Poor America and poor Americans

If you listen to the narratives of Donald Trump, Americans, you would believe that the Americans are being raped by China. So pitiful. If you listen to Trish Regan, China is taking advantage of the Americans, China is bullying the poor Americans and the Americans are so cornered that they have to fight back. The poor victim, the Americans are being bullied by the Chinese!

Similarly, they moved more than a hundred thousand troops tens of thousands of miles to the Straits of Hormuz to be threatened and bullied by the Iranians. The Americans are so frightened of the Iranians, that the Iranians are going to attack them, attacking commercial shipping, shooting down American drones. Why are American drones flying around Iran, on holiday, freedom of flying drones?

How many of you believe in these shits? The biggest rogue nation, the biggest bully in the world, the biggest gangsters in the world, is being bullied by a militarily weaker country called China and Iran? Who is the real big bully? Who is the one that has been doing the bully then and now?

The Americans are losing their way. The Americans have forgotten the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Heard of the accusation and pronouncement that Huawei is guilty of espionage against the US and the rest of the world? Or at least it could happen, that Huawei may be doing it under the behest of the Chinese govt in the future, in the future not now, no evidence to prove so? So Huawei is guilty and Americans and their allies cannot do business with Huawei, before Huawei has been proven to be guilty of the alleged crime made out by the Americans.

China is a thief, China is stealing intellectual properties from the Americans. The Americans are hapless and lost everything to China. And oh, the Americans are no thief, they don’t steal, they don’t spy on others? Remember what Pompeo said in Congress, 'We lie, we cheat, we steal!'. He said this with pride and to the cheers of the American leaders in Congress.

China is stealing American intellectual properties amounting to US$600b! Is there anything left in the US that is not stolen? Did the Americans lay out their secrets and IPs for the Chinese to steal? And China is launching an all out war against the Americans. Now who has been spreading all the lies and smears about China in the world media for more than a century and still doing it today, daily, 24/7? 

Read all the western media, even Singapore media reproduced western and American authors badmouthing China. Did anyone read any similar articles in the main media smearing and bad mouthing Americans except in mysingaporenews that is just doing that little bit against the main media of the western and English world?

Who is badmouthing BRI, AIIB, who is attacking Huawei and 5G technology, who is sending hostile offensive aircraft and warships into the South China Sea, infringing into the 12 nautical miles territorial limits of Chinese islands, into the Gulf of Oman, threatening WW3?

Poor America and Americans, being bullied and beaten by China, China, China! God please help this poor big bully being bullied by China. God please protect this Evil Empire from being raped by China. China is so bad to bully this big bully and Evil Empire.

Really? Who is bullying who? Who dares to bully the world’s number one bully?
Oh, China is a Communist country, Communism is bad, bad, bad. Only liberal democracy is good, good.

Just heard Pompeo said the American people has suffered and lost for decades under the current rules. Who set these rules, the Chinese? Who dictated trade rules for the world under the American Empire? The Americans are saying they set the rules and forcing others, including China to accept their rules and they are suffering from their rules.

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump said on Friday (Jun 21) he aborted a military strike to retaliate for Iran's downing of an unmanned US drone because it could have killed 150 people, and signaled he was open to talks with Tehran.
An Iranian surface-to-air missile destroyed a US Global Hawk surveillance drone on Thursday. Tehran said the drone was shot down over its territory and Washington said it occurred in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/trump-us-strike-iran-casualties-drone-11650558


Virgo49 said...

Do NOT belittle MySingaporeNews as even Dotard Trump and the Pay And Pay took the cue from the commentators in Mr Redbean's blog into making crucial decisions and policies.

Why sudden Dotard wayang bullshits last mins call off stand down the war with Iran?

Because Matilah said Iran are no pushovers. So Dotard is fearful.

When someone posted that the Hospitals are giving problems to the elderies on the outpatients consultation payments.Now they allowed all to use Medisaves payments for all polyclinics and specialists clinics visits.

