Boy PM and his rule of law

The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose image has taken a hit in recent weeks over a growing corruption scandal, denied Saturday that he acted in a hostile way toward a female lawmaker in his party....

It was yet more bad press undermining Trudeau's credentials as a progressive leader following the resignations of his attorney general and budget minister, both women, one indigenous.
Caesar-Chavannes said Trudeau asked her to delay announcing her decision after Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould had just stepped down, plunging the government into crisis over suspected interference in a legal process.
That was followed by the resignation of Budget Minister Jane Philpott.
The prime minister, who touts his credentials as a feminist and defender of indigenous rights, would like to avoid the political image of someone who presided over the departure of two (minority) women of color, added Caesar-Chavannes.
Wilson-Raybould, who has indigenous heritage, said after she resigned that she had faced undue pressure from Trudeau and his aides seeking that she try to avoid a trial of engineering giant SNC-Lavalin....

On Saturday, Trudeau acknowledged mistakes had been made but denied any laws were broken.
"There was a disagreement about the best way to move forward and there were certainly an erosion of trust in my office that I absolutely need to learn from and deal from and do better in the future and that I take very, very seriously," he said.

The above is from Yahoo News.

This boy PM, after parroting rule of law for the last few months when caught in the American conspiracy in arresting Meng Wanzhou, is now caught with his pants down, in interfering the judicial system on a case against the indigenous Canadians. And he still claimed that he was doing everything right and proper, like the Meng Wanzhou case when his ministers resigned because of his interference. All he did was to admit a loss of trust in his office, not in himself.

The boy PM is basically an inept, a former school teacher, rose to political office under the shadow of his father. This is perhaps his only ability and now he is fumbling over and over again, daily and becoming a joke himself. After what Trump did and said so far on the Huawei case, he still stubbornly sticks to his rule of law and doing nothing wrong antics. 

He will look totally lost when Trump and Xi sign a deal with the release of Meng Wanzhou as a precondition. By then not stepping down is no longer an option for this boy PM that surrounded himself with nincompoops.


Virgo49 said...

China official already said: We selected potential Presidents and High Calibre Statesman and women based on their Merits with hearts for the people.

Western Demo crazies and their cronies and running skunks chose theirs of Actors, Clowns and connections from ex Fathers and Uncles who are ex Officials or MPs.

Just like Sinkieland where three quarters are from their family trees or connections.

No wonder it is sinking now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have a different take. If you read the news you will know that Singapore is getting better and better everyday. The future is so bright for everyone here.

As for leaders, Singaporeans are very blessed to have great new leaders like Heng Swee Kiat, Chan Chun Sing, Iswaran, Indranee etc etc and up and coming Janil Puthuchery. And they are backed by an equally wise team of leaders that would not fade away for sure.

There is nothing to worry when such capable hands are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Nothing to worry!

This the BEST place in this world!

Where to find another place like Sg!


Anonymous said...

As for leaders, Singaporeans are very blessed to have great new leaders like Heng Swee Kiat, Chan Chun Sing, Iswaran, Indranee etc etc and up and coming Janil Puthuchery.
RB 9:16 am


Because greater and more capable leaders like Uncle RB did not want to contest elections mah.

So Sinkies have no better choice to choose than Sinkies like Heng Swee Kiat, Chan Chun Sing, Iswaran, Indranee etc etc lor. Not choosing and not having a govt is also not an option.

Anonymous said...

Because greater and more capable leaders like Uncle RB did not want to contest elections mah.
10:36 am

Uncle RB knows that if he contest elections, he will have 93% chance of ending up like Chee Soon Juan and Tan Jee Say.

Even if Uncle RB can win like WP Low Thia Khiang, ultimately he can also be sued for $33M like Low Thia Khiang, and despite Low Thia Khiang praising PAP as a competent govt some more.

So like that contest elections against PAP for what use?

Unless Uncle RB can become a PAP candidate lah, then contest got use.

imho said...

