How stupid can the Canadians get?

Trade with Canada is slowing to a standstill. Canola farmers are hit most with China refusing to buy canola and a whole range of Canadian produce, including meat. Things are getting unbearable with the farming community cursing at the boy PM and girly FM combination still sticking to their stupid ‘rule of lawlessness’ but claiming to be their rule of law. They knew, every Canadian knew, that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou is a political farce started in Washington and the little boy PM and girly FM were so eager to please the Americans to go and arrest Meng Wanzhou on transit at a Canadian airport.

The pressure for the Canadian govt to do something to reset relations with China is at its peak but the boy and girly combination is out of their wits. China has completely shut down communication with the Canadian govt, not picking up the phones, withdrawing their ambassador from Canada. Two Canadians are in jail for spying and one about to be hung for drug offense.

What do you think the Canadians are thinking of doing to mend fences with China? Talk to Xi, waylaid Xi at the G20 Summit in Japan, send ex PMs or diplomats that had good relations with China to China to bring back the jailed Canadians and resume trade. China has just said no to a Canadian request for Xi to meet Trudeau. No deal mate. None of them wants to think that the elephant in the room should be removed first. They still stick to their fantasy of rule of law, they could not bend their principle on the rule of law and release Meng Wanzhou on the behest of the Americans as a trade bargaining chip. And they really think that China is suffering from not buying canola oil or pork from Canada because some agency is spreading swine fever in East Asia and China needs pork badly!

When would these silly Canadians grow up and know that Canada is irrelevant in China’s scheme of things. Canada can disappear from the world map, from China’s world and China would get on fine with what it is doing without missing a beat. They still think China needs Canada and cannot live without Canada and it is OK to retain Meng Wanzhou and relations with China can return to normal.

They are still dreaming that Canada is big power, and China is a weak and hapless nation, that could be pushed around and kicked around by the white people, by a small insignificant country like Canada. Maybe Canada thinks it can punch above its weight and can knock at China as and when it likes.

Grow up boys and girls. You screw it up with your stupidity. As long as Meng Wanzhou is not returned home to China, Canada can forget about China. Keep on living in your little fantasy that you can push China around, that you have done no wrong, that arresting Meng Wanzhou is a normal and rightful thing under your fictitious rule of law that is more a rule of lawlessness.

Keep dreaming and fantasizing that China will come begging to buy your oil or farm produce. As long as Meng Wanzhou is in Canada, forget about talking to China. Period.

Come to Singapore for a piece of good advice from our very wise FM Vivian on how to get back on the good books of China. Vivian had been there and done it.


Anonymous said...

Trudeau already suggested he may waylaid Xi at the G20 Summit in Japan.

"The opportunity to engage with the Chinese president directly is certainly something that we are looking at," Trudeau said June 6, citing the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan later this month.

Former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney said: "Until he has something to offer — namely, Madame Meng Wanzhou — he's not going to have a conversation. They're just going to let the pressure build."

Even Trump is also facing the pressure of being snubbed by Xi, vowing he could take further action against China if Xi doesn't agree to a meeting with him at G20.

Anonymous said...

HK local peoples should asked why Canada have extraditions law but HK no need it. Is it many peoples who committed crime in China are hiding in HK.

Virgo49 said...

Sometimes when you have an idiot to be your Leader, the masses suffered.

China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ professionals and politicians said: We elected person suitable with hearts and souls for the people to serve the people.

In the Western Democracies, you elected actors, clowns,wayang kings to be your Leaders.

Fall short of mentioning Sinking Land.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Maple syrup monopolists

Canada, like Australia, UK, the EU and New Zealand is a fantastic cuntry with lots of exciting things to do as long as it is not your one-and-only source of revenue/ income, and as long as you are not a taxpayer...because taxes in these “western democracies” are high because they run welfare states, which penalizes winners and rewards LOSERS.

