False flag in the Persian Gulf, a repeat of Gulf of Tonkin Incident

What is happening in the Persian Gulf, the attack on oil tankers that the US unilaterally claimed was done by the Iranians and wanting to use this as an excuse to launch a military attack against Iran is a mirror image of the sinking of the Cheonan in South Korea.

In the Choenan case, the Americans sank it through an inside explosion, killing more than 20 South Korean soldiers, quickly conducted an investigation by themselves, planting and fabricating evidence to show that it was done by the North Koreans and wanted to start a war with North Korea. The one sided fictitious investigation was refuted by the North and disbelieved by the South Koreans who done their own investigation and knew that it was a false flag incident to incite them to kill each other, Koreans killing Koreans. The South Koreans refused to bite and a vicious war was avoided.

The Americans are repeating the same false flag modus operandi in this gulf incident, conducted their own biased and fictitious investigation, one sided allegation that it was Iran that did it. The Americans claimed that the Japanese ship was hit by mines. The Japanese crew on board the ship said eyewitnesses saw the attack was from the air, struck by missiles.

No one is going to believe the Americans and the UN Secretary General Guterres is calling for an independent investigation led by the UN.  Calling wolf too often, telling lies too often, the consequence is that no one would believe the liars any more, no one would believe the lying Americans. 

Below are some quotes from Michelle Nichols - Yahoo News

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Friday for an independent investigation to establish the facts and who was responsible for attacks on two oil tankers this week in the Gulf of Oman....

"It's very important to know the truth and it's very important that responsibilities are clarified. Obviously that can only be done if there is an independent entity that verifies those facts," he told reporters, adding that he believed only the Security Council could order a U.N. investigation....

Guterres, who condemned the attacks on the tankers, was speaking on Friday alongside Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit after the pair met.

Gheit told reporters that he did not believe an Arab country was "trying to obstruct naval lanes or to shoot itself in the foot by acting the way we have seen in the Gulf of Oman or in the Hormuz Strait."

"My call to our Iranian brothers - be careful and reverse course because you're pushing everybody towards a confrontation that no-one would be safe if it happens," he told reporters.

The sickening thing about the above is that though they knew that it was the Americans that are raising tension and provoking a war, but they are still calling ' our Iranian brothers - be careful and reverse course because you're pushing everybody towards a confrontation that no-one would be safe if it happens.' They could not say the obvious, that it is the Americans that are pushing everybody towards a confrontation, not the Iranians. The Iranians would not do that to invite a military attack by the world's most powerful gangsters and assured destruction of their country.

This is the intrinsic bias that I said before about the silly mindset of Asians and Asian leaders. They are afraid to call the Devil the Devil and choose to blame the innocent, the victims of the Devil. The evil Americans are rooting for a war, not the Iranians!


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, exciting times ahead. Long time since the Gulf Wars.

Time for some action if possible telecast LIVE on CNN, Fox News etc.

At least they leave China and North Korea alone for a while.

Also, exciting times ahead to see Sinking Land into a Recession where the boastful cocks will have to scavenge garabage on the Streets.

Exciting times so many Erections, oops Elections on the cards.

America, Taiwan and Sinking Land.Also Brexit chaos.

Wow, at our age with Theatre of enjoyments to see and watch. Buy cartons of beer and peanuts.
Pump up.our adrenaline.

Stop Genting Highlands for a while.

Loved to see the Demise of the World.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

9:05 am
Whether false flag or not (I am 99% convinced that it is false flag because of some tell-tail signs), it is time for the Muddle-East (not Middle-East) to have another war. This time round, I think Iran (unlike Iraq and Libya) will win, because Russia and China will intervene to stop US's Diplomatic and Political Gangsterism. They will not allow this Evil Beast to continue its evil schemes unchecked.

Lying is the first sign of the Devil. Killing innocent people without conscience is the second sign.

The US is the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

Russia and China are today's World Policemen, not USA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Iran is guilty, said the Americans.
Iran is guilty, said Pompeo. They used Chinese mines.

The Japanese tanker captain said they found explosive material in the tanker, saying it was done by planting explosive inside the tanker. The same explosive used in the first attack on two tankers a month earlier.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ What's wrong with false flags?

False flags have proven themselves to be great devices in moving history...giving history a solid kick in the arse, especially when things stay in the "status quo" for too long.