There are no real opp in sg lah. All just pretending to be opp but actually want a big pay cheque just like any man in white mp.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1036am

U oso got a valid point!

Anyway, worry not worry not!

Sg so so so tiny tiny tiny city state, very very very easy to govern lah!

Anyone oso can be PM lah!

U oso can be the PM if u want!

Hahaha ��������!

Anonymous said...

The boy PM is basically an inept, a former school teacher, rose to political office under the shadow of his father.

Aiyo why does this matter, when Huawei CEO's daughter Meng Wanchou prefers to spend her time in Canada than China? And also invest in properties there which will stimulate the Canadian economy.

And despite this so called inept boy PM, do u know that a lot of PRCs, including those who became new Sinkies, ultimately dreamed of living in Canada?

Anonymous said...

So like that contest elections against PAP for what use?
10:43 am

No wonder those who contested against PAP looked and behaved like clowns.

In fact, greater clowns than Sinkies like Heng Swee Kiat, Chan Chun Sing, Iswaran, Indranee etc etc, I think.

So any wonder why majority, money a lot and smart Sinkies reject these greater clowns every election and chose lesser clowns like Heng Swee Kiat, Chan Chun Sing, Iswaran, Indranee etc etc as their govt? Basically a choice between the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

U oso can be the PM if u want!
10:47 am

U stupid or what?

Be PM for what?

Make money, and lots of it, and doesn't matter under PM Lee or future PM Heng Swee Keat.

Anonymous said...

It seems like no Sinkie minister wants to be PM.

So looks like that's why even a ex stroke patient Heng Swee Keat kena arrowed to be PM! LOL

Like that can make him die faster due to the stress of being PM.

Or maybe not, to be PAP PM can be very senang one, because PAP sure win one, so where got stress? LOL

Anonymous said...

Canada is one of the best place to migrate to. Whether there is a boy PM, a girl PM or a half-boy half-girl PM, does not matter, as long as my family can get an approval to become PRs there. No citizenship never mind. Down there, private houses (not government flats) are much cheaper than Singapore's HDB flats and a brand new SUV 7-seater car is less than one-third the price of a small car in Singapore. Some more, as a migrant you are given 5-year monthly installment paymenta interest free. And you get to attend English and Cultural courses free of charge for one year, as part of the assimilation program for all migrants. And part-time jobs are easy to come by. How wonderful!

For those who are thinking of sending your children to study abroad, consider Canada.

imho said...

Perth is better lah. Not so cold and no need to pay so much heating and no need to clean up snow. Landed FH houses can be as cheap as $300k/400k near shopping, eating and train station.

If china is so good, why so many rich chinese (top food chain) live in the west. China has huge problems.

Anonymous said...

Canada is one of the best place to migrate to.
11:21 am

U r right. That's why a lot of smart real Sinkies already emigrated there for a better life, and at lower cost.

So besides the low Sinkie fertility rate, this is another reason why there are not enough real Sinkies in Sinkieland for GDP growth.

So that's why PAP need to have more and more foreigners to replace the not enough Sinkies in order to have GDP growth.

Those money no enough and suffering Sinkies who remain here are not capable of emigrating and luckily for PAP, they are a minority, assuming they vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

If china is so good, why so many rich chinese (top food chain) live in the west. China has huge problems.
11:28 am

I give u 100/100 marks for this statement.

A smart Sinkie like Uncle RB, if u r one.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1113am

Not stupid lah!

Be PM, very very very powerful lah!

Why u want so much $ for what?

U oso cannot bring along when u go home!! Anyway, PM gross income oso not bad wah!

So u want to be next PM?

Not late! Think about it!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.35

You think Sinkieland's economy as large us UAssA or China?

Need more foreign trashes to grow the GDP?

Good shows Akan datang. Sinkieland's economy.chiap chye. Mostly Service oriented servile jobs serving the others.

Next big recession and depression, you will taste whether the foreign trashes inded grow your puny enconmy.

They be fighting tooth's and nails to retain their jobs over Sinkies.

Sinkies must taste enormous pains and hardships to wake up to reality.

