Vicious Self-aggrandizement Jews, a bane to China and the Chinese people

                                                           PART          ONE

          The Jews may be a small race but their propensity for doing evils in this world outweighs their small numbers by incalculable geometric figures. They are more venomous than all the poisonous creatures like the cobra, black mamba, viper, rattle snake and the tarantula spider.

Wherever the Jews go they will create choas and problems. The Egyptian pharoahs had to expel them from Egypt more than three thousand years ago to keep the Egyptian throne safe. King Cyrus of Persia was kind enough to send the Jews back to Jerusalem instead of despatching them for good.

Historically they have been very good in self-aggrandizement and ingratiating with local rulers to get themselves fraudulently appointed to positions of power in the government. This deceptive practice has eventually caused undesirable consequences to everybody.

It was claimed that the Jews were the satans behind the scenes in starting the Napoleonic Wars , The First World War and The Second World War. They initiated these wars out of their limitless greed and avarition to profit from these wars when they were able to sell military weapons and hardware to all the warring parties simultaneously without blinking an eye. Indeed they are very good. clever and astute in inciting and fomenting wars among others so long as there is money or profits to make.

The scheming insidious Jews are the source of all wars in the Middle East , Asia and Africa and may be South America. In 2003 , Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney, both Jews in the Bush administration formulated a secret policy for the Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against seven countries viz Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Syria and China.

The Jews referred to China's national symbol and emblem, The Dragon'  as 'Satan' and called for every nation on earth to join Israel to destroy China

The Jews practise a militant religious doctrine 'The Talmud' which teaches them that they are the chosen race of God and they stand supreme against all other races on earth. Indeed they have always hold other races in contempt as savages or sub-human. Wherever they go they cunningly establish themselves in positions of power by scheming , plotting and by deceit. They elbow themselves  not only in the high places of the political arena but also in the financial, trade and commerce sectors as well as holding a strangle hold on the mass media the TV, newspapers and journals where they freely propagate fake and distorted news, lies, half-truths, misinformation and disinformation.

The Jews have no qualms in manipulating and pitting other countries to fight and destroy themselves so long as they can survive by not involving themselves directly in destructive wars. The Jews control  the American Central bank, The Federal Reserves, the British central bank, The Bank of England as well as many of the  central banks of Europe and the world. In 1972 the American Jew, Henry Kissinger, secreatary of state to President Nixon plotted the PetroDollar which enables America to hold the world in financial bondage and hostage subservient to American financial manipulation, squeeze and control. With the effective control of the PetroDollar America has been able to hold the whole world to ransom through sanctions, tariffs and blockades.

The Jews have always been a bane to China and the Chinese people.

In the 19th and first half of the  20th century the Jews were instrumental in plodding the British and the Europeans to attack China. They were able to influence the British army to fight for them as mercenaries in the Opium Wars of 1839-1840 and 1858-1860. Ironically in this 21st century these same inimical Jews are now again plotting to get the United States to attack China, to declare war on China under the most whimsical reasons.

It was the British Jews who for the sake of making illicit opium money from China initiated the illegal opium trade on China. The Chinese government had banned the trading of opium, a life destroying drug.

A notorious Jew, David Sassoon, a financial criminal fugitive escapee from Baghdad, Iraq was responsible for initiating the illicit opium trade that led to the Opium War against China. David's father Saleh Sassoon was a banker and treasurer to Ahmed Pasha the governor of Baghdad. Thus Saleh Sassoon was holding a very high influential position. In 1829 Saleh Sassoon and Ahmed Pasha were indicted for corruption and Pasha was overthrown . However Saleh Sassoon and his family fled to Bombay, British India. As he was able to line up the pockets of British officials in India with his bountiful wealth , the British government soon granted the Sassoons monopoly rights to all manufactured catton goods, silk and most important opium.

However, China did not want the cotton that Sassoon wanted to trade and would only accept payment in silver dollars for her tea. Other than tea China was not interested in trading with England for any other thing.

As the British government under Queen Victoria did not want to use the country's reserves of gold or silver in buying tea so David Sassoon treacherously advised the British government to force China to open up China for opium trade though they knew that China had banned opium trading in the country.

In order to boost the illicit and illegal opium trade David Sassoon forced the farmers in Bengal to stop farming food and turned to growing opium poppies. As Sassoon's opium business flourished he was appointed a member and director of the British East India Company, a firm owned and run by the Rothschild's Jews in London.

The illicit opium business was so successful that the tax the company paid to England was more than enough to pay for all the English wars between 1831 and 1905.

