Anwar Ibrahim - The PM in waiting forever

20 years ago Anwar was the PM in waiting during Mahathir's premiership but was jailed by Mahathir, ending his long wait to be the next PM of Malaysia. 20 years later, Anwar again is the PM in waiting under Mahathir and almost as sure or more sure than 20 years ago to be the next PM. There was a deal with Mahathir that he will stay as PM for two years only.

Anwar's daughter wept. She could not believe Anwar would make a deal with Mahathir, the man that put him behind bars, the man that chose him to be his disciple to take over the PM. Anwar's daughter seen it and would not believe in this man called Mahathir.

Anwar chose to believe in Mahathir. Mahathir has already served a year and to Anwar's horror, Mahathir said he would hand over power to Anwar within 3 years. What did Mahathir meant by this 'within 3 years', 3 years from now or 3 years from the start of this premiership?

Even then, a 3 year term was not in the deal with Pakatan Rakyat. What is happening, Mahathir going against his words that he would served only two years?

Being cheated by a man once is bad enough but still forgivable. Being cheated by the same man twice is pure foolishness, stupidity.  Would Anwar be cheated by Mahathir a second time? If so, it is not only a matter of stupidity but the lost of his dream of becoming the PM of Malaysia and be forever be the PM in waiting in the history of Malaysia.

Can Mahathir be trusted to live by his words? The way he casually talked about handing over power to Anwar within 3 years is like a thunderbolt to Anwar and his party. Mahathir has secured his premiership and there is no way Anwar could replace him now if Mahathir chooses to stay on for the full term. Within 3 years from now is to serve the full term.

Is this what Malaysian politics is all about, or is this all about Mahathir? Poor Anwar, if history repeats itself.


Anonymous said...

Trust the man the way you trust the dotard.

Unknown said...

Dr Mama-hi-tier has played out Anwar once when he was his DPM.

Now it seems (and almost in line with many observers prediction) he wants to complete his 4-year term or until he drops dead.

He promised two years. Now he said three more years. And one year has already expired.

So, I think Anwar better give up trying to become the next PM of Malaysia.

Once bitten, twice shy.
Twice bitten, never try.

Anonymous said...



we also can wait......

we shall wait to see the show......

welcome to the very very interesting show........akan datang......


Anonymous said...

Actually Malaysian politics is about money-making politics.

When you are in the highest office of the power corridor, you make important decisions. These decisions means some people are going to benefit from. Therefore, the beneficiaries will give kickbacks in terms of commissions, under-table money, discounts for purchase of properties, gifts, etc. And they are not a one-time affairs. They are usually paid over a number of years.

So, in order to benefit more from these kickbacks, the power must be held as long as possible. The longer one is at the top of the power corridor, the more one can prosper in various ways.

Anonymous said...

I believe in fate.don't believe?
Ask milo girl.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 June 28, 2019 6:39 am
///Unfortunately. Monte Carlo already closed for nearly a year. Just loved that cosy Keno corner where you can count your winnings secretly and slow down your pace.

Also catch up with scrolling Mr Redbean's blog and other news.

Sinkekand economy is now forecasted with doom. Even Maybank soothsayer said recession a possibility.

Who still need most Sinkie land Middle Men type of businesses?

No innovation of sorts to be proud of. From Raffles time till now still serving Servile Services.

What's millions dollars SmartNation It when so many businesses data bases kena hacked without even them knowing.

KNN had to cancel twice my credit cards due to unauthorised transactions.

So much hassles in monitoring the transactions.///

Ha ha ha ha ha

Uncle Virgo49,

Since the tide has receded and "your sifu policies nudity has been revealed" by the low tide, why not practise what this Maltilda always claimed "MPH"?

M - marriedtoxicracy

P - Prayermatism

H - Honetbeisity

So practising the P, why not walk the talk, be prayermatic, change tact, ditch TakBo(Leh)nomics and hire the best in the world?

Heard about "GoldenWings-nomics"?

Founded by Harvard Top Graduate LSE Economics Professor 金刻羽?

Daughter of the Chief of AIIB 金立群

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Professor 金 is considered the Einstein of modern macroeconomics and international finance

She has been advising many world economic organisations and large economy such as the US$13 trillions Chinese economy... No?