Scavenging and begging for a chance.

Instead of lining and queuing up hours just for a plate of Michelin Tyre chicken noodle.

Sleeping overnight for just a IPhone toy handphone. Spend all time just windows shopping but never a buying

Pathetic indeed.

Anonymous said...

Need more foreign trashes to grow the GDP?
Virgo49 11:46 am

Foreign or not, trashes or not, if can grow GDP, why not?

And let me tell u lar, smart real Sinkies like me make a lot of money from this GDP growth, u know.

So be smart like me lar, kpkb no use.

Anonymous said...

...lining and queuing up hours just for a plate of Michelin Tyre chicken noodle.
Virgo49 11:46 am

These r the 30% or less Sinkies who voted opposition lar. Or those foreigners on low wages.

U see poor people doesn't mean majority are poor lar.

Which country don't have poor people, u tell me lar?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ occasionally the sperm in the father's balls fails miserably:

>> The boy PM is basically an inept, a former school teacher, rose to political office under the shadow of his father. This is perhaps his only ability and now he is fumbling over and over again, daily and becoming a joke himself. <<

Yes. This phenomena has been observed before:

1 Lee Hsien Loong
2 Najib Razak
3 George W Bush
4 Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u asking for trouble is it's? Don't Kena detained with tuakee and Kena sodomized. Or u doing it purposely so that u get detained with tuakee and then sodomize the tuakee? 😰

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ emigration decisions

Perth-Australia or Canada?

I've lived in both places. They both ROCK...plenty of freedom, lots of "sexually enlightened" women (or guys, if you prefer). Food is great. But Canada has 2 things in its favour:

1. Close to the USA, easy entry (if that's what you want)
2. Legal recreational marijuana---most people like that. Now you don't have to burn it, you can eat a marijuana ice cream and be off your brains in about 30 mins.

Education? Education focuses on developing "the individual", exploration, trying stuff out and failing (not a problem) and forming new relationships on campus, having lots of wild, dirty sex and experiments with "gender variety" and "chemical enhancements".

BIO HACKING is alive and well amongst the youngsters.

Perth---Australia to me offers the best advantage: proximity to Singapore, about 14 daily flights. emigration to Canada is fine if you're not interested in ties with Singapore. However, in my case, I am still a citizen and have interests in awesome, rocking Hotel Singapore. As much as I like western society and cultures, I love hanging around "my kampung" --- SE and E Asia for many reasons...mainly the various cuisines are damn fucking delicious, women are coy, friendly but are wild and dirty bitches in bed, living and travelling is relatively inexpensive, The Mighty Singapore Dollar gives you a serious "edge", hotels are really "bang for the buck"...hard to find such value in western cuntries.

Also it is quite nice to see othje SE Asian cuntries emerge from their shitholery and evolve into something half-decent even if they still look like Singapore in the 1970s. Good lah. They can stay motivated to "catchup", but in the meantime, there's value there: stuff is cheap to holders of The Mighty Singapore Dollar.

Sawat di Krapp...anyone?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49

Wah, uncle...you make my cock stand lah. Yes indeed, all "evidence" point to the fact that Singapore is going to be hit hard by economic downturn'. I fucking LOVE economic downturns.

But that is good. Remember 2003? Fucking buffet at Goodwood Park hotel: $16!! Cheap or what?? Prices come down. Now already got an oversupply of housing units. Price comes down. Young people got chance to buy a 99-yr HDB lease. 😹 with their "not-money" CPF. This is how the crazy Singapore system perpetuates thru good times and bad.

SGX kaput? Good. Blue chips on sale lah! Real EState kaput? Good for land barons. Retail kaput? fucking good lah. Super expensive luxury shit all heavily discounted. Airtravel kaput? Marvellous...cheaper airfares....

What is there NOT to like about a recession?

Anonymous said...

...various cuisines are damn fucking delicious, women are coy, friendly but are wild and dirty bitches in bed,...
Matilah 3:52 pm

But how much can u eat? How many times a day u can fuck?

