Theme parties can be dangerous and racially unacceptable

A couple of years back, one UOB staff attending an annual D&D was attacked for being racist when he put on India attire and painted his face black. Now we have an ad, supposedly to show the four major races in the island, ie CMIO, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others or Eurasian and because the creator of the ad chose to be creative by using a Chinese actor to dress up to look like the 4 races, some have come up to object against him painting himself a brown tone, and insisted that he was trying to be an Indian or a Malay and that was bad, insensitive.

In the ad there was already a ‘Malay’ lady and an ‘Indian’ man, impersonated by the actor, Dennis Chew. So the brown tone man could not be a Malay or Indian, likely to depict a smartly dressed Eurasian in tie, but for those that took the position that it was offensive to depict a Malay or Indian man in brown tones, insisted that ‘he’ must be a Malay or Indian, so that their objection would stick. The Malay or Indian character is already represented in the ad, so do not insist that the brown tone man was meant to be an Indian or a Malay and thus offensive.

Is this what sensitivity or insensitivity is all about? Does anyone believe that the ad creator or Mediacorp that commissioned the ad has any ill intention to humiliate or make fun of any minority race? Could anyone want to look at the ad as a creative piece of art or advertisement? Is this about tolerance and insensitivity or about intolerance and over sensitivity?

The law must be sensitive and yet be practical and with some room for artistic and creative works and not simply lump every little thing as insensitive and unacceptable. What kind of society would we become if we allow this kind of intolerance to get too far and to grip the society into a state of paranoia?

Would people crossing dressing or dressed up in theme parties of different races be seen as racially insensitive? Would things that are taboo or prohibited in a race or religion be banned from the media because it would be seen as insensitive to that race or religion or some highly sensitive person claimed to be offended?

Where shall the line be drawn in our multi cultural and multi religious society? Where is the tolerance or sensitivity, or intolerance and insensitivity when we are living so close to each other? Should the govt react whenever a silly ass claims to be offended and start to ban this and that?

Should all theme parties that are religious or racial in origin be banned henceforth so that no one would be offended? Is it offensive for a person to dress in the attire of another race while participating in a festival, event, NDP or Chingay?

Should the country be held at ransom by a few highly strung and highly sensitive individuals like the swine teacher that said saying beef curry is racially insensitive because Hindus don’t eat beef?

Singapore shall not be ruled by the tyranny of the minorities. The authority, especially the Police, must be guarded against being exploited by the minorities in making false allegations and complaints against others. 

The latest case of the E-pay ad is a good example of what false allegation can do to harm racial relations.
There is this tendency to believe the complainant as the victim but this is not necessarily so. The Police must have a protocol to ensure that a police report or complaint has a valid basis. If the complaint is false or mischievous, the Police must take action against the complainant. The Police must not be made to go chasing red herring like fools and the complainant goes free for making false allegation to exaggerate and raise racial tension. If there is no such protocol, the fakes and mischievous would be encouraged to continue to abuse the Police and authority to do their bidding.?

What action will the Police take against the complainant in this E pay ad case?

What action will the Police take against the foreign associate professor in NTU for questioning the racial composition of our country and suggesting that a Chinese majority has conferred unfair privileges to them and this must be changed?

What action has the Police or MOE taken against the teacher that bullied a 9 year old boy for mentioning the word beef curry and threatened him and insulted him that this was unacceptable and the boy could be killed in certain country?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Apologies, posted at 8.30am but did not appear.

A reminder to all Singapore agencies esp Mediacorp and those organising NDP not to have their Chinese participants painted in brown or black faces as this is unacceptable and could lead to accusation of racism.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, those questions that RB raised need to be sent & address by the relevant ministry or authority. Those r fairly valid in the basis of racial harmony & equality. In a wk times is Sinkieland National 54th national day, let the patriotic Sinkies shall not forget the pledge "...regardless of race, language or religion...base on justice & equality...so as to achieve happiness, progress & prosperity."

Anonymous said...

Mats n nehs can paint their faces yellow, I've no problems.

