Singapore's deadly drug addiction and dependency

Drugs are drugs, and drugs are addictive. That is why they are called drugs and with a negative and bad connotation, and can be very deadly. But drugs are the cravings of many people, the unthinking, the shallow thinkers, as they could provide instant gratifications, easy means to get the highs so needed.

Singapore is addicted to a few deadly drugs that are now beginning to wear off and the pain and suffering are getting more and more apparent. And to maintain the same level of highs, the dosage must not only be maintained but increased to get the same effect. How long can this go on before Singapore suffers from overdosage or be killed by over consumption or suffer the same fate like all drug addicts, from deprivation?

The first drug that is wearing off and showing withdrawal symptoms is HHDBP, aka High HDB Price. The problems of keeping HDB price at stratospheric prices are beginning to show. It is not only difficult but impossible. And the price is going to tumble faster and faster with each year pricing. The HHDBP drug is going to kill a big majority of Singaporeans as more than 80 per cent of Singaporeans are consuming this drug. There is no escape.

The next deadly drug is CPFNYM/CPFNE aka CPF Not Your Money or CPF Not Enough. Many Singaporeans, practically every adult Singaporean is affected by this drug. Their dependency on this drug is for life. Any time when this drug runs low, they will be in deep financial trouble. The withdrawal symptoms can be deadly or lead to premature death. The older Singaporeans get, the more dependent they would be on this drug. Unfortunately many just would not have enough of this.

The third drug is HPP aka high property prices. Singaporeans whether living in private property or HDB estates cannot afford to have falling property prices. Lower property prices or lower HPP would make life unbearable. Singaporeans must be kept on a constant high with HPP or else it would lead to untold misery.

Another drug that Singaporeans are fed with, just like when they went to a party and everyone said must try and must have is LMI aka life and medical insurance. Like in a party, Singaporeans are forced to partake LMI or else, like it or not, everyone is on it, so no choice must also take. Got money, no money, still must pay for it. This drug is hard on the pockets of Singaporeans, an irresistible drugs, a must have drug that like drug addicts, must find the money to pay for it.

Another deadly that have long term consequences and once taken would be hooked for life, is FWL. This one has a very high dependency and addiction potency. The more one takes, the more is needed. Oh, this one does not affect the people directly but companies and the govt. In case you still did not get it, it is called Foreign Workers Levy. The companies needed this supposedly to keep their cost low. The govt is highly dependent and addicted to this as a cheap source of income to boost the GDP and the govt coffers. Cutting this drug is unacceptable. This drug is for life to the govt. Can't imagine how the govt is going to survive without this drug, or cheap source of income.

The consequences of this FWL need not elaborate. The constant presence of wild life in Singapore and turning Singapore into a third world city with more social problems and crimes are part and parcel of FWL. Singaporeans would have to live with more wild life in their midst, in HDB estates particularly.  It is not only social and economic problems but also security and safety problems.

The govt's heavy addiction to this drug is clearly shown by their die die must have 10m population and when this is reached, they would say 20m is better. They would not tell you how bad life would be with 10m or 20m population. They are just telling half truths, about how good, and keeping quiet about the bad parts, the other side of the same coin.

These are just some of the major drugs that are inflicting a lot of pain and damages to the well being and health of Singaporean and would only get worse as the addiction gets worse.


The Higher The Betterest said...

Nevermind lah. Since everyone is addicted and the government too, why worry? Everyone getting high of such innovative drugs created by the top scholar brains, they must be good. Otherwise, why they pay themselves such hallucinatory high salaries an bonuses every year? 70% already high on drugs, that's why die die must vote in the Peddlers And Pimps.

Virgo49 said...

DPM and PM to be getting the Hot Shits Seat soon with the Screw-up ex PM onleave and passing the blame game to his successor.

FWL? Foreign Workers Levies good for their collections and also cheap labours for the sinkies and foreign unscrupulous employers gonna come to a decision soon with the GE on the way.

Sacrificing sinkies with full blown unemployment for the trashes and caught themselves in a political lost.

Anyway, Think they will still loved the Talents as the workforce as they knew Sinkies are so daft that they will be still voting them in on the fears that they might lose their jobs in a recession. They will be told that they are the only Saviours that can save them. Afterwards, Sinkies will blamed themsleves for their incompetence and bad luck for been jobless.

Now, either they have already run out of ideas or ploys by saying we are inviting the Citizens and consulting them on policies matters.

They had been harping these mantras long ago and did they really take your feedback in their policies.

