CPF Medishield Life Horror Show

Last GE, Minister of Health was going to give power to the govt to take money directly from your bank account if you fail to top up your Medishield Life. Many people think it is just for show and still voted PAP overwhelming. 4 years after the regulation made mandatory, it is going into enforcement.
We have many people telling social media how their money in the bank was deducted without consent and to find out they were deducted by CPF for Medishield Life. We also have another group saying CPF suka suka arrowed them to be the top up for their direct family members or distant relatives without their consent. And the arrangementauto mated without their consent too!

Posted by DuGu QiuBai in the TRE

Is the above true? How many of you have experienced your money in your bank account, not CPF account being deducted by CPF for MedishieldLife? I must agree that this is really frightening. When my Medisave Account is depleted, at the moment CPF is deducting from it to pay for my MedishieldLife, the first thing I would do is to withdraw every cent from my bank accounts and closed all of them. I cannot allow anyone, not the govt, to have free access to my bank accounts and take what they want and when they like it. This is robbery, taking my money without my consent if it is true. My money is no longer safe in the banks.

I really hope that this is fake news, cannot be true. The govt cannot suka suka legislate to take money from you, money you put into the bank and think it is safe. Horror! 

What is happening in Singapore?  The govt just legislate it as law and make buying of insurance compulsory and the citizens cannot object to it, must pay or become criminals! And the banks too cannot say no to protect the depositors? This type of thing can only happen when your life savings in your CPF is not your money. Matilah laughing in glee, told you so  didn't I?


Anonymous said...

If such thing really happens, there will be a flash point. All you need is a tiny spark. The spark will quickly turn into an uncontrollable fire that will eventually raze down the foundation of the whole society. It is really frightening. It's worse that terrorism carried out by the terrorists. At least the terrorists only target a specific group of unfortunate people at random. But this horrible plus terrible monster will devour each and every single human beings in the country.

This henious monster cannot and must not be allowed to exercise it's cunningness with impunity, affecting the livelihood of everybody.

Someone or everyone will have to make a stop to it sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:31am

So many already kena deducted from bank accounts, but still no flash point leh.

Sinkies are like that one. Kena milked & sheared still diam diam. Only kpkb on social media.

Next GE will still vote PAPies. Don't be surprise 75%.

Anonymous said...

Next GE may be cannot get even 57%.
When more and more pockets are hurt, and young children are going hungry, things will happen.

On the one end (top end), there are filthy rich minions and parasites eating until fat fat and laughing all the way to the banks everyday. On the other end (bottom end), there are many people who can't even make ends meet. Where is equality, progress, prosperity, democracy and justice?

Virgo 49 said...

Advice for those who think they can beat the Pay And Pay Scheme of Deceits.

Claiming reimbursements of Work Fare.

Many Sinkies thought that they are getting Free easy to claim Bonuses from the CPF Board by claiming phontom wages.

As self employed or part-timers, Flexi time workers, contract or no time workers they can claim work fares reimbursements every quarter from the Pay And Pay.

Little do they know that when they start claiming such wages they are been haunted by the Board to make medic saves payments monthly as they are deemed self employed or been in employment.

For a few miserable hundreds, they have to keep contributing their Medic Saves accounts and if they defaults, their banks savings would be in jeopardy.

Once they bite like a British bulldog they will never let go.

Hard time to rid yourself that you are no longer self employed or such.


Anonymous said...

Knn very frightening if true. Do u think someone needs to be sodomized to their senses as one anon always posted?😀

Anonymous said...

The Day Of Reckoning should have arrived in 2011.
the Daft Sinkies stayed in their slumber in 2015, thus sealing their own fate.
the Dafts shall go blaming each other while the Perpetrators enjoy the Spoil of their Ploy.
They shall be in Paradises elsewhere while the Streets shall be awash with blood.
Daft Sinkies play into the hands of the Deceitful Sinkies most willingly. Hence, they deserve what is befalling them.
lt is retribution, which the Daft Sinkies have been staring at knowingly all the Time.

Anonymous said...

Blame the 69.9%, as usual . . .

Anonymous said...

What is happening in Singapore?

What is happening in Singapore is that the opposition is not ready to be govt.

So Sinkies have no better choice but to vote in PAP who screw them as the lesser evil.

If they vote in the not ready opposition to be govt, Sinkies will still be screwed, but in a different way lah, and maybe worse. Or so they thought.