Goldfish eyes and even Carrie Lam said we heard you loud and clear.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

My first trip to the US was a real eye-opener. We all get ideas about the USA from TV, movies and the print media (back in pre-internet days). What struck me, confirmed by subsequent trips and twice living in the US for extended periods and stuck with me since, is that how fucking dumb as a bag of shit the average American is.

>> Just heard Pompeo said the American people has suffered and lost for decades under the current rules. <<

...as I was just saying...That is why the average American gets conned easily by their Federal Government. Don't get me wrong, there are very smart and wealthy people in the US, and many of them are immigrants who've done exceedingly well. But man, are there a lot...perhaps a MAJORITY of really stupid people,

I will take alternative meaning to your title: "Poor America and poor Americans"

Technically, America is beyond poor. Poor people have no money. A once-rich businessman who is millions in debt has got "negative" money...worse than poor. That's America. Trillions in debt, and needing to find trillions more to fund future programs and keep on going.

Down at the man-in-the-street level, here are some facts:

1. The average American can't get $400 in cash together if needed immediately
2. The average American can't raise $1000 (cash) in a month
3. Fresh graduates start off their working lives after uni/ college owing approx $38k in student loans
4. Average household debt is ~$133k, median household income is ~$61k (people living beyond their means)

This is worse than poor lah. This is national debt slavery, which fits in well with my observation that there are so many DUMB FUCKS in America. It would be wishful thinking to assume that they'd be able to manage their finances. Just offer them LOANS, and they will take it 🤣

That's why would-be candidates like Occasio Cortez and Sanders are so popular. The "losers" are hurting, they're way-past-broke and the US economy is an ILLUSION even though Trump is claiming some kind of FAKE VOCTORY.

Trump's Schtik

Trump is an entertainer. He doesn't fit into any category, but he has his own style and unique technique for projecting himself to his audience. Since his younger days, he has played the media like a virtuoso, never was camera shy, always confident and commanding, and managed to ramp up the ratings on "The Apprentice" where he acts as a billionaire. business guru and people believed it). The world hasn't had a con man of this magnitude.

Every comdian/ entertainer has a schtick. It is a personal "signature", some distinguishing features or aspects of the entertainer or his act. For e.g. our local Kumarason Chinnadurai's "schtick" is that of a drag queen/ transgender woman who is aways fucking the government...that's his (her??) "signature" behaviour, main characteristic of the act.

Trump's Schtick

1. Mexicans are arseholes who are illegally entering the USA to steal jobs and goodies they are not entitled to
2. Every other president sold out America to foreign interests
3. Other cuntries are taking advantage of American "protection" for free...time for a "better deal"

No doubt about it, Trump has a raging hard-on for CHINA. He is OBSESSED with China. He cannot stop thinking of China. Maybe he secretly wishes to be CHINESE. Or maybe he is just envious that they can make money, while he has lost money. 🤣

Relac lah. Trump is "gila China". Don't get swept up in this madness...If Trump didn't freak out daily about China, he'd be less entertaining. 🤡

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to differentiate fake news (or online falsehood, deliberate or accidental) and truth should come to MySingaporeNews.

Though the label is MySingaporeNews, it actually covers World News and meant for International audience.

Happy reading. If you are not happy reading, then go somewhere else.

Oh yes, YouTube, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks, Google are other sources where you can check for truths.

But one caution, always read with a discerning mind, if you have one. If you do not yet have a discerning mind, start inculcating one. It will serve you well!

Anonymous said...

Just heard Pompeo said the American people has suffered and lost for decades under the current rules.

Aiyo Uncle RB, why u take him seriously for what he said? Pompeo is an American what, and a Secretary of State, u know.

If Pompeo is a poor suffering Sinkie, he will said the Sinkie people has suffered and lost for decades under the current PAP rules. Which in a way is also true lah, I mean for poor suffering Sinkies.

Hope u r now clear why Pompeo said what he said.

southernglory1 said...

