White Men's Pathological Psyche of Hatred Against Non-whites

White men's psyche of their superiority above all non-white people and and hatred and beastly instinct to kill and destroy non-white people are historically inherent and pathological in nature. We witness this in their killings and genocide of native tribes everywhere on earth in the Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa and New Zealand during the last four or five hundred years of their aggression, expansion and conquests.

These killings and massacres are still going on under the guise of protecting democracy and human rights. USA and its Western allies have no qualms in killing millions of muslim Arabs in Middle East and others in Afghanistan, Africa, Central and Latin America through mass bombings and economic sanctions. This is part of their diabolical programme of reducing world population of seven billion to two or three billion by killing non-white people.Other methods of reducing non-white people are by chemical and biological means to cause diseases and infertility .

To galvanize their brutal patholoogical behaviour they formulate evil militant religious doctrines to  give psychological religious support to their evil deeds of killings, massacres and genocides.

They will not allow others to rise up and be equal or better than them and should there be any sign of other non-white countries coming up in wealth, status and power they will find it discreet to first discredit them with all kinds of vituperative and hate propaganda. Then as a last resort of their desperation they will create opportunistic insidious incidents to start a war to take down the country or countries which they think is getting strong or powerful enough to post them a challenge. We see this now in USA and its Western allies aggresssive warlike behaviour in the Middle East. Africa, Korea, East Asia, The South China Sea periphery and Venezuela in South America.

USA and its Western allies and Japan have in the last few years or decade been lambasting China with vitriol language and stirring up a lot of shit and hatred against China and the Chinese people . It seems it is in their hereditary traits to hate the Chinese. They despise and hate the Chinese when the Chinese people were down and out. Now when China and the Chinese people have arisen like the phoenix from the ashes and is strong, rich and powerful they have become envious and hate the Chinese all the same for coming around with great achiements and success.

What do these pathological barbarians really want from the Chinese. Or are they just chronically insane and cannot fathom Chinese rise with extreme jealousy and pathological psyche of hate.

America's trade dispute with China has deeper hidden agenda. It is part of USA 's plan to bring down China.USA frequent hostile bellicose provocative military activities around China's coast and South China Sea is all too clear that it intends to start a war with China so as to constrain China's rise and peaceful development.

USA is fabricating a lot of lies and hatred against China throughout the world and especially in Asia to con others to ally with them against China . This could possibly b e a preamble to justify its clandestines activities around China's long coast line and the South China Sea. It is a prelude as their usual traditional practice of aggressive inroads into victimise countries to creating an opportunistic insidious incident for starting a war against China.

However, bear in mind that in the past US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Japan got away scott free when they attacked, invaded and dismembered China  in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s and in 1900s to 1940s when China was weak and prostrated. Moreover when China lost the fight in these wars , China was forced to pay a heavy punishing war indemnity of a few hundred million silver dollars to each and every one of the invaders as imposed by them. These war indemnities impoverished China for more than a century and served to weaken China further.

Today the scenario is different. China is now rich, strong and powerful and with all the Chinese people united strongly and cohesively behind the government, no country which tries to trifle with China will hope to escape unscathed. If USA or any Western country or Japan again think of starting an aggressive war with China or Russia they must be out of their mind. They should seek psychiatric treatment because a war with China or Russia will have no victors. Everyone will perish in a holocaust of an all out total nuclear war. Let's hope the dotard Trump and all American war hawks in Congress and the Pentagon and the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal will have some senses and wake up to the dire consequence of an all out nuclear war.

China will never start a war or attack others first.  China will also not run away from a war impose on her but will see that the aggressor is justly destroyed. Hope there will be peace on earth.


Friday,29th June, 2018


b said...

Without white men, women will not have education and jobs. Half the world population is women. Under yellow, brown or black rule, the women will be very ill treated and oppressed. Only under white men rule will the women be better treated. Think of your mother, sister and female relatives what will happen if they are under non white men rule. They will be EXTREMELY OPPRESSED exploited and treated like tissue papers. God is right in choosing the white men to rule. Its benefits more human kind in this world. Only short 200 years of colonization, most women in this world have access to education. Compare to so called 5000 years of china civilisation, most women can only cry and commit suicide if they want to be educated.

Anonymous said...

Since you are talking about mothers, sisters etc, your mother, your wife and your sisters must be very well treated by the white men. Have they started to bear white children with blond hair and blue eyes, like you?

Your comments are typical of ang moh sai. Just eat more ang moh sai to fill up your sai brain.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam is behaving like the typical alpha male lion that brooks no competition from any nation capable of posing a challenge to its hegemony. It reaches very quickly for its gun and flexes its muscles to advance its own interests. Nations targetted by Uncle Sam paid a heavy price in terms of blood, limbs and lives lost. It is indeed due to the white men's pathological psyche of hatred against non-white that such war crimes are committed with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry ... USA becoming less white liao ... More hispanic & black & brown.

By 2030 whites in US will be 50% or less.

No need to worry about other countries.

Of more relevance to us is whether Sinkieland become more cheena or ahneh or mat or chap cheng?!?!?

Anonymous said...

For sure sinkieland would become more ahneh. See how they are taking over all the industries and companies and garment.

Mat Salah said...

Great White Men lost two land wars in Asia after WW2. Now using FON operations to create ripples in the SCS. China is not afraid of Great White Men. They are paper tigers.

Anonymous said...

The Americans was defeated by the poor peasant soldiers fighting with limited and outdated weapons, without air support, naval support and tanks in the Korean War. Do they believe they could do better today fighting a China that has all the equivalent and comparable military weapons at their disposal?

When they could not beat the equally militarily inferior Vietnamese, they want to fight and win against China?

Anonymous said...

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Totally Disgusted said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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You get what you voted for. Don't complain.

Anonymous said...

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Zzz said...

The Englanders are going over-board.

40 schools across England banned girls from wearing skirts. All school girls have to wear pants as part of their school uniform, in order to cater for the whims of transgenders!

The majority must give way to the few transgenders who may feel hurt if girls wear skirts.

What absurdity has creeped into the minds of those School Principals? Most probably they are asshole bandits themselves?