Opium was a Jewish Business" and the Jews had an almost total monopoly of the illicit opium trade in China. As his opium business expanded in China David Sassoon placed his eight sons in charge of the various opium exchanges in China. Other than his sons he also employed other Jews in his business. He imported whole family of Jews from England and all over Europe and put them to work.Then he built synagogues and schools for the Jewish community wherever he might place them.

As the Sassoons were British subjects their illegal opium business had the full protection of the British government, especially the then British prime minister Palmerstone himself was a Jew. With the rich opium trade the Sassoons were credited as great developers of British India while ignoring and forgetting the fact that their vile opium trade caused the great destruction and impoverishment of the Chinese nation.

As the scourge of opium was getting too rampant on the Chinese population and nation the Chinese government decided to take some strong action against the illegal opium business. In 1839, the Chinese commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu confiscated 2000 chests of Sassoon's opium and threw them into the river. David Sssoon was outraged and demanded Great Britain retaliate. As the Sassoon family had married into the Rothschild family who had controlled the English economy and had great influence in the British government the demand had powerful Jewish backers in England.

The Opium Wars began with the British army fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoons. They attacked cities and blockaded ports. The Chinese army decimated by more than a decade of rampant opium addiction was no match for the British army. The war ended with the Treaty of Nanking which legalized Sassoon's right to enslave the whole Chinese population with opium. China had to compensate the Sassoon's millions of pounds for the opium confiscated and destroyed by  Lin Tse-hsu. China had to pay England a war indemnity of several million pounds. In addition China had to accede to British demand for territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several  designated offshore islands in which Hong Kong was one of them. Thus with the protection of this outrageous treaty the Sassoons were able to use the British army to forcefully drug the entire Chinese nation.

As the British pile up more unreasonable demands, the Chinese resisted. This resulted in Palmerston declaring the Second Opium War of 1858-1860. At the end of the war Palmerstone demanded the right of the British to trade opium in  the whole of China's interior .  China had to pay a bigger war indemnity than the last one and in addition China had to open several more additional Chinese ports and cities for England to occupy and conduct the opium trade.

Not happy with just imposing these new outrageous terms , Palmerstone showed great hatred and derision of the Chinese by leading a pack of western powers inclusive of US, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, Italy  and Japan to loot and burn down the prestigeous Chinese Palace Garden , the "Yuanmingyuan."

                                                   END     OF     PART     ONE


27th June, 2019


Anonymous said...

Karma has come to plague the British now for their past evils on China and the world. England will continue to degenerate in every way, politically, economically, and financially. Scotland and Wales will for sure secedw from England and declare themselves independent states. England owed the Evil Empire a huge debt after the Second World War and had to accede to USA demand for the use of British occupied Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean as an American military base in lieu of the debt to be paid.

Karma is real. A warning to the Evil Empire

Anonymous said...

Does mankind has a future?
Probably not. All will be killed by the Jews. In the end, the Jews kill themselves.Because they are too smart for the good of others and for their own good.

The strength of human civilization is not the ability to wage wars but the ability to prevent wars and self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

If what is said is the truth. That means H have foresight but was made evil.

Anonymous said...

The American and British Jews are both under the Anglo-America Zionist Rothschile Illuminati Cabal which controls the American and the British economy and the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserves. The rogue thieving zionist cabal is claimed to have amassed over five hundred trillion dollars. But Russia and China as well as many other countries will cooperate to demolish this illegal hoard of the world's money when they take down the PetroDollar. The 500 trillion dollars are ill gained from profits from perennial or permanent wars from the sale of military hardware and weapons to warring countries .

Anonymous said...

The American Jews especially the Rothschilds also control and manipulate the PetrDollar to the detriment of the economies of all other countries especially the third world countries. The sooner God destroys the evil avaricious Jews the better for the peace of the world.

Anonymous said...

The American Jews have hijacked the American Foreign Office and they determined all the hawkish foreign policies to instigate and foment wars non-stop all over the world. Look at what they did to the Arabs in the Middle East creating wars among the unsuspicious Arabs to rob off their oil nad mineral resources. Without Russian intervention Syria would have gone under the Jews control now.

Virgo49 said...

See the ironies

"US warns: Myanmar, 🇨🇳 China NOT to persecute minorities"

They themselves are the main persecutors in persecuting the Blacks and Other Coloured Beans in USA.

One Hong Konger placard: Free HK from China Colonisation.

But they UNDER THE Brits for 100 years. NOT colonisation. Cannot even have their Chief Executioner.

What's a frace

Anonymous said...

The Anglo-Saxons are inherently evil and wicked and when they gang up with the just as evil and wicked Jews it is really too much for the world. But nevertheless the free world under the leadership of Russia and China and the BRIC Countries will be able to take them down sooner or later.