So I don't see why people have a problem with false flags incidents, and the combat which follows using those incidents as an excuse/ reason for militaristic response.

People still have problems accepting that there's no such "thing" as morality, and that "absolute morality" is a fiction of a fiction.

"Morality" is in the mind of the beholder---it is different for different periods in history, cultures, religions right down to the individual minds. Anything really does go...do as you think whatever it is you need to do.

In geopolitics, like in the the universe in general or any state of "anarchy", there is no such thing as "justice". What exists, and on temporary basis at best is relationships between cuntries, which are complex abstracts are they involve not only the relationship between leaders, but between individuals, social institutions, markets and trade.

Iran has been openly hostile to the USA since the exile of the US "puppet" Shah of Iran, and the change from a westernised open cuntry, into a theocratic dictatorship. The People get the government they deserve, so I don't have any issue with this. In fact I support the desire of any nation to "self-determination" even if they do horrible things. As I have said: Morality is individual and anything goes.

The idea that Iran (The State) would actually attack Jap and Norwegian owned/ registered vessels just doesn't make sense. But on the flip-side, in this Spy-vs-Spy Clown World, who knows?

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are the "Dynamic Duo" fuelling the war-dancing. Trump has repeatedly said he doesn't want a war, and claims he has Bolton on a leash...but who knows? Bolton is a much more seasoned political operator than Trump and will definitely have his own "kaki-nangs" in The Pentagon, CIA etc.

It would be a BIG MISTAKE for the USA to go toe-to-toe with Iran. The terrain of that cuntry is like Afghanistan. The waters off the coast are easily blockaded, and fortified coastal defences will make mincemeat of any would-be invader. Iran is also armed to the teeth with current gen MilTech and their forces train hard.

And finally, culturally they still hold dear to the idea that they are PERSIANS, not Arabs. Persians are a warrior race and historically known as firece fighters.

Anonymous said...

as in love suit,
all fair.

Anything goes,
even clearcut
lies and schemes.

Beast kills beast to survive.

Man kills man to conquer.

This is Nature.

Virgo49 said...

James Corbon or Coby, the Oppostion Leader in the UK Parliament said Dotard Trump is a Great Liar.

Too many times calling wolves wolves that nobody now believe him.

See the high turnover of his staff.
That Fat Spokeswomen Sanders also quit.

Knowing that they are going mad working for a Madman.

Democrats going for the blood of Kelly Conway, previous Dotatd Campaign managress.

Nancy Pelosi also going for his blood.

They have to distract attention by directing all these nonsense to Iran.

As Matilah said, Persians are no walkover.

See the Americunts in bodies bags if they dared start a war with Iran.

Anonymous said...


Saudi crown prince MBS stated publicly that Iran was responsible for the attacks. High chance that it was setup by Saudis themselves.

Likely US knows this, but is playing along with Saudis to try & squeeze Iran e.g. getting Europe to implement sanctions against it etc.

But Trumpy won't overdo it if it means extended high oil prices.

southernglory1 said...

The Evil Empire must be destroyed. If the USA is allowed to exist in this world there will never be peace on earth. Wickedness, aggression, killings, murders, genocide, assassinations and wars of aggression and conquest are in their DNA.

When the white barbarians from Europe first came to America they were welcomed and entertained by the natives who gave them food and lodging and taught them how to plant corn and potatoes. But within one year of their arrival the natives were shocked and shaken to find out how wicked, savage and evil these new arrivals were. The white barbarians stole their cattle and crops, stole their lands, killed their people and rape their daughters and wives.

From the very first day of its independence in 1775 the United States pronounced a new evil doctrine, "The Manifest Destiny of America." Under this doctrine the newly independent United States pronounced its intention to conquer and acquire all the lands from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

At its independence time the United States consisted of only thirteen states comprising about six hundred and sixty-five thousand square miles of territory. The rest of the continental America consisted of many self-governing native American states under British suzerainty. The United States soon unleashed its aggression on each and every one of the self-governing native states. They plotted and instigated the various native states to fight against each other too by sowing fear, suspicion, dissension and choas among them. This made it easier for the United States to eventually conquer all of them when they were fatally weakened and unable to resist white American aggression.

To take and conquer the Mexican lands the United States created border incidents along the border and blamed them on the Mexicans. These border incidents gave the United States a reason and basis to start wars against Mexico. That was how Mexico lost One Million Six Hundred and Sixty-five thousand square miles of Mexican lands to the US which now comprise the states of Texas, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida and California.