These cuntries are great places to have residency visas to, especially for Asians and those originating from “dictatorship” cuntries where it is easy to make lotsa bucks, but there’s no “awesome western style freedoms” for you to enjoy your wealth. So what to do? Simple. Travel to those “fun” cuntries and spend your dough...which also ensures that you get treated BETTER than the locals do. That’s what you want: Go to the places which treat you THE BEST.

Justin Trudeau is doing a fine job like his dad, in torpedoing the Canadian economy and its place in the world order. This is FANTASTIC. I know at least 3 families who’ve made plans to emigrate to Canada, but are holding off because the price of real estate is at “bubble-high prices”.

In fact the high prices of Canadian houses correlates with the number of Canadians getting sky-high on legalized ganja. Everyone is to stoned to notice what the fuck is going on with their govt, Prime Minister and cuntry.

In fact, it seems that kay-poh kia foreigners like Redbean care more about Canada going down the shit-chute than the average Canuck enjoying non-binary gender sex and ejoying food flavoured with Ganja-fied Maple Syrup. Why the fuck would they care? (If you’ve been to Canada, you’d know what I’m saying...these folks are so LAID BACK lah).

In the theatre of geo-politics, you have to be DISRUPTIVE and occasionally make trouble or at least be controversial to be relevant. All the Big Cuntries do it. America especially under Trump does it, Russia too, and of course China. "Stirring The Pot" is necessary in every recipe...they have to keep things MOVING or the world will forget them and not "fear" them. (Machiavelli highlighted the need for "fear" if one wanted control, influence and power. The same principle applies in geo politics).

Cuntries like Canada, Australia, Norway, Thailand, Nepal, Wales etc etc are no threat to anyone. No one is scared of them lah. They have no power and very little influence in global matters.

Stay HIGH Canada! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Anonymous said...

老蔑: ///How stupid can the Canadians get?///

G20 meeting means what?

Have meeting but some countries igniting trade war and what is the purpose of G20?

Got any more significant role left?

If not arrange G20 but some already in trade war how to proceed under G20 objective?

Like that got any purpose?

Why cannot have G20 minus 3 or 4 or 5?

Those who start trade war are BARRED from attending?

To paraphrase the writer,

"How stupid can this xxxxx get?"

Or to paraphrase another old man staying near railway station:

"Not mentioning how stupid can the daft sxxkxxx get?"

Everyday meeting, meeting and more meeting?

Just excuse for some scums to idle their time away to collect fat cat pay cheques but the rank and file still need to clock in after office hours time or find time to do all the work?

Meeting, meeting and more meeting?

How do the scums expect the rank and file to have time to do their work?

No wonder some management guru professors wrote that often meetings are just plain inefficient and one of the MAIN CAUSES of LOW PRODUCTIVITY (and morale) in many ORGAN-ISATIONS?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Spot On!

Don't always agree with Kishore. But here, he just NAILS IT. Bang, no need to talk anymore. Signed Sealed Delivered.


Anonymous said...

Virgo, as a Friend, you be careful lar. Posting so direct and aggressively, I hate to see you Kena sodomized by tuakee when Kena Lim Kopi and detained with tuakee. Your old ass can not take it lar😰

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.17

Since 1997 now already 2019, twenty two years already passed.

Hong Kong Mafias and big time gangsters needed to be purged to clear the bad hats. HongKong no ISA section 55 where they lock these undesirables without trials. Wheras sinkieland locked up the opposite. Those who dare opposed them.

So daft hongkies do not appreciate what the Chinamen is doing for the innocents. They should be thankful that they extraditing these parasites and with one bullet to the heads sent them to HELL. Don't waste extra grain of rice for them.

That's why so many undesirables ran away from China for they fear the bullets to their heads.

Likewise, next the Taiwanese gansgters and parasites. Same fates.

Dafts in democracies called them inhuman but the laws always protect them from the peasants.

Anonymous said...

Hongkies inherited their mentality from the British after more than a century of British rule.

What mantras do the animals in Animal Farm say? Two legs bad, four legs good. Likewise it is always democracy good, communism bad. Is the lifting of 700 million out of poverty nothing in comparison to what the Colonial Masters did to their colonies during their reign? Some are still no more than slums after decades of British rule. And someone said that Shanghai already moved ahead of Hong Kong financially.