Anonymous said...

Blame the 69.9%, as usual . . .
9:28 am

Blame no use. It's like blaming God for the bad weather or natural disasters.

Be smart and make money to have good life, then got use. Correct or not?

If cannot have good life here, then go elsewhere to have it lah. Many smarter Sinkies already did it. That's why PAP need to get more foreigners to replace these Sinkies who left.

If these foreigners become citizens, they will surely vote PAP for giving them a better life than they could get in their original country.

Only the minority (30% or less) daft and suffering Sinkies will remain here to vote opposition.

So now I hope u can better understand why PAP could get 69.9% votes.

Anonymous said...

Typical Sinkie,
Only when affected, then
gets agitated,
otherwise, it
id You die Your

Anonymous said...

Hi all and 255am

Yes! 75% at next GE!

Sg is like that!

We are very very good to kpkbsssss and tcssssssdd!

But when come to voting.....pap!

This is Sg!

You don't know meh!

Early early Sg is already like that liao!

You die your business! No $$$$$$$$$$$$ no talk! No chengHu! All boChup!

Your$$$$$$$$$$$ is more your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!?

Yam Yam Yam SENG!!!

Anonymous said...

U got no $$$ under PAP, u think u can have more $$$ under opposition?

U are taxi driver under PAP, u think u can be taxi boss under opposition?

Anonymous said...

they mean
care not the Icicles on the roofs of others,
only clears the snow of your own courtyard.
Failure to care for oneself means doom forever.
These Aphorisms are perceive negatively.
the Chinese is cognizant of their reality, prevalence and implication.
In short,
it simply means
You die, your business.
Here in Sin,
this is how the Leeders treat the People.

Anonymous said...

本管 in the
Above Comment
to be corrected

Anonymous said...

You die, your business.
Here in Sin,
this is how the Leeders treat the People.
12:13 pm

Not just leeders, but smart and rich Sinkies are also treating less smart ones the same - that is u die your business.

Those who are less smart and remain poor, learn to be smart and become rich to save yourself lah. Nobody, not even the Sinkie opposition if they become govt, can save u.

Anonymous said...

抱歉/Apology again.
My bad.


Anonymous said...

How many of you have experienced your money in your bank account, not CPF account being deducted by CPF for MedishieldLife? I must agree that this is really frightening.

It is even more frightening that till now, the Sinkie opposition is still not ready to be govt, or even united.

Even TCB at 79 years, did not join, let alone unite them, and need to form his own party PSP at such an age.

And Uncle RB at 71 years and younger than TCB, also did not join, or want to be seen as part of TCB's PSP.

But then hor, and back to the above, if one has lots of money in CPF and bank account, what is so frightening when PAP only deduct a tiny fraction of your money from it, and for a good purpose called CPF Medishield life some more?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I've been telling you fuckers so for at least 3 decades lah:

>> The govt cannot suka suka legislate to take money from you, money you put into the bank and think it is safe. Horror! <<

Horror of horrors! Actually, 𝒴ℰ𝒮, They most definitely can. IRAS can kapor your money from the bank if you owe taxes. Even in the USA, (aka "Home Of The Brave, Land Of The Free" 🤣) the IRS can shut down all your financials if you fail to meet your taxation obligations. You can even use your debit card to buy coffee lah.

Every government in history will do whatever it wants for whatever reason---including things against the will of the people or against the so=called "inviolable" constitution of the nation. (i.e. Tiananmen Square June 4, PLA vs "law breakers", perfectly LEGAL)

>> My money is no longer safe in the banks. <<

Of course, your money is safe, especially in Singapore's great banks! However, whatever you owe the govt should be paid lah. Then you don't invite trouble into your life.

Anonymous said...

Don't frighten me leh! True or not that they can just deduct from your bank account? Maybe this guy signed some documents without reading it and got sodomised.

Unless you never want to maintain a bank account, withdrawing everything when your medisave account is depleted, to prevent them from deducting, is also not a solution.

If you have many bank accounts, try not keeping money in the account that they have your records may be sufficient. They cannot have your other bank account numbers if you do not give it to them. Am I right?

Banks cannot just anyhow let the Government deduct money from your account without your authorisation. That is stealing and the banks are partners in crime. Unless they changed the law silently and in stealth. Banks have a reputation to uphold. Loosing that reputation isn't going to do them any good.

