Let’s talk massacres part I

Since the Americans are so happy to talk about Tiananmen Massacre as if the Americans were angels, never commit any massacre, let’s take a look at the Americans massacre records that they have recorded, not inclusive of the massacres in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Here is a list of the 10 Horrific Native American Massacres in listverse.com

The first 100 years or so of the United States’ existence was filled with travesties like the Civil War and the enormous slave trade which flourished in the South. In addition, manifest destiny and the inherent racism involved with the “white man’s burden” led to a number of horrible massacres of the Native American population. Some are well-known, like the Wounded Knee Massacre, but there are other terrible examples that we shouldn’t forget.

10 Sand Creek Massacre

At Sand Creek in the Colorado territory in 1864, the Cheyenne village of around 800 was supposed to be protected territory. Chief Black Kettle had brokered a deal with a nearby US Army fort for his people’s safety, but this proved to be an outright lie.

Colonel John Chivington had decided that winning battles against local Native American tribes was the best way to become a territorial delegate to Congress. When spring 1864 proved fruitless for battle, he used a 700-volunteer militia to burn Native American villages.

On November 29, just one day after Black Kettle’s deal, the Colorado Volunteers attacked Sand Creek. Nearly all the Cheyenne men were out hunting, leaving the women, children, and elders with no one to protect them. Between 100 and 400 Native Americans were slaughtered.

Although Chivington was denounced by much of the country, he was never formally charged with anything.

9 Camp Grant Massacre

Shortly after the start of President Ulysses S. Grant’s “Peace Policy” toward Native Americans, the Camp Grant Massacre occurred in southern Arizona on April 30, 1871. The local Apache had recently agreed to live at Camp Grant via an order by Lieutenant Royal E. Whitman, who also pledged to provide the tribe with food.

Unfortunately, public opinion turned against the military in Arizona, declaring them unable to protect the territory’s citizens. A handful of Americans, some Mexicans, and some rival Native American tribesmen sneaked up on the peaceful village in the middle of the night.

Most of those killed were women and children because the men were out hunting for food. The perpetrators of the massacre had used unfounded claims of Apache depredations to justify murder. Although 104 men were charged with murder, all were acquitted at trial.
8 1860 Wiyot Massacre

In an act of genocide on a small tribe, the Wiyot Massacre took place on February 26, 1860. (Smaller attacks on the Wiyot tribe took place later that week.)

For at least 1,000 years, the tribe had lived off the northern coast of California on what is now called Indian Island. The peaceful Wiyot had just completed their annual world renewal ceremony, marking the start of their new year.

The men were out gathering supplies when a small group of white men crossed Humboldt Bay and slaughtered women, children, and the elderly. From 60 to 200 people died.

The local sheriff lied, citing revenge for cattle rustling as the reason. In reality, a local militia wished to be federally recognized as a state militia to receive money from the government. The militia leader believed that massacring local tribes would accomplish that goal, but it didn’t work.

7 Bridge Gulch Massacre

The Bridge Gulch Massacre against the Wintu tribe of northern California took place on April 23, 1852. Shortly before the attack, a man named John Anderson was killed, with his riderless mule returning to a nearby corral. Nearly 70 men set out after the perpetrators, who were reportedly members of the Wintu tribe, though they were of a different band than the ones who were brutally murdered.

Surrounding a part of the small valley known as Bridge Gulch, the men attacked early in the morning, shooting nearly every man, woman, and child they saw. Over 150 Native Americans were killed, and only two small girls survived. They were taken back to the town and “adopted” by white parents.

6 Cypress Hills Massacre

One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Cypress Hills Massacre took place in 1873 in what is now Saskatchewan. People of the First Nations had occupied the territory for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Montana fur traders had recently set up trading posts in the area, with tensions rising as the traders’ stocks began to dwindle.

Eventually, some disgruntled wolf hunters arrived, tired from tracking another Native American tribe who were supposedly horse thieves. When another horse went missing, the Assiniboine tribe was blamed.

The drunken Americans went to take one of the tribe’s horses as payment, but a handful of the Assiniboine, drunk as well, challenged them to a fight. The Americans slaughtered the Assiniboine, killing at least 20 of them.

Canadian officials tried in vain to prosecute those responsible, managing to capture three of them while they were still in Canada. But they were acquitted due to a lack of evidence.

