North Korea - What the West did not want you to see or know


The above is a short 3 minute clip of Xi Jinping's recent visit to North Korea. What is interesting is to note the infrastructure of North Korea, roads, buildings and the people, what they are wearing, the common folks and their residents etc etc.

Are these the images of a poor country suffering from famine and abject poverty that the evil West want you to believe in? The West have been spreading their white lies about North Korean since the end of the Korean War, imposing trade sanctions and conducting military exercises threatening to invade North Korea. They hope to destroy North Korea. And if they are unable to, they spread white lies to make others think North Korea is about to habis, finito.

Do not believe in white lies. Open your own eyes to see the truth, things that the West did not want you to know. Be liberated from the oppression of western imperialism.

PS. Listen to this American introducing a China made phone, One Plus, in Mandarin in America, so fluent and eloquent. 5 min clip.


Unknown said...

The world is evolving into a bi-polar schizophrenia.

No country can stay neutral for long.

Singaporeans have to decide which camp they want to be with. There should be no ambiquity.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To the rest of the world it is becoming bi polar. But Singapore has a tri polar world, with USA, China as the two pillars and India as the third pillar.

Singapore has made the wisest choice, put in all its eggs into India, the next super power that would rule the world. This is brilliant. No one can see it, only the multi million dollar Singaporean ministers can see this. More money into India and more Indians into Singapore so that eventually we would become more like India and enjoy the ride of a new Indian world order.

India is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

There is a 4th pillar: rejoin Malaysia.

imho said...

Uncle sam will not invade NK cos NK can easily nuke sam. However, Iran may not be able to nuke sam but can nuke europe easily.

Sg is making a wise choice and be friends with everyone. If only the rest of world can learn to be like Sg. Sg people who find it difficult can join the many that have gone to Can or Aus.

Anonymous said...

Hi 924am

I like your 4th pillar.

But possible?

How about Johor joins Sg being the 4th?


Anonymous said...

Read Singapore newspaper, hear Singapore radio, watch Singapore TV - images of Sinkies happy like fuck !

Anonymous said...

The US will not nuke North Korea because Russia and China stands in the way as well. And the North Koreans are also capable of retaliation, not on the mainland USA, but on US bases in South Korea and Japan for a start.

In fact, during the Korean War, the US had already been toying with the idea of using nukes on North Korea, but hesitated because they do not know what will be the Russian and Chinese response.

Moreover, South Korea will be inundated with refugees from the North if such a scenario happens.

Virgo49 said...

If only the rest of the Cowards Nations dared stand up to the Americunts, things would not come up to the situation as today.

They idly stood by and added salt, vinegar and oil and firewoods, oops now gas siding with the Scoundrels.

Now, they themselves shot their own feet. Americunts just opened their farking mouths and passed their own curry laws and all the running skunks simply obeyed them.

Just defied them their sanctions on their prejudiced selection of nations and just simply ignored and trade with them. See what's if ALL nations does the same.

Mfuckers more powerful than the U.N of Nations?

Anonymous said...

That is why I say that common Americans still have a 19th century mentality when it comes to knowledge of the East. They still harbour the old thinking that the East is backward, poor, full of slums, underdeveloped which is what their MSM project all the time. All negative images are highlighted, while the positive side is kept at bay.

The land of plenty and land of the free is no longer what it was. Close to 50 million Americans are living below the poverty line. Most of them living in enclaves that have black majorities. The blacks are going the way of the Red Indians, living in isolated and ignored enclaves with no sewage system and broken water lines, much like a third world country in Africa and South Asia.

Check out videos on YouTube on the homeless, tent dwellers and jobless and how they live and you will not believe this is the USA, the richest country on earth.

The wheel of fortune now favours the East.

Virgo49 said...

Nearly 100 percent of them OBESE with their big big backside cannons.

Having good lives eating and eating on the wealth of all nations.

Then said unfair trade practises. Printing monies like nobody business and all just kept mum.

Thought sinkies only daft.Rest of the World just as daft.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1022

>> Check out videos on YouTube on the homeless, tent dwellers and jobless and how they live and you will not believe this is the USA, the richest country on earth. <<

San Fran is a playground and party city to the young, gender-fluid, vegan and gluten-free tech billionaire-set of The Bay Area. But they have a lot of homeless people. Over the bridge in Oakland, it's even worse. The homeless shit all over the place...but thanks to the tech-savvy of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship: There's an app for that! called, so aptly: SNAP CRAP.

Billionaire tech-cuntry meets shithole cuntry, all in the same cuntry. As the song goes: "It's a small world after all" 🤣

>> The wheel of fortune now favours the East. <<

Fuck "fortune" lah. Our predecessors worked hard and died to soon, plus we picked up the baton and are still running with it.

Please give Asia and Asians more credit than that!

Anonymous said...

Now even Africa is developing very fast. Countries like Nigeria. The later they develop, the less time they will take to move forward.

If they say China is copying US technology, where in the US can you find bullet trains, or huge bridge building machines that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and not forgetting huge machines that can lay thousands of kilometres of high speed railway tracks all with minimal manual labour.

Or just look at the simple Chinese New Year decorations that came from China, all made by machines fashioned by the Chinese themselves. Precise, beautiful and cheap. They don't make these in the US for the Chinese to copy do they? After all, the Americans were known to have copied much of their technology from Europe initially.

And Pompeo himself said that they get things by lying, cheating and stealing. What else is there to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

"North Korea - What the West did not want you to see or know"


I think the clip should be "North Korea - What North Korea want you to see or know"

Even ex Presidential candidate TKL can also be transformed into a chiobu. See link


imho said...

Be happy that sg is under pap not kim. Otherwise sinkies where can so good life? always holidaying overseas, everywhere food is so cheap, everywhere so clean, everywhere no homeless, everyone has smartphone etc etc.

UG said...

The 13 richest family finish building America liao, go China, China maybe almost done liao, next going Vietnam right? Quick buy Vietnam shares. Than Singapore nowadays got Vietnam people come, get ready for them to be spy in Singapore International Financial Hub is it? Sinkies heng ah tell you. The money of Tai Lo store here is it? So the Vietnam people nowadays come plant by 13 richest family of the world to do spying is it? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Cambodia slowly wait hor. The world just need your sand. To be bad you are daft like hongkies and sinkies. Just that sinkies more heng born correct hole. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Is it like that ah? Uncle Red Bean articles trigger my thoughts. Who say sinkies no talent ah? Oh ya, in the mean time, India is lying low, shaking head, boh wah eh tai ji, boh wah eh tai ji, but become very li hai people in Google and Microsoft. And than still shaking head, boh wah eh tai ji, boh wah eh tai ji. NTU NUS LKY Iron Fist can go home sleep. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Christian name Daft Lee hoh tia boh? Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot. Owl leh?