My Singapore News tells the truth, the facts and happenings as it is in correct perspective. It refutes all American and Western toxic lies and propaganda and reveals all their vile methods of misinformation, disinformation, lies and half truths, insinuations and innuendos to demonize other countries which do not toe the American dictatorship. My Singapore News is essential reading for all Singaporeans including all politicians, MPs , ministers and civil servants so that they will not be so sucked to USA / Western propaganda and will get a chance to educate themselves with an open mind to what really happen to world history and internataional politics.Hopefully in doing so they will have a better understanding of present day events and a grasp of how evil and villainous the Americans and its Western allies are.

To get a better perspective view of world happenings and international affairs they should delve into the following websites : New Eastern Outlook, Russia Insider, Strategic Culture Foundation, The 4th Media, Counterpunch.org and Press TV.

Southernglory 1

Anonymous said...

Read all the western media, even Singapore media reproduced western and American authors badmouthing China.

For Singapore media, I mean mainstream media (MSM) and presumably under PAP control, u must understand why they reproduce western and American authors badmouthing China.

After all, PAP allow Changi Naval Base to be used as a base for the US Asia Pacific Naval fleet with its aircraft carriers, u know. And for good reason.

If u know this, why then should u be surprised when the Sinkie MSM reproduced western and American authors badmouthing China?

Anonymous said...

Another important website where people can get the correct perspective of world news is , "GLOBAL TIMES "

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Down at the man-in-the-street level, here are some facts:
1. The average American can't get $400 in cash together if needed immediately
2. The average American can't raise $1000 (cash) in a month
3. Fresh graduates start off their working lives after uni/ college owing approx $38k in student loans
4. Average household debt is ~$133k, median household income is ~$61k (people living beyond their means)
Matilah 9:36 am

Hi Matilah, how u know this ah, and so specific some more? U mean u ask them at street level for $400 is it?

By the way, how many Sinkies on the streets carry S$400 with them?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1057

OK, so you are not happy with my use of the term "man in the street". But I think you know what I mean. i.e. the "average" person, whatever that means to you. The info is available on the net, or if you know people in the personal finance sector, they will tell you. So, yes, my info is 2nd hand and has not been verified over and over...so your mileage may vary here.

>> By the way, how many Sinkies on the streets carry S$400 with them? <<

If they are like me, they won't carry much or any cash. You don't need to carry cash anymore. BUT there are ATMs all over the place (for the time being...they will eventually disappear as the society becomes more cashless). Most Singaporeans have got the cash in their accounts. What I'm alluding to with Americans are that the majority of them are BROKE and drowning in DEBT. When they need cash to p[ay, they reach for a credit card which still has credit left on it. And you know they have others completely MAXED OUT.

Here's another staggering fact: 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5k saved for retirement. That means the cuntry had better find a way to fund their various welfare state pension programs.

Sorry Mr Trump, you cuntry isn't so great. The Hotel which used to be my cuntry shits all over your cuntry. Biut don't call me a "patriot"...I'm merely stating facts.

southernglory1 said...

The Europeans came to America five hundred years ago to be bullied by the native Americans. What happened to the native Americans then? Almost a hundred million of them were slaughtered and genocided by these bastard white invaders.Similarly they were bullied by the Mexicans but the Mexicans were also slaughtered by them and their lands taken by the evil white men. What about Hawaii? They went to Hawaii in 1898 and were bullied by the Hawaiians. But then almost half a million Hawaiians were brutally slaughtered and died in the face of their ferocious guns and cannons. What happened to Hawaii then? They forcefully took Hawaii and annexed it to the evil American empire.

White men generally is evil and must be obliterated from the earth, especially the white American invaders.


Anonymous said...

China and lndia are over 5000 year old and shall exist till the End of the World.
The US will not last beyond 500 year old.
The Americunts will end the US within a few decades.

Anonymous said...

There are now so many documentaries on YouTube that Travel Agencies and interested parties are now putting up, that shows places in China that really boggles the mind. These are things I doubt most Western people ever knew, or were being shielded from knowing. All that the propaganda of the West showed are always the negative side of the East.