Virgo49 said...

Just see the Hongkies protests.So many chow any mohs amongst them.

Idiots instigated by these Devil's

Don't want to stay in HK go to the Any Mohs countries.Think they will worshipped you chinks Chinks.

China kaput All Chinese also kaput.

Be treated like dogs from the evil whites and black cobras black ants then you will wake up too late

Little cows do not know the fury of the Tigers

What's Democracy? More corrupted democrazy countries than the Socialists

Virgo49 said...

What do the overseas Chinese think about Hong Kongers protesting against the China extradition act?

By Lawrence Wong, Software Architect.

I am overseas Chinese, used to stop over in Hong Kong for trade conferences, banking services, and the great food! Now, the food is still good, but Guangzhou or Shenzhen offer much better value. Shenzhen is where most important tech companies are and conferences are held. Banking services are done in Singapore or through internet/block chain, so I have no reason to go to Hong Kong, just fly to Shenzhen directly. Or Beijing, Shanghai, even Hangzhou.

None of my Hong Kong friends went, they are too busy working and competing with their friends/partners/competitors worldwide, especially the 996 tech industry people and their 12/12/7 founders.How is the demonstration important? Hong Kong is becoming more irrelevant by the day as a colonial relic. Gone are the bank clerk jobs taking flight capital or shipping clerks writing letters of credit, bill of lading, or forwarders loading containers. You didn't need to know much then, some English, Chartered Account is all you need or aspire to be.Nowadays, who needs this obsolete middleman Hong Kong? The people should be asking what are my skill set? How is Hong Kong staying relevant in fintech? Block chain?

When China is advancing so rapidly in 5G, High Speed Rail, Clean Energy, and so many leading edge technology of the 21st century. When Alibaba/Lazada or JD can ship world wide; when Tencent invests and distributes games worldwide; COSCO ships from Shanghai Yangshan port using automated loading systems. Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo/Vivo/OnePlus selling their own branded devices.. when DJI and eHang dominating drones?Yes, Hong Kong should be concerned.

Because nobody in Beijing/China overreacted.In ten years, they may not even notice.Young HKers should step into China and see for themselves how advance China is like these days instead of buried their head in the sand thinking China needs HK more than HK needs China. Soon they will realise that what they can do, China can do much better. They will find themselves obsolete. If I were the youth in HK,. I will send my time studying hard and gain as much knowledge I can so that I can face the challenge ahead of me instead of wasting time demonstrating in the streets

Anonymous said...

The Four Vital Keys In Life

1. The key to survival is Adaptability.

2. The key to living is Awareness.

3. The key to having a good life is Balance.

4. The key to happiness is Compassion.

It is as easy as ABC!

Virgo49 said...

Likewise here in Sinkieland.Who still need your so many Middlemen type of businesses.

From Independence or even Raffles Times still acting as Middlemen Servile Businesses.

No Innovations of sorts of our own to be proud of. Lay not even an egg but lay full of shits.

Churned up POP just for a few dollars in the Internal bullshits economy.

Now Soothsayers forecasted doom and recession which local or foreign beans or trashes they gonna to scrafifice?

What's another millions dollars IT office to create another 10,000 jobs.

So many data bases even cannnot maintain properly and kena hacked want to be a SMART NATION.

Cho Si Lang. Kee Chew just Harpered and Harper that Sinkieland will be affected by the fallout. Who don't know.

Spouted expletives. Said what's your plans in managing these fallouts.

Who don't know what to say what you said.

Leave to another Iswaran to spout further expletives.

Singapore is done for.Pity the young.
But they should also cursed their 69.9% parents and grandparents for their fate

Anonymous said...

Mr. Glory, lucky u published the article in sg cause if u are in USA or Europe, sure Kena detained and in USA u have to suffer as they will place u with the black tuakee. Once in u got no chance sure Kena sodomize jialat jialat. 😀 God bless

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore's tiny economy is struggling to have 1.5-2.5% growth. Chio si lang.

If remove the importing of foreigner element, it would be negative growth. Still demanding to be paid in the millions.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB. What's with the Foreign Talents Singapore GDP at 1.5 to 2.5

Massage figures. Minus percentage.

With locals maybe at 3 to 5 percentage.

Overweight and overburdened.

Now recession slipping in. One third or even half Roam the Streets.RTS.

See whether they can still support the overpopulation.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, now I am asking my Son to consider hiding in the university doing master as with many of his friends even some with first class can not find reasonable job offer. So very jialat. Most of them have 6 or 7A at A level but totally useless. Even Govt bodies also see no up very jialat.