5 Three Knolls Massacre

By 1865, the Yana tribe’s population had dwindled to fewer than 100 in northern California around Lassen Peak. After the murders of several nearby white people during a raid, hunters tracked the culprits to Three Knolls, where the Native Americans slept.

Determined to rid the area of any remaining natives, the settlers attacked, killing dozens of Native Americans. Only a handful escaped.

A Yana tribesman named Ishi was present at the massacre as a small child, and he and his family eventually hid in some nearby mountains for almost 40 years. 1n 1911, he emerged as a frail, elderly man—the last of his people—to tell his fantastical story.

4 Marias Massacre

The deadliest massacre of Native Americans in Montana’s history was a mistake. Colonel Eugene Baker had been sent by the government to “pacify” a rebellious band of the Blackfeet tribe.

Eventually, Baker’s men tracked the tribe to a village along the Marias River. On January 23, 1870, the men surrounded the village and prepared to attack.

But a scout recognized some of the painted designs on the lodges and reported to Baker that this was the wrong band. Baker replied, “That makes no difference, one band or another of them; they are all [Blackfeet] and we will attack them.”

Most of the Native American men were out hunting, so the majority of the 173 massacred were women, children, and the elderly. When Baker discovered that the survivors had smallpox, he abandoned them in the wilderness without food or shelter, increasing the death toll by 140.

3 Yontocket Massacre

The Tolowa people laid claim to territories in northwestern California and southern Oregon that were continuously encroached upon by white settlers. By 1853, a “war of extermination” had been going on for a while, with settlers forming makeshift militias and slaughtering any Native Americans they encountered.

In the fall of that year, the Tolowa and other tribes came together to pray at Yontocket, the spiritual center of their universe, and to perform the world renewal dance. Unknown to them, a group of white people, led by J.M. Peters, was slowly creeping upon the camp.

Surrounding the Tolowa, the men began firing, indiscriminately slaughtering everyone in sight. Peters, who lost no men during the massacre, reportedly said that “scarcely an Indian was left alive.” By the end of the violence, hundreds of people had been killed.

2 Clear Lake Massacre

An island in Clear Lake, California, was renamed Bloody Island after the massacre of the indigenous Pomo tribe there in 1850. Thanks to severe mistreatment, including rape and murder, at the hands of white men who had taken various members of the tribe as slaves, the Pomo people attacked, killing two men and escaping to a nearby lake.

Captain Nathaniel Lyon, a soldier in the US Cavalry, and other men set off into the woods to find the offending tribe. The men discovered the hidden camp a short time later.

After failing to successfully reach the tribe, which had taken refuge on an island in the lake, the soldiers built a handful of boats, loaded them with cannons, and attacked. From 100 to 400 Native Americans were killed.
A local newspaper originally declared the massacre to be tantamount to state-sponsored genocide but reversed course four days later, calling it a “greatly exaggerated” story.

1 Bear River Massacre

Perhaps the deadliest massacre of Native Americans in US history, the Bear River Massacre has remained in obscurity largely because it occurred during the Civil War. The Northern Shoshone called present-day southeastern Idaho home, and it was there that they were attacked.

Mormon settlers had been progressively taking more land from the Native Americans, appropriating nearly all of the arable territory. Striking back at those stealing their land, the Shoshone soon saw themselves in the crosshairs of Colonel Patrick Connor and 200 California Volunteers, who vowed to take no prisoners.

At daybreak on January 29, 1863, the soldiers attacked, brutally killing nearly 250 Native Americans. They raped any women who hadn’t been killed, used axes to crush the skulls of the wounded, and set fire to all the lodges.

The above 10 horrific massacres were lies, white lies. Not that they did not happen. These events were peanuts in the Singapore expression if you know what and how they massacred the Red Indians. Oh, they raised it to the highest level, called genocide. See part II


Virgo49 said...

Tiananmen domestic Uprising is NOT a massacre as harped on and on by those instigators.

Thailand/Indonesia/Philippines also have so many Riots Killings why they do not call MASSACRES???

China made no apologises for clamping down these uprising.

If NOT, it would not be as what she is today.

Still be trampled by all and sundry.

It is a decisive action to save the Nation from their traitors and outside instigators.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

The "moral issue" with Tiananmen Square Massacre (which I consider "legal" so I have no issue with it---governments are allowed to kill their own people if necessary) is that the west considers it as The State against its own people.