Only to run and intimate those who gave their suggestions like in their nonsensical select committee.

HHBDP? High HDB Price. Now they even tell you to apply instantly for any left over HDB reserved flats.
Many already slowed down due to their cut-throat prices and now there's a glut.

When prices tumbled just like in Sentosa, many Sinkies who brought theirs at the peak will be finally awaken to their follies.

Just loved to see exciting times ahead where the daft sinkies are finally been taught real life realities.

Anonymous said...

Hearing an elderly fell from overhead bridge, likely committed suicide !

Anonymous said...

Sg is already like that long long ago!

Even before the last GE!

But at the last GE.....69.9% still gone to them!

How to explain for this!

No point now kpkb kpkb and kpkb..........

No matter what they do........the masses will still die-die vote for them!

You wait n see!

So really no point kpkbsssssss......better 3Ms!

Sg is like that liao! There is no cure! No U-turn! No U-turn!


Anonymous said...

10.12am anon, if u got nothing better to post just keep your mouth shut lar. Everyday posting the same stuff to discourage sinkies. You got nothing better to do is it? Knn u asking to be sodomize is it. Suggest u go to Malaysia since many Politicians there like to sodomize or if u are lazy then go to Jalan Besar to be sodomized by the American sailors.😰 Not say I wanted to say u.

imho said...

The gov is just as greedy as the people. Stop complaining and get back to screwing each other off.

Anonymous said...

😰 Not say I wanted to say u anon June 16, 2019 10:22 am!

You are really the SK = S0d0mize King!

Anyway.....good for you! All the best!


Anonymous said...

The "original" cause of all these drug problems identified by redbean: VFPAP

Do you think the mother of all our current drug problems is: VFPAP

Voting For PAP

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are just some of the major drugs that are inflicting a lot of pain and damages to the well being and health of Singaporean and would only get worse as the addiction gets worse.

Please lah, not all Singaporeans, only some (maybe 30% or less) are inflicted a lot of pain and damages to their well being and health.

And without these major drugs, it will even be much more worse for ALL Singaporeans, u know.

So PAP is just making a choice between the lesser of 2 evils lah.

Just as majority Singaporean voters are choosing PAP, although evil, as the lesser evil to be govt, as compared to the opposition.

Always remember and I repeat, not all, only some Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If u r smart, u can make lots of money, and u will have a good life and not feel any pain or damages from PAP policy.

That's how smart Singaporeans avoid pain or damages from PAP policy and till have good life in high cost Singapore.

Or if they are not smart to make money here, they will be smart to emigrate elsewhere for a better life with less money.

Smart ones, eg like Uncle RB, may still kpkb about PAP but I think only for fun, or else if they are serious like Chee Soon Juan, they would have become opposition to fight PAP in election. Or maybe not, because if they r smart, they will know sure lose, so fight for what?

Anonymous said...

As long as PAP allows smart Sinkies to make lots of money, PAP will not lose.

And God help PAP by having majority Sinkies to be smart Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

A Ponzi scheme can last just for so long. The operators of a Ponzi just hope that it can out last him, after that not his problem. Unfortunately many Ponzi schemes cannot outlast the operator become bringing the operator down.

The people participating in Ponzi schemes are happy temporarily as the drug effect would be very good in the initial phases. But as the drug effects wear off, the pain and suffering would be unbearable. In the meantime they hope they would be able to survive the Ponzi scheme just like the operators.

Who would run road first, the operators or the participants?

Pray pray pray that the scheme would last just a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

And without these major drugs, it will even be much more worse for ALL Singaporeans, u know.
11:07 am

100% correct, without these major drugs, PAP ministers and smart Sinkies will also suffer from pain and damages too. And with these drugs, PAP ministers and smart Sinkies will have good life.

Hope all now can better understand why PAP is doing what PAP is doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1107
Hi 1119
Hi 1124

1o8% Correct!

Yam Seng!

Anonymous said...

But as the drug effects wear off, the pain and suffering would be unbearable.
11:29 am

But only for those who are not so smart lah, maybe 30% or less of Sinkies.

Smart Sinkies, as long as they r smart, will know what to do to avoid pain and suffering.

So pray that smart Sinkies don't become stupid lah, and not pray that the scheme would last just a bit longer.

Don't pray wrongly, OK?

Anonymous said...

When the drugs are stopped, the 69% would be like farmers in the US, honoured as patriots for their sacrifices in a trade war they could not win.

Virgo49 said...

