Singapore is India’s top investor in 2018/9

True to Singapore’s strategy to ride on super power India’s growth engine, with higher rate of growth than China, Singapore has risen to be India’s top investor for year 2018/9. Singapore’s investment was US$16.23b, beating Mauritius, US$8,08b, Netherland, US$3.87b and USA, US$3.14b and Japan’s miserable US$2.97b. Singapore’s investment in India would surely be appreciated by India and hopefully India would not sue Singapore for whatever they are unhappy about. And with the CECA being upgraded and more unemployed Indians getting jobs in Singapore, there would be less reason to do so.

Singapore is not only India’s top investor but also the top importer of India’s unemployment, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for jobless Indians. These two points would bode well for Singapore India relations and for Singapore to hang on the coat tail of India when it becomes the world’s number one superpower in 100 years time. Hopefully we would be able to see this day.

How did Singapore find so much money to invest in India? GIC using our CPF money? No, the US$16b came from Walmart which has an office in Singapore. The indigenous part of Singapore’s investment in India is US$230m. Dunno to laugh or to cry. Surely we have a lot more money to invest in India than just US$230m. The Indophiles must work harder to get more money into India to prove their point that India is the best place to put our good money in.

If Singapore has any doubts about investing in India, learn from the big western countries like Netherlands, USA and Japan, ploughing billions into the subcontinent. But please don’t touch our CPF, it is for our retirement and many would not live another 100 years to see the fruit of this investment. Maybe those Singaporeans not born yet would be able to see this great and glorious day when their money invested in India would grow 100 folds.

Among the reasons quoted for the growth of investments in India are tax treaty for Mauritius and ‘Singapore, with its well established regulatory environment, banking facilities and easier access to funds as well as human resource talent, helps firms create stronger substance’. I can agree with everything said about Singapore but the human resource talent part does not make sense. Singapore is a place of no talent and depending on India to provide all its talent needs. The only way for this to make sense is new citizens from India, now counted as Singapore talents and migrating back to India to provide talents for India.

This is double joy for India, sending their unemployed to Singapore to become talents and then sending them back as talents to India. Nice arrangement. Win, win for India.

Singapore’s dependence on India as the future is soundly based and Singapore would prosper together with India in the future. Singapura makes a lot of sense. And better still, Indiapore. Singapore got hope.


Anonymous said...

Better to change Singapore's name to Ind-Balakrishna-Pore or Und-Shanmu-Pore or Ind-Halima-Pore?

Anonymous said...

Shanmugumpore sounds better.

Anonymous said...


not to worry.......

SG got hope!

they will take good care of SG!


Anonymous said...

RB, you left out China's investment in India.

Chinese investments in Indian start-ups cross $5 b in 2018

Priyanka Pani Mumbai | Updated on March 22, 2019.

Food-tech, logistics, retail and fintech among sectors that attracted maximum investments
Chinese investments into India continues to grow exponentially despite the geopolitical tensions between the two countries. Chinese VC funds pumped in over $5 billion in 2018, surpassing investments coming into the country from the US and Japan.

According to data collated by research and analytics platform Tracxn, China’s VC investments into the Indian start-up ecosystem have increased five-fold to $5.6 billion in 2018 compared to $3 billion in 2017 and $668 million in 2016.

The increased inflow came at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious Start-up India programme that led to a spurt in the number of tech start-ups in the country.

Among the top Chinese investors were Alibaba, Shunwei Capital, Fosun Tencent and Xiaomi. Sectors such as consumers, food-tech, logistics, retail, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and fintech attracted maximum investments thus helping Indian start-ups boost their valuations.

Despite worsening geopolitical situation between the two neighbours, experts believe trade relations will not get impacted and investments into the start-up space are likely to grow. As per the Tracxn data, Chinese VCs have poured in more than half a billion since the beginning of this year.

Experts feel that for India, which is a high-growth and developing nation, capital is much needed and is welcome from all sources.

Further, Chinese investors not only believe in just writing cheques but also help the start-ups in their growth by providing knowledge and expertise.