Anonymous said...

Every cabinet member in Singapore, be it seat warmer, jester and jiakleowbee are the smartest sinkies.
All they need to do is talk cock, sing song like telling the oldies to work till they die. The youngs are brainwash to volunteer whilst they pay themselves crazily.

Some such as matilda, are telling how wonderful and fun it is to live in Oz, Canada and maybe many other places where realty, car and consumable are cheaper. Sg afterall is rated one most expensive to stay in.
Members in the cabinet surely would know the joy and fun of living in better and cheaper places for their families and thenselves when they retire.
As rightly pointed out by commenters here,
only the poor and loser shall languish in Singalore.

Anonymous said...

Why Do Ministers Pay Themselves Like Crazy?

@ 7:14 pm.

"Members in the cabinet surely would know the joy and fun of living in better and cheaper places for their families and thenselves when they retire.

As rightly pointed out by commenters here,
only the poor and loser shall languish in Singalore."

1. So that they can speak with dignity when talking with foreign dignitaries like the King of Saudi Arabia, the Queen of UK, the President of USA, Russia and China, the Prime Ministers of UK, Israel, Canada, Australia, etc., and Billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

2. So that they can feel safe, proud and great for doing the barest minimum yet getting the best results and benefits personally ( whether the rest of Singaporeans feel safe, proud and great is beside the point).

3. So that they can read their CPF statements every month and feel very happy, elated, orgasmic.

4. So that their spouses (may be also concubine and secret lovers in a few cases) and children or step children can look up to them and feel proud of them.

5. So that they can afford to sent all their children and step children to best ivy league universities in the UK, USA and Germany.

6. So that they can buy many good properties and land in foreign countries to be used as safe havens when the chips are down or when they feel like retiring.

7. So that they can go for holidays in the best foreign holiday destinations and live the good life every year even before they retire.

8. So that they can look down on all the poor miserable cardboard collectors and insult them by rubbing more salt into their wounds, by openly declaring that they are collecting cardboards as a form of physical exercise.

9. So that they can laugh all the way to their banks everyday.

10. Last but not least, so that they become too big to fail and will never be sacked or resign when they fumbled or blundered or found wanting sleeping on their jobs or sleeping in Parliament in full view of the cameras.

And because they are too big to fail, 70% of smart voters will continue to vote for them. Hey, presto! That is the magic formula to stay in power forever..... Whoever came out with this obscene reward for ministers must be Out-of-this-World Genius! Congratulations. Take this as a compliment, not otherwise.

Anonymous said...

A matilar, what u posted on s$ is true. Used to pay a$500 per hour to bang the young blondes with large melons and then was s$700. Now s$ strengthen so nowA$500 is s$ 400 plus. Saving more than 40% to bang the blondes. Siok man! 😀

Anonymous said...

@ Maltilda 1.52pm

Re: George W Bush

乔治小布什 (George W Bush) 在2003年下令入侵伊拉克(2003 invasion of Iraq) 时,可能犯下了一个极大的战略性错误(grave strategical error)?目前美国巨额的国债绝大部分 (most of the Americunt humongous national debt) 可以追溯到2003年入侵伊拉克以来海外的军事开支 (overseas military expedition spending) ?


1980年前苏联 (former Soviet Union aka USSR) 入侵阿富汗 (invaded Afghanistan) 时可能也犯下类似的战略错误,以至耗尽了前苏联的国库,很可能导致前苏联在1991年最终解体 (disintegration) ?

