Give me your money or else…

While many debt ridden countries are queuing up in Beijing for the dough, some corners of America are screaming that the Chinese economy is going to bust like the Japanese and the Americans. Would an economy that is going to collapse have the money to offer to the beggars in the queue?

For decades, the western countries, including Europe and the US, have been living in great and bountiful times. They were dining and wining in the best restaurants with the best steaks they could buy, on borrowed money and borrowed time. On the other side of the globe, the Chinese farmers and factory workers were working their guts out just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Anything extra, any leftovers, will be put into the kitty.

The Chinese were not rich, but they did not over spend. They saved every cent possible for the rainy day. The West was a different story. There was no rainy day. The rain will never come, only good times. They forgot that their good times are borrowed times on borrowed money. There will be no more colonies to feed their extravagant life styles.

The day of reckoning is here. Those who were prudent, thrifty and spent within their means would have lesser to worry than those who flaunted their wealth and consumed more than they could afford to. And while their sprawling straw houses are burning, they are wishing that the little mud houses will go down as well.

Of course some knew their houses are burning. They are being burnt and needed help. Some still don’t think so and wishing and willing others will be burnt down so that they can clap and say, I told you so.

Some will put the blame on the Chinese peasants for saving too much and spending too little. The financial crisis is the fault of the Chinese. And when the Americans went to the Chinese with hands stretching, the Chinese obliged to help stabilise the world financial crisis and saved the day for the Americans. The Europeans are following the Americans to Beijing, with hands outstretched. Some corners were slyly suggesting that the Chinese were doing it not for altruistic reasons. Some, like the great thinkers and journalists here will be asking the Chinese of their intent, as if the Chinese were harbouring some unspeakable sinister motive for giving out their money.

No, they would not question the altruism of the Western empires, of the Americans, when they handed out aids to the developing countries. No strings attached. And when they invaded countries and did regime changes, they were done with good motives, all altruistic.

The Chinese, uncouth, loud and rude, and a big bully, should better understand that whatever they do, the Western world will never see them in any good light. Not even from the elite here who are supposedly to know them better because of proximity and some similarity in culture and roots.

The bottom line is that the Singaporean Chinese would even despise the Chinese and would not trust anything they do. So it is only natural that the West will never trust or like the uncouth and uncivilised Chinese. My recommendation is that if they do, they will be damned, if they don’t, they too will be damned. It is best to keep their money at home to help themselves. Let the uncouth peasants eat better and live better. No need to pretend to be nice, to hand out their money to the countries in financial trouble.

With the rich Europeans in their luxurious limousines at the doorsteps of the poor farmers and factory workers asking for a little donation, from their kitties hidden under their wooden beds, should the Chinese shoo them away?


Anonymous said...

Wow! This article reminds me; though me can't forget, that the poor in our super rich state have to depend on the charities of other Singaporeans to survive.

Bloody Sin we are in too.


agongkia said...

I wish to take this golden opportunity to wish all Chinese A Happy National Day.

Anonymous said...

USA and Europe with possible exception of Germany-the hard working people who do not live in housing speculation and financil engineering to make bubble money,are both moving into bankrupty,on their ways.

China and India,will win in this long battle,after suffering for so many years.

LKY,once again has managed to get his theory proven.

now the question is how China or India would hendle their global super power,is it possible that they colonise the white and possibly black people.

I think it is possible,never say never!

Anonymous said...

It judt does not make sense for the over spending western world to ask china to spend in order to save them who have been enjoying life,that is not fair.

I say china should stay put and let the Western world collapse and become beggers,do not save them.China has no obligation to do so.

Let them start life all over again from the bottom of the pit,which China and india both have great experience,perhaps can offer them few lessons,free of charge.

Anonymous said...

Generally,I do not think Uncle Sams are bad fellows,as compared to traditional European powers,UK,France,Holland,Spain,etc,they were and some are still horrible.

The trouble is that Uncle Sam really believes that money are so easy to make with housing bubble and banks casino peoducts,the end is obvious.

Singapore must also be very careful tomlearn from this fatal lesson.

Anonymous said...

It is not for China to support European nations at this atage,that honour should go first to Germany which is very wealthy.

China should just sit pretty and watch the nice show,the unfolding collapse of Euro and the bankrupty of USD are both first class shows,especially for Chinese and Indian.

Anonymous said...

If we add up the foreign reserves of bChina,Taiwan,HK,Macau plus Singaoore,all Chinese majority areas,we should know where the new world is heading.

China- 3,197,000

It is close to 4 trillion USD,it does prove the financial power of the Chinese people.

Anonymous said...

It seems that with or without LKY,the Chinese majority areas every where are doing very well.

It may be useful for our citizens to ponder.

Anonymous said...

It also seems that without LKY, the South Koreans, Taiwanese and HongKongers are also doing very well. Forget about the hard truths or half truths shit.

It is also useful for 60% of our citizens to ponder.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that the US and the West, unable to do anything to repay the debts will resort to forcing China to write them off some time in the future. China may still end up on the losing end of a bad deal. Not possible? Nothing is impossible except for the US to repay its debts.

Anonymous said...

If Uncle Sam does foronly ce China to write off the debt,there is one way out,WAR.that is what the average chinese intellectuals have been telling me,with r without US debt.

I hope it is not the end of the world,there is only one possible outcome,USA is eliminated from the world.

Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

The USD could have been banana currencies if Saddam Hussein was successful in selling oil by other currencies. The amount of dollars that the rest of the world must hold in order to pay for oil is what keeping the dollar still useful. When the world does not need the dollar, they will all be returned to the Americans.

That would be the day. Instant bankruptcy. That is why they murder Saddam Hussein, and now Gaddafi. They are going for Iran for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.36 pm is absolutely right.

Saddam was eliminated for that reason and not about any other shit that they cooked up.

They are only trying to eliminate Iran, with the complicity of Israel, but Iran is that much bigger than Irag to deal with.

Venezuela's Chavez is another guy floating the idea of trading oil in other than US$, that is why the US is on tenterhooks, trying very hard to get rid of him as well.

So, you see, all that talk about sowing democracy and promoting regime change is just a load of shit for them to control the oil trade.

Anonymous said...

That is why,China should immediately use RBM as its settlement currency,as recommended by professor Lin,and instant termination of USA,a clean war.

with China as world sole super power,or India as a distant second.there is probably no more rubbish talk of human rights and democracy,as the West is practising and some silly followers in Asia.

A new global leader ship is on the card,if the third world war does not happen.

Smart billionaires like James Beeland Rogers, Jr.decided to make his daughters Asians many years ago.

He made the correct decision1

Anonymous said...

I agree about Saddam,Iran and Venezuela's Chavez,actually the biggest threat of USD not being used as petrol dollars,is Mr Putin of Russia,an ex-KGB spy who knows exactly when to pull the string to kill USD, Uncle Sam tried very hard to prevent Putin from returning as president again,I would not rule up conspiry theory,but obviously USA lost yet again.

When Putin returns as president of Russia,the days of USD as petrol dollars are really numbered.

Anonymous said...

You never can tell. Russia may yet be the downfall of the USD and the US, with the support of China of course.

But right now China holds too much USD assets to go that route that fast. Russia and China by the way are already cooking some deals in their own currencies away from the USD. They still need the major oil exporting countries, particularly the Arabs, to support the move away from USD.

It will not be that easy, especially when the Arabs are still strong US allies. But with China chipping away at some of the lesser oil producing nations, who knows how the wheel may turn. Time will tell.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Arabs are not strong American allies. Only the oil sheiks are.