Black Day in DBS Vickers - How can there be trust?

Sanjay Perera  - Is this how trust is built?

'In a speech on ‘Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance’ ‘PM’ wannabe Mr Heng said some interesting things. He states:

“By drawing diverse ideas and perspectives to explore issues, experimenting with possible solutions, finding common grounds, we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities together.”
Indeed, through insisting that different voices in parliament from alternative parties is not a good thing (unless he no longer mouths the ruling party’s monolithic chant of ‘One Party To Rule Them All’), he cannot possibly mean what he is saying.

Since he wholeheartedly supports the shameless Fake News laws he cannot be serious in what he asserts....

To allow Dishonourables to cling onto office, to bully citizens, to stifle dissent and alternative views, to proudly proclaim yourself a price-is-right-politician who is reluctant to serve without the right monetary incentives: if that is not a sign of the dark souls that have taken over government, what is?...'

The above was posted in TRE by Sanjay Perera.

I  would like to mention only two points. Until everyone gets his/her CPF savings back, not hijacked by all kinds of schemes, can see but cannot touch, when you borrow from your CPF for some extenuating situation, you still have to pay interest, even if you are pass 55, or about to die, in your 60s, 70s, 80s etc etc... where can there be trust?

Secondly, I have just experienced what bullying citizens, stifling dissent and alternative views, etc etc meant. Just ask the remisiers in DBS Vickers what they have gone through and they would share the same feelings...it is darkness without a sign of light.

How can there be trust? How can there be, to quote Heng Swee Kiat, 'explore issues, experimenting with possible solutions, finding common grounds, we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities together'.

Does Swee Kiat or Hsien Loong know what is happening in DBS Vickers? Do they know that there was a Black Day in DBS Vickers during a townhall meeting last week when everyone wore black?


Anonymous said...

1. Ivory towers at the level of Cloud-9 and above are cool, comfortable, serene and relaxed, with beautiful views - all you see for miles and miles into the distant thunder are white clouds in a vast ocean of blue sky. People who live, play and shit in these ivory towers have already lost touch with the ground long ago. Do you sincerely think they are speaking with you?

2. Ministers (especially Finance Ministers whose responsibility is to collect, accumulate, account, deploy, distribute and utilize taxpayers' hard-earned money) who have unconscionably made themselves instant multi-millionaires at the expense of the poor taxpayers, are actually devoid of empathy and sympathy. Do you think that they meant what they are saying, when all their speeches are written by some backroom subservient newbie scholars working as personal assistants or project officers?

3. Never trust anyone who either has cancerous cells in their brain or someone whose brain has already been damaged by traumatic experiences such as schizophrenia or stroke.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wishful thinking Sanjay:

This idea of “getting your CPF savings BACK” is getting old, it is a myth, and the sooner it DIES and people move the fuck along, the better for those tormented minds.

Seriously, since the money in CPF is not yours, the mythical idea of “getting it back” is a complete and utter non sequitur.

CPF policy is ultimately crafted and administered by Parliament, so it is 100% legal. If you think you’re are a very clever “legal mind”, there’s nothing to stop you from challenging CPF legislation. Go ahead, be a hero...see if you can “win”.

Any bloody fool can prove that the CPF changes have been unfair and caught many people out...having assumed that the status quo won’t change. This is a COGNITIVE MISJUDGEMENT on their part---the didn’t challenge their assumptions. Still, it is easy to “prove” that the govt made changes which are “unfair”. Yeah...but try proving the changes to CPF are UNLAWFUL...because that it where it really counts...the only way to “get” at the govt is to prove they are doing ILLEGAL SHIT. Good luck to you on that! 😂

Not so long ago RB was singing praises about DBS Vickers. What happened?

This Sanjay dude thinks that states of status quo are “not allowed to change” 🤣, that everything must always be the same so that people like him can be “happy”.

I don’t know much about the SGX, but the global trend is for companies to delist from the public market and go private. Trading volumes are down, and people are trading from their phones at ZERO commission with players like Robin Hood in the US and Stake in Australia. (OK the makan a few pips and Slack makes money from AUD-USD conversion...but broker’s commission itself: nada, zilch, nil, kosong...zero).

So unless you are a first-class salesperson with LOTS of large institutional/ privately wealthy clients actively buying and selling all the time, your days of a human, full service broker are doomed to extinction. What the nerds have got in the pipeline for FinTech is super-duper. FinTech has already disrupted the “old world”...a few times already. More, akan datang...but very good for the customer!