When China really takes over Hong Kong after 50 years, there is no more games to play! Sure, before that there will be more trouble to come for China. It goes without saying.

Perhaps the situation in Hong Kong had been devised by the Colonial masters, and not evolved by passage of time, just as they created Israel in the Middle East. Keep the place divided to serve their purpose in future. Having a military outpost in Hong Kong is a great geopolitical dream of the evil empire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 118

>> Hongkies inherited their mentality from the British after more than a century of British rule. <<

If you know anything about the origins of the Cantonese people (and "Lingnan" culture) , you'll know that they were exposed to western influences---many of which were quickly adopted and incorporated in Lingnan culture---since the 1400s. Since the region faces the sea, there were many ports in the area which dealt with international (European) commerce.

In fact, people from this region have common ancestors to the Vietnamese people. i.e. their original (cultural) roots are NOT Han Chinese and only become "sinicized" during the Songs circa 10th to 13th century.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 118

>> Hongkies inherited their mentality from the British after more than a century of British rule. <<

If you know anything about the origins of the Cantonese people (and "Lingnan" culture), you'll know that they were exposed to western influences---many of which were quickly adopted and incorporated in Lingnan culture---since the 1400s. Since the region faces the sea, there were many ports in the area which dealt with international (European) commerce.

In fact, people from this region have common ancestors to the Vietnamese people. i.e. their original (cultural) roots are NOT Han Chinese and only become "sinicized" during the Songs circa 10th to the 13th century.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

And then there was the British colonization after HK was lost as a "spoil of war" when the Royally-backed English Drug Dealing Cartel bashed up the Chinese because the English drug traffickers had more powerful weapons and manpower (granted to them by the Crown, paid for by selling drugs to Asians, primarily the Chinese).

Nonetheless, over 150 years, HK culture evolved to incorporate these western-style freedoms. This is part of Cantonese culture: when they like something, they adopt it straight away---dun waste time. That is why if you have an appealing product and it "takes off" in Hong Kong, you'll make so much money that you might make it on the Forbes global "Rich List".

This protest is rooted in CULTURE. For better or worse the Cantonese have these ideas of personal autonomy and freedom EMBEDDED in their culture, and therefore in their minds, and the very "DNA" of the lives and soul of Hong Kong.

That's why HK'ers are so passionate about this issue.

Unknown said...

Dealing With The Unity Of Whitemen Intimidating Non-Whites

To China, Canada is only one of the second-tier countries that China's interests are based upon. Not first-tier. Therefore, Canada's trade and diplomatic relations with China is of secondary importance.

Recently, China has moved her Ambassador in Canada to France, leaving Canada without a Chinese Ambassador. Canada's Ambassador in Beijing has already been removed last year when Menug Wanzhou was kidnapped by Canada's political thugs. This shows that China does not want to communicate directly with Canada any more. Meng's case is now strictly handled by lawyers - as amicable political and diplomatic solutions have already failed. There is no point negotiating and talking with the Trudeau (pronounced as True-Dog in French) Thuggish Administration.

Actually, Canada is in no position to intimidate China. Yet it has the audacity to try. And try it did, by borrowing the weight of the immoral, unethical and lawless mafia chief of the US who happens to be elected by daft Americunts. This unscrupulous and criminal act by Canada's present True-Dog government will have serious long-term consequences and repercussions.

China will have to endure for a while, until Meng Wanzhou is out of harm's way. After that Canadians will know what the real damages their government has done to them.

This score has to be settled with equal or heavier impact as the unprovoked aggressive action by Canada has inflicted a great loss of face and agony upon China's Leaders and the Chinese People world-wide.

All Chinese or people of Chinese descent must recognize this criminal act by the White Scoundrels as an act not just upon Meng Wanzhou, Huawei or China's government, but as an INTIMIDATION UPON ALL CHINESE! It is the same as the Opium War, when Hongkong was kidnapped and retained by the Evil British Empire for 100 years!