White European Americans continuing killing spree of Native Americans and non-whites

This article is a follow up to Redbean's article yesterday, 06-06-2018. asking Pompeo to declare how many native American Indians and African Americans have white European invaders killed in the last few hundred years.


The European Americans continuous killings and murders of non-white people have been going on for the last four or five hundred years. They have exterminated about 85 million native Americans , followed by killings of African Americans, the Mexicans and the mass lynching and killing of Chinese Americans. Now they are starting wars everywhere killing by the millions in Middle-East, Africa, Asia and South America.

When Christopher Columbus, the European pirate chief and representative of of the Spanish crown and Catholic faith first set foot in the new world on 12th October, 1492, it was viewed as the beginning of the long road of persecution and genocide of native American. Every year on this day of 12th October, native American Indians all over the Americas will hold a symbolic trial of Christopher Columbus that will end with the symbolic execution of his effigy for crimes committed during the conquest of America. He faced multiple charges such as genocide and slave trafficking as well as robbery and plunder. Throughout the Americas the native Indians view his arrival in 1492 as the start of five centuries of oppression and suppression by white men.Earlier in September 2016 , I had in Redbeanforum - Global Affairs described in some details in four parts , Part 1 to Part 4 , about how the Christian Europeans systematically planned their massacre and extermination of the natives from 1603 to 1960s on the premise that the natives are savages who do not deserve the rich and resourceful lands which their Christian God had meant for white men.         

Below are some random brief descriptions of  the tragedies and sufferings of native American Indians and others at the merciless and satanic hands of the European marauders.

The natives were used as slaves by both the British and the French invaders.Subsequently when the British and the French were indulged in the fight and struggle for supremacy to control North America they recruited the natives to fight in their colonial wars. The natives were sacrificed as gun fodder by the British and the French and they died in their thousands.

After its independence in 1975 , US began to harass the native self-governing Indian states by forcing them to move to the West. This force removal in 1828 known as the 'The Trail of Tears'  was carried out by President Andrew Jackson, one of America's most cruel anti-non-white presidents. In 1838 about 20,000 Cherokee tribes in the southern states were forced to walk to barren desert lands earmarked as Indian Reserve Territory in the west. They suffered great hardship under brutal conditions for they were not given any food or water . Over six thousand natives died in the forced march of the 'Trail of Tears.'

As more and more prime native lands were acquired by the whites for cotton growing - a cash crop at the time more tribes were uprooted and forcibly removed to the west Some of the Indian tribes removed were the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chicasaws, Creeks,and Seminoles. Any resistance aqainst removal was brutally put down. A Cherokee tribal chief, John Ross was murdered. The Choctaws were forced to move in1831. The Creeks were removed westward in 1837. The Seminoles of Florida were removed from Florida in 1857. All were moved to the west in what is now the present state of Oklahoma.

In 1834 the natives suffered further deprivation. Under the Indian Reorganization Act the whites exercised even more rigid and inhuman control over Indian Tribal Affairs. In 1887 under the Dawes Act Indian children were forcibly removed from their parents . Almost all the children were intentionally starved to death. ( This horrible practice was similarly carried out by the whites in Australia against the aborigines to decimate their population.) By end of 1900s more than two thirds of Indian lands were taken away. The native Sioux tribes under their chief Big Foot who together with his warriors were having peace talks negotiating with US army officers. However without warning US troops suddenly fired endlessly into tribal camps killing Chief Sitting Bull and Big Foot together with about five or six hundred of their unarmed warriors, including men, women and children in the most gruesome and brutal massacre.

In 29th December, 1890, white men carried out one of the most brutal massacres of unarmed native civillians. The massacre took place at the Dakota Indian Reservations and was eventually known as "Massacre At Wounded Knee." 

From1900s to 1950s under the Relocation Act thousands of Indians were moved to cities on a one way traffic with no chance of going back to their tribal lands. In the cities the Indians were put in inhuman shabby quarters and were forced to work in  very low wage jobs. Eventually all the tribal lands were privatised and acquired by white men under only white ownership.

PART     Two

US Massacre of African Americans.

In 1816 President Andrew Jackson who was then an army general massacred hundreds of African American militia in his conquest of Florida.

The massacre of American negros were just as often and frequent as the massacre of native Americans. Suffice here to just mention a few of the most wanton killings and murders of African Americans.

The Fort Pillow Massacre.
On 12th April, 1864 white soldiers shot and killed hundreds of unarmed negro soldiers who fought for the Union.On 13th April, 1873 about one hundred or more of African Americans were shot in cold blood in a local court house in Colfax, Louisiana. Inj 1874 in New Orleans supreme court justice Joseph P. Bradley overturned rulings against three convictions of white massacre perpetrators and in silence gave full support to Ku Klux Klan to legalise murders of negros.In 1876 , Bradley's ruling was upheld by Federal supreme court.