Aiyoh, no “status quo” anymore lah. The shit is changing and changing fast. Faster than many people can adapt. Even those who are savvy are paying close attention just to keep up with the pace of change.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only hope for CPF becoming your money again is for the opposition to push it as an election agenda. Otherwise it is already cast in steel, not stone. Very sad for the oldies with a few dollars left but unable to take out and facing rising inflation and cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean,

What the DBS Vickers remeisers felt is exactly what the Hyflux retail investors have gone through: betrayed by the system, with no recourse in sight.

Anonymous said...

US New Doctrine Of Limited Nuclear War

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Those threats and talks about limited nuclear war have naturally pushed many countries against the wall, thereby spurring them towards building up their own nuclear deference options.

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The picture is alarming. It looks like people who are extremely irresponsible on the issues of the use of military force, including the nuclear factor, are seeking to get hold of all types of buttons.

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This dangerous doctrine of limited nuclear war is the beginning of the end of the human race. It must be stopped before it is too late.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I have nothing good to say about DBSV.

What I said earlier was that other houses are making decent offers to us to take us on board.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Frog Outside Glass, the Americans are the only evil people that think war is ok, acceptable and will go to war with anyone. And they are the only country that has been threatening to nuke other countries, to nuke China, Russia, NK, Iran etc etc.

They are hostile warmongers. They are warmongers, threatening other countries, raising tension everywhere but accusing others for doing so. They are raising tension and threats of war against Iran but accusing Iran of doing so.

Their evilness and warmongering must be stopped.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> The only hope for CPF becoming your money again is for the opposition to push it as an election agenda. <<

They had ample opportunity before, but the didn't do anything. Why should they do any different now? OK, say that they manage by some FLUKE to get in as a majority...CPF is "locked up" by law. Will the new govt be able to unravel the law, give the people "back their money", and ensure the cuntry doesn't collapse financially? Will the opposition, if they get in HONOUR their campaign agendas?...all these hard questions which cannot be answered with certainty.

>> Very sad for the oldies with a few dollars left but unable to take out and facing rising inflation and cost of living. <<

The sad thing is that they never bothered or refused to LEARN how to think for themselves. We are all responsible for wherever we are and whatever happens to us. On the plus side, being poor in a rich cuntry isn't so bad because there are ALWAYS people who are willing to help.

@ 1028

>> betrayed by the system, with no recourse in sight. <<

That is a myth. No "system" owes anything to anyone. Thus "betrayal" isn't possible. Therein lies another 2 cases of the need to learn to think independently and critically, beginning with challenging the assumption that everything is always going to stay the same, and the other "victim-hood" belief: that if BAD things happen to you, it is ALWAYS someone else's fault. Good luck in adopting that idea for the rest of your life. 🤡

Anonymous said...

@All, @RB,

What we have here is a lot of self-entitlement bitching. No one owes you a decent or comfortable living --- not the govt, not DBS Vickers, not even your parents or your children. You make the bed you sleep in.

Want to get your CPF in cash straightaway??? Simple --- overthrow the PAPies or vote them out with another govt that promises CPF liquidation.

Want to have your HDB turn into freehold??? Simple --- overthrow the PAPies ... blah blah, sama sama...


Personally, I have stated many times before that I can lose my entire CPF & my HDB and I won't feel a thing (ok maybe a little pissed) --- but my lifestyle & financial security won't be affected.

You need to read between the lines of PAPies & play the system. Their messaging --- often manipulative, self-serving, pro-biz, and contradictory --- can be rather obvious if you bother to open your minds & be go-getting enough to take advantage of it.

I'm actually one of those that the PAPies are most pissed about --- can't be bothered about my CPF or HDB, unemployed but collecting fat cheques from solid companies around the world, good 7-figure portfolio mostly out of S'pore & spread around the world, enjoying the safety of S'pore, enjoying the open-legs policy of S'pore to enjoy low-cost goods and services, enjoy high quality & high-end when needed.

In other words, contributing very little to S'pore but enjoying a lot of its perks.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ ALL---better pay attention to this one from War Stocks Guy:

>> You need to read between the lines of PAPies & play the system. Their messaging --- often manipulative, self-serving, pro-biz, and contradictory --- can be rather obvious if you bother to open your minds & be go-getting enough to take advantage of it. <<

I have maintained the belief that if you are incapable or simply refuse to look for "lobangs" in the system and PAP policies and exploit them ruthlessly...then The State has the right to take away your Singapore citizenship, because you have FAILED as a profit and opportunity-seeking materialistic, pragmatic Singaporean. Instead, you whine and complain. When the PAP gives you a free kick...you don't take it, then blame other people.