Police already got laws & SOP against fake police rpts. Got cases mentioned in news. Many others not reported but action taken against fake reporters.

For police to take action against those examples you mentioned, there has to be either clear & immediate danger and obvious breach of penal code (e.g. someone slashing others with a chopper) or somebody/AGC make police rpt. That's why for things like somebody spray paint your main door, even if you post on stomp, police not going to do anything. U need to make police rpt 1st.

Virgo 49 said...

How about an Indian or Malay disguised as Chinese? Will they do it?

Think they are NOT so openminded and maganimous.

We are portraying Racial Harmony and goes out of our way to be accommodating and friendly to our fellow citizens m

Yet, they thought we are provoking them

One year even our National Day posters have potraits of Pinoys and Ang Mohs and Nehs.

Did the Majority made a hoo haa on this?

NO! Because either they are maganimous or already dumb.

Anonymous said...

The person in mediacorp that apology for that ad must resign and replace since he/she did no know what racism is. This is very dangerous for Singapore. I suggest that all future management personnel must pass Singapore racism test module before employment.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

teri-madhi-pudhi | pundek | pukimak | kani-nabu-chau-chee-bye | diu-leh-lo-mo | ...Let's celebrate a MULTIRACIAL Singapore.
Doesn't he look good in a turban?

Anonymous said...


How about school children wearing other races costumes celebrating national day?

Ok or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Matilah were to put on the attire of any race, they would attack him for wanting to make them look bad.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To apologise for doing no wrong is to admit what one did was wrong.

How silly can this be?

Prof Ang Peng Hwa, Chairman of Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore already confirmed that its council did not find anything wrong with the ad.

Why would Mediacorp and Havas apologise, had to apologise?

Singapore is going down the drain in governance.

Virgo 49 said...

You apologised you admitting your faults.

Wow heads swell. We make more noises.

Ironic. Why LKY at one time and now even his son and many other ministers like Alamak Senior wore bai yee turbans. Also painted sergeant on their foreheads.

Why they kept smiling and clapping? Why no show middle fingers and scold 4 letters words.

Poor Dennis, my fav DJ on 972FM always the humble guy and called everyone big bro and sis kena chastised.

Because he small fry.

Whole bunch of hypocrites and balls carriers.

Anonymous said...

RB 1030am


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. The PAP only uses the Big Stick on the Majority.Singaporean Chinkees.

Loved the Rest as they wanted their votes.

Also Sinkies Chins chins mostly bo hui bo chap.Already most dumb and numb.

Anonymous said...

Why no complaint, objection or police report when Sin Ruler cross dressed and or pretended to assimilate religious customs in gestures and spoke on the Tenets of the Religious Events they attended???
Sinkies are just simply hypocrites.

Fuck all the Pretenders and more so the Hypocrites.

Just A Moment In Time said...

Kiasu and kiasi attitude has become the basic character and natural instinct of most Sinkies, especially those working for the government, government-linked, privatised government companies as well as in the civil service, statutory boards and uniformed groups.

This prevailing local culture is built upon the four pillars of:

1. Fear and Phobia.
2. Greed and Shamelessness.
3. Lies and Half-Truths.
4. Arrogance and Divisiveness.

Such a country cannot last long. Like a meteo, it swept across the dark sky in a lightning flash, and like a meteo it fades into the distant darkness in the vast empty space, forever ......

imho said...

Ahneh is dominating the world slowly and pitching uass and china to fight each other. They even think they are white skin and want to be top power. Beware.

Anonymous said...

A nuclear bomb from the antagonised victim of the collaborative collusion of wicked and evil power is all that is needed to obliterate the tiny island from the world map.

But why would such an expensive weapon be wasted on a puny island?

Unless it is of strategic importance in a possible scenario of a war between the super-powers?

Anyone who even suggest, in just one instance, that Asean can stay united as a bloc against the super-power rivalry, is thinking like a naive schoolboy trying to convince the world that politics do not corrupt and human beings are incorruptible. Is it possible?