I think there is more to it from this guy's story.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ How to fuck the people up some more, bring them to their knees, and have them kiss the feet of Their Masters,

I just had a brilliant idea. How come smart people like Shanmugam, Chan Chun Sing and Mdm Ho Ching didn't think of this?

LOCK DOWN (aka "freeze") all the financials of those who are accused of spreading "fake news". Give POFMA the fierce teeth that it needs.

You're welcome! 🤓

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 116, update your info lah.

This is Singapore. The govt can do anything it likes. You are all forgetting ah...too much makaning, shopping...Singapore is a SOFT dictatorship, top down. micro-managed, if necessary and PRAGMATIC.

What is "right" or "wrong" is not how this govt works. They go for PRAGMATISM which doesn't have a moral compass lah. "If it works, do it".

>> They cannot have your other bank account numbers if you do not give it to them. Am I right? <<

Your bank account is tied to you NRIC. IRAS definitely knows your bank accounts, every one of them past and present.

>> Banks cannot just anyhow let the Government deduct money from your account without your authorisation. <<

Please lah...😂 If it is THE LAW the banks have to comply.

Anonymous said...

Why need GIRO authorisation form for tax payments to IRAS? Every year they keep on pushing for payment using GIRO. Just make it the law, simple and pragmatic. Everyone must comply!

Anonymous said...

Put your money in foreign banks, especially the big guns bank like Bank of China.

Anonymous said...

Right Anon 2.17. But do the IRAS also have your bank account numbers in those foreign banks? It is the law, you know!

Anonymous said...

Simply put;

It is Daylight Robbery.

lt is Banditry.

The Affected is neither pre-informed by the Board nor their Banks.

the People, at least a Majority, have given the Mandate for the Rulers to do as they deem fit or even at whim and fancy, such as paying themselves crazily and sinfully.

Anonymous said...

@All, @Matilah,

Matilah is correct .... I've already said on this blog before --- SG law allows govt to take money directly from your bank accounts that you otang. Most other countries (I would say all) also have similar laws.

As for so-called foreign banks --- hahaha, MAS requires all foreign banks to incorporate locally in SG --- in other words those "foreign banks" in SG are actually local banks. This has been done as of 2nd quarter 2019.

And govt knows all your local SG accounts even if it's the local branch of Bank of Timbuktu. Definitely at MHA & IRAS level.

That's why SG has one of the strictest bank verification in the world whenever anyone wants to open a bank account. e.g. KYC, source of funds, and AML and even checking if you're related to senior govt persons in SG or overseas.

For the past 30 years, many cash rich foreigners actually want to open SG bank accounts.


Anonymous said...

Talk so much for what?

SORRY.....70% voted YES-ed!

So......YOU deserved it?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Law. The Singapore Laws. The Constitution or Whatever Supreme Written or Unwritten Moral Obligation.


That being said, if you are smart, you open your bank account in China, Malaysia (MayBank), India, Europe or Japan (definitely not USA), if they have branches in Singapore. Don't open your account at their branches in Singapore. In this way, it is more difficult for the Singapore Government to touch your money. But it does not mean that Singapore Government cannot touch your money.

What the Singapore Government can do is to get a Court Order, which is very easy to do especially when there is a super on-the-ball AGC working super hard for the Singapore Government.

Bottom line: Not only your CPF money is not your money. Your money in your bank accounts is also not your money. Not only that, even you, your wife and your children belong to the State. Singapore is a true blue Communist Country, more Communistic than China, Russia, Vietnam and Cuba combined from Day One - 9 August, 1965!

And the one-and-only excellent People's Action Party was/is/will be a true blue Communist Party that rules Singapore forever and ever, until all the cows and buffaloes come home and go to sleep very soundly.

What opposition? I don't see no opposition for the last 50 years. I see only opportunities and opportunists.

What Democracy? Is there true Democracy in the world? The United States of America itself is not a true Democracy. UK is not even a true Parliamentary Democracy. India a true Democracy? As long as there is corruption in the world, where money can make even the Devil work for you, there will never be true Democracy. All the talks about Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom are meant for those with who cannot think of don't even bother to think.


Anonymous said...

China is building a railway causeway across the Straits of Taiwan to link to the island. This will block off US warships travelling through the Taiwan Straits with impunity.

