CPF is not your money, or is it your money?

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CPF IS NOT OUR MONEY as we have been told in the political dog house – is it not true that our CPF – being part of our reserves – HAVE ALREADY BEEN SQUANDERED ALREADY?

And the enhanced nomination scheme for CPF aims to squander the CPF savings of surviving next generation?



Many in the know could not forget the clever NMP who uttered this in Parliament. Pardon me, I could not remember her name, but we all know who she is.

If I could remember, after she uttered this remark, that the CPF is not the people’s money, not exactly and she justified that some parts of the CPF contributions were contributed by the employers, and with her legal trained logic, she declared the CPF is not the people’s money.

Was there a thunderous applause after she said this? I am not sure but I think everyone on the side of the majority in govt had a wide grin on their faces, and nodding their heads happily. Never mind why or what they were grinning at. I could remember one very important thing,no one spoke or sought clarification after this remark to confirm if the CPF is the people’s money or not. Correct me if I am mistaken.

Do you think every Singaporean ought to know, want to know what is the govt’s stand on this, whether the govt agreed or disagreed with her? Don’t you think the govt owed the people an explanation on this utterance, whether it is true or false? Never mind if it does not matter, that the people still has no control over their CPF money and legislations can be introduced to do whatever with their CPF money without their consent. I can understand, and I know, many of you have already resigned to the fate that the CPF money is not your money and did not want to say or do anything. It is water under the bridge. Too late.

Would any MP want to revisit this matter,  to question this loose utterance and demand the govt to take a stand, to explain to the people whether the CPF is the people’s money, the money of the CPF account holders, the people’s savings, the people’s coffin money?

Or is it not important anymore, overtaken by events, the reality of the CPF being legislated away to buy MedishieldLife and to be stuck in the minimum sums said it all? No need to bother?

Anyway daft Sinkies do not bother anymore. So what is the point?

Only in this country where the people saved a life time for retirement and when they are expected to withdraw their money for retirement, they found that it could not be done. And the best part, they accepted it as part and parcel of life, even a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Minister Josephine Teo: “You do not need much space to have sex”


This is so hot.
I wonder if fucking in a wheelchair (in parliament) counts as a small enough space?

Anonymous said...

Don't play play! Don't play play!

How can CPF is not our money?!!!

To many, CPF is their 血汗钱! 棺材本!

Yes! Their only only only 血汗钱! 棺材本!

So don't play play don't play play!

If their only only only 血汗钱 and 棺材本 oso gone, oso taken away,
or oso being used up.....they will be very very 可怜! 可怜! 可怜!

So......Pray! Pray! Pray!

TGIF! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

If CPF money is not our money.

What about all the private property in Singapore?
Is it THEIR property?

Anonymous said...

Is CPF your money?


As reported HDB had a deficit of S$2.25 billion offset by a surplus
of S$613 million, making it a net deficit of S$1.64 billion and the
deficit is fully covered by a grant from the Ministry of Finance.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Josephine is in the big news and I have wrote about it too but will post it on Sunday which I normally devote for the spurious, outrageous or cheeky stuff.

Something very fishy to the Word checking process. My writings could come out totally out of sync, with words missing and the meaning totally incoherent. I have rewrote and repost the above comment again with the missing words replaced.

Virgo1949 said...

Wheelchair SEX??

Whoa! think it's exciting. The Pro PAP NCMP should seconded JT and and give her exciting moments. Will definitely helped raise the POP statistics.

NCMP supposed to be neutral and give unbiased opinions of All Singaporeans. Not pro PAP.

Aiya, must echo his/her Masters Voice.

She can source for one soft porn HK wheelchair sex if she need one.

The HDB's deficit?? Should be reported as profits.

Don't believe? Ask MBT and Teh Cheng Wan.

jjgg said...

rb..why waste your Sunday breath on a fucktard..do something useful..suggest ways which can help hdb back toprofitability..this is your national service moment..BTW .hdb can lose so much money but all the staff in their employment get salary increments n bonuses?

jjgg said...

did Josephine just have a Trump moment?

Anonymous said...

HDB losing money? HDB losing money?
You believe that?

Anonymous said...

PAP government making life better for Singaporeans?
You believe that?

AhKong65 said...

Left pocket into right pocket...HDB have to buy and pay for land cost in order to build.

Anonymous said...

HDB have to buy and pay for land cost in order to build.
October 14, 2016 5:09 pm

If Singapore belongs to everyone ... why must HDB pay for land in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Economy Crashes In Q3


Anonymous said...

Tiok, Rb it's confirmed cpf is not your money cause if it's your money, how come u have no say in it. It's a tax and u get it via government grant. But of course it may be your money at first but it was legislated away.

Anonymous said...

/// ... But of course it may be your money at first but it was legislated away. ///
October 14, 2016 8:03 pm

Our CPF money was voted away by Singaporean voters.
Vote wisely in GE 2020.
It's the only way to get it back.

Anonymous said...

The level of sycophancy among Chinese ministers in your country is so high ; it is no wonder you need to legislate in a non Chinese President in order to teach the Chinese educated to have more self respect and grow a spine. Or better, legislate a Hokkien ah-beng with balls to be President.

Anonymous said...

@ October 14, 2016 10:19 pm

That's Millionaire Chinese Sycophant Minister to you bud.

How do you fuck a female Minister in a small space?

Anonymous said...

lf a female minister ever wants
you to make love with her, she will buy a big house for you to enjoy the trysts.
What small space?

Anonymous said...

Your CPF is gone. 3 thinking points: 1. Why is the government so keen on putting in new caps on withdrawal + medilife? 2.) If CPF is used to buy Temasek bonds at such low yields, what happens if interest rates spike? The duration of the bonds will make to value worthless. 3.) If GIC returns are that good, I am sure they cant wait to tell you. My bet that both soverign funds are stuffed with incompetent and complacent relatives who are told all their lives they are smart, and don't have to compete in the real world to keep their jobs. That's a recipe for poor performance.