Rehan Year Khan, Founder and Managing Partner at Orios Venture Partners, told BusinessLine “India is a large and exciting market. The Americans, Europeans and Japanese have always been actively investing here. Now the Chinese have joined in. India does not have any trade tension with China, thus business between the two nations will improve.”

He further added that the Chinese capital requires no major privacy and security treatment and India has enough safeguards with regards to all investors.

Sensitive sectors

Vikram Gupta, founder of IvyCap, said Chinese investments are likely to grow in the absence of large Indian investors.

"Entrepreneurs may benefit from huge capital flowing in. But we should avoid opening sensitive areas for investments to Chinese investors including security and companies catering to defence,” Gupta added.

According to a KPMG report, in China, corporate VC is growing rapidly, and more companies have VC arms and they are actively looking for disruptive technologies within their country and outside.

In the first Start-up India Investment Seminar held in Beijing last year, 12 Indian start-ups participated of which four secured funding to the tune of $150 million from Chinese venture capitalists.

Several Chinese VCs, including the Alibaba Group, have fellowship programmes for entrepreneurs from developing countries like India.

Recently, four Indian start-ups — Zefo, Healthy Buddha, NowFloats and Grozip — were among the 38 Asian firms that completed the fourth edition of the Alibaba eFounders Fellowship programme.

Published on March 22, 2019

Anonymous said...

Indiapore akan datang when Chinapore sura hubris kan.

Anonymous said...

Indianization of Singapore ~ Blame the 69.9% !!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a big difference between going to India to make money and going to India to throw away money. China went to India to make money.

Anonymous said...

India also invested heavily into Singapore by first establishing the financial centre with their talents then move to IT centre in Changi. What Singapore made as a rent seeking economy is to collect office rental from financial centre and IT business park. Our university should train more people in real estate management, it's a growth industry for local here.😀

Anonymous said...

No need to train more people in real estate management.

Sinkies could simply just rent one room of their HDB flats to India nationals for rental income. No need to work !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ PAP backstabbers:

Hah. I long suspected that the asymmetric CECA deal was quid pro quo...ie Singapore gets "favourable status" as an investor if Singapore allows relatively unencumbered relocation and employment of Indian professionals and skilled labour.

India is the "dark horse in the shadows" in the 24 news cycle dominated by Trump's contempt for the world and Kim Kardashian's fat arse. India is well or of the limelight. That's why the massive interest to those seeking a gain. China is already there. Xiaomi manufactures it's phones in India. Jack Ma is re-evaluating his interests in India, probably going to deploy more capital.

Indian market CAPE is around 25, but the average is around 21...so could it be over valued? I don't know, but it looks like. The thing about "warm" market's is that they typically attract more funds because of the human tendency to FOMO (fear of missing out), which heats up the action as the herd rushes in.

So yeah, pile it on. Whack all the CPF money, since it is already "burnt" because no one gets any 🤣, since it's "not your money".

Bet big. Bet India. 🤡

Anonymous said...

Hi 926am

Many many predicted the 699 will likely be 749 at next GE!


Anonymous said...

Indian Singaporeans comprised about 3% of Singapore's population consistently for many years, from 1819 to 1989. Today, the number of Indian Singaporeans has increased to 9% (including new citizens).

That's not all.

The number of Indian PRs in Singapore forms another 3%.

The number of India' Indian foreign "talents, talons and trashs" in Singapore is estimated at more than 2 million as of December 2018.

Therefore, all-in-all, Indians now comprise about 40% of the total Singapore population of 5.9 million.

With key appointments in government (law, home affairs, foreign affairs, judiciary, presidency), public sector (civil service, academics, research and education) and private sectors (IT, banking, finance, manpower, services) being held by foreign or local Indians, together with the steady increase and torrential influx of India's Indians, it is only a matter of time the Chinese Singaporean Prime Minister will be replaced by an Indian Singaporean Prime Minister.

The Chinese Singaporeans have been reduced from 79% to 75%, to 70%, and now to 60%. In another ten years, if the torrential influx of India's Indians is not checked, there will be a thunderstorm followed by a Tsunami. By then, a Tsunami warning will be useless. May be it is already too late?