If it is a Westerner visiting China, the usual comments are that China is a backward country, they will always start with derision about the surroundings, as if the West has no slums, until they see the train stations, airports, new townships, modern factories etc that they realise that China is not what they had always been led to belief.

This kind of mentality probably stems from the West not having many scholars coming to the East to study, learn the culture and living among the people to broaden Western minds. That is why the West is so ignorant about the East.

On the other hand, scholars and other students from the East have flocked to study in the West and they are more aware of developments in the West. Hence there is a thinking that the West is living in a shell, and knowledge of culture and development of the East is still stuck in the 19th century.

The other factor is the mass exposure of the people in the East to Western media via television, movies and social media, whereas Eastern influence on the West via television, and social media is at best minimal, until now. Hence people of the East are more aware of what is happening in the West than the other way round.

Anonymous said...

If there are no more white people, where on earth are u going to get blondes with large melons? So I disagreed with glory to exterminate all whites. The blondes are very shiok to enjoy lar. Ask matilar, he should know though his experience is free type so mainly grandma blondes and toothless type😀 But good for blowjob for him

Anonymous said...

My Singapore News tells the truth, the facts and happenings as it is in correct perspective.
Southernglory 1 10:41 am

But then hor, My Singapore News has been in existence since 2005 leh.

Yet PAP still won big every election since 2005, despite My Singapore News telling the truth, especially the truth about PAP being screw up by screwing Sinkies.

Southernglory, is there any way My Singapore News can make PAP lose election?

Anonymous said...

1.58pm anon, don't be sarcastic lar. U asking to be sodomized is it Knn? 😀

UG said...

I better buy Taiwan and Korea products. The Ang Moh and Ah Tiong is problematic. When we work in a company, if the boss see you as problematic, bye bye peasant. No need talk so much. At least Taiwan Hokkien say Duo Xia and Korean language say Kam Sia Ah Mi Ta right? Sounds like Teochew. Support Taiwan and Korea products Uncle Red Bean. Oh shit. Taiwan got Japanese influence right? Uncle Red Bean maybe dont like. You are left with Korea products Uncle Red Bean. Now China Brand most li hai one only mobile phone, modem, laptop is it? So Uncle Red Bean want buy car, can only buy Korea one if on budget right? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Oh wait, there is Perodua, but the engine is Toyota one right? Looks like Uncle Red Bean can only buy Korea Car. Nowadays Korea car so popular in Singapore. Wah seh, looks like I know what the leaders are thinking in Singapore ah? They are kids remember? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

Who is Goldfish eyes?

UG said...

Eh wait. China also got other li hai things. DJI Drone. Dunno is it the same brand that fly into our airport run way. Si bei li hai leh. Fight what war? Singapore police also got drone but never intercept is it? Get drone for wrong purpose is it? Drone is to kill drone. Airplane is to kill airplane. Jia lat lo. So many credentials no one resign. Jiak liao bee job should give me this type boh tak zi one. Tak match ah. No wonder no talent. Si Gui Kia, Si Gui Kia, Si Gui Kia, Si Gui Kia, Si Gui Kia, Si Gui Kia. I am human leh. 7th month Ghost Festival than maybe you will know?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Here he comes again!

UG said...

South Korea is Ang Moh influence and Xi Jin Ping daughter study Ang Moh is it? North Korea use camera is Canon one is it? Siao liao. Uncle Red Bean dunno can buy what. Poor Uncle Red Bean. Poor Uncle Red Bean country. Ownself never invent things. Jiak Liao Bee.

imho said...

Uncle Sam is just like any Tom Dick Harry out there. He cares only for his self interest. Anyone in his shoes will act the same selfish way. Welcome to human nature. Selfish rules everywhere otherwise they will not be any poor people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mysingaporenews is meant to be the news all of you post here concerning Singapore and Singporeans. But there is really nothing much to say about Singapore and Singaporeans other than scolding the govt for policies we don't agree with or are against our interests. It is a big struggle trying to just talk about Singapore when there is hardly anything worth talking about.