在乔治小布什的领导下,美军不仅在2002年入侵阿富汗,追捕2001年911事件所谓的主谋 (alleged mastermind) 奥萨马本拉登 (Osama Bin Laden) 及肇事者 (perpetrators),更声称伊拉克在强硬派前总统萨达姆侯赛因 (ex-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein) 的领导下拥有大规模杀伤性武器 (WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction) 导致2003年第二次海湾战争爆发。


新加坡开国总理及前资政李光耀先生 (Singapore's founding PM and ex-Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew) 2013年出版的最后一本书 - One Man's View of the World - 的中国篇里 (China chapter),称此政策为"韬光养晦" 。

"韬", 隐藏的意思;"光",锋芒的外露,锐气;“养晦”,休养,隐退待时的意思。"韬光养晦"是指隐藏锋芒,在不显眼的地方养精蓄锐,休养生息。


1978年,中国名义国内生产总值 (nominal GDP) 还不到美国的百分之十(less than 10%)。到了2018年,这一比例达到了百分之七十左右 (about 70%)。

2014年,中国按购买力平价计算的国内实质生产总值(GDP at PPP - Purchasing Power Parity)已经赶上并与美国持平。



入侵伊拉克及其迅速的胜利是一项辉煌的军事战绩及天才般的战术胜利。但在战略上很可能却是一个关键性的错误?中国有一个词语 - “南辕北辙”,意思是打算向南,却向北。无论伊拉克战争中的军事战术多么出色,战略上极可能是失败的?

知名的哈佛大学教授格雷厄姆·艾利森 (Harvard University Professor Graham Allison) 称2号强国的崛起以及1号和2号强国之间潜在的冲突为“修昔底德陷阱” (Thucydides' Trap) 。

修昔底德 (Thucydides) 是古希腊(ancient Greece) 赫赫有名的军事和历史家 (famous militarist and historian) 。他经历了古希腊霸主斯巴达 (Sparta) 与正在崛起的二号强国雅典 (Athens) 残酷摧毁性的世纪霸权战争 (hegemonic war), 即是历史上著名长达将近三十年 (公元前431至公元前404年)的伯罗奔尼撒战争 (Peloponnesian War, 431BC - 404BC)。





Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes. in overall military strength the Americans are still more powerful than China in their ability to project military power. But when the war is regional, if fought in the East China Sea or South China Sea, or in the seas around China, China has numerical superiority. How many American carrier groups can the American launch against China to outnumber China's national military forces?

When fighting in this region, China is able to use all its military hardware and software against whatever the Americans can put up. In a worse case scenario, the Americans can pull all its 10 aircraft carriers to the western Pacific but would still be inferior to China numerically. Not forgetting that China could harness its full complements of anti ship missiles to keep the aircraft carriers outside the 5000nm range, which means none of the fighter bombers could even reach China other than the B bombers. But these would be shot down on the way to China for sure, by SAMs from land and sea and intercepted by Chinese fighters and other non disclosed weapons that China now possesses.

China is not going to launch a conventional attack against the US homeland and this weakness would not be in play. But China's ICBMs could reach the American homeland if needed and the numbers, still a top secret, would be many times more than the official public figures, definitely more than adequate to wipe out the American homeland as the Americans could do to China.

Today, the Americans are no longer able to win a conventional war against China in China and the western Pacific. Should China decide to take over Taiwan by force, the Americans can only watch helplessly, and unable to do anything unless they are prepared to be destroyed by China. No American warship could sail freely in the surrounding seas without being sunk.

Anonymous said...

Rb, your analysis is correct to some extent but knowing the cunts, they will do a global blockage on trade with their strong global navy. This is China weakness hence the belt and road via land routes. 😀

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The blockade of Iran and banning buying oil from Iran by the Americans are put test. China has ignored these and continues to buy and import oil from Iran. The Americans could not do anything unless they want a military confrontation.

Any blockade means war.

Anonymous said...

Any war involving military between US and China will involve the whole world. Singapore will also be badly affected.

The trade war initiated by Mafia-like Trump has demonstrated that very clearly. The trade war affects everybody, even the babies still in their mothers' wombs.

Evil Trump will have to answer to and pay for the sufferings of all affected in time to come or in help.

Anonymous said...

Error caused by the idiotic auto-correction app:

"help" should be "hell".

Virgo49 said...

Li Ka-shings article is well-written.By transmitting the following article, Mr. LI Ka-shing, Mr. CHEUNG Shih-shing, put it in a nutshell and make it clear that the situation in Hong Kong is now in a good state for reading.