In the case of Native Americans...firstly, they were not considered 100% "human" by the westerners, and also they are a conquered race---a fact of history which people, till today, REFUSE to accept. ie.e you are a race/ culture of people. Then, you are attacked and overwhelmed by a culture/ race/ civilization with SUPERIOR technology and organization. Therefore your race becomes a CONQUERED race, and your lands and property go to the "victors".

End of fucking story lah. But oh no, not today. Some "tenured academics" who have no marketable skills, need to hang onto their well-funded gigs at the universities, and so they come out with elaborate theories which suggest "Conquered peoples need to receive 'compensation' by the descendants of their conquerers" πŸ˜‚☺️ Ah...academics....no one gives a fuck about them, so they need to do shit to get noticed. If they were to work in the real world, they'll ALL DIE COCK-STANDING...so better make an "impact" in "scholarship" and secure their tenure at the various tertiary institutions...funded by every nations tax-payers which fund "education [policy" (~7% of GDP, ~20% of cuntries annual budgets...ie. BIG BUCKS for "rent-seeking" academics and tertiary institutions )

Anyway here are some examples of so-called "free" western democracies LEGALLY killing their citizens:

1. Peterloo Massacre, England 1819

2. Bloody Sunday, Northern Ireland 1972

3. Waco Siege, Texas, USA, 1993

4. Kent State University Shootings, 1970 Ohio, USA

5. Various union-strike-busting incidents where US military and private "corporate security" killed striking workers. At least one incident where machine guns were used to mow down unarmed striking workers and their families.

...but it is all good. Occasionally people are going to FIGHT their governments. The idea is certainly not new, but it is necessary:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson

When a government kills the citizens, it does so LEGALLY, with definite "policy objectives" in mind. So don't be such fucking kpkb cry-babies lah. Toughen the fuck up. πŸ€“

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bless the stout-hearted resolve of the Cantonese, MOU DAK DING 冇得頂 attitude to life.

Hong Kong: Clashes after massive protest against extradition law

And so, here is another opportunity for the CCP and the PLA to "enforce law and order" on these "rebellious" Cantonese bananas.

Tiananmen ver 2.0, Hong Kong! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

China knows that foreign elements were behind the Hong Kong protest.

Would it not be too wrong to say that Tiananman incident was also instigated by the West?

That is why China has to censor US media giants to prevent widespread Western influence via the internet. The West, particularly the US, because of Chinese censorship, is very sore, because they cannot propagate and create undue influence on the Chinese general population.

Now that Hong Kong is China's hands, it is open season now for the West to create as much of a mess in Hong Kong as possible. Under British rule Hong Kong was relatively peaceful.

Like what most people say, if Hong Kong people really cannot tolerate the system, they should migrate, since the West is so kind hearted and humane and ever willing to accept them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 121

>> China knows that foreign elements were behind the Hong Kong protest. <<

That's the racist story they tell themselves and others. They are either in denial or completely CLUELESS of what Cantonese culture is about. Many Hong Kong Cantonese identify as "Chinese" yet they are more westernized than most present-day westerners, especially when it comes to personal freedom and making money.

HK Cantonese like 2 things: Their wealth, and their freedom, and to do anything they please, but anything they like with as little impedance from "authority" or "government" as possible. Even the British had problems governing the Cantonese.

Whilst the liberal west has supported the pro-democracy movements in China and HK, to use the word "instigate" is to insult the young Chinese and HK protesters as if they cannot make up their own minds to fight their government and only will act if their western "controllers" push the right buttons. That's just RIDICULOUS.

>> Like what most people say, if Hong Kong people really cannot tolerate the system, they should migrate, since the West is so kind hearted and humane and ever willing to accept them. <<

That is THE LAST thing the Chinese govt want....they can say it, just to be SPITEFUL (seems to be a cultural trait πŸ€“) but the Chinese govt have been trying to prevent CAPITAL FLIGHT out of China. Every rich person and even those who are middle-income with 'spare cash", want to get their money OUT of China. Under Chinese law, citizens are limited to sending/ taking out $50,000 per year from China.

