinese GDP growth likely recovered to 5.5%” in the third quarter, a Caixin “survey of 16 domestic and overseas institutions showed.

China’s total social financing last month, a broad gauge of credit and liquidity in the economy, jumped by $518.5 billion more than the increase in September last year, according to the central bank.[MORE]
The Trump administration deters US investors from Ant's IPO,” suggests Reuters. Will it work? Probably not. Investors and companies are overwhelmingly ignoring U.S.-China political tension. American bankers showed strong demand for $6 billion of dollar debt sold by Beijing today, the Financial Times reports, and despite a few Chinese companies leaving Wall Street or hedging their bets in Hong Kong, “Goldman Sachs forecasts a record number of Chinese listings in New York this year,” the Economist reports.
Twelve months before the 2019 riots, Shenzhen’s GDP surpassed Hong Kong's.[MORE]

Tourists spent $45.9 billion during the eight-day holiday and took 637 million trips nationwide, 80% of last year’s level, and movie theaters saw a major revival. The box office raked in CNY3.9 billion (USD581 million) over the eight-day public holiday that ended yesterday, the second highest amount ever for the golden week after last year's takings of CNY4.5 billion..More people chose efficient and faster transportation modes, with a 10% year-on-year increase in air travel. [MORE]

UnionPay’s QuickPass app use rose 32% yoy during the vacation and daily merchandise transactions rose 12.5% yoy, while in the provinces of Jiangsu, Shanxi and Gansu this figure was in excess of 17%.

Cloud infrastructure spending grew by 66.9% in Q4 of 2019 and by 63.7% for the entire year to exceed $10.7 billion USD, making it the second-largest cloud market in the world. [MORE]


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PS. The total loans given out by Chinese banks is more than the combined loans given out by IMF, World Banks and European banks. That is how much money China is lending out to the world in economic aid and infrastructure development.