Two or three Papies Stooges are echoing each other that they belong to the 70% Smart Sinkies who made it good in Sinkieland.

Let's see how long they will last and boast when the Realities of Recession bites into them.

Hopefully always think that the 30% opposition Sinkies are not so smart as them.

MOT, see them scavenging on the Streets and whether they are SMART to make these template comments days in and days out with their little grey matter.

Anonymous said...

Ponzi Action Party

Anonymous said...

Two or three Papies Stooges are echoing each other that they belong to the 70% Smart Sinkies who made it good in Sinkieland
Virgo49 12:06 pm

Seriously, there is also truth in what they say lah.

At your age, don't be so narrow minded and call them Papies Stooges just because they speak the truth for PAP.

Ask yourself, if a lot of Sinkies suffer greatly under PAP, or think opposition is better, why would they want to vote for PAP? Remember the saying, there is wisdom in the crowd, u know.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.22

Right at my age,no need anymore challenges or jobs to sustain my liviehood.

Those boastful cocks what's wisdom in crowds, should be lost daft sheep have long way to go.

In leisure,have your sufferings and scavengings in the streets when the realities bite.

Equal miseries for ALL as rightfully spread for all.

Anonymous said...

They would not tell you how bad life would be with 10m or 20m population.

Macau is the most densely populated region in the world, with 48,003 people per square mile (18,534 people per square kilometer). Macau is not a sovereign country but is instead a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. It has a population of 650,900, many of whom are evenly distributed throughout the region's 44.5 square miles. Due to a low birth rate, Macau primarily relies on immigration in order to increase population levels. According to the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Macau's urban population grew 2.66% between the years 2005 and 2010.

Monaco, one of the world's smallest countries, is also second most densely populated country in the world. It has a population density of 43,830 people per square mile (16,923 per square kilometer). As Macau is technically not an independent country, Monaco can be considered the world's most densely populated country. There are 37,308 people living in Monaco. The country grows at a rate of 2.25% every year. While not a member of the European Union, Monaco still plays a vital part in European affairs. Monaco uses the euro as currency.

Singapore is the world's third most densely populated place with 18,513 people per every square mile. Singapore is a country in Asia known for its warm climate, vibrant economy, and high quality of life. Although the idea of a high population density may bring to mind images of crowded and unpleasant city streets, Singapore does an excellent job of handling its population volume, with top-notch public transportation systems and vertical housing.

So u see, even if Singapore has 10M population, it will still lose out to Monaco and Macau in population density.

So I think 10M population is OK for Singapore, PAP and for smart Sinkies to have good life.

And despite most densely populated, smart people in Monaco and Macau also have good life, u know. So why not Singapore? Hence I think PAP knows what they r doing.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a country in Asia known for its warm climate, vibrant economy, and high quality of life. Although the idea of a high population density may bring to mind images of crowded and unpleasant city streets, Singapore does an excellent job of handling its population volume, with top-notch public transportation systems and vertical housing.

Waa, how come World Atlas also speak good about Singapore har?

PAP stooges? LOL

Virgo49 said...

Wait till the water and other resources ran out and you have wonderful lives.

Also, an epidemic breakout of fatal diseases and you have good lives.


Below out of Tropic article very interesting by Li Ka Shing

Li Ka-shings article is well-written.By transmitting the following article, Mr. LI Ka-shing, Mr. CHEUNG Shih-shing, put it in a nutshell and make it clear that the situation in Hong Kong is now in a good state for reading.

Li Ka-shing has something to say, no matter what mistakes the Chinese Communist Party has made, No matter how many corrupt elements there are in the Communist Party, we, as citizens of China, should have no quarrel with the Communist Party. Whatever the reason, it is a historical choice to govern by the Communist Party in contemporary China.At least now and for a long time, both prestige and governance, There is no party or force that can replace the Communist Party, let alone the new Central Committee headed by Xi Jin ping, which has given us hope and positive energy.

A political party, like a man, can make mistakes, or correct them; he can get ill, or he may recover. If we leave the Communist Party now, China will be in chaos. If China is in chaos, it will be our people who will suffer.There have been a lot of extreme articles on the Internet recently that are not aimed at denouncing the corrupt forces in the Party, These articles ignore the great achievements of China since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China,especially since the reform and opening up policy, They include all the mistakes of the Communist Party, all the crimes, the clearness of the data, the precision of the language, and the closeness of the style, and they are very provocative and demagogic, It is not like the spontaneous discontent of the people to vent, like a well-organized and premeditated offensive, which cannot without doubt the political motivations and the international context behind this.