The Rio Negro Massacres.

Between 1980 to 1982 more than 5000 negros were shot when they held a peaceful demonstration against the building of a Chixoy hydroelectric dam in their precints which was financed by Inter American Development Bank.

The Tulsa Massacre of thousands of negros.

During the Tulsa race riot from may 31st to 1st June, 1921, white mobs ran rampage killing tens of thousands of African Americans . Blacks houses were set on fire and more than 15,000 blacks were made homeless. 

The Tulsa massacre of blacks were omitted from local and state histories Neither the state government nor the Federal government compensated the negros for their losses in human lives and properties. During these Tulsa riots black men, women and children were brutally killed by murderous mobs of white civillians, local police and national guardsmen.

The only reason Tulsa blacks were killed was because they were very enterprising and successful  of being able to build a separate and prosperous independent community and because they dared to dream . 

Between 1824 and 1952 over 300 events were classified as "White Race Riots " in which white communities turned on and destroyed entire black communities.

Massacre of Chinese Americans in 1q871.

On October 24th 1871 , a mob of 500 white hooligans entered Los Angeles China Town and began to attack , rob and murder Chinese residents. Hundreds of Chinese were cornered and killed. The Chinese were systematically killed by the mob making China Town massacre the largest incident of mass lynching in American history.

None of the massacre perpetrators were convicted . 

The white American government owes the Chinese a debt of blood which has yet to be paid.

The mass removal of natives to the west and the mass killings , genocide and mass mob lynching of American natives, African Americans and Chinese Americans were either official state policy or state supported with white soldiers and police playing a major or leading part.

The oppression and suppression of non-whites is continuing right to this day of the 21st century. 

NB : I hope netizens will help to expose the evils that are inherent in white American and European countries by whenever possible copy, paste and forward  informative articles to friends and relatives all over the world so as to debunk their lies , fake and distorted news and information as well as toxic propaganda. This must be done because over 90 percent of the world's mass media is controlled and monopolised by US and its western allies and that includes the mass media in Singapore and South East Asia ASEAN countries.


Thursday, 7th June, 2018


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The average white man is a savage who pretends to be god-fearing. The Portuguese, the Spanish, the Dutch, the French and the English colonised many countries and treated their subjects like pariahs. Uncle Sam is a neo-colonialist who is going all out to preserve the white man supremacy. It sees China and Russia as threats trying to undermine its right to rule the planet. The Nipponese and the Indians have been subdued, tamed and castrated by the white man and rendered meek and obedient.

Mat Salah said...

The evil Americans will kill, kill and kill every non-white according to their whim and fancy. They see themselves as the rightful heirs to Adam and Eve. Their god is white. The first humans were white. Non-whites are not worthy of homo sapien status and the white man believed that he is given the prerogative by their divine creator to annihilate lesser beings.

Anonymous said...

Whitemen have hijacked the Christian religion and use it psychologically to their advantage.
They have abused the religion and used it as a weapon to empower their folllowers to kill, conquer and grab other people's lands without fear as they were told they have the power of their God behind them. They asserted that when they kill and conquer against non-believers of their faith to serve their God their sins of killings and conquests will be washed away.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a similarity between the Christian bible and the Islamic Koran. They both claim Abraham to be their ancestor and practise the same doctrine. In fact both the Bible and the Koran have their roots in the Jewish religion - Judaism. Yet the three related religions are forever creating strives and wars and turmoil in this world.And the Arabs and the Jews are actually half brothers because they descended from Abraham who had two wives in which one produce the descendants call the Arabs and the other the Jews.

Anonymous said...

How long can the white Americans go on killing and creating turmoil and wars in all corners of this world before they kill themselves.

Anonymous said...

There is something basically wrong with the American people who keep on electing the same type of crooks, rogues and scoundrels who are really psycopaths, lunatics and mad people to be their leaders in the government. In doing so they are preparing doomsday not only for the Americans but also for the entire world.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the Republicans and Democrats are infested by the same kind of people. Both parties are basically controlled by the deep state. At each election the parties put up one candidate each to be chosen by the American public. It is as good as choosing a President from two candidates belonging to the same party.

The choice is there, if you believe that is a choice at all.

Anonymous said...

The killing of the Chinese probably is the thing of the past as so many Chinese including those from China q to migrate to USA. That shows the killing has stopped. As the black dudes they have taken revenge too. U see on video on how they pounded the white girls so they are probably enjoying themselves. The only poor souls are the red Indiana lar. Knn they going no where😰

Anonymous said...

Yes, I sometime pitied the small white girls Kena pounded by three huge black dudes.

Anonymous said...

Did you pity the poor little black slave girls being pounded by burly huge white beasts?

Anonymous said...