People mistaking believe that kiasu-kiasi as "negative traits". If you reframe them into positive traits, they are actually very ACTIONABLE philosophies and can help you "get the edge", taking more care and delivering more "value", and most importantly...to stay the course, because you acting to WIN, and LIVE well. (Reframe: kiasu=scared to lose ===> positive reframe=WIN, kiasi=scared to die ===> positive reframe LIVE well)

Anonymous said...

PM means Prime Minister
Prime Mental-Maturbator

Anonymous said...

@ 24 June @ 10.28am

"... betrayed by the system with no recourse in sight."

Your only recourse is to vote Opposition.
And to persuade your friends & family to vote Opposition.

But you do not have the balls to vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

No use kpkbsssss! Waste time!

Ask them....who had they voted for?

It's fair! It's fair!

Anonymous said...

DBS Vickers has the backing of Temasek Holdings and MAS. That means it has the backing of the government. Ask yourself, who sits at the top of MAS and who is the CEO and Executive Chairman of Temasek Holdings?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good for WSG. Unfortunately many out there did not have the good fortune to be in his position. WSG is a minority.

When I post, I look the general public and the average Sinkie. Many are struggling, like Andrew Young said, many average Americans would have problem with an unplanned $500 bill to pay. Think many Sinkies would have the same problem too.

Good luck to WSG as he does not have such mundane average Sinkie problem.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 12:21pm, that is the real problem. That is why when they talked about trust, trust them, it appears hypocritical. How to trust them, how to believe in them?

Anonymous said...

There is little for the Downtrodden to lose
there are much for the Successful and Well to do to gloat.

Enjoy living by whining or wining away the day and nite,
just enjoy what you do.
to stay healthy and happy.
Some enjoy making love with mates, even with same gender.

Anonymous said...

Unless remisers at DBSV are willing to vote Opposition .... I think they should all just shut up.
- you got the government you deserve

Unless CPF members are willing to vote Opposition to get their money back at 5t years old;
- they should all shut up
- they got the government they deserve

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself two very important questions:

1. Who and where do the rich get their money from?

2. Who and where do the powerful get their power from?

Answer: YOU!

Anonymous said...


goes back
to the same place.
Rich or poor.

the Rich is more fearful of departing and worries more.

Anonymous said...

Be Forest Gump and Ah Q.
Dafts are happy comes what may.


Anonymous said...

The really happy ones are not stupid, though some of the idiots may achieve happiness because they have no sensitivity for the environment and surrounding.

Anonymous said...

Do u think the black ant needs to be sodomised? 😬😬😬😬😬

Anonymous said...

Why is
DPM Heng,
the Prime Minister Wannabe, gets mention here?

who expects him to be any different after he becomes PM ?
Be reminded,
that the Guy has been a top civil servant as Assistant Commissioner of Police then as the Chief of the Monetary Authority before joining the Ruling Party to become the Minister of Education. He becomes the Finance Minister and now double as the Deputy Prime Minister, in preparation for his designated Premiership.

Throughout his existence as a citizen, top civil servant and ruler, he has help to formulate policies.
Has he ever voice anything for the People?
ln fact,
many feel that he has help to cause much of the Unhappiness existing now as the Finance Minister. Cost of living got higher and ever rising under his watch.

As a member of Tampines GRC together with another Minister of Resources and Muslim in Masagos, price of water was raised and tax on tax applies to it.
This Duo from Tampines,
is causing much worries for the People. lt is therefore incumbent upon Tampines Voters to do justice to ALL THEIR COMPATRIOTS A FAVOUR
and that is to rid these Rulers in the Coming Election.

lf voters in Ang Mo Kio and Tampines GRCs get rid of the Pappies,
the Fate of the People shall see a change,


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... anonymous 6.20pm.

Don't waste time hoping lah!

The masses will only kpkb but when come to voting...die-die pap!

Many predicted 75% for pap at the next GE.

So don't waste time!

Sg already no hope liao! Is like that liao long long ago! No U-turn!


Anonymous said...

How To Protect Your Mind From Evil Poisonous Messages

"Don't waste time hoping lah!

The masses will only kpkb but when come to voting...die-die pap!

Many predicted 75% for pap at the next GE.

So don't waste time!

Sg already no hope liao! Is like that liao long long ago! No U-turn!"

That is called poisoning the minds of the people / voters through reinforcement of a desired outcome by repeating it again and again, until the poison sinks into the sinew and subonscious of the people / voters unknowingly over a prolonged period of time.

It may look innocently simplistic but it is the worst kind, most evil kind, like Satanic Voices, of mind-poisoning. Because it subtly, slowly but surely poisons your mind bit by bit, day by day, until .your whole person succumbed to it.

So, in order to counter this evil poisoning message, each time it appears, each time you see such a message, simply tell yourself this:

"This is fake, untruth propaganda, brain-poisoning propaganda. I must not succumb to such evil scams. The reverse is true. I shall think, act and do the reverse!"