So got to talk about the rest of the world and especially the world's number one gangsters as they are everywhere bullying everyone, threatening everyone, meddling with every country's affair, starting wars and telling white lies about everyone.

Anonymous said...

But there is really nothing much to say about Singapore and Singaporeans other than scolding the govt for policies we don't agree with or are against our interests. It is a big struggle trying to just talk about Singapore when there is hardly anything worth talking about.
RB 6:45 pm

U r right. And I give u 100/100 marks for saying this.

From what u said, I can now better understand why smart Sinkies are asking what's the point (WP in short) of joining the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP, when there is in your own words "really nothing much to say about Singapore and Singaporeans."

Or to put it my way and bluntly, not worth to join lah, unless they want to be seen as jokers, judging from the outcome of past elections.

Anonymous said...

2.41pm anon, ya Kar he is like a cockroach very hard to get rid off. Even Kena sodomize so many times his ass still not pechak lar.😀

UG said...

Rb 645pm and anon 756pm clap clap clap clap clap.

Wah seh nothing to talk about in sg leh. Chiam man.

Btw ah, I thought people say what people in sg must work work work work work till old ah? How come I go e2i and wda never find job for me? That weird.

UG said...


Harder Truths:
June 22, 2019 at 9:10 pm (Quote)
Each and every one of us still able to work (for the FT reason or another) is taking a ‘pay cut’ every day.

The hidden-and-never-reported rise in inflation, stagnant wages, MAS money printing, FT substitution, shrinking job market for locals, inability to save are all going to kill us slowly – as surely as having cancer.

If people want that to continue that is fine by me. I just don’t want to hear them KPKB anymore after elections.

Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)

Come Singapore. My army pay $500 only. I install apple products for you. After army, my pay $1000 only. If you cant find $500 or $1000 workers, ask PAP why? We are Ang Moh alliance right?

UG said...

I can help the Ang Moh make cheap apple products so that got more chance I will buy and Ang Moh also. It is like doing charity. I love to do charity whether got religion a not. And anyway ah, I say do charity sound very proud leh, the very fact is dunno which humble person say $1000 is what what what what hor? What ah? Anyone knows? Proud people should be minister what. See LKY talk everyone KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Humble one talk anyone KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA?

UG said...


Yippie. The Ang Moh and Ah Tiong maybe no need fight anymore. Next maybe all companies go Vietnam. Song Boh Tai Lo. Than when all the money is there, the government also want a share with those big MNC, than China will sweet talk with North Vietnam and America will sweet talk with South Vietnam. Than baey song hoot again. History repeat itself is really a phrase leh. Song Boh. I can be master of puppeteer. The 13 richest family of the world like Rocker Feller or Rothschild want jio me a not? Actually Uncle Red Bean should be more li hai. Should jio him.

UG said...


Actually in this field Singapore got a lot of talent one. Where are they ah?

UG said...

Looks like PM Lee feed a lot of Jiak Liao Bee ah? Whenever I am doing something, a lot of people come yaya around me. So where are they in international field ah? Those old leaders getting pay a lot, what are they doing ah? Anyone knows? Still no one compensate me millions to let me do my stuff. From last time dunno how many old leaders get paid millions till now, never do anything right? 4G leaders also never do anything right? When am I getting millions ah? I must get millions first than I do my thing. Even if kena snatch like Dr Ting also not heart pain. Anyway it is all Ah Kong money right? But at least I get paid millions first leh. Dr Ting got get paid millions first a not ah?

Anonymous said...

Poor Americans are afraid of being obliterated by China. They are now trying to colonize Mars.

Latest on Thursday, the Mars Rover sent back evidence on the presence of gas (methane) which could only be produced by living organism.

That's why Trump has just threatened Iran that the Evil Empire will obliterate Iran if she does not come and talk (meaning, negotiate on US's terms).

Anonymous said...

UG kakakakakakaka kakakakakakakakakakakaka look like u never Kena sodomized yesterday😀