Anonymous said...

With the rapid increase of Indians in the population, it is only a matter of time when an Indian will be the PM. Then the Indian PM will tell the people that Singaporeans would not be ready for a Chinese PM. Fortunes move in cycles and it would be Indian's turn to run Singapore the way the Chinese use to run it.

Prepare for an Indian PM soon.

Anonymous said...

@ 1007 am

You are day-dreaming.

The fact is that even the PAP inner circle predicted the next election result will be 69.9% minus 15% = 54.9% overall. But PAP will strive to win at least 75% of the seats in Parliament.

It is the percentage of seats in the Parliament that counts. Not the percentage of the overall votes.

Anonymous said...

Even the main opposition party, the Workers' Party has been taken over by an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1042am

It is good to day dream!

Btw your figures are music to many many people too!

Fake news?

If true, very very interesting!

All the best to opposition parties and PAP!

See you at GE, very very soon!

Anonymous said...

Within the PAP they are many supporters of India and wanting an Indian PM. And PAP's policy has been steered towards bringing in more Indians and giving them citizenship. The rate it is going, Indians would soon be a majority vis a vis the Chinese and Malays.

Once an Indian PM is in place, everything will change very fast towards Indiapore. PAP is working towards this goal.

Anonymous said...

Best Man for the Job.

Singaporeans are a pragmatic lot and they know that Tharman Shanmugaretnam is head and shoulder above all others as the most qualified and suitable to lead Singapore.
He is one that is
the Favourite of all the People of All Races.

Maybe it is time that the People rally and beseech for him to lead as soon as possible.
With him ay the Helm, Singapore should fare better and Singapore, lndia Relationship shall soar to new height to benefit Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...

Tarman the best to be PeeAyam???

Wait the Scholar will give a long lecture on "Botak"nomics!!!!!

Now even PAP whip no more kee chieu.

Slowly they goreng and wormed their ways to Power. Whip by another Indian.

They gonnna whip you into obedience.

Daft Sinkies with recession soon.

See who they scarcificie.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.41am

Most probably u r correct.
Sinkieland gonna turn onto Indiapura soon. Look at the replacement of Parti Whippid to Puthu Cheery, most likely the whites papies see it coming, in jus another 5 to 20yrs time many here will be flooded with black ants, & who to blame, the 69.9% voters? Or is it the garmen? Let's see...

Anonymous said...

So sad that India (and not Singapore) is the top investment destination of the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

SG belongs to everyone around the world?

Hahaha ........

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1226, enough already lah!

>> So sad that India (and not Singapore) is the top investment destination of the PAP government. <<

Aiyoh. enough investment in Singapore lah. Go to shopping centre...owned by Capital Land. Go to bank...DBS, use phone-internet...SingTel, take a holiday...SIA, take public transport...SMRT, watch TV...MediaCorp, read a newspaper...SPH.

Pukimak, Temasek makan everything lah. Enough investment already lah! SGX is mostly capitalised by the government's companies. They suck up most of the money...so what's left? A few small, chichak type local companies trying to fight it out.

Please go to India and invest lah. Inflate their market until burst lah....

Anonymous said...


I've been investing more into Ahneh stocks over the last 9 years. Currently their market is kinda overvalued, but still lots of potential over the next 30 years.

I'd rather PAPies put our CPF into Ahneh stocks --- much better prospects than European financials like the recent Julius Baer or into nonsense companies like Salt Bae, Grab & Gojek ... where the only reason they're alive is becoz "investors" with cheap money or OPM are enthusiastically shuffling boatloads of cash for these companies to burn.

Below is comparison between War Stocks, Ahneh stocks & Cheena stocks over the last 3 years.

Ahneh stocks have provided a respectable over 50+% returns (if include dividends). But War Stocks still the MAN!!! :) :)

Cheena stocks just can't catch a break ... hopefully soon.

War Stocks versus Ahneh stocks versus Cheena stocks!!