They used more or less similar tactics in its invasion of Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico.

In 1964 it created the Gulf of Tonkin incident when America sank a boat and blamed it on the Vietcong. It then used it as an excuse to attack and invade North Vietnam.

It is exactly the same operation operandi that the Evil Empire is now using in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Also look at how it planned to instigate and create choas in Syria and Venezuela before starting the invasion. Up to now they dared not do it for Russia and China had drawn a red line forbidding the Evil Empire from doing so.

It is now using the same operation operandi in the South China Sea hoping to create suspicion, choas , incidents and eventually wars among the countries bordering the South China Sea. The evil empire must not be allowed to succeed in its wicked design.


Anonymous said...

Today, USA should be known as the United States of Aggressors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ southernglory1

Yes, very accurate account. The USA, notably in modern times the military-industrial-banking-political Cartel, needs wars to justify their existence and maintain their power...as well as make a few bucks...maybe a few million or billion bucks for themselves. Hey, why not? Not everyone is so lucky to be in such positions...if you got it, why not indeed flaunt it? 🤣 (back to my "anything goes" theory of human behaviour).

But wars are hard to start. It is always the LAST RESORT of states to engage in wars, not for any "lofty humanitarian reason", but because wars are destructively EXPENSIVE. i.e. you need to spend lots of money to destroy your enemies stuff, decimate their populations and kill their economies...and they have to spend exorbitant amounts themselves to do the same to you. So wars are darn difficult to start. You need something to "expedite" the process: FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.

Fucking brilliant. But wait, the most brilliant part is this: Most of the world knows it is a false flag attack. Yet no one puts up much resistance if you are the power that chooses to go to war using a BIG FAT LIE as an excuse.

False Flags WORK, that's the bottom line. That's the reality, which doesn't require your "prior approval". (aka the world I live in...how abut you 😛)

Anonymous said...

Just learn to accept that war and killing are part and parcel of Nature.
Conflicts over resources, food, water, mineral, forest, territory, power, love and even ego. This makes peace and unity very precious.
The World shall soon suffers from great calamities due to natural disasters such as heatwave, drought, earthquake, tsunami and disease which could be regionally widespread and disastrous.
manmake disaster is likely more damaging in view of the huge amounts of weapons of mass destructions around the World.

Pray hard that mankind is sensible and will cherish peace.
as history has shown,
mankind is always worse than other beasts.

Anonymous said...

Iran On The Way To Become The Next Nuclear Power?

Iran said on Monday it would breach internationally agreed curbs on its stock of low-enriched uranium in 10 days -- a move likely to strain already high tensions with Washington -- but it added European nations still had time to save a landmark nuclear deal.

U.S.-Iran tensions are worsening following accusations by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump that Tehran carried out attacks last Thursday on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, a vital oil shipping route. Iran has denied having any role.

"We have quadrupled the rate of enrichment and even increased it more recently, so that in 10 days it will bypass the 300 kg limit," Iran's Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said on state TV. "There is still time ... if European countries act."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Other Side Of The Coin

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on last Thursday that the attacks on the two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman earlier on the day were "suspicious."

"Reported attacks on Japan-related tankers" occurred while the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "for extensive and friendly talks," Zarif tweeted on Thursday.

The Iranian Foreign Minister called for regional dialogue, saying that "Iran's proposed Regional Dialogue Forum is imperative."

Two oil tankers were hit in the Sea of Oman on Thursday morning, with at least one of them operated by a Japanese company. The attacks came amid Abe's visit to Tehran, who is seeking to help ease tensions between Iran and the United States.

Last month, four commercial vessels suffered similar sabotage off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

The deliberate sabotage could have been done by someone who stands to benefit from the US-Iran confrontation. The most probabIe ones are Saudi Arabia (oil and power), Israel (Israel considers Iran as her Number One Enemy), UAE (growing interest to become as powerful as Saudi Arabia) and Oman (in collaboration with US Intelligence Agencies).

It could also be CIA operatives working within Iran's Opposition Parties or within Iran's military - in other words, double agents.

Since the pro-US Shah of Iran was overthrown, the CIA has been working very hard and relentlessly to bring about another pro-US regime in Iran. The number of CIA operatives and CIA paid-sleepers in Iran has increased exponentially in recent years.