Anonymous said...

lt is fair for Authority to take money due to it for purchase made by the People, be it good and or service.
ln the Case of Medishield Life which is implemented by the Power of the Day as a compulsory scheme, citizens are forced to submit. Many are not clear and certain how the Scheme work. Or how it even benefits the Insured.
ln a normal situation, one will not buy if one is not affordable for a non tangible item.

ln Sin,
there were cases of suicides due to sickness and other problems due to lack of fund to serk treatment and not wanting to burden others.

There was a Facebook Post that narrated a sole breadwinner with spouse abd kids been told that his Medisave was only for him a night or two in the Hospital and this happenned after Medishield Life was in effect for years. Why Medishield Life not covering his shortfall in his Medisave. What are the Technicality involving its purpose and use ?
There was no information made available.

lf there is a downturn in the Job Market, more shall be unable to pay for the Medishield Life, how to live under that circumstances for those with no money in the pocket, not to mention in bank ?

Bystanders said...

Best for those with no money to pay is to turn themselves in, then being arrested and charged in court,where you can never win. If you surrender yourself, you get free food and free lodging AND FREE MEDICAL in Changi Prison. I would do exactly the same. If everyone do exactly the same, Changi Prison will be overflowing and overwhelmed. There will be a need to build more prisons, employ more prison wardens, cleaners, cooks, service personnel, police, guards and doctors. And also build more prison hospitals, laundries, toilets and kitchens. And use more electricity and water. All these would mean more and higher costs for the incumbent government.

So, in the final analysis, the government should just stop this CPF Scam that has now led to do many ills to the real beneficiaries. Instead of The real beneficiaries who benefit from the CPF savings scheme, it is now clear that the government is the only one that really benefits from the CPF Savings Scam.

UG said...

Anonymous said...
June 08, 2019 10:58 am

Anonymous said...
June 08, 2019 12:07 pm

Anonymous said...
June 08, 2019 12:13 pm

Anonymous said...
June 08, 2019 12:51 pm

Boh Guan Li Wu Lui Boh Lui
Wa Lai Guan Li Eh Lui
Boh Guan Tiang Eh Lui
Long Chong Jip Guan Tao

Guan Tao Lai Liao. Kin Chao. Is my family Singapore most notorious Tua Pia Kia ah? If so can I label the li tao as, Kang Kar Lak Gor Jioh. From Kang Kar hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot till Lak Gor Jioh.


Chio Si Lang. Ong Teng Cheng got strike no go peh leh. Next election I am going stay at home loh. All peasant stay at home. Let the elites on top know what is going on one ownself go vote. For example Tan Cheng Bock family and friends all vote for him. LHL family and friends all vote for him. Do good deed also. Those people that count vote one can go home early rest. We watch television also can rest our eyes early. No wonder Singapore so many kids Bak Chiu Pai all wear spectacles? 50 years no talent leh. Bak Chiu Tak stamp genes from old leaders? LKY WILL also dunno ah?

By the way why got the Cambodia, Vietnam news against PM Lee ah? Who write the article for PM Lee? Who is attacking my PM? Who is throwing my PM face with this news, that news, Hyflux news, electricity so many company news? Who is attacking my PM and the peasants here? Why got old people collect cardboard exercise news? Who is throwing PM Lee face? Who? And LKY WILL also dunno? Who is causing all the troubles including peasant suffering? Who? Why never ISA? Where is LKY Iron Fist?

Anonymous said...

11.20pm anon don't be sarcastic lar. U asking to be sodomized is if? That s under pap, they don't enforce the gay law so u can enjoy being sodomized, u can enjoy being sodomized under opposition?

Anonymous said...

UG, kakakakakakaka time for u to be sodomised Hoot Hoot.......

UG said...

How come PM Lee pay so many people so many money, still so many horror? Want ISA all of them? Perhaps they are the one who is causing trouble and not Roy or Amos? I think PM Lee also daft as me. Lucky got story of LKY back stab own people. That is call Iron Fist. LHL is daft is it? Like me is it? Goo Goo Gaa Gaa. No wonder peasant suffering? Spare the rod, spoil the child? See Desmond Quek, ownself open company can endure less than 6 months only ah? Lim peh endure 2 years plus self employ leh. Desmond Quek worst than taxi driver. Throw the rank away la. What endurance skill? During army time enjoy life is it? If not why open company can endure less than 6 months only? How about other scholar ah? Peasant endure for years one leh. Some even endure for life time. PM Lee never set life test to test scholar for their endurance skill meh? I thought test here test there is very popular. Or only taxi drivers got test?