Vicious Self-Aggrandizement Jews A Bane To China And The Chinese People PART TWO

     In yesterday's ( 27- 06-2019 )     PART   ONE article, it tells how China was lethally exploited by the might of the British enforced illegal Opium Trade and the Opium Wars that brought China to its knees.

Here  PART     TWO  tells how ironically the same inimical Jews in this first decades of the 21st century again try to bring harm to China via the much hated evil white American imperialists, the descendants of the now decrepit British imperialist. Only now the difference is that China is more than able to handle these mafia rogues and gangsters and give them back their own medicine.

The Chinese have not yet  got over the century of shame and humiliation initiated by the Jews and have yet to redress for all the wrongs, sufferings, damages and losses. Yet these same capricious Jews of the 21st century think it is fun to play havoc with China again.

The present very bitter anti-China feelings in America and the West is again initiated by a bunch of American Jewish hooligans. These Jewish American hooligans are able to sneak themselves into positions of power in the American government through scheming and plotting and ingratiation in high places. The American Jews seem to have taken control of the White House, the senate and Congress, the Foreign Office, CIA and The Pentagon as well as the banks and the ministry of trade and finance. The American Jews have openly advocated a policy of confrontation against China to take China down. Some of the main scoundrels in this pack are Paul Wolfowits, Peter Narvarro, John Bolton,Robert Lighthiger, Pompeo, Steve Bannon , Eliot Abrams and many more others.

Both Wolfowitz and Narvarro formulated very strong inimical arrogant policies and doctrines against China. Under Wolfowitz doctrine he demanded USA must prevent China from emerging as a rival power to pose a threat to US dominance. Together with Narvarro and Lighthiger Wolfowitz demanded that US must stop Chjina from industrial development  and prevent China from aspiring a larger regional  or global role. They advocated the necessity for US to take pre-emptive intervention to stop China's rise from threatening US interests or those of its allies. They are committed to the security of Israel too.

Peter Narvarro insists that China must agree to US demands that China carry out a profound overhaul of its economic and industrial policies to avoid challenging US overall supremacy. He talks as if China is a US colony . So China must subject to US dictates and suffer serious disruptions to her economy so that US can have the upper hand to do more evil to China.

Narvarro had written several anti-China books in which the main theme is constantly a call for US and the West to take down China. It is definitely a bugle call for war against China. In each of these books there is a similar emphasis for US and its Western mafia gangs to declare war on China and to take the first pre-emptory strike. He stressed the importance for US to maintain supreme military strength and preparedness and strengthening alliances . He states clearly in detail that US single greatest foreign policy challenge today is that of a "Rising China" and China's challenge to US position in Asia. He accused China of posing a provocative challenge to the status  quo meaning to US predominance and hegemony in Asia and the Pacific Ocean . He claims that the most formidable strategic challenge facing America is how to manage 'Beijing's Rise'  and prevent the creation of a " New Chinese Order ."

He is always in the front line falsely accusing China of a lot of fake things.  He accused China of mercantilist attack on America's industrial and technological bases costing US millions of good paying jobs. This accusation as we know is all imaginary hogwash. He claims China is an expansionist power trying to seize territory from its Asian neighbours  and drive the US out of the Western Pacific. He asserts China is a revisionist powser that wants to neutralise the US in East Asia and supplants it as the regional hegemon.

In making all the above fake accusations he conveniently forgets that China is an aggrieved power with a chip on its shoulder from historic humiliations at the hands of the West, US, Russia and Japan and has a political system that makes it an ideological rival with the US  only heightens the chance of a conflict with America if America conntinues to threaten China with harmful actions to try to contain China.

From the outset of his book 'Crouching Tiger' he has prepared a case for US war against China. He is all for US to declare war on China and he tries to encourage and sway US public opinion in preparedness for US military action and confrontation against China. And with his plodding US propaganda departments in Washington , Pentagon and CIA are constantly printing and disseminating propaganda with lots of lies, half-truths. insinuations, innuendos, misinformation and disinformation to prepare the American people for war against China. He lays out the worst case scenarios for war against China and is calling US to take action against a menacing rival superpowser that is invariably portrayed as assertive and aggressive with evil motives. He does not seem to realize that all these fake accusations reflect on the Evil Empire, the United States itself. 

He ignores the fact that US anti-China hawkish policies have a great impact on China's behaviour. More than 70 years after the end of the Second World War the United States still surround China with military bases in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the Philippines where hundreds of thousands of US troops are stationed. Moreover US has constantly conducted spying operations near China's borders and coastline and has always make clear that "China's authoritarian political system is destined for the scrapheap of history ", implying that US will never cease to give up its plan to destroy China. So how would Narvarro or anyone else expect China to react to a potentially hostile force at her doorstep.

China is indeed fearful of the inimical US postwar security system. China is neither imperialistic nor manipulative as Narvarro's book portrayed. Narvarro twisted facts about Chinese agenda in East Asia and South East Asia and the US Pacific command. 

Narvarro sinisterly alludes to China's hegemonic desire to become a superpower through its military, economic and political policies. He calls for US and its western European allies to take immediate action to address this formidable threat. His evil intention is to arouse Americans' anti-China feelings by focussing on the certainty that America's superiority is being challenged by China.