Li Ka-shing has something to say, no matter what mistakes the Chinese Communist Party has made, No matter how many corrupt elements there are in the Communist Party, we, as citizens of China, should have no quarrel with the Communist Party. Whatever the reason, it is a historical choice to govern by the Communist Party in contemporary China.At least now and for a long time, both prestige and governance, There is no party or force that can replace the Communist Party, let alone the new Central Committee headed by Xi Jin ping, which has given us hope and positive energy.

A political party, like a man, can make mistakes, or correct them; he can get ill, or he may recover. If we leave the Communist Party now, China will be in chaos. If China is in chaos, it will be our people who will suffer.There have been a lot of extreme articles on the Internet recently that are not aimed at denouncing the corrupt forces in the Party, These articles ignore the great achievements of China since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China,especially since the reform and opening up policy, They include all the mistakes of the Communist Party, all the crimes, the clearness of the data, the precision of the language, and the closeness of the style, and they are very provocative and demagogic, It is not like the spontaneous discontent of the people to vent, like a well-organized and premeditated offensive, which cannot without doubt the political motivations and the international context behind this.

As we all know,the rise of China has caused the panic of some international forces. Some countries, such as the United States and Japan, are trying hard to put down and block China, Its practical purpose is not to promote more universal, advanced ideas, but to serve exclusively the interests of other countries. They gave advice and money to cultivate the hostile forces against the Communist Party, There is only one real purpose, that is, to disrupt China, to disperse China, to stagnate or regress China's development and to become their vassals, so that they can seek hegemony by force. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Egypt. These are American masterpieces.

What do the American people get from these troubled countries? Did they really benefit from the pro-American elements among them?Fellow countrymen, open your eyes, see clearly, don't be easily brainwashed, don't follow excitedly, follow the hubbub, be used and be proud of yourself. We are Chinese, we cant watch this country go to disaster. If we have a chance to help our country, we should do our best. If we do not have the opportunity or the ability to contribute to the country, we should at least not make trouble, should we?

If the country falls apart, we all suffer. The least we can do at the moment is not to say, pass on or do anything that is detrimental to the stability of a country, nor to do anything, nor to be curious, nor to watch. Li Ka-shing Everybody, after reading this article, please try to transfer it as far as possible. This is indeed thr advice given by a senior boss to the people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Inquiry 418

>> But how much can u eat? How many times a day u can fuck? <<

The usual amount lah. Everyone has different standards. At least when you eat, eat well, eat delicious food. When you fuck, make sure its an excellent fuck. You see: standards lah. Not everyone like you don't care if eat instant noodles or fuck $10 Desker Rd Ah Qua lah 🤣😂


@ Trump, Iran S outh China Sea Naval battle:

By several American military think-thank models, America will LOSE in S China sea air-naval battle with China. Not just lose, but lose badly---equipment destroyed, high number of US casulties. This is from the Americans, no bullshit, they know they have no chance in that area.

Trump is just being an ass with Iran. He won't attack lah. Bolton might be poking fire, and Pompeo might be throwing gasoline onto the fire, but I seriously doubt Trump will go any further than harsh words. Fucking Iran is no slouch: they are HEAVILY ARMED with up-to-date weapons, and they will be fighting from "home turf"...which is a huge ADVANTAGE.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 110 --- military-geopolitical history 101

As you have pointed out, there has always been a contest for military supremacy and geo political "dominance". I'll give the reasons why this is and why it is pointless to worry about.

The reason is that we are the only special whose "social attributes" has allowed us to organise in huge numbers (350 million in USa, 1,4 billion China etc) to form states, replete with all the infrastructures and military strength etc. No other species can organise on such a MASSIVE scale. Even bees and ants can't do it.

So the current contender for global dominance is CHINA, and the "defender by default" is the USA.

As I have indicated many times, the world is better off having the USA and China as RIVALS than it would be if the USA and China were close bum-buddy allies. 2 strong powers "united" with each other is a DISASTER for any one of the smaller nations.