Before the trade war, the govt were trying to curb capital flight. When the trade war started heating up, you'd have noticed the INCREASE in the demand (hence price) of BitCoin as Chinese flocked into the space to exchange their Yuan for crypto, and then either keep it as a store of value, or cash it out overseas to buy property in Sydney, Vancouver, London or Singapore. Never mind that ordinary citizens were doing this, CCP officials and PLA ranking officers were all in the same game: shuffling money OVERSEAS.

Chinese people, like most other developed races, are quite capable of making up their own minds, and managing their own personal and family finances. They don't need "instigation" or "prodding" from the west. If you think otherwise, then you are saying that Chinese people are dumb and easily manipulated by the Gwei Lo. Congratulations. You have just insulted 5000 years of culture, and generations of your own ancestry.🀣

Anonymous said...

Chinese people value their own wealth more than national pride and well being of China.

Hong Kong people should do what they can, never mind if China breaks up and the Chinese people return to the days as Sick man of Asia. Long live the Hong kong people.

Unfortunately the stronger China becomes, the more the Chinese are proud to be Chinese. For the few westernised Hong kong people, and Taiwanese, a day might come when they would be dumped and sacrificed for the good of the Chinese Civilisation.

They would be the new boat people that would have to escape to the USA.

Anonymous said...

Reported about 1 million Hongkies demonstrated against Extradiction Law. They chose to be oblivious that many Countries had sent Taiwanese Criminals that preyed on Mainland Chinese,
the PRC for charge and trial.

What makes the Demonstrators feel they are special when 1.4 billions and more of their compatriots are fine with the Legislation ?

the Demonstrators are aware of the Tiananmen Square lncident and not invite trouble to themselves.

PRC is strong and prosperous today decades after quelling the Demonstrators at Tiananmen as the PRC People

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 652

You 're missing the various cultural nuances which distinguish HK people from mainlanders.

>> What makes the Demonstrators feel they are special when 1.4 billions and more of their compatriots are fine with the Legislation ? <<

"Compatriots"? I think NOT. HK'ers, in general, cannot stand mainlanders. To a HK'er, the mainlanders are rude, unsophisticated, dishonest and dirty.

It's not that they think there are "special". It is because HK and its people HAVE freedoms and liberties which has become ingrained in their culture. But over the years since the British handover, Beijing has been trying to USURP those freedoms and liberties part and parcel of HK's unique culture.

In fact, turn your question around: What makes Beijing, the CCP and Xi Jingpin they can dictate laws which are not in HK's best interests? HK has their own rule of law, their own FREE society, their own economy....and they hold their government to certain standards. This protest is directed toward their OWN HK government with a strong message: "Don't you DARE sell us out to Beijing! Your job is to put HK people FIRST!"


Have to say, RESPECT LAH. πŸ‘πŸ» . Singapore, watch and learn lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN Matilah, what rubbish are you talking?

Hongkong is Chinese territory and China is allowing them 50 years to gradually merge with the motherland.

The Hongkies are a drop in the ocean and dispensable and getting more irrelevant to the big picture of a strong and powerful China. The days of reckoning will come soon and they would be forced to stay and leave. There would be no love lost between China and the Hongkies. Soon the Chinese would be richer and live a better life than the Hongkies.

Hongkong has served its role and would soon be replaced by other big Chinese cities. They think China owes them a living?

What makes Beijing or Xi thinks they can dictate to the Hongkies? This is a very naive question coming from you.

Anonymous said...

The silly Hongkies think they can punch above their weights with on silly woman politician even visiting Washington to ask the Americans to intervene in Hong Kong.

China is still restraining itself from giving the Hongkies a tight slap to wake up their nonsense and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Read the New Eastern Outlook article "Washington's Tiananmen Lies Begin to Fray" for a deeper understanding of the 1989 incident in Beijin and also learn about the rarely reported 1992 Los Angeles riots where thousands of US Army soldiers and Marines were deployed and authorised to use deadly force.

Anonymous said...

Did not expect and cannot believe the wise matilda could be this naive.
Hong Kong not only belongs to China, it is never as important as matilda thinks it is.
The Demonstrators shall be treated no differently from those at Tiananmen, maybe more severely if need be. They are like aedes mosquitoes, no good to any society.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reasons or excuses ( be it genocide, murder, war or any act of killings for whatever reasons intentional or unintentional), killings of all kinds is a sin.
The Supreme Beings of the Higher Up abstain anyone from the act of killing. You have no right to take away someone lives ( which applies to other realms as well). Those who commit killings sins shall bear the consequences of the Higher Ups ( eg. Plagues, earthquakes, tornadoes or any kind of natural disasters or rage from the Supreme Ones)

Anonymous said...