For a "kacang puteh" economy spanning a land area about 3% of Beijing land area and 0.0003% of China total land mass, likely she closed 2 eyes also 绰绰有余?

So walk the talk (and NOT empty talk), be prayermatic and change course while there is still hope left (albeit very tiny left)?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Anonymous said...

Hi 1012am

Yes! It is all about fate!

If it is yours it is yours!

So dont worry! Wait wait lah!

Got time wah! Why rush?


Anonymous said...

She obtained her Harvard Economics PhD at the age many Sinkie guys still struggling as undergrads and some even peeping in their female peers shower rooms?

Besides her fluency in her native 普通话, she lectures in flawless English in LSE and can converse effortlessly with Italians, French and Spaniards in their native languages.

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For many if not all sinkies, even given the time of 10 lifetimes to catch up, also cannot learn enough to be near where she is now?

Other than her, there may NOT be that many living souls in this world who is able to "treat the ills of Sinkieland economy le "?

Anonymous said...

Besides being the Einstein of Modern Macroeconomics, she is also known as a "Goddess" in Mainland China cyberspace

In Chinese she is being called "女神"

More pretty than the prettiest young lady anyone has seen in their lifetime. Yet she doesn't seem to be aware of it? That is the amazing part about it.

For (young) guys, better not go and google her pictures?

If not, after that may not want to take a second look at other girls any more?

But her legacy down the road will (always) be her intellectual prowess.

If possible, better quickly hire her consultancy service before Mahatir or Anwar beat Sinkies to the game?

Anonymous said...

Can't trust tat Madhater fellow. He spoke with tongue twisted. Anwar shud demand his resignation but again he would ask him to bid or fight for it. Tat Indian Mad hater already said he didn't mean to quit in 2 to 3 yrs time, think he is preparing his son or someone to take over, Anwar shud declared him a liar by then.

Anonymous said...

I no sick lucky already.

Virgo49 said...

The Star of Matland as follows=

Singapore seen set to suffer more than other regional nations due to trade war.

Had transferred Sin currency to Ringitt b4 too late

Anonymous said...

Did he said 2 or 3 years OR 2+3 years?


Unknown said...

US Trade War is hurting the world economy. Not a single country is not affected negatively in one way or another.(Though it looks like Vietnam is benefiting from it)

Brazil, China, India, Japan and Russia - these five countries are now getting together to form a Trade Bloc to counter the Evil US Empire under Mafia-Chief Pussy-Grabbing Dotard Trump, who thinks he is God's Gift to USA.

Anonymous said...

Even today in a recent interview, he still confirmed and believed that Anwar sodomized two dudes in the past but still better than Najib corruption. I can't believed what I heard. ��

Virgo49 said...

See ALL the Worl's Leaders avoided that Dotard at Osaka.

All choursed against him.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir has already started building up his base in the coalition by admitting ex UMNO buddies or birds of a feather into his party. A very cunning move from the sly old fox. He is outfoxing Anwar's support base.

Two years now becomes three years in waiting for Anwar. Next year, Mahathir, if he is still alive, he will tell everyone his stay as PM will depend on who the coalition wants to be the PM, by which time you can bet his party will have a majority hold on the power base in the coalition. And Anwar better be prepared for a third dose of 'Soto Mi' if he still keeps on demanding his rights to the PM's seat.

What about Mahathir's son in the game of thrones? Mahathir is not playing a two year game and just fading into the sunset for good. There is more to it than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Anwar actually has no right to be the PM because he was in prison when Dr Mahathir was fighting in the General Elections to win over the voters.

Anonymous said...

Simple Melayu mind no fight against Indian mind. Even Chinese mind would be taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

Redbean // Anwar Ibrahim - The PM in waiting forever //

This is a very SIMPLE problem if they understand GAME THEORY and thus make it WIN-WIN than a ZERO SUM game?

Hopefully there is at least one "smart Sinkie or soul" in MSN?

And post the (correct) answer

Obviously there is a NASH EQUILIBRIUM?


imho said...

Poor? He is no where poor. Many more people in this world much poorer/worse than him.