White men speaking in fork tongue

Trump signed an agreement with Kim and publicly announced that there would be no more war games in the Korean Peninsular. Immediately the US Army said that the US Forces in South Korea do not come under the Summit agreement between Trump and Kim. What does this mean, the US Forces can continue to do what they want, ignoring what the President of the USA has said in public?

The Americans continued to say that only major war games will stop, like Max Thunder, Foal Eagle and Freedom Guardian involving tens of thousands of troops. Smaller military exercises would continue. The Americans are trying to split hairs, saying one thing and doing another. The intent of the Americans is to continue with their military exercises and provocations against the North Koreans.

The South Koreans even told the North Koreans to withdraw the latter’s artillery pieces further from the DMZ. On the other hand there is nothing about the deployment of the American Thaad or other artillery pieces in the South. And nothing about the American forces withdrawing from South Korean.
It seems that the Summit is like a one way concession by the North Koreans, to denuclearize, to withdraw their forces from the DMZ while the Americans and the South Koreans continue as normal, northing changes.

Would the North Koreans meekly accept all the one sided conditions dictated by the Americans and the South Koreans?

Americans are speaking fork tongue with the Chinese, breaking all the agreements negotiated to prevent a trade war to more tariffs and intensifying the trade war. This is a bastard nation that cannot live a day without wars. While military conflicts in the Middle East are losing its steam with the Americans and their devilish ISIS in retreat, they released another evil power, the Jews, to go on a killing spree. The Jews were happy to kill the Arabs like they had done throughout their existence and knowing that the Americans are backing them up.

While the Jews are fighting with their war machine, Made in USA, the Americans are content with a new trade war with China and Europe and the rest of the world.

How to trust these evil men and women leading the USA? I will write about this hypocritical nation pretending to champion human rights and withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council later.


Anonymous said...

Rb - White men speaking in fork tongue

It also applies to the Papies as well or even worse of the worse.

Adam Of Eve said...

Men-In-White, same as Whitemen, also speak with fork tongue. Worst of all, they speak with double-mouths. They believe only in the Laws of the Jungle - Might Is Right. Not the Rule of Laws. They use Rule of Laws only when advantageous to them. Otherwise, they just bull-dozed through all the way.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Denuclearisation is Uncle Sam's top concern. It is fearful of Kim's nukes. Kim's main concern is decolonisation. He wants a unified Korea free of foreign troops on its soil. Trump has been abusing his power as POTUS. For every crisis he creates, he buys big as the stock market heads south. When he makes a U-turn, the stock market heads north and he makes huge profits. He and his family members will continue to make big bucks as long as Trump uses his forked tongue for personal gain. Trump plays with politics to make money. No country can trust Uncle Sam as long as Trump remains POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Now they have also withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Group. Why?

Because they are thinking of doing unhuman things without having to go through the UN, like separation of children from parents in their targeting of immigrants in US. That is likely the first step of their evil agenda. Sure, Trump is now reversing this action, but for how long? When the protest die down, he will look for loopholes to impose his bull dozing actions, conscionable or not.

We do not know what transpired during the summit between Trump and Kim, but I do not think Kim would be so naïve as to have been manipulated by Trump. Kim probably already briefed Xi on what transpired at the summit, and Trump cannot deny things he agreed with. But of course, the perpetual liar he is, he can.

I would think that the decision to retain troops in S Korea must have come after behind the scene prodding and protest from Abe and Moon, and of course the Hawks in the Administration. Not stationing US troops in S Korea is as good as throwing the S Koreans under the bus. This way of treating close allies is not going to endear them to other allies, both in Asia and Europe.

Expect more twist and turns when they come to implementing the details. This is far from over and certainly not another 'mission accomplished' moment.

Anonymous said...

'Whites' speak with 'forked tongues. Hahaha, PAP is also known as men-in-white. Same specie.

'No country can trust Uncle Sam as long as Trump remains POTUS' unquote. That is an understatement. No country can trust Uncle Sam whoever is the POTUS. It is the power behind the throne that cannot be trusted, all throughout US history.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

By Roberta Rampton and Steve Holland
WASHINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday
backed down and abandoned his policy of separating immigrant
children from their parents on the U.S.-Mexico border, after images of
youngsters in cages sparked outrage at home and abroad.

Trump signed an executive order requiring that immigrant families be
detained together when they are caught entering the country illegally for
as long as their criminal proceedings take.

southernglory1 said...

China must continue to build the strongest and most powerful military and economy unsurpassed in the world to deter aggression from the Evil Empire and its unholy allies. White American power must be taken down and destroyed for ever or else it will never stop posting threats and danger to every country on earth.

