50 billion yuan order for Huawei by Dubai


The quality and desirability of Huawei speak for themselves. The King of Dubai is giving his support with his own money in this publicity stance for Huawei.

As more and more countries rebelled against the order of the Americans, the stronger will Huawei become and more countries will for their own good defy the Americans.

The credibility and support of the Evil Empire are waning.

Watch the above 3 minute clip on Huawei in Dubai.


Virgo49 said...

China announced from 1/6, China terminates WeChat and WeChat pay service for alli Phone users. iPhone will lose China phone market.

Portugal Aptoide join Huawei Hongmeng totally eclipsed Android & Google, Intel, Yilinx & Broadcom. Qualcomm break rank with Trump, wanted to continue supplying Huawei. Huawei Hongmeng chips already replace all USA made chips.

Announcement in next 2 weeks. Worldwide Ramifications. Trump can attack all phone makers in China. China will be replacing all USA made chips & Google Android. Taiwan chipmakers told Trump to fuckoff.

China will not negotiate any trade deal with USA until Trump is replaced in 2020. Moscow is 100% behind Huawei & Huawei will install 5G for Russia, sooner than Europe. Trump, Bolton & Pompey shot themselves in their groin, worse than their foot.

Next two S & P 500 will drop like a hot potato. Philanthropist Li KaShing, and C C Wei, CEO of TSMC (world's largest Semiconductor foundry) have come out to support Huawei.

This may be the start of more support coming from wealthy overseas Chinese. You may not learn about this in the western press. It's in discreet Chinese forums.

The beginning of Chinese go(weiqi) to surround the trouble maker


Anonymous said...

This is good news. War has begun. All Chinese must unite against the Whitemen Supremacists before they kill you like they have killed the native Red Indians and robbed their land.

Unknown said...

Malaysia's eateries and restaurants gave 20% discount for Huawei phone owners. Mainly Malaysian Chinese.

Matahatir openly supported Huawei to be their Telco Operator in defiance to UAssA.

Overseas Chinese are rallying behind China. Not too sure of Sinkies Chinese.


UG said...

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Anonymous said...

My father comes from Fujian province. He name his sons: ah hua, Ah hin, ah xin. Daughters: xiao Wei, xiao mi. This remind us that our DNA originated from China. How not to support hongmen from huawei. If China like YouTube give us free access to youku, tudou, sohu, etc. Then overnight google would lost many customers and lose money.