Funny theories abound about punishments by the all powerful unseen.

Time to wake up to reality and sensibility.
Many killed by natural and manmade disasters are young innocent children and well behaved humans.
Why the hell is their creators murdering and killing them ?

Some say god is crazy, maybe even sick. Sound reasonable and justifiable Could even be sinful and caught in a vicious cycle itself.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> The Hongkies are a drop in the ocean and dispensable and getting more irrelevant to the big picture of a strong and powerful China. <<

Yada yada yada...this is the incessant yammerings you hear from mainlanders now that Chinese cities from Beijing to Shanghai to Shenzhen, Chengdu etc etc are all on the ascent and thriving marvelously The Cantonese just laugh lah. They say "We were rich when you filthy peasants were still shitting in drains!". Like I've indicated previously, some aspects of Hong Kong are more westernized than the cities of the western world.

So maybe the mainlanders can diss Hong Kong...why not, HK'ers have been looking down at them for decades, and now the mainlanders (like Shanghai for e.g.) are sailing past HK. A perennial joke from HK'ers "Those Shanghainese have too much money"---a short of backhanded compliment to the vim and verve of Shanghai entrepreneurship, especially by Shanghainese WOMEN. (fierce business people, dun pray pray).

>> They think China owes them a living? <<

Nope. They just don't dig communism or meddling from Beijing. HK wants democratic reforms. Beijing says NO WAY. Beijing was Peking when Mao warned the Brits NOT TO ALLOW OR PROMOTE "democrazy", and threatened severe consequences if the Brits did so.

Now the Brits are gone so the HK'ers, bless their Yellow Umbrellas, (I know, mindless symbolism) want "self-determination", and it looks like they are willing to fight for it.

My prediction is that many HK'res with money will fuck off and emigrate elsewhere. I reckon many students studying overseas won't be coming back home either...until they have citizenship of another cuntry and are in possession of a new passport.

>> What makes Beijing or Xi thinks they can dictate to the Hongkies? This is a very naive question coming from you. <<

Fuck off mate . Answer the question or .... πŸ˜‚ Unless you can't, of course.πŸ€“

Anonymous said...

The Hong Kong Problems are chicken la.

Both the Democrazy and Anti Extradition Group comprise of the Same People.
All that China needs to do is to have the Activist Leaders exile to Guizhou Daliangshan/倧凉山
to live with the Lepers at the Mountain Top.
Problems solved.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1108 --- You hit the nail lah!

>> All that China needs to do is to have the Activist Leaders exile to Guizhou Daliangshan/倧凉山
to live with the Lepers at the Mountain Top.
Problems solved. <<

That is EXACTLY WHY those HK'ers are protesting. They believe in exactly the same outcome as you! 🀘

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is: Hong Kong is part of China and will be duly treated as one of its cities, or do the Hongies or Hongkongers think they are in a special class by themselves? The life of the one-country two-system creation is nearing its middle age and China has every right to prepare for a systematic if gradual assimilation of its long lost territory into its motherland. Surely, it is impractical to expect China to make any change at the eleventh hour?

Anonymous said...

When the Peoples Liberation Army replaces the Hong Kong Police Force,
the Scenario will be very different.

Virgo49 said...

China always practises "REN" and kept their principles. This is Real Chinese way of civilisation called "Seng Yong" which means literally kept your promises or words. In a way so people will believe and trust you.

That's why countries and other creeds like to do businesses with the Chinese.

Save for a few charlatans Chinks who are unscrupulous most Chinese kept to their principles due to face keeping.

PLA forces are already stationed in πŸ‡­πŸ‡°.They are there only for external threats. China will let the SAR Admin or Govt handled these civil disorders.

They will not interfere to build or keep the confidence of the Hong Kong people.

Unless it become an Emergency of foreign interference. This to show the World especially Taiwan of their peaceful reunification and non belligerent nature.

If not, long time ago, before the return of Macao and Hong Kong waiting for the lapse of their Agreement with the British, if they are like the Americunts or Black Ants, they would find an excuse and forcibly take back their territories without remorse.

Anonymous said...

The Demonstrators
are inviting the Peoples Liberation Army to entertain them.