Anonymous said...

It will not be easy to destroy the evil empire. Right now, most of the small countries are their pet poodles peddling to their whims and fancies. Weaning them away is a monumental task. But some are seeing the light. Trump's tariff war is a blessing in disguise for China. Let's hope the evil empire spook more of their allies in days to come, through tariffs and immigration issues etc.

The small steps taken like AIIB, petro-yuan, OBOR and aid to development in South American and African states are all in the right direction, spearheaded by China. And the evil empire is not happy with these initiatives to encroach upon their hold on the global economy through the US$ hegemony. They are discreetly throwing spanners into the works. The question is, will the small poodles support these initiatives started by China or continue to opt for shelter under the evil empire's control.

southernglory1 said...

White American bandits, robbers and plunderers and the rogue and scoundrels hemming the raw and brutal political power of its abominable government should return all the stolen lands from Mexico in provinces like Florida, Texas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and California. Mexico should through the United Nations demand the return of all these lands to Mexico. Once these stolen lands are returned to Mexico there will hopefully be no more trouble and nuisance from the rogue state of the Evil Empire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahahaha...destroy America? What fantasy universe do you live in bro?

China might be on the rise, and this century might end up being the rise of Asia, led by China...but the "catch-up game" is going to take some time.

Wait for it. It is likely to happen soon: capital flight from emergin markets, including many Asian cuntries

WEstern civilization is TRENDING on a DECLINE...I see it clearly having lived 41 years of my 60+ years in Whitey's Conquered & Occupied Land.

But it ain't over yet. Even in decline, western culture and lifestyle still shits all over even the best Asian equivalent.

b said...

Nevermind the leaders fork tongue or not so long as they let people live in proper houses and drive proper cars. Better than the papies and commies that squeeze people into tiny leased flats and use lousy share bikes while they have big lux houses and cars. Not sure whether they have tongues or not. Fork tongue or no tongue, choose properly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Both my parents gave me a serious warning about "The American Confidence Trickster" before I left them to go and study.

And yes, as a blur-king zero-street smart overprotected Singaporean I got conned out of around USD 1.5k.

The American confidence Trickster aka "GRIFTER" is so well known it is a commonly used movie and TV trope. With free speech and individual freedom comes a vast panoply of human behaviour, beginning with SPEECH because talk is easy, and talk is CHEAP. Talk is so cheap that if done "effectively" can yield infinite rate of return (ROR) especially if you start with zero capital.

America is one cuntry which excels in this: you can be totally broke, and talk your way into unprecendented wealth....like Oprah.

Every other race and culture has its share of Bullshit Artists and confidence actors, but folks, you have to hand the Grand Prix to the Americans.

Many cultures have sort global dominance and conquest: The Vikings, Romans, Ottomans, British, The Khans, Alexander, Adolf & Co...but the USA again holds the record for world domination, foreign occupations and military adventurism...and of course they have the Reserve Currency.

Love em or hate em, the USA is full of freedom loving people, but not all of them have "moral rectitude". In fact, they are great at SCAMMING each other (local practice), and the rest of humanity.

We have to give Trump some kind of "award". So far, he's turned out to be one of the greatest SCAMMERS of all time. He probably has BILLIONS of HATERS...

...and yet...here we are...

Anonymous said...

Mahathir on China and Ang-Mohs: "There’s nothing to be afraid of (China).’ We have been neighbours for 2,000 years. You haven’t conquered us yet. But the Portuguese came here in 1509. Two years later they came and conquered us."

Anonymous said...


x said...

If the local leaders not doing a good job, they deserved to be replaced.

Adam Of Eve said...
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Adam Of Eve said...

Blackman also can speak with fork-tongue like a snake.

Nirav Modi, a billionaire jeweler at the heart of a more than US$2 billion bank-fraud cases in India, fled to the UK to seek political asylum on or about 14 June 2018.

However, when India's Commissioner in UK was about to request the UK Government for his extradition, Modi flew to Brussels on a Singapore Passport.

Interpol has confirmed that Nirav Modi has not been using his India Passport since March this year.

It is not known how he managed to get a Singapore passport.

Perhaps, the Singapore ICA should clarify how a Singapore passport was issued to Nirav Modi, for the sake of public interests and for the interests of all banking and finance, and jewelry, enterprises/organizations?

Can someone do the right thing without speaking in fork-tongue?

Anonymous said...

Got money and a crooked brain, very clever to cheat, surely can buy any passport lah.

Anonymous said...

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