Israel's Mozard agents and UK's MI5 spies have also been very active in Iran for the past 20 years.

The fact is that the crew of the Japanese oil tanker said it was explosives planted inside the tanker; and the crew of the other oil tanker said that it was hit from the air (probably a drone), yet the US said it was Chinese mines being used. This is very cunning - killing two birds with one stone: pointing fingers to both Iran and China.

Another fact is the US has a huge collection of all weapons, mines, military equipment being invented or used by other countries, and CIA agents have been trained to use such means and are experts in disguising themselves in different ways.

CIA even has a Director of Disguise to head a Disguise Department that specializes in training, supervising and helping their spies in the art of disguising themselves like Sherlock Holmes.

There is also a Deception Department that specializes in developing, organising, co-ordinating and executing false flags' events/incidents/accidents. It can even produce elaborate and detailed dossiers and files to convince the US Presidents and influence other Allied leaders like what they did prior to the invasionn of Iraq regarding the non-existent WMD (weapons of mass destruction) that Saddam Hussein had possessed.

Such are the capabilities of the US's CIA and the extent of lies it can and willing to generate, promulgate and stretch, in order to achieve US's national interests.

This is the Dark Age where the Dark Art has been polished to a shinning light for criminals to turn black to white and white to black like the skin colour of Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

There were so many holes in the American story.

If that grainy video was taken by the Americans at the scene, would they really allow the Iranians to just take away the evidence?

Then when someone said that the Iranian boat was actually evacuating the crew of the tanker, the Americans claimed that no such evacuation happened, and that the Iranians were looking for an unexploded missile. But then the Americans came out with another story that the crews have been 'detained' by the Iranians. This already contradicts the first story that the Iranian boat by the side of the tanker was not doing any evacuation of the crew of the tanker, but were looking for an unexploded missile.

What Donald Trump really did after two years in office is to make America the greatest liar. Are they not tired of lying?

Anonymous said...

For over two years in office, Mr Trump has reportedly spun out misleading or untrue statements about himself, his enemies, policies, politics, family, personal story, finances and his interactions with staff.

As of June 7, the Washington Post's fact-checker had counted 10,796 false or misleading claims since he took office.

According to a White House communication director under Obama, Trump's credibility is about as solid as a snake oil salesman.

Anonymous said...

The whole American establishment is geared towards creating chaos, instability, subterfuge, wars and inciting countries to fight against each other, at times supporting one side and then the other. All having the main objective of supporting their military industrial complex to have more business in the sale of weapons, and to back their Petrodollar hegemony.

When have the Americans, in their history, ever go around helping countries with infrastructure to develop or lifting poverty in Africa or Asia? All they want is impoverish the world over, so that they can control everybody. Aids given to world bodies which they fashioned were all for the sake of supporting their agendas. When such world bodies cannot support their agenda they unilaterally withdraw. Such is American viciousness, cruelty, immorality and disgusting behaviour.

Anonymous said...

If I have only one word to describe the US: "TREACHEROUS!"

Anonymous said...

The Truth : " All humans beings r also Treacherous to their Creator or God or Allah ". Which is why there is war and natural disasters or calamities on earth every now & then.
The only way to human beings salvation is to co-operate & work together for the betterment of the future else it will remain the same.

Virgo49 said...

All these Saviours that Hypocritical Humans pray too.

Just wayang wayang.

Humans filled with Greed, Selfishness,Hatred will never descend to Heavens.

Only All Dogs Goes to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Prob Virgo 49 does not belong the the Dogs, but some other creatures?

Virgo49 said...

You see Dogs so loyal. For thick or thin.

Millionaire or million hairs owners they stick with you.

Look into their eyes so innocent and loving.

Look at human eyes.Full of hypocrisies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Re-writing the rules of karma (which doesn’t exist)

☑️ USA prints money so that the broke-ass US citizen can borrow cheaply to buy more stuff, while increasing personal and national debt. Even st currently INSANE levels, USA economy #1

☑️ CIA & US Military enforce US foreign policy by gunboat diplomacy. Can bully any smaller cuntry. For larger cuntries like Russia and China, can manage to “kachau” them by being a huge pain in their arses.

☑️ USA tells the UN to “fuck off” as the USA acts in its own interests because of American Exceptionalism

☑️ Washington decides the fate of the world

☑️ US Fed determines (drives) the interest rates of other cuntries.