8.52 am, normally very few video on white dudes pounding the black girls though many on Asian girls. But million of videos with the black dudes pounding the white girls. If u look at the black dude facial expression, u can see the vengeful eyes and the rough treatment dishes out. As you know the black dudes weapons are much bigger than the white dudes so really Kena lar as the white girls are built for white dudes not the black dudes lar

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ one-sided view of history

Sure, the belief in "Manifest Destiny" coupled wih superior political-economic organization, science, well-developed management theories, and the industrial capacity to create weapons which are a form of "leverage" (more killing,less effort), the Europeans essentially conquered the other races.

Back then it was ALL about conquest and domination WHY? Because resources were scarce. Other reasons were tagged on: religion, manifest destiny, the white-man's burden, etc etc ...all for the sole purpose of RATIONALIZING fucking awful and inexcusable behaviour.

But that was way back then. and it is also easy to cherry-pick history to single out "bad actors". For e.g. very little is said about the AFRICAN ENABLERS who sold their own peoples into slavery. Without them, slavery would not have been economically viable. Slavery was a business. The growing western economies were LABOUR INTENSIVE because they didn't have the machines we do which makes production processes more efficient by several orders of magnitue.

Europeans come from VIOLENT CULTURE---let's start with the Vikings. Boy, were they brutal. European culture was so war-like that Europe (the continent) was constantly at war for over 1000 years. It is only recently that there is relative peace there...with the occasional outburst from the Russians, the Balkans and the Turks. The Viking races of the north...all bloody peaceful now, arguably the MOST PEACEFUL people on the planet (until they get over run by Islam...but that's another story).

I'm not defending the Euros. I am shedding light on cherry-picking the data. Warfare was prevalent everywhere: feudal China and Japan, Thais vs thee Lao, Cambodians, Vietnamese fighting everyone, Malays and Indons ber-silating each other to the death, Indian sikhs fighting others, then Indians fight the Brits.........Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! 🤣😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

However the world has changed. White society is so guilt ridden now, that they are not looking after their own cultural interests. It is knee-jerk reaction gone to extreme insanity for e.g.

1. Since they were called "racists" white cuntries now have OPEN BORDERS so that any cunt from anywhere can come in. No money? No problem. Guilty whitey will give you welfare.

2. "Multiculturialsm" is whitey's guilt writ large. Now whitey's bend over backwards to "defend minorities"

3. Whitey's foreign policy is to "help the spread of human rights". Human Rights BTW is an idea invented by whiteys. No one Asia gives a flying fuck about "human rights". IMO "human rights" is cultural, not universal as the UN might claim.

4. When whitey "helps" spread unsuitable western ideas like "democracy" and "universl human rights" to less-developed and less-intelligent cultures, a big fucking mess is created, and gang warfare ensues with one side against another. Other cuntires often "join in the fun" so they can get a piece of the booty when the poor nation of "brown people" is finally crushed, occupied and conquered.

However,whitey haters, you can rejoice. I have been resident in whitey's cuntries (several of them) for over 40 years, and I can say without a doubt western civilization as we know it today will be GONE WITHIN 2 GENERATIONS---i.e. it is in rapid decline.

The decline is probably unstoppable because of SEVERAL drivers, not just oe or two. Some of these drivers are uncorrelated which means they are independent, so that solving the problem of one driver is not going to mediate the threat of eventual implosion.

At the moment however, western society continues to rock hard. Lots of tech, lots of crazy short-term fun ideas which are unsustainable and likely to add to western decline.

IMO, I say "Fuck it". If you are going down the path of total destruction do it in STYLE and hve a PARTY, sine there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable from happening.
Postive thinking! ☠️

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. southernglory & RB. Have you heard of Gordon Chang? He's an American Chinese chap cheng who criticises China very harshly.

I think the man is highly entertaining...plus he evokes entertaining responses from the "audience" and from the Chinese state.

How about Peter Navaro? The raving anti-China voice in Trump's collection of "advisors". Also hilarious, and evokes even more comedy from the netizens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, in every race there will be the minority voice, the guilt ridden whites are also a minority. If not they would not still be talking about empires and white hegemons and killing the Arabs and Africans and trying to start another war in Asia.

What is important is for those who are not well versed in the history of white atrocities and crimes against humanity to get a little from this blog. They are reading what they would not be reading in the white controlled main English media.

Hopefully what the few posts printed here would inspire them to want to read more, to find out more for their own curiosity and not be fed by one sided news that white and might are right.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should copy the criminal acts of the Americans and paste them everywhere, make copies and pass them around. Keep spreading the evil deeds of the Americans to remind the world that these are the beasts, the monsters, the real devils but pretending to be angels.

The cruel and savage acts of the Americans must be brought back to light to haunt them daily just like the way they tried to repeat other people's little flaws everyday.