Britain and the Jews of the 19th and 20th century had impoverished China and caused tremendous harm, suffering and destruction to China while they and the Sassoons and the Europeans and Americans ,parties to the rape of China were awashed with unlimited wealth and splendour derived from the horrific  illegal opium business and opium wars against China.

Ironically in this 21st century the same capricious demonic Jews have once again become a bane to China as they plot and manipulate the United States to go against China in every way. Peter Narvarro and his hordes of hawkish anti-China Jews are representatives and mouth pieces of the the Wall Street Anglo-Saxon  Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal . Just as the Sassoons reaped horrendous profits of billions of pounds from the Opium War on China , Narvarro and his masters in the Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal hope to reap the same endless billions of dollars in profit if they succeed in creating the Sino-American war. But hopefully this time round China will teach the psychopathic Jews and Americans a painful lesson.

Narvarro and his his anti-China clique must not push their hawkish ideas too far.. Today China is not a push over , China is now rich and powerful a full fledged military nuclear armed power  with well developed economy and well endowed scientific, industrial and technological prowess ready to take on any blind and lunatic adversary.  Moreover China is not alone but has powerful allies in Russia , North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. An attack on China now will culminate in the demise of the United States and Israel.


Friday, 28th June, 2019


Anonymous said...

The disgusting Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist fiends need to be lynched for crimes against humanity. The Jewish Zionists world threat will cause Third World War and that will be the end of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his administration office bearers are all crooks and scoundrels. They and those in the Senate, Congress, House of Representatives, CIA and The Pentagon are all mega criminals.The Evil Empire with the shadow Jewish Zionists behind it has been making wars for centuries and must be destroyed and come to an end eternally.

Anonymous said...

The Jews of the Rothschilds syndicate or mafia controls the American Federal Reserves. Most western countries and some non-western countries like Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Venezuela and Brazil deposit their gold with the Federal Reserves in Fort Knox. Their gold is as good as gone. The Rothschilds Zionists are thieves.

For self preservation the world must dump the US dollars and Federal Reserves commodities. Stop trading in US dollars and all will be well. Once free of the Pertrodollar and trading in gold and other currencies , countries will be free of US imperialism.

Anonymous said...

The evil Jews are relying on US support. But the Evil Empire is disintegrating and dying. Hopefully the wicked Jews will die together with the Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the greatest enemy of humanity that Russia and China need to annihilate.
The Zionist Jews are looking for a way to start a war against China and Russia. If the United States want to survive it must make peace with the two super power countries instead of making constant aggressive provocations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Jews and the Whites have a common agenda, divide the world, make them fight and fight to kill each other and they will stand on the side line selling them more weapons to fight and kill each other.

This strategy has worked for the last few hundred years but coming to an end. China and Russia are uniting the rest of the world, and God has sent Trump to isolate the Americans from the rest of the world.

The few evil men in Washington think they are ever powerful and could do their will freely, to conquer and control the world.

Man proposes, God disposes. History is writing a new chapter, the West would be history soon. The evil West would be replaced by the good of the East.

Anonymous said...

The US ministry of defense and the Foreign Office are infested with Jews of the highest echelons. The Jewish military power elites, the generals in the Pentagon have successfully taken over the power of the president in deciding foreign policies and the important decisions on war and peace. The fanatical Jewish hawkish militarists now make and execute military policy, decide war zones and push for more
defense spending. Crucial decisions are now made by these warmongering generals and not the president. Trump is now under the control of so many hawkish officials in his administration. These fanatical psychopathic Jews are more interested in upholding the security of Israel than the security of the United States.

Virgo49 said...

The Canadians want to poison the PRCs?

🇨🇳 China stopped the import of pork from Canada as False certificates.

Swine fever pigs to China.

PRCs lives cheap. They used to call Chinese PIGS

imho said...

Read your history carefully. Chinese, especially Hans, already suffered greatly under the qing dynasty. God sent angmo to free china. Its never about race. Evil is created by greed and power. It exists in every race and culture.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know they are all JEWS ,!

Anonymous said...

So Peter Narvarro, John Bolton, Robert Lighthiger, Pompeo, Steve Bannon are all really of Jewish origins ?

Trump also got a Jewish son-in-law in Kushner. Kushner was raised in a Modern Orthodox Jewish family . . .

imho said...

Jews or not does not matter. What it matters is the soul. Not the color or race.

Maybe one day Xi will declare China a Christian country. Like Constantine. This will make him a great leader and legend.

Pope is a christian. Putin is a christian. Trump is a christian. Xi may also be a christian in future. Thats the 4 kings in the bible. Together they will bring more peace, progress and prosperity to the world.


Anonymous said...

shall go the Way
of the Dodo. However,
mankind the Only
Superstitious Being shall be extinct before religion does.
it is because humankind destroys itself due to its superstition.
Mrs Xi Jinping is known to be a christian, but she has not proselytise and preach in public.
Nor has She plays any political role as the First Lady in her Motherland.

Comrade Xi is certainly a much enlighten person, one that has shown consistently that Humanities and Humanism are the Foundations to a better World.
He must have also know the Damages religions have done in Human History.
The Conflict and Carnage are happening unabated.
The Traditional Chinese Culture is base in Virtue as expounded by Confucius and to some extend Lao Tze, the Two Best Known Philosophers who are over 2,500 year old.

The World shall be destroyed by mankind before Nature does it. This could happen within the Next 400 year.