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense. India will be the country with the biggest population in the world and can provide all the new citizens that the PAP needs to stay in power. Another 4 million Indians will just be right to touch the 10 million benchmark.

By that time, our 69.9% resident salesman can upgrade his forecast to 99.9%. No shit, all facts!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ zigging and zagging

One thing about China's stockmarkets is that they can swing +/- 50+% and tend to 'crash' every 18 months to 2 years.

This is because the Chines people embody everything "romantic" about stock markets. The men work, the women attend "investment seminars". The Chinese "get it", they play this game hard and fast. News and rumours spread via WeChat...buy! Sell! Win! Lose!

Hardcore capitalists lah. Respect lah! 👍🏻🙏🏻

Anonymous said...

PAP will be replaced by AIA (All Indians Alliance).

Anonymous said...

When the Singapore population hit the 10 million mark, what will be the composition of the tiny city state's 10-million population ?

Will South Asians overwhelm North-East Asians ? Will we see more Ghandi monuments ?

Anonymous said...


The last time Cheena stocks really had a bull was in 2014 to early-2015. After that it's basically been in & out of ICU.

The problem is that the Cheena markets are mainly by people with short-term gambling mindsets, including many of their institutions. And encouraged by cheena banks & related brokerages too.

Great for longer term swing trading, as well as the 1-year short trade that usually comes after the peaks. But lousy in creating a financial ecosystem that can nurture & endure companies over many decades.

I would say >50% of Cheena companies are surviving by financial manipulations & easy money. The PBOC has been backtracking like crazy over the last 12 months & recently not only continuing but increasing cheap loans to banks & other financers to keep the cheap loans to companies going. This latest decision was exacerbated by a spate of recent bank failures ... the most publicised one being Baoshang Bank.

Anonymous said...

When Singapore population hits 10 million mark, everywhere will be dark.

This is what one PAP MP said about Little India sometime back then. But when it hits 10 million, with South Asians being preferred now, you can imagine how that changes the population composition.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous June 07, 2019 2:34 pm:

"PAP will be replaced by AIA (All Indians Alliance)."

When 10 million population is reached,

1. Singapore will be known as Indianapura.

2. PAP will be called Puthusamys And Purusuckthumbys.

3. Changi International Airport will be known as Chenai Indians Airport.

4. GIC will be known as Greater India Corporation.

5. Temasek Holdings (previously Sheng Li Holdings) will be renamed again to Tamilseek Holdings.

6. Singapore Airlines will be known as Shanmugam Airlines.

7. SMRT will be known as Sri Mariam Ramasingam Trains.

8. SBS-Transit will be known as Sri Balasingam Slow Transportation.

9. DBS will be known as Delhi Banking Scam.

10. POSB will be known as Pan Outcasts Sucking Bank.

May not be so accurate but something similar may happen. Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.25pm

Ha..ha..ha..most likely the currency figure will change from an Encik to Ah Neh, TV channel will speak in Hindi & hosts speaks Indianapura languages, the long glory of the Orchid flowers become Jasmines, the Esplanade become TajMahah, the Raffles monument become Gandhi & the old Sinkieland Sinkie will be wiped out ( cos Ah Long prophesied an invasion of Ah Neh but mistaken the Viet invaded Cambodia in Shangila) ...

Anonymous said...

Hi 525pm

You should be given a national day award for your creativity!

Eat full very free!

Anonymous said...

When 10 million population is reached, Ah Loong will be given the highest award and decoration by the President of India.

Anonymous said...

What if Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar gang up and ostracize Singapore leaders?

Virgo 49 said...

LHL acted smart.Mathematician Not Historical Scholar Ike the fury and fire from fellow AH SIAN Leaders

Will kept them busy for been Kay ooh.Sinking Land already in deep shits going into recession and they spent their time preaching Ya Sow to others

Anonymous said...

Who is telling the truth regarding the Vietnam and Cambodia issue?

If Hun Sun is lying quoting from some other source spreading fake news, must sue him, like suing Leong Sze Hien.

If Hun Sun is not lying, then how? Who is lying?