☑️ US Foreign Policy includes supporting nd keeping CRUEL DICTATORS in power as long as they serve US interests. US doesn’t care if their dictator “ally” rapes and pillages his own cuntry. “Situational” Human Rights.

☑️ US Financial Sector is essentially “legalised organised crime”. Whenever there’s a major global crash, look to Wall Street, and you probably won’t find your answer because it’s hidden...but don’t despair. Keep digging, you’ll find your answer. “This time it’s different” No it’s not. Only the names have changed.

☑️ USA can tell your democratically elected government what to do...and threaten to PUNISH your whole cuntry if they don’t accede to US demands.

☑️ US doesn’t follow any international code of justice or law...BUT it’s own laws can be made and exercised extraterritorially to prosecute, rendition or even execute anyone the US government declares as “Enemy of The State”.

☑️ Can wipe out or conquer entire cuntries and nations of people, be condemned in history...and still tomorrow it’s “business as usual”.

☑️ Can continue with Big Fat Lies like false flags, wagging the dog, etc etc and still come out AHEAD.

….and more...feel free to add.

But here’s the KICKER:

Everyone is aware of everything mentioned there. It’s no secret. Even when the USA is conducting “covert operations” everyone in the world knows people will be killed, governments might fall...or some other big event is going to happen.

...and after all that, after all the anti-American sentiment in the world, all the name-calling, all the noise and anger from arsehole to breakfast, from shithole cuntry and First World Nations...The Mighty USA is still standing, and #1...a shakey #1, but still #1 nonetheless.

I call that quite an achievement. 👍🤡

Anonymous said...

//..Look at human eyes.Full of hypocrisies...//

...try to see their good points, some r Angel's in disguise, some r wolves in Angel's clothings, depends on ur wisdom to discern the true nature on them.

Anonymous said...

The US/Americunts are awesome.
Pappies in Sin have learnt and do exactly the same on their subjects.
Sinkies, like the Americunt People, are proud of their Rulers and Leaders although they know they are tightly held by the Powerful Strangle Hold of the Folks they have chosen to lord over themselves.

To cut it short,
all things good or bad shall have to come to an end. Some call it wind of change, others allude it to karma.
l say it is the lnevitable Cycle of Nature. Like it or not, it has to happen.
Nothing lasts forever,
There is no need for ego in living.

Anonymous said...

The end is near. The conflict between USA and China is inevitable, unavoidable, no matter how one may pretend to look the other way.

The USA has been preparing for the ultimate war with China since the end of World War II. The concept of White Supremacism has not gone away. It only lies latent but is now becoming restless and gearing towards an open declaration. In fact, the recent declaration by Trump in England is the first part of the declaration. The implication is there. Even dull minds should be able to discern.

China must go on full speed to prepare herself for this confrontation on all fronts, in all fields. Muster, organise, train, equip and prepare the 1.4 billion Chinese in China and another 400 million overseas.

Don't wait for the war to come, then start preparing. It will be too little, too hasty, too late.

Carry the war to the heartland of the enemy, as the enemy has been doing to you over the past 70 years. Use the same tactics and strategies the enemy is using on you, and more. Remember, winning without war is the supreme strategy.

Anonymous said...

War is inevitable. The US debt is unsolvable. The quadrillions in derivatives cannot be unwind by any means. The whole US infrastructure from bridges, roads, communication lines, sewage system and water delivery system are all falling apart. And losing the Petrodollar hegemony means the end of the US. So, this is the right time for the US to start WW3.

The only problem is nothing survives an all out nuclear war. No one wins. Nothing is going to grow for food after that, even if one is to survive the aftermath. It is going to be a war of extinction.

Anonymous said...

One fact everyone on this board (or blog) must be clear is:

Sea mines (whether from China or any other countries) to not explode above the water-line. The damages to both tankers are above the water-line. That means they cannot be caused by sea mines.

Therefore, the US Scoundrels are pure bull-shitting. With so many millions of international web-watchers scrutinizing the shits that are being poured out by the Pentagon (consists mainly of seniles and retards should-have-retired-long-ago backdoor generals), any false flag can be called out immediately. This is the Cyberspace Age, not the 20th Century.

Even the main media in the US are saying that the attacks on the tankers could not probably be done by Iran. It could be someone else.

It's time the CIA, Pentagon and White House are painted BLACK, the colour that suits them perfectly.