Independent? Sure or not? Since when has Sinkieland become independent? Who will believe that a banana is not yellow outside and white inside?

Virgo 49 said...

Right Bro. These clowns ashamed of their colour and thought that we insulted them.

Ask Chinkees to dress like them but painted white.

They will cheered and clapped and dance.


Virgo 49 said...

Some more they looked more UGLY than our Dennis Chew.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, there is no escape from fate/命运 and destiny/宿命。
Put it to the Simplest Explanation, it means Nature endows and decides on the Fate and Destiny of Beings.
Beings of Life, Element and Survival.
No one can over-rides Nature.
For Sin,
it has its days of glory. However, the Good Old Days are numbered. The Nature-endow geographical advantage is fast fading.
Developments in technologies have made most resource-endow countries to be more independent and less reliant on developed nations. The Modernizations of most nations due to technological developments eclipse the importance of Advanced Societies to make progress.
In fact, the Nature Well Endow Lands have plenty to develop upon whilst conversely, the Well Developed Societies have less need to further develop or may have repleted their resources. As mankind is replaced by man-made Artificial Intelligience, Cyborg and Robot;
mankind has created its own end wittingly.
Not only mankind becomes useless, their existences becomes purposeless and meaningless.

mankind shall destroy the World before Nature does it,
therefore it is ironical that at the End of it all, it is mankind that creates its own destiny.

Anonymous said...


repleted in Above Comment
to be corrected
to depleted.

Virgo 49 said...

These Nehs their features similar to the Whites have the complex that they are also Whites.

Pariah Whites. Not knowing that the Whites are the most hypocritical species in this Universe. That's why even MJ bleached himself to be a White.

Wow, Shits Times we have so many bananas Chinkees in support of these two racists and called for punishments for the Advtg Firm and those who gave the greenlights for the go ahead.

Many Sinkies Chinkess bananas are now Brains dead with too much brainwashing of the influence as drum un dat in and day out by our Papies.

Already lost command as in one Americunts movie.

A disgrace to their ancestors.For true blue Taiwanese, PRCs and Oldies Singaporeans parents they will exclaimed "We squeezed them to their DEATH if we know that we have these prodigal children when they are still young"


Anonymous said...

The label "Mankind" is a misnomer.

Man has never been kind most of the time. If at all, a Moment of Kindness is just a fleeting moment, usually calculated for later gains. Even the teaching of Compassion by Buddhist Masters is for selfish reason - to achieve Enlightened Existence.

Hu-mans and Hu-womans are actually unkind beings - beings that kill others for own selfish reasons:

for food,
for entertainment,
for fun,
for sports,
for "research",
for experiment
and for nothing.

So how can they be called mankind?

They should be called man-unkind and woman-unkind. Or,


Ah Ngeow said...

Only the mentally maladjusted would think that that EPay advert was offensive. They need some psychiatric help.

On the other hand, no one can appreciate an expletive laden rap video publicly aired and shows a clear intention to insult, instigate and test the red line of the authorities.

Book 'em and throw the book at them!

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Ah Ngeow

A thousand dollars to one.

Just a warning.Abid stern warning

Nothing more

Mark my words.Sake for Racical Harmony


Anonymous said...

For racial harmony or world harmony or whatever harmonic harmony, buy and use cryptocurrency Libra. All Central Banks will not be able to control you. This is real financial freedom!

Anonymous said...

For decades, racial harmony in Singapore was never an issue until recent years, when new citizens came - a consequence of PAP's open-legs pro-foreigner policies . . .

Anonymous said...

"Growing the GDP at ALL COSTS" means all other things do not matter. They can be sacrificed for the sake of growing the damned GDP - the sacred cow, or golden goose, or the jewel-producing mongoose..

And that includes racial harmony or citizens' well-being.

And why is it like that?

Is it because the annual bonuses of the get-rich-quick openly-greedy ministers and top civil servants are pegged to the Growth of the GDP?