Repeat it aloud to yourself at least three times and your mind will not succumb to such cheap but very effective mind-manipulation tactics.

Anonymous said...
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Virgo49 said...

Hello Frog Outside Glass.

These creatures are the descendents of the early 50s and 60s PAPies running skunks who are either traitous or accomplices to the Evil Ones or paid propaganda criers who instilled FEARS to the illierate Sinkies at that time.

Now, they are still carrying on their passed down traitous genes trying to poison the minds of present day still as illiterate and daft fearful Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

Add a rejoinder.

Waiting for the day this boastful what's WSG and that Mati Lah who are so FULL and pompous of their bullshits weatlh belittling the rest of their poorer fellowmen to be scavengers on the streets.

The Day when all their so-called what's bullshits Ever gaining stocks and shares goes KAPUT.

I had seen more losers who had lost even their pants and properties playing the manipulative markets than those who boasted and claimed that they made fortunes.

Anonymous said...

and lets live.
They are no different to all
other mortals.

All same same gets born, grows old, sick and dies.
No exception.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Contrary to what you believe. I'm just "average" person...I don't profess to be anything "special" or even consider myself more than just "living simply and comfortably".

I don't know where you get the idea that I have "bullshit wealth".

As I've indicated, I've blown up 2 stock accounts already. Property market in Australia is boom-bust-boom-bust; you will make, but no one can escape losing.

Since I've been here in Australia, there have been about 5 recessions...2 of them particularly nasty and painful. And yet, I'm still here.

I am not wedded to this mindless neurotic attachment to modern "success culture". i.e. "Everything oso must "win" type. Cannot lose. Losing is bad. Losing makes you look stoopid. Losing makes you a loser. "
People who live like that cannot be happy lah. 24/7 they'll be under stress, have axiety attacks and in a constant state of "competition". Good luck to them lah, I hope they make billions to compensate for their self-imposed suffering.

That is definitely not me. To me "wealth" is a state of mind, a state of being. Although material satisfaction is important, it is not the be-all and end-all. "Happiness" and "satisfaction", a sense of security, value, service and confidence are more important components of wealth than just money.

Virgo49 said...

1997 Financial Crisis! Manipulated by Geroge Sorrows or Sorros. The Americunts.

How many South Koreans jumped from the Han River.How many Thais and Indonesians millionaires became street hawkers. How many Honkies and Sinkies do supermen flying acts?

So, do not boast you are Invincle especially the WSG.

May also be the doing same. This coming one gonna be worse than the 1997 fiasco

So Sinkies thinking lives are status quo and rosy better prepare for it.

With Dotard Trump the mad man in full swing

Anonymous said...


I already went thru the 1997 AFC, 2001-2003 dotcom collapse/911/SARS, 2008 GFC. Investing in stocks is nothing like what you see in the movies or HK soap operas or even what you read in newspapers. And it definitely is nothing like what you're familiar with in casinos LOL!!

I'm still enjoying investing in good solid companies around the world that treats shareholders fairly.

Those who behave & treat stock "investing" like casino or horse racing will experience what Virgo probably experienced before --- getting their hands burned or losing their pants.

Virgo --- most people are like you --- cannot lose, not even temporarily, but yet still want good life & good things. That's why most people are wage slaves, enjoy life & not prepared to keep learning, challenging their minds & lifestyles. They save too little, spend too much & expect other people & govt to give them free good life in their 50s, 60s to 100+.

Ain't gonna happen old man! LOL!

Virgo49 said...

I don't speculate in what's nonsense manipulative stocks and shares.Even perpetual bonds and Lehman Bros and sisters also lose their lives.

You think so easy like your bullshits empty boasts that nobody has to work for a living. Just invests or gambled in shares and stocks.

Had seen so many lose their pants and even lives in these.

I had enough to substain myself and extras in gaming for leisure for Mr Lim Kok Thay.Coming trip free hotel stay at Maxim's.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Even if I lost everything, there's no way I'd kill or harm myself.
If you don't lose or scared-scared, you won't make it lah.

The more you are "attached" to something, the more you suffer when it's taken away or doesn't perform to your expectation.

Ask any Buddhist, they'll tell you...🤣

Anonymous said...

Commenters here are cute.
Most are practical and sensible although there are much extreme egos in some.

No one can know why he, she and it are here.
The Sickly may have a chance to know when they maybe going home for good whilst those died unnaturally least expect death.
all shall die and decay.
For humans who exist for more than sixty years, take living as a blessing and every extra day as a bonus, be it living in luxury or plain living.
those living in pains,
accept fate and be at peace with oneself.