As we all know,the rise of China has caused the panic of some international forces. Some countries, such as the United States and Japan, are trying hard to put down and block China, Its practical purpose is not to promote more universal, advanced ideas, but to serve exclusively the interests of other countries. They gave advice and money to cultivate the hostile forces against the Communist Party, There is only one real purpose, that is, to disrupt China, to disperse China, to stagnate or regress China's development and to become their vassals, so that they can seek hegemony by force. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Egypt. These are American masterpieces.

What do the American people get from these troubled countries? Did they really benefit from the pro-American elements among them?Fellow countrymen, open your eyes, see clearly, don't be easily brainwashed, don't follow excitedly, follow the hubbub, be used and be proud of yourself. We are Chinese, we cant watch this country go to disaster. If we have a chance to help our country, we should do our best. If we do not have the opportunity or the ability to contribute to the country, we should at least not make trouble, should we?

If the country falls apart, we all suffer. The least we can do at the moment is not to say, pass on or do anything that is detrimental to the stability of a country, nor to do anything, nor to be curious, nor to watch. Li Ka-shing Everybody, after reading this article, please try to transfer it as far as possible. This is indeed thr advice given by a senior boss to the people.

Anonymous said...

@All, @RB,

HHDBP -- Who ask you so gian png buy resale HDB or condo when they're overpriced?!? Want to pretend to be property investors also don't know how to analyse & read the property markets. Pros buy property for income / rentals, higher the better. Amateurs buy property for hope of capital appreciation. BTOs are still very affordable for average Sinkies and majority should stick to this, while focusing efforts/time on skills & talents to generate more income from profession and/or investing.

Personally I don't need to depend on high price of my HDB. HDB & condo prices can collapse to ZERO and I won't feel anything.

CPFNYM / CPFNE -- Same as above.

In fact if used properly for its main purpose, average Sinkie can accumulate close to $1M in CPF by 55 yrs old, allowing for a modest worry-free retirement.

99.999% of readers on this blog will laugh at my statement becoz they are too stupid, greedy & gian png to understand how it can be so.

HPP -- Refer to my comments on HHDBP above.

LMI -- Any responsible person will have the proper & adequate LMI. Only irresponsible people will not have. Or they will buy expensive & inadequate LMI like wholelife & endowments. Sounds like what 99.999% of idiots on this blog will do.

FWL -- Smart Sinkies leverage on FWL to generate good investments in Sin City as well as ensuring low cost of living for themselves. Without FWL those here complaining about high cost of living will already go kill themselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Singaporeans are Junkies,


The worst thing about being addicted to something is if the supply of your drug gets cut off. Then very soon the extreme and excruciating HELL of WITHDRAWAL takes over mind and bodies completely so that there is nothing else you can focus on. Everything is directed to finding the next "fix" (dose of drugs) to end one's personal suffering. The ones with weaker constitutions will fall into comas or just die very painfully or just suicide because they can't take it anymore.

But there is GOOD NEWS...

There is very little chance of such a hellish scenario playing out in Singapore. All addictions are well taken care of. There is an ongoing supply of these "drugs" to keep the system running for decades to come. And of course we can also expect NEW DRUGS to come onto the market, creating more addicts.

Don't worry. It's all good. Singapore can stay HIGH, maybe not forever, but for a long, long time.

Yes, the cost of drugs is very high...the drug traffickers are well-compensated. But we are RICH, so dun worry too much lah. Just enjoy being STONED. 😹

Anonymous said...

Thw worst drug is being addicted to PAP. More than 70% of Sinkies are addicted.

Now this drug is not only addictive and hurts your pocket and in severe cases, it even takes away your coffin money. It is a drug that does not let you break away and try other drugs that may be as good or better, because they continue to build in elements that control you with more of this and more of that. Do not mistake me, it is not more of benefits for us, but more of benefits to them.

And those that are addicted will tell you how they love this drug and that the number of addicts will likely go up to 75% by 2020.

Unknown said...

The worst of all the addictions in Singapore is the addiction to out-of-this-world salaries pecked upon top-earners in the commercial and private sectors, businessmen and CEOs who take high risks and actively ensure their organisations WORK and EARN the money, not taken by decrees, regulations, laws or force (compulsion); and bonuses pecked upon the GDP growth. This is the mother of all addictions, the mother of all consequences, the mother of all ills to the taxation system, revenue system, the land-ownership system, the CPF system, the health system, the education system, the political system and the social system.