Partially correct. The other reason is you have technocrats in the elite leadership. Technocrats are basically technical and mechanical people whose minds are designed (nature and nurture) like a highly intelligent robot. They do not have much feelings (empathy and compassion). In addition, they do not have to struggle with bread and butter issues themselves. They only struggle for Money and Power (MP) or Power and Money (PM).

That's why they have the twin titles of Prime Minister = PM; and Member of Parliament = MP.

Virgo 49 said...

CCS said that they having more trashes in NOT to compete with the "Average" Singaporeans.

He meant that if you are "Average" a less harsh term for"Mediocre" than it's too bad that you are been placed out of the markets. You unemployed that is your fate and don't blame us.

Right you are bro. You die your business. You ask you to be mediocre.

So, LHY and TCB said is true. They have lost their way in caring for the very people that Voted and put their faiths and hopes on them.

As citizens, they should have the foresight to make sure that you are not redundant and mediocre to have first choice survivals and employments in your own country.

What's the fark you are the citizens of the Country and served all your obligations when they treated you as NOT.

So daft Sinkies.Better wake up and chart yours and your children and grandchildren destinies by voting wisely.

For those who cares for your interests and survivals first.

Chinese Sinkies been the daftest of the whole lot.

We as Majority wields the MOST power in our Voting Electorate. Yet, we do not use this Power wisely to control our destinies and let the Others took charge and humiliated you.

As Bargaining Power in telling those that you have elected and put them there that you can also REMOVED them.

Maybe. too many traitous and greedy Ones in our midst.

Chinkees supposed to be a very SMART species but they could alsi be one of the daftest.

Knn said...

Matilar u so tucking rude and need to be sodomized

Knn said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Friday (2 August) slammed the “mock, insincere apology” by social media personality Preeti Nair and her brother Subhas over their controversial rap video.

Calling it a spoof of an earlier apology by Havas Worldwide for the E-Pay advertisement, MHA said the Nairs’ “pretence of an apology” goes to show “contempt for the many Singaporeans who have expressed concern at their blatantly racist rap video”.

“This is not the first time Ms and Mr Nair have expressed racist sentiments. About a year ago, Ms Nair published a video where she acted as a Chinese and mocked the Chinese community’s practices, culture and traditions. She portrayed Chinese as money-minded gamblers.

“Mr Nair wrote a song recently that says that Singapore condones systemic discrimination. This song was written for MediaCorp as part of this year’s National Day celebrations. Among the lyrics in the song: ‘We live in a system that has normalised us...to walk oblivious to a brown man stopped and ID checked.’ This is blatantly false,” the MHA said.... Yahoo News

Anonymous said...

The authorities must kill some chickens brutally to scare the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Those dudes needed to be sodomized to teach them a lesson. May be Matilar can do it since he loves sodomy.😀

Virgo 49 said...

Ask these two Mfuckers or Dfuckers go and fark spiders.

Thinking that they are Smart and Elites creating theses what's Utube videos for popularity.

Frankly, only those WHO are mentally deranged will create these types of nonsensical works or are beggars or braggarts looking for scrapes.

Gainfully employed people don't waste their time creating these.

Likwqise, those idiots and imbeciles WHO posted all their private lives into what's Face Pox or Chicken Pox or Instagram or Abrahams.

You have lunatics who are out to poke and pry into your private lives.

Putting photos of family members and their travels thinking that they are Grand. Lunatics! Behind your backs members from the MAD Club or House will scorn at your stupidities.

Have a thousand and one Ah Nehs wanting to be your friends.In brackets want to screw and rape you. Littlr 3 year old also gang raped and beheaded.

Why lose your cherished privacy when many of those real wealthy ones want to have as they have lost it with no choice of making their riches.

Cocks! Doing the reverse.

Tell that bitch that even any male mongrel dog would NOT even want to fark her a hippopotamus.

Putting on silly faces and thought she is Miss India.

Her equally see san face bro can go and get farked still thinking that they are still in the right by saying if we were to do this again, we woulf do differently.

Do again? The Authorities must tame them and lock them away to wake up their farking ideas.

It possible deported these scavengers out of our country.