New nation new priorities

Singapore will be celebrating its 54th year as a new and independent country, and 200 years of colonial rules. Oops, Singapore has been independent since 1965. As a new country, a new nation, there are different priorities, mainly nation building, building the country, building our assets, infrastructure, systems of administration and building a people to govern and administer our country and its assets and institutions.

During the time of the pioneering leaders, Goh Keng Swee set the training of Singaporeans to be masters of our own country and destiny, to be in charge of our assets and planning the well being of our people, as top priority. One of his most conspicuous policy in manpower developing, to be self sufficient in the top echelon of management was in the finance industry. Singapore was evolving into a major banking and finance sector. So, despite the angmoh tua kee, and angmoh everywhere, Goh Keng Swee set about a process to ensure that Singaporeans would be trained under the angmoh doing business here, to be the leaders of tomorrow, the industry leaders of their respective fields.

Goh Keng Swee did not stop at the banking and finance industry, he wanted Singaporeans to be in charge in all industries and no need to say, the govt as well. That was the beginning of a new nation and nation building. We are the masters of our own country and our own destiny. Many baby boomers benefited from this policy and many rose to the pinnacles of their industries without knowing why, thinking that it was their own abilities and blessing, failing to acknowledge the invisible hand of Goh Keng Swee and to thank him for their good fortunes.

Has this policy change. In a way yes and in a way no. The top leaders of industries are also held by Singaporeans, even govt leaders. The main difference is that many are foreigners and they need not have to train native Singaporeans to replace them. They replaced Singaporeans but statistically, the posts would be held by Singaporeans.  How so?

These foreign imports would be given the pink IC and called themselves Singaporeans. So we have many new Singaporeans in the top posts, even in govt. The end result is the same, Singaporeans in charge, being masters of Singaporeans and charting the destiny of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Any difference between what Goh Keng Swee did then and what is happening now?


Anonymous said...

//..The end result is the same, Singaporeans in charge, being masters of Singaporeans and charting the destiny of Singapore and Singaporeans..???//

Rb, me think differently from your analysis. It's very hard to tell this group of newly converts to Sinkies (from their own motherland~as they already hv a planted seed of betrayal of their country of birth, what if their birth countries become prosperous & stronger will they return? Or stay as a two both benefitors, nobody knows ). These newly converts r mostly selfish lot being here to benefits themselves the most, they don't bother the commoners Sinkies as u can see the society r breaking down, more unequal & less caring, what u hv r only slogans that is meaningless. Don't get me wrong me no xenophobia. Only time will tell & these newly converts shall give thru their own baptism of fire in order to earn the trust of the locals.

Virgo49 said...

This NDP, they will pull wool over the Eyes of the Daft Sinkies.

Having the so called Volunteer Boy Scouts And Girls Guides of foreign trashes in the Parade at Padang.Telling Sinkies that they had volunteered to serve the Nation just like you and me.Except that PutuCherry

Anyway, have not watch all these Stupid Wayng decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Again I must remind you that what you said a lot a lot a lot of people know......BUT still 69.9% voted for them!

How you explain this?

No point kpkbsssssssssd....Sg deserved it!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ overvalued lazy cunts:

Dr Goh’s policies and “economic architecture” may have been his legacy and his successes, but never once did he proffer the question:

”Do Singaporeans really deserve all these good ideas, policies and implementations?”

I would say “yes”, in the context of the time Singapore powered forward as the shining star in the history of nations’ development.

If Dr Goh was still alive today and asked the above mentioned question, his response would echo that of his “boss” Lee Kuan Yew---”Singaporeans have grown complacent and soft”.

Maybe there are better people out there (aka “foreigners”) who deserve the goodies. Maybe the locals are just arrogant and plain and simply ungrateful.

Nah, keep those borders open and lets slowly replace the useless locals with some “harder strivin’ and drivin’” foreigners.

Got competitive spirit? 👍🤑😆

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many of you are familiar with the instant trees planted all over the island. When there is a strong wind blowing, some will fall as the roots are shallow.

And when they fall, they can kill. Yesterday a branch fell and pierced through the windscreen of a car hurting the driver, think a Singaporean.

Instant trees can be very dangerous, and not very safe, easily uprooted.

Anonymous said...

These Members of Parliament foreign imports would be given the pink IC and called themselves Singaporeans and lord over ordinary Sinkies, but how many of these MPs have served National Service ??

Anonymous said...

@RB 9.50am

LKY said these r Acts of God, no amount of engineering can be solve.
But he didn't not fully understand the Universal Law of Cause & Effect (or karma), u reap wat u sowed.
He wanted a beautiful garden city & planted trees all over the place ( to attract tourists & investors) but he didn't realize these trees can fall and kill & needs to be maintained periodically.

Anonymous said...

Sg itself is an instant tree, a land given to locals on a silver plater, to grow like an instant plant.
But, sadly this plant is hot house to grow faster than its' nature. lt blooms fast and matures fast, leading to excessive aging and is facing much aging problems now. lts' roots are rotting like oldie not able to walk without aids. The joints are worn and wobbly. lt is coughing frequently and goes into hallucination and dementia every now and then.

lt is obviously unfortunate to die young at infant stage. However,
Sinkies are confident that there are many smarties amongst them that are capable of miracles.
pray hard that there are indeed miraculous Sinkies that can save You exist in Sin.

Anonymous said...

@All, @RB,

If GKS were alive & in Cabinet today, don't be surprised if much harsher & fucking tough policies than what the 3G and 4G have done so far.

GKS is not known for being a nice guy. A brilliant taskmaster who knows what needs to be done & ruthlessly efficient, yes. Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

If, if and if. Nobody can know what all the "ifs" may turn out to be. Even God didn't know that the Angel and Man he created would turn against him. After he created everything, on the 7th day, he rested because he saw all was good. But the truth is all was going to be no good. He should not have rested. But rested he did. And he lives to regret from then to now. Even sending his only begotten son to die in the most cruel way in excruciating pain nailed onto an wooden cross for all to see. Yet his son's death has brought nothing but continuous persecutions and continuous sufferings. One group trying to cheat another. One country trying to control and dominate another. One President trying to suppress the whole world and stample (trampled on in a stampede) every nation under his feet.

So, hypothetical questions will only get hypocritical answers. Usually, they end up in disappointments.

Anonymous said...

12.43 pm anon, what talking u? What is your point that u wanted to convey as I catch no ball leh unless u wanted me to squeeze your balls so that u spill out your point? 😀

Anonymous said...

2.52pm anon, I think it's easier if u just sodomize him for him to spill out😀

Anonymous said...


Hey losers! $1B of your CPF money going into ahneh roads!

Feel shiok or not?? ��


Anonymous said...

He who laughs first, laughs last. He who laughs last, laughs first.

The meek shall inherit the Earth. The haughty shall perish in Help.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good, Singapore's future in India. Let's vote Tharman to be the next PM. Then it will be easier to work with the Indians. Sure can make a lot of money there. India is a rich country. Very rich in man power.

Anonymous said...

Can Ah Nehs snake piper be trusted?
News of their own gals got gobble up is real. Unless Sinkies wanto b gobble up by its